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William Rockwell

Generation No. 1

Notes for William I Rockwell:
>From "Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Windsor"

This family is said to trace its origin to Sir Ralph De Rocheville, one of the Norman knights accompanying the Empress Maude to England when she laid claim to that kingdom, and who finally joined Henry II, and received three knights of land in Co. York, upon which the family have since resided, their seat being at Rockwell Hall near Borough bridge in that county. Sir John Rockwell of this family is mentioned in English history as the rescuer of the Earl of Northumberland, and Lord Percy from the Earl Douglas's party at the Battle of Halidon Hill, in the reign of Henry IV.

LDS Ancestral File #FKKO-GR and FKKO-HX B.W. Spear; Search For The Passengers of the Mary and John 1630. Vol. 7 Toledo, 1987 Burial 27 Dec 1577

Notes for Mary Marion Wyke: Name may have been Pyke or Kyne Burial 4 Oct 1598 LDS Records Ancestral File FKKO-HX

Generation No. 2

Generation No. 3

Notes for William Rockwell: The Parish Register of Holy Trinity, Dorchester England, has this record: "14 April 1624, William Rockwell and Susan Capen married

>From "Search For The Passengers of The Mary and John 1630; Volume 7, p. 111; The Mary and John Clearing House, Burton W. Spear; 1987 Toledo, OH.: William Rockwell came on the "Mary and John" in 1630 with his wife, two children, and the family of his sister-in-law, Dorothy (Capen) Upsall. He settled first in Dorchester, MA where he was one of the first deacons. He moved his family to Windsor, CT in 1637. The house he built was two miles from the dwellings of the other settlers. The frame had been raised before the family came, and they stayed with friends until the boards could be brought from the saw mill to cover the house. It was a one story house, with a large chimney in the center, and was for many years the place of entertainment and a place for all town and religious meetings of the infant settlement.

>From "Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Windsor" p. 646-650. The History of Dorchester p. 17 speaks of William Rockwell in a list of "several gentlemen, past middle life, with adult families and good estates"; he was a deacon in the church formed by Rev. Mr. Warham and his friends in the New Hospital at Plymouth, and which came over to Dorchester, 1630; was one of the first three selectmen of Dorchester, was with Revs. Warham and Maverick, and his fellow deacon, William Gaylord, approved to lay out the first land grants at Dorchester, one of the 24 freemen who took the oath of fidelity 18 May 1631. He was on the jury, 9 Nov 1630, of the first manslaughter case in the colony; he and Deacon Gaylord were appointed administrators on the estate of John Russell in Dept 1633;, as a deacon of the church, he signed all acts and orders of the plantation prior to 1635; had land granted to him at Dorchester near Savin Hill, 27 June 1636, by which it appears that he did not go to Windsor with the first company. In printed Town "Records of Dorchester" (pub 1880), p. 18 under date of 17 Dec. 1635, he is granted "half an acre of ground next to Mr. Stoughton's, neere the fish-house, to build him a house, with conditions that if he goe away and leave the Plantation, he leave the sayd house and ground to the Plantation in paying him the chardge." In 1636, 22 June, his house is referred to (pp. 22, 23, History od Dorchester) as "where Goodman Rockwell now dwells"; and 5 July, 1636, has 8 acres given him on Indian Hill; also (pp 24, 30), allusion is made to his "lott in the common." The History of Dorchester states that "emigration (to Conn) did not entirely cease until 1637; many were detained a year or two in disposing of their property." The above would seem to show that he did not go with the Warham party from Dorchester in the spring of 1636. It is probable that he went in the spring of 1637, since no mention of him occurs after 2 Jan., 1637, in the Dorchester Town records; nor does his name occur in the division of lands "in the Neck and Cowes Pasture," 18 March 1637. His widow married Matthew Grant 29 May 1645.

Will. Rockwell is listed as Owner of Land before 1653 in Windsor, CT Vol. I of Lands, in Office of Secretary of State of CT.

History of Ancient Windsor gives the following accounts as reasons for removal to Windsor.: Governor Bradford says: "Some of the neighbors in ye Bay, hearing of ye fame of Conightacute River, had a hankering mind after it and now understanding that ye Indians were swepte away with ye late great mortalitie, the fear of whom was an obstacle unto them before, which now being taken away, they began now to prosecute it with great egernes." P. 338. The animus of the people of the Bay, in this matter, in unconsciously revealed by Winthrop who said the "principal reasons" assigned for removal to Connecticut was "the fruitfulness and commodiousness of Connecticut, and the danger of having it possessed by others, Dutch or English." The epidemic of small-pox which removed the last Indian from the Great Meadow and the Sequestered Meadow in Windsor were the grounds to which white men had been invited in 1631, and the only grounds to which they could bring their families and raise food for them. There were several concurrent causes expediting this emigration. (1) Massachusetts, as Cotton mather says, was "like a hive overstocked with bees, and many thought of swarming into new plantations; (2) There was the inducement of a profitable fur trade (3) It was known that the Connecticut Patentees were preparing to take possession of their patent at the river's mouth, which agitated the people of the Bay.

William Rockwell was a yoeman, deacon of the church He immigrated in 1630 on the Mary and John Deacon William Rockwell and his wife Susanna "Chapin" were ancestors of President Grant through their daughter Ruth, who married Christopher Huntington A Genealogy of a Family of the Rockwells in New England death-Windsor Vital Records, Vol.MG and Vol.1 pg 50 (Barbour Index) Burial:Windsor Vital Records;Barbour Index Henry Ensign Rockwell, The Rockwell Family in America... from 1630 to 1873, Boston, 1873; p. 224

Generation No. 4

Notes for Samuel I Rockwell: Samuel Rockwell admitted church and communicant April 1662. Windsor Vital Records Vol. NG First settlers of East Windsor (set off from Windsor in 1768 as a separate township) Marriage- Windsor Vital Records Vol.1, pg 61 (Barbour Index) Will Hartford District Vol. VIII p. 76-7. Abstract in A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records compiled by Charles William Manwaring; Gen Pub Co. Rockwell, Samuel, Windsor. Invt. pounds 331 -18 - 10. Taken 26 Sept 1711 by Joshua Willes, Sen., John Strong and John Stoughton, Sen. Will dated 8 Aug 1711. I Samuel Rockwell, Sen., of Windsor, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament: I give to mary my wife the third part of my dwelling house, barn and all my upland and meadow, during her natural life and also 12 pounds in current pay out of my personal estate, to be at her own dispose. I give to my son Samuel Rockwell a certain tract of upland in the woods, in length 2 1-4 miles and in breadth 5 1/2 rods and also 8 pounds in current pay. I give to my son Joseph Rockwell land adjoining my son Samuel. I give to my son John Rockwell land adjoining to Joseph's land. I give to my son Josiah Rockwell my dwelling house, barn, orchards on the upland and pastures. I give to my daughter Mary Loomis, besides what she hath received, 6 pounds. I give to my daughter Abigail Smith, besides what she hath received, 14 pounds. I make my son Josiah Rockwell sole executor.
Witness: Job Drake, Samuel Rockwell, L.S.

A codicil, dated 9 August 1711: Upon further consideration, and by good advice, I do hereby declare it to be my will and pleasure that Mary my wife shall have the use and improvement of all my estate, both real and personal, that I am now in possession of, during her natural life.
Witness: Job Drake, Samuel Rockwell, L.S. Matthew Grant.

Court Record, page 38 - ist October, 1711: Will exhibited by Josiah Rockwell, and inventory approved.
John Stoughton, Sen.

History of Guilford CT 1887 p. 19 Conn N2 b Vol 10 p. 76 Norton Genealogy Loomis Genealogy Windsor Vital Records Vol NG Mary & John

Notes for Mary Norton: References:

Birth-IGI Marriage- Windsor Vital Records Vol. 1 Pg 61 (Barbour Index) states Mary Norton of Saybrook See Rockwell Descendants

Marriage Notes for Samuel Rockwell and Mary Norton: Marriage date given as 7 April 1660 in Windsor, CT in" Marriage Records Before 1699"

Generation No. 5

Notes for Joseph Rockwell: References:

Birth-Windsor Vital Records, Vol.MG (Barbour Index) Marriage-Windsor Vital Records, Vol MG (Barbour Index)

Abstract of will in Vol. XI p. 297-8: A Digest of the Early CT Probate Records, Hartford District, 1635-1700, compiled by Charles William Manwaring; Gen Pub Co. Rockwell, Joseph, Windsor. Will dated 12th June 1733: I, Joseph Rockwell of Windsor, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Elizabeth 1-3 part of my personal estate, and also the use of my houseing and lands in Windsor during the term of her widowhood. And in case she marry, then after that only 1-3 part of my houseing and land during the term of her natural life. I give to my son Joseph Rockwell my lott at Podunk, as also my lott laid out to me in Windsor in the Mile and 1-2 Division, and also the lott I bought of Benedict Alford, to my son Joseph and his heirs forever. I give to my son Benjamin Rockwell 5 shillings besides what I have already given him. I give to my son James Rockwell all that part of the lott I dwell upon, the whole breadth from the street eastward to a pond on the south side of sd. lott, about 100 rods east of the street, with the buildings thereon standing, as also the north half of sd. lott from sd. pond eastward to the end of the lott, as also the north half of sd. lott from the drain to the river. I give to my son Job Rockwell the lott that I now dwell upon, the whole breadth on the street west to the drain called the middle drain, with the buildings thereon standing, as also the south half of sd. lott from sd. drain to the river, as also the south part or moiety of sd. lott from the pond aforesd. eastward to the end of the lott, to be my son Job and his heirs forever. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Rockwell 200 pounds, to be paid and delivered to her out of my moveable estate at inventory price or in money. I give all my other lands (undivided and right to lands) to my 3 sons, Joseph, James and Job, to their heirs forever, and to be equally divided between them. I appoint my wife Elizabeth and my son Joseph Rockwell sole executors.
Witness: Roger Wolcott, Joseph Rockwell, L.S. Timothy Edwards, Josiah Rockwell.

Court Record, Page 96 - 29 June 1733: Will exhibited by Elizabeth and Joseph Rockwell, executors.

>From the History of Tolland County, p. 420: On the first book of records of lands of the town of Tolland at page 79 is a record of a deed of land from Joseph Rockwell of Windsor, in the county of Hartford to John Abbott, of Andover, in the county of Essex, commonwealth of Mass, blacksmith: dated March 14th, 1719/20, which land in said deed is described as follows: "My dwelling house and house lot in the township of Tolland, said lot containing forty acres, being forty rods in breadth, and one hundred and threescore rods in length......... upon my own land lately set out to me by the committee of the town of Tolland in our first division of land........."

The first movement toward an act of incorporation for the town of Tolland was made in 1713, dated May 9th, a petition to the "Honorable, the General Assembly in Hartford, May 14, 1713", signed by 59 including Joseph Rockwell and Samuel Rockwell. This town was originally a part of the township of Windsor, and the earliest record is dated April 18th, 1713 at which time a committee was appointed to lay out a settlement on the east side of Windsor upon lands formerly purchased of the Indians. Joseph Rockwell was granted a lot on the west side of the highway, forty acres being forty rods in breadth and one hundred and threescore rods in length, along with sixteen others, including Josiah Rockwell.

>From the history of the Town of Stafford: This town was surveyed in 1718, and its settlement was commenced in the spring of the following year. The principal settlers were twelve in number.........and Benjamin Rockville from Windsor.

Notes for Elizabeth Drake: References:

Birth-Windsor Vital Records Vol MG (Barbour Index) Marriage- Windsor Vital Records Vol MG (Barbour Index)

Generation No. 6

Notes for Benjamin Rockwell:

>From Old Windsor came Benjamin Rockwell, an original proprietor of Stafford, and Samuel Rockwell of Tolland "History of Tolland County" p. 24 The Rockwell Family History of Tolland County Birth- Windsor Vital Records, Vol. 1 pg 33 (Barbour Index) Marriage- Stafford Vital Records, Vol.1 Pg 13 (Barbour Index)

Notes for Margaret Parke: References:

Birth- Ancestral File LDS Church Records Marriage-Stafford Vital Records Vol.1 pg.13 (Barbour Index) Ancestral File LDS

Generation No. 7

Notes for Samuel Rockwell:
>From Old Windsor came Benjamin Rockwell, an original proprietor of Stafford, and Samuel Rockwell of Tolland.

Birth- Stafford Vital Records Vol.1 pg 20 (Barbour Index)

Marriage:Stafford Vital Barbour Index Records;Vol.2;p.126. Stafford First Congregational Church Records;Vol.LBG;p.15

Notes for Hannah Lee: First marriage to Johnson

Notes for Hannah Orcutt: References: Birth-Parents:Stafford Vital Records; Vol. 1; p.17 Marriage: Stafford Vital Records;Vol.2;p.126 Stafford First Congregational Church Records;Vol.LBG;p.15

See Rockwell Descendants

Generation No. 8

Notes for Job Rockwell: Job Rockwell married Deborah ________ in CT. They migrated to NY sometime before 1810. They lived in German, Chenango County. Their tombstones are large, flat stones on the ground of a small cemetery in Willet, NY. It reads, "In remembrance of the _____ while they are laid in dust _________their bodies rise _________ above the skies.

Death-Tombstone in churchyard in Willet, NY Census-1790;US;CT;Tolland Co.;Stafford Town; Job may be living with father Samuel (4 males 16 yr. and upwards, Job age 20) p. 137, Heads of Families CT column 2. Census-1800;CT;Tolland Co.;Stafford;p.635, line 31,1 male under 10 (Peter), 1 female under 10 (Eliza), Job 26-45(34yrs), wife Deborah 16-26 yrs (24 Yrs). National Archives microfilm M-32, roll 2. Census-1810;NY;Genessee Co.;Sheldon, p.120, line 4.N.A. film M-252, roll 27. Census-1820;NY;Chenango Co;German;p.292, male 45 and over. M-33, r.66 Census-1830;NY;Chenango Co;German;p.68, line 27, male age 60-70. M-19, roll 86. Census-1840;NY;Chenango Co.;German; p.105, line 3, male 70-80.N.A. film M-704 roll 273. Stafford CT First Congregational Church Records Barbour Index LDS Birth and Marriage Records Stafford Vital Records Vol 2 pg 67 Peter Rockwell Family Bible; copy from Gerald Parsons, genealogist and librarian Onondago County Public Library, Syracuse, NY Children: Peter b.1797 CT m.Ann Leach d.1868 NY Eliza b.1799 CT d.1872 NY Lois Jones b.1801 CT d,1884 NY Rilla b.1803 CT Riley b.1803 CT d.1873 NY Julana b.1808 CT Margaret Malissa b.1810 CT d.1859 NY Buried in Willet Cemetery: Job, Deborah, Margaret,Eliza, Lois, Rilla and Riley.

Notes for Deborah: References:

death- Willet Cemetery, Willet NY Bible-Peter Rockwell Bible

Generation No. 9

Notes for Peter Rockwell: References: Birth-Stafford Vital Records Vol.2 Family Bible, copy obtained. Death-Cemetery Records of Broome and Cortland Co.NY; Microfilm #0812921 LDS Church Records; info taken by Go-Wan-Go Chapter DAR by Cloe Brown and Helen H.Read Tuttle; compiled into book form by Guernsey Library Staff May 1953; pg 259; Guernsey Memorial Library, Norwich,NY. Marker seen by Beverly Oviatt Schonewolf, and photographed in Upper Lisle Cemetery 1980's. Family Bible Marriage-Peter Rockwell will, Broome County NY, Will Book 2, p. 97 Family Bible of Peter Rockwell in possession of Mrs. Merton Rockwell until she died in 1961. Merton Rockwell was grandson of Peter, son of Albert Photocopy of transcription owned by Beverly Schonewolf. Census 1800-US;CT;Tolland Co., Stafford, p.635, line 31 lists Father Job Rockwell with male under 10, (Peter is age 3). N.A. Microfilm M-32,roll 2. Census-1810-US;NY; Genesee Co; Sheldon, lists Jobe Rockwell with children appropriate ages,(Peter is 13) p.120, line 4, N.A. film 252, roll 27. Census-1820; US; NY;Chenango Co., German, p. 292, 2 males age 16-26, (Peter is 23 and not married). N.A. microfilm M-33, roll 66. Census-1830;US;NY;Chenengo Co.,German, p. 68, line 27,Peter still unmarried, age 33,male listed 30-40 with father Job. N.A. film M-19, roll 86. Census- 1835 NY, Cortland County, Willet; one male, two females, one voter. p. 4, LDS microfilm 17610. Census-1840 U.S.;NY;Broome Co.;Triangle;pg 799,line 10, Peter head of house-hold, age 40-50 (43). N.A. film M-704, Roll 266. Census-1850 U.S.;NY;Broome Co; Triangle; dwelling #494 fam#241 p263, Age 52, farmer, value of real estate $3000., born in CT, lives with wife Ann, Maryette 14, Jannette 12, Samuel J. 10, Silas 7, Albert 3, Alvira 1.N.A. film M-432, roll 477. Census-1855 State of NY, Broome Co., Triangle, age 57, 17 yrs in Broome Co., also listed in Agricultural Census in 1855 and 1865. Census-1860;US;NY;Broome Co.;Triangle, family 466, dwelling 473, line 15, age 63.Farmer,real estate $4500, born in CT. N.A. film M-653, roll 724. Census-1865; NY State; Broome Co., Triangle. P. Rockwell is listed as a citizen of Upper Lisle in the 1866 Broome County Atlas Deeds: Book L p. 231,232. Cortland Co. NY deeds recorded Apr 1828- Mar 1829 film #083705 LDS Church records. Peter Rockwell of German, Chenango County, NY bought 50 acres in Cincinnatus township, Cortland Co., lot #47 for ___hundred and fifty dollars from Archibald and Betsey Nichols, residents of Oxford, Chenango Co. on 17 Feb 1823.

Deeds: Book Z p. 516-517. 17 Oct 1837. Peter Rockwell and Ann his wife sell to James Pugsley for $1600.00 land in Willett (formerly Cincinnatus), Cortland Co. part of lot #60, 106 acres and 35 rods. Recorded 30 Dec. 1837.

(Elbridge is not listed with family in census records, but is listed in family bible, died in service of the union 2-9-65 age 23 years Co. 11, 43rd Reg. NY SV) Silas served 8th NY Cavalry died in service of country Dec 1864 age 22 yrs.

In 1864 and 65 Peter Rockwell lived in the Northern end of the town of Triangle Broome County, NY, north of the road leading from---------------'s farm past W. Jackson's to the Chenango County line. He had 120 acres improved, 33 acres unimproved, a value of $4500. on farm, $1130. on stock, $200. on tools. He plowed 12-15 acres, 60-67 acres in pasture, 38-41 acres in meadow, produced 40 tons of hay, 36 bu.oats, 24 bu. winter rye, 60 bu. corn, 75 bu. potatoes, 50 bu turnips, 30 bu. apples, 1 barrel of cider, 20 gal. maple molasses, had 3 calves, 8 over 1 yr., 12 milk cows, 1000# milk, one colt, one 2 yr. old, 6 pigs, 3 slaughtered for 900# pork 11 sheep, 5 lambs, 33# wool, $12.00 eggs, etc.

Notes for Anne Leach: Anne Leach settled in Triangle, Broome County, New York. Her husband was a farmer. Two of her sons served in the Civil War. She lived to be 88 years of age, is buried in the Upper Lisle Cemetery in Broome County, NY. Birth-Marriage-Death-Children;Peter Rockwell Bible copied and owned by Mrs. Merton Rockwell; RD1 Cincinnatus NY in 1960, she died 1961. Copy obtained from Gerald J Parsons, Librarian Onondaga County Public Library, Syracuse NY.

Death- Tombstone in Upper Lisle Cemetery, Whitney Point, Broome Co. NY Census-1840;U.S.;Broome Co.NY;Triangle;p.799; line 10, Peter Rockwell with female 20-30 (Ann age 24). National Archives microfilm M-704,roll 266. Census-1850;U.S.;Broome Co.NY;Triangle;p.263;family 241, dwelling 494, line 23, age 34,born in NY. N.A. film M-432, roll 477. Census-1855;NY State;Broome Co.;Triangle;family 345, age 39, born in Cortland County, NY. States family had been in Triangle for 17 Years Census-1860;US;Broome Co;NY;Triangle;Family 466, dwelling 473, line 15, age 45, five children living at home. N.A. film M-653, roll 724. Census-1865;NY State;Broome Co.;Triangle Family 5. States Ann had total of eight children. Two youngest daughters and Silas a Civil War soldier were living in family but Silas had not bee heard from in quite some time. Census-1870;US.;Broome Co;Triangle; Family 219;pg 24, line 17, lives with son-in-law Sam Niles. N.A. film M-593, roll 906 or 907.(Age 60 listed) Census-1875;NY State;Broome Co;Triangle;2nd ED;Family 32 Census-1880;US.;Broome Co; Triangle;pg 17; family 184, dwelling 177, line 24, age 67, widow, lives with daughter, N.A. film T-9, roll 811. Census-1900;US;Cortland Co; Cincinnatus town;p.6, line 10, dwelling 137, age 84, widow, living with son Albert, his wife Victoria and grandson Merton (note owner of family Bible above). Whoever gave the info stated Ann and both her parents were born in NY, she was the mother of eight. Film T-623, roll 1020. Death-Cemetery Records Broome and Cortland Co.NY; Microfilm #812921 LDS Church Records; info taken by Go-Wan-Go Chapter DAR; marker seen and photographed by Beverly Oviatt Schonewolf in 1980's Residence-Gazateer and Business Directory of Broome and Tioga Counties NY for 1872-73; Hamilton Child;Syracuse;1872. Ann Rockwell listed as farmer.

Will of PeterRockwell;WillBook2;pg.97;estate#121;Surrogate's Office; Binghamton;Broome County;NY. Children-Mother of 8, listed in notes of husband, Peter Rockwell Obituary in "Cortland Democrat" 29 April, 1904 : Mrs. Ann Rockwell died at the home of her son, Albert Rockwell, one mile and a half north of this village on Tuesday of last week, April 19. The funeral was held on Thursday. Burial at Upper Lisle. Her age was 87.

Montgomery County was taken from Albany County in 1772 as Tryon, renamed Montgomery in 1784 Herkimer County was taken from Montgomery County in 1791 In 1791 "the standard of civilization was planted within the confines of Cortland County" Onondaga County was taken from Herkimer County in 1794 Cortland County was taken from Onondaga County in 1808. The towns (townships) of Cincinnatus and Solon were part of the Military Tract set apart by the legislature of 1782 as bounty lands to be given to the soldiers of the Revolution. Solon was organized in 1798, Cincinnatus in 1804. The towns of Willet, Freetown and Harrison were erected from the town of Cincinnatus in 1827 The town of Harrison was renamed Marathon between 1829 and 1831 Cortland County federal census for 1810 has been lost.

Ann Leach Rockwell born 20 December 1815 (extraction from Peter Rockwell Bible)

Ann Leach married Peter Rockwell 16 January 1833 (extraction of Peter Rockwell Bible) Ann Leach married Peter Rockwell (mss of Gerald J. Parsons, M.S. [L.S.] Fellow, American Society of Genealogists)

In 1837 Peter Rockwell and his wife Ann sold property in Cortland Co., NY (Deed Book "Z" p.516)

1840 census lists Peter Rockwell in Broome County NY with female 20-30 yrs.

Ann/Anna Rockwell in Broome County, NY census returns 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880.

Ann Rockwell, age 39, born in Cortland Co., lived in Broome Co. for 17 years, first two children born in Cortland County, remainder born in Broome County (1855 NY state census)

In 1868 Peter Rockwell refers to his wife Ann in his will. Broome Co. NY Will Book 2 Estate # 121.

Ann Rockwell in Cortland County living with son Albert Rockwell in 1900 census.

Obituary states Ann Rockwell died at the home of her son Albert on April 19, age 87 Cortland County, NY (Cortland Democrat April 29, 1904)

Ann Rockwell's tombstone in Upper Lisle, Broome Co. NY lists birth 20 Dec 1816, death 18 April1904.

Parents of Ann Rockwell listed as Samuel Leach and Ann Saulsbury on her death certificate

See Rockwell descendants.

Notes for Alvira Rockwell: Alvira was born in Triangle, Broome Co. NY, did not marry, died 10 July 1885

Notes for Eliza Jane Rockwell: Eliza was born in Triangle, Broome Co. NY, she died 15 Sept 1924, never married.

Generation No. 10

Notes for Samuel Jones Rockwell: Samuel Jones Rockwell was born in 1840 in Triangle, Broome County, NY, son of Peter Rockwell and Ann Leach. He is found living with his parents (farmers)in the federal and state census records from 1840 until 1870 after which he moved to McKean County PA with his family. He married Mary Ann Underwood when he was twenty-two, she was seventeen. In 1868 he received just $5.00 in his father's will, he must have received land when he married, as he had acquired enough money to build the Rockwell House in Smethport in 1879/80. It was later called the Imperial Hotel. He owned a large amount of land in McKean County. Sometime after his wife"s death in 1882, he moved to Bellingham WA, was a logger and farmer. He died there at age seventy-nine. The Rockwell lines include the family names of Orcutt, Lillie, Wright, Boutell, Parke, Norton, Wells, Cholmley, Capen, Purchase, Newton, Harris, Moore, Rogers, Drake. It is interesting to note that in Windsor CT, in the 1600's, our Rockwell ancestors were members of our ancestor Rev. Samuel Mather's congregation. Samuel Rockwell's mother was Ann Leach, who stated she was born in Cortland County, NY.. A Jonathan Leach settled in that county after the Revolutionary War, along with five sons, one of whom was surely Ann's father. When the connection is proven, a Mayflower connection will be confirmed, as Jonathan Leach is a Mayflower descendant. All of these ancestors in the Rockwell lines are English, all identified to date emigrating in the 1600's, migrating to MA, CT, and then NY, PA, and WA. Samuel Jones Rockwell died in Bellingham, WA, is buried there.

In 1865 Samuel Rockwell, age 25, lived in the northern end of the town of Triangle in Broome County, NY, with his young family. His farm had 40 acres improved, 10 acres unimproved with a value of $1800. His stock was valued at $575. and his tools $100. He plowed 22 acres, 30 in pasture and 10 in meadow. He produced 14 t. hay, 10 bu. corn, 100 bu. apples, 2 barrels of cider, 1 gal maple molasses, 3 bu. oats, 50# of honey, 2# bees wax, 1 calf, 8 milk cows, 900#milk, 3 pigs, 200# pork etc.

References; Death certificate, Bellingham WA lists 25 Nov 1839, obituary in Smethport, PA newspaper and father Peter Rockwell's Bible list 18 Jan 1840 Marriage-Death Certificate, obituary, Peter Rockwell Bible Death Certificate record No. 83 Washington State Board of Health, Whatcom Co., Bellingham, filed 6 March 1919.Obit, Smethport paper 1919. Parents-Peter Rockwell will Broome County Courthouse, Binghamton, NY, Will Book 2, p.97, estate 121. Census- 1840 US, Broome Co., NY, Triangle, p.799, line 10 male child of Peter Rockwell under age 5, National Archives film M-704, roll 266.; Census-1850;US, Broome Co., NY, Triangle, p. 263, line 26, age 10, film M-432, roll 477. Census-1855;NY State, Broome Co. Triangle, age 15. Census-1860-US; Triangle p. ?, line 17, family 466, age 20, film M-653, roll 724.; 1865-NY State Census, Broome Co., Triangle p.? , line 5 Agricultural Schedule.; 1870-US Census; NY, Broome Co.; Triangle p. 24, line 5, age 30, N.A film M-593 roll 907. 1880 US Census,PA, McKean Co., Smethport, age 40, p. 40, line 20, N.A film T-9, roll 1153\54.

Notes for Mary Anne Underwood: References: Birth-1850 census, Underwood Genealogy Vol. 1, p. 240-244. Marriage-Obit of Samuel Rockwell in Smethport newspaper, 1919 Death-Tombstone, RoseHill Cemetery, Smethport, PA Census-1850 US Census, Cortland Co., NY, Freetown, age 5, p. 248, line 32, National Archives microfilm M-432, roll 493. Census-1860; US; Cortland Co., NY, Freetown, age 15, with parents, family 116, p.416, line 4, film M-653, roll 739.; Census-1870; US, Broome Co., NY, Triangle, wife of Samuel Rockwell, mother of 2, age 24, p. 24, line 6, film M-593, roll 907.; Census-1880 US, PA, McKean Co., Smethport, wife of Samuel Rockwell, age 33, mother of 6, p. 40, Family 176, dwelling 173, line 21, N. A. film T-9, roll 1153 or 1154. Children: Listed in notes of Samuel Rockwell

Notes for Addie May Rockwell: Addie May (Rockwell) Oviatt was born in 1864, also during the Civil War, daughter of Samuel Rockwell and Mary Ann Underwood. She was born in Cincinnatus, Cortland County, NY, lived in Broome County at age 6, was moved to McKean County, PA between 1870 and 1875 where she met Wilbur Oviatt as he worked for her father. They were married when she was sixteen, in 1880. Except for a brief time that they were in Wisconsin logging, the family lived in Farmers Valley, McKean County, PA. She took in washing and ironing for fifty cents to a dollar per week while she raised ten children, saving her money to buy a parlor organ. Her family is interesting in that most of our Revolutionary War patriots are found in these families. Most of these people were farmers from CT and RI who settled on the military tracts in Cortland County after the war. They were the Underwood, Wood, Crouch, Johnson, Abbe, Mason, Marcy, Ainsworth, Dudley, Leach and Allen families from CT and MA. and the Stafford, Hopkins, Sprague, Bennett, Whitman, Herndon, Arnold, Gorton, Whipple Tower, Holden, Dungan, Latham, Barker, Burton, Wickes and Allen families of RI and MA. These people were all of English origin, all emigrated in the 1600's to New England, all interesting stories to tell. Addie Rockwell died at age sixty-two, is buried in Smethport, PA. Addie married Wilbur Oviatt at age sixteen in the Rockwell House in Smethport PA. The ceremony was performed by G.M. Smith Esq. In the mid 1880's she went to Wisconsin with her husband, who was logging there. They returned to East Smethport, lived in Keating Township the rest of their lives. She took in washing and ironing for 50cents to $1.00 per week while she raised ten children. She saved her money to but a parlor organ. In 1917 she made a trip to Oklahoma to see her children who had moved there. She is credited with having said that her husband had never seen her bare feet. >From her obituary: The deceased lady was born at East Freetown Cortland County NY 21 May 1864 and located with her parents in Smethport in 1871, marrying Wilbur Oviatt, well known local contractor in early life. She was a woman of lovely character and highly revered by all.

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Notes for Wilbur Ira Oviatt:
>From the obituary of Wilbur I. Oviatt, Smethport, PA: Wilbur was born at the Oviatt homestead in Keating Township where he lived his boyhood years and received a good education. His father died when he was a mere boy,leaving ten children. His father was a pioneer of the area, and one of northwestern Pennsylvania's first editors and publisher of the "Settler and Pennon" a forerunner of the McKean County Democrat newspaper. By the hard work of his mother and help from good neighbors, his family was kept together. Early in life those natural qualities of leadership that made a prominent county figure asserted themselves. He had barely entered young manhood's estate when he was elected road supervisor by the Keating Township voters. In this office he built some of the best roads of this vacinity, including the dug-road below East Main Street on the Farmers Valley Highway, and so well did he perform the task that those roads are in steady use today. He had served the township well in nearly every public capacity and had repeatedly served terms as school director and had been pronounced by state educational experts to be one of the most capable township directors. It was due to his fighting proclivities that the beautiful Farmer's Valley Consolidated School was completed in shape for acceptance last year and he led the movement for the erection of the second Keating Consolidated School, now being built at Simpson. Up to the time of his death he served efficiently as secretary of the school board. He was elected and capably served several terms as auditor of McKean County and on two occasions was within a few votes of being elected county commissioner. Last fall he was elected jury commissioner after an exciting race in which, despite threatening health, he demonstrated anew his old time prowess as a political campaigner. Kindliness, generosity, sympathy and an unswerving loyalty to friends and courage of his convictions caused Wilbur Oviatt to be held in affectionate regard by a legion of friends. His cordial personality will be sadly missed in local circles. He was a democrat of the old school, with whom the great human principles of Jefferson were more than a mere credo. He fought fearlessly and with all his might - but always fairly - for what he considered the cause of justice and right. He held alike the respect of friend and opponent. Of no true man can more be said. He had always occupied a position of leadership in party affairs of the county and up to last year was a vice chairman of the county committee. A devoted husband and father, his home life was ever the phase which found hospitable Wilbur Oviatt at his best. In business he was most successful, not only as a builder, but a mover of buildings. He possessed a natural ability as an engineer which enabled him to intelligently perform exacting assignments. He was a member of the local lodge of Odd Fellows and ranked high in the affairs of that fraternity in this section. Deceased was a loyal friend and kind-hearted; no favor asked of him that was not granted, if possible. Following the evening repast he complained of not feeling well to members of the family and soon thereafter was seized with the fatal attack. Dr. Burg Chadwick was hastily summoned, but life was extinct by the time the physician reached the stricken man's side. The popular citizen had been subject to similar attacks extending over a period of two years back. Despite this fact, it was characteristic of the courage and energy of the man that he continued an active career and lately had been engaged in moving a number of buildings for McKean County along the right-of-way of the new Smethport-Simpson highway. He had been about town Friday as usual. Wilbur Ira Oviatt was born in Keating Township, McKean County, PA in 1858, son of Joseph Beaman Oviatt and Catherine Marie Stickles, seventh of eleven children. His father died when he was seven years old. He is one of very few ancestors who stayed in one place, as he can be found in every census of McKean County from 1860 to 1920. In 1880 at age 22 he was working for Samuel Rockwell, married his daughter. The amazing thing about that is that eight generations and 240 years earlier, they had common ancestors John Drake and Hannah Moore, Addie Rockwell descended from their son Job Drake, and Wilbur descended from their daughter Ruth Drake. Wilbur was a farmer, logger, contractor, road builder and house mover. He was a Democratic political leader, jury commissioner, road supervisor, township director, school board director and secretary, McKean County auditor, vice-chairman of the McKean County Democratic Committee and a member of the Odd Fellows. See Joseph Oviatt for Oviatt history. Wilbur died at age seventy-two, is buried in Smethport, PA.

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Notes for Myrtle Rockwell: Myrtl died at 20 months 11 Feb 1881