(1) 1. Alexander S. BATES
Birth Date: 1814
Birth Place: Greenwich, New York
Death Date: 7 Jun 1892
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Date: 10 Jun 1892
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Carriage Maker/Blacksmith

Alexander was a carriage and sleigh manufacturer born in Washington County in 1814,and first settled in Quality Hill,Madison County about 1830 where his first born son William died approx. 1832.

Alexander then settled in Homer about 1842 in Cortland County where he lived another 50 years .He was a drum major in the 157th N.Y.S.V. during the Civil War.
37 His wife Lavina Yale,daughter of Waitstill Yale and Sarah Hover of Madison county, is a descendant of the famous Yale's of New England (Yale University).Lavina's story is in Horace Yale's book of 1908.2

Alexander apprenticed several blacksmith's in Homer,N.Y.who were even listed as living with his family from 1850-1880. He died at age 78 in Homer, N.Y. on 07 June 1892.With the information on his death certificate, his is one of the earliest and most accurate records we have. Sequential census records of Alexander and wife Lavina reveal that the family lived as early as 1840 in Lenox,Madison County with his four youngest children and his wife Lavina .Henry Yale, Lavina's brother and his family, is also listed on this same census.

The next census of the Yales and Alexander Bates reveals the following: June 1855 census Cortland Co, Homer,N.Y. Alexander and Lavina Yale his wife, both stated their residence in Homer for 15 years.This data suggests that they came from somewhere else about 1840?

The 1855 census list Newton,Helen, and Charles as the only children:1865 Cortland Co. lists Charles K. Bates, a painter age 15 living in the family as an only child.1875 lists Newton,Alex's son; Mary Johnson, a black servant born in Maryland living with the family and also 3 apprentice workers in the household. The 1880 Census lists Truman James a black servant from Maryland age 15. Alexander had been ill from May 20th until his death on June 07 in 1892.

Alexander remained in Homer,N.Y. for the remainder of his life.More information will have to be gathered in order to establish that Alexander's father and brothers were from Saratoga County. At the present time, Saratoga county ties are speculation until documents can be obtained.The last will and testament of Alexander's sister Helen D. Bates Yale(Moses her husband was brother to Alexander's wife) lists several bequeaths in her final codicil to nieces and nephews. These relatives are all children of Joseph's children in the Homer and Madison County areas at this time,1901; as well as Minnesota for Alvin's family, and Ashton,Illinois for Daniel's family.

Recent research at the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne,Indiana concerning Alexander's Civil War Pension has located a second wife for Alexander named Hannah J. Bates. She is listed as his beneficiary after his 1892 death.

Hannah J. Paddock, widow of Jacob Paddock was married on 23 August 1890 in Wolcott, Wayne County, N.Y to Alexander Bates. The Rev. H. B. Stevenson performed the ceremony. Additional marriage documentation was received from the Town of Wolcott Clerk in which not only Hannah's maiden name of Andrews was listed, but her father Samuel Andrews and mother Amy Foster are mentioned. It was also stated that Alexander was Hannah's third husband. Hannah is shown in the 1892 Homer NY State census as a wife of Alexander, age 57 with Newton and Newton's sons Harold and Willie living together. This February Census was just four months before Newton re-married to Emily Robinson, and Alexander died.

Alexander had an on-going battle with the U. S. Government concerning his medical pension for his service which was denied at least twice before his death. His pension request continued into April 1892 just two months before his death. His widow Hannah reapplied for and received his accrued pension with back-pay after his death. This pension amounted to $24 a month.

Drum Major with 157th N.Y.S.V. in Civil War
4 37

enlisted: 5 Sept. 1861 Musician 157th NYSV Inf.

discharged: 12 Nov 1862 medical reasons rheumatic pains due to exposure suffered at Arlington Heights, Virginia in 1862.

length of service: 1 year,2 months, 7 days

Sent for pension records to National Archives on 12/27/94.These suggest a second wife as beneficiary after Alexander's death. Her name was Hanna J.Paddock, widow of a Jacob Paddock, deceased of Wolcott,N.Y.

Cortland County Historical Society-Catherine Hanchett,Volunteer Researcher.
photocopies of published data obtained from CCHS records and forwarded.

ACPL books on Cortland County, and census records photocopied from film obtained from Library archives.

Several trips to Homer,Glenwood Cem for photos and research.

1890 Special NY Civil War Veterans Census,Cortland Co. copy 123/ roll 54/ pg. 5/ S.D. 9/ E.D. 99

Civil War Pension records rec'd on April 6, 1995 for Alexander and Newton.

Spouse: Lavina YALE *
Birth Date: 8 Dec 1811/1812
Birth Place: Montgomery Co., New York
Death Date: 8 Jul 1888
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland Co., New York
Occupation: Farm Wife
Ref Number: 518 YALE
Spouse Father: Waitstill YALE * (1765-1836)
Spouse Mother: Sarah HOVER (1764-1848)

Spouse Notes:
From the census records taken in Homer,Cortland Co. N.Y both in June in the years 1875, and 1880, we see Lavina as age 63 in 1875, and age 68 in year 1880. From this data we can only assume she was born before June in any given year. Hence her birth year being consistent is 1811.

We can see also from the June 1865 census of Cortland County that she had 8 children,and that she was married once before.Records obtained from the Cortland County Historical Society by Theodore H. Bates from Catherine Hanchett indicate the birth place of Lavinia Yale as Madison County,N.Y. which at the time of her birth was a larger part of Chenango County and Montgomery County.

Lavina was the youngest of 14 Children born to her parents Waitstill Yale and Sarah Hover.Her father was a farmer and served in the Revolutionary War at age 16.Lavina's mother Sarah died in Homer,N.Y. on April 7,1848 at age 84.

Some confusion exists around the date of marriage for Lavina and Alexander. In the book "History of Yales and Wales" by Rodney Horace Yale, he states that Lavina married Alexander Bates of Homer,N.Y. in 1834; with no mention of a prior marriage of Lavina; however,proof exists of a son born to Lavina with the name George Sweet.

Lura (Louise Bates)was Alexander's and Lavina's second born (1837). An older son William H. Bates had died in Lenox,Madison County during infancy and was buried there in 1837.

The prior marriage of Lavina to a Mr. Sweet was found by reference from a letter received from the Cortland County Historical Society Historian including George Sweets name. Lavina may have been extremely young for this prior marriage. No Census or family records exist on this matter. There is also record in Homer's Glenwood Cemetery for Lot 25,Sect 7 of a Harold M. Marble buried with M. Ethyl Sweet,wife of a George Sweet Sr? Perhaps this was a relative to Lavina Yale's first husband.No further record exists for George Sweet and it is a guess that this individual named Sweet was the missing relative.

The Cortland County Deed Book 80,pp. 593-94: Lovina Bates'(Will),(recorded as a deed 8 Jan 1889) to Alexander Bates made 1 Oct 1880. All her property to husband Alexander.At Alexander's death all her property to be divided equally between her sons William E. Bates, Jay F. Bates, Newton A. Bates, John Bates,Charles Bates.This will was admitted to probate 12 Nov 1888,recorded in Will book R,p. 569; recorded as a deed 8 Jan 1889. Lavina died 8 July 1888 .
2 17

Spouse Research:
Trips to Glenwood Cemetery in September 1993, and September 1994.Ongoing communication from CCHS with Theodore H. Bates.

Census records copied from film in storage at the Fort Wayne Allen County Public Library.

Marriage Date: 20 Sep 1834
Marriage Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York

Children: William Henry
Louise "Lura" M.
William E.
Jay Franklin
Newton A
John E.
Helen L. "Nellie"
Charles Henry

Other Spouses Hannah J. ANDREWS

(2) 1.1 William Henry BATES
Birth Date: Sep 1835
Death Date: 17 Mar 1837
Death Place: Quality Hill, Madison County, New York
Burial Place: Quality Hill, Madison County, New York

William H. Bates died in infancy and his later brother was given his name with a different middle initial which was a common practice.William's death is mentioned on page 17 of William H. Tuttle's"Names and Sketches of the Pioneer Settlers of Madison County,N.Y. printed in 1984 by Heart of the Lakes Publishing in Interlaken,N.Y.This article also states that his father Alexander and wife Lovina owned a house and lot in Quality Hill in 1837.William's death is recorded in the Congregational Church Records of the Town of Lenox,N.Y. He died in infancy on 17 March 1837 at age 1 yr. 6 months placing his date of birth at approx. Sept 1835. This would make William Henry Bates the first born child of Alexander and Lavina and Lura(Louise) their 2d born. Lura was originally believed to be the first born child.

The gravesite for William was visited on September 6,1994 by Theodore H. Bates while on a research trip to Madison County and Cortland County.The layout of the cemetery as well as the photos of Briggs Bates' family and some of the Yales were obtained at this time.

(2) 1.2 Louise "Lura" M. BATES
Birth Date: 1 Feb 1837
Birth Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York
Death Date: 1912
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Ref Number: Lot5 Sec11 Glenwood Cemetery,Homer,N.Y.

Louise (Lura) Bates was the second born child of Alexander Bates and Lavina Yale, and was born in Lenox,Madison County in 1837,after the death of her eldest brother William Henry Bates at age 18 months. His gravesite was visited on September 6,1994. He is buried in Rural Lenox Cemetery in Canastota,N.Y.

Lura Blashfield was left the sum of $100 from the estate of her aunt Helen D. Bates Yale in 1901.She married H. Wilson Blashfield who was a miller and later a Lawyer and JP. They married on 17 October 1854 and had 5 children.

Mr. Blashfield was originally from Brimfield,Massachusetts.see letter to Theodore H. Bates from Catherine Hanchett,historian of Cortland County,letter dtd.Oct 1993.Only 3 known children appear in the 1880 Homer Census record,however Catherine Hanchett's research states 5 Children. This was explained in a Biographical Sketch of H. Wilson Blashfield's family where his two youngest sons Willie and Charles had died in infancy.

In the 1902 Cortland County Directory by George Hanford,Elmira,N.Y.both Lura Blashfield,widow of Henry Wilson (H.W.) and her son Frank E,musician, are both living at 109 S. Main Street in Homer;this being consistent with the memoirs of Wilson B. Fiske, Lura's grandson, in his memoirs of 1980.

In 1905 we find Lura living with her remarried daughter Nellie and son-in-law Frank Loope. Frank's two step-sons and his son Kenneth are all together as well.

Lura figured prominently in the will of her aunt Helen since she was the overseer of this document and that her husband H.W. Blashfield was a lawyer and Justice of the Peace at the time in Homer. Lura's remaining years were spent living at the "Elizabeth Brewster Home" for older women where she died in 1912.

Descendants of Lura's daughter Nellie's second husbamd Frank T. Loope are currently corresponding with Theodore H. Bates.

Spouse: Henry Wilson BLASHFIELD
Birth Date: 10 Sep 1830
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 8 May 1900
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Miller/Justice Of Peace/Judge/Highway Commissioner
Ref Number: Lot5 Sec11 Glenwood Cemetery,Homer,N.Y.
Spouse Father: William BLASHFIELD (1790-1864)
Spouse Mother: Polly BURKE (1796-1879)

Spouse Notes:
H. Wilson Blashfield was a miller by trade. His parents William and Polly Burke were from Brimfield, Massachusetts. There is a brief biography of Mr. Blashfield in the book:"History Of Cortland County, N.Y. by H.P. Smith,1885" in which the following is stated: " H.W. Blashfield, manufacturer of lumber and cider,owns 95 acres,born in Homer 1839,was supervisor one term, Justice of the Peace 25 years,2 children, Nellie and Frank...." On page 180 of this same book, H.W. Blashfield is listed as an officer of the "Elon Encampment" which meets in the Oddfellows Hall on the first and third wednesday of the month.This encampment was instituted in 1871.
There is another fine book named " Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Cortland County" by the Biographical publishing company of Buffalo,N.Y. dtd. 1898 where a fine 3 page biography of H. Wilson Blashfield is described in great detail on pages 323-325." Mr. Blashfield's name is known and respected throughout the township in all circles,whether business,social,or political,for he is a man of influence and standing in the community."
Mr. Blashfield's father's family came to Homer,N.Y. about 1801 making the Blashfields early pioneer settlers of Homer along with the Hosea Sprague Family, John Bishop,Samuel Sherman and William Sherman. Mr. Blashfields father died in Homer in 1864 after having been engaged in farming all his life.
In the book titled: "History of Cortland County,New York" by D. Mason and publisher's,and on page 231, the community of Little York mentions that William and I. Blashfield were early settlers of this area,lot #6 erected their mills. These were some of the first grist and saw mills in the Cortland area along with those of the Cushman family. H. Wilson Blashfield received his education in the common schools of Homer,N.Y. and in Homer Academy. He left school at age 23 and engaged in farming and milling on the homestead near Little York on the Cold Brook Road. He was a highway commissioner and he retired from the position of Justice of the Peace in 1887 after 25 years.He was an associate judge of the county court for one year and was affiliated with the Congregational Church of Homer.He died two years after the publication of this great biography at the age of 70. He and his wife,several of their children, his mother and father, his brothers and his grandmother are all buried in Homers Glenwood Cemetery in lot 5,Sec 11.
H.W.widow and son Frank were living at 109 S. Main in Homer according to the 1902 Directory of Cortland County by George Hanford.

Marriage Date: 17 Oct 1854

Children: Willie A.
Fannie Alleen
Charles B.
Nellie Lavinia
Franklin Ernest "Uncle Blash"

(3) 1.2.1 Willie A. BLASHFIELD
Birth Date: 27 Apr 1857
Death Date: 17 Jun 1859
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland Co.,New York

(3) 1.2.2 Fannie Alleen BLASHFIELD
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1862
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 29 Mar 1883

Fannie Blashfield died during childbirth along with her child.

Spouse: Charles OLIVER

Children: Willie

(3) 1.2.3 Charles B. BLASHFIELD
Birth Date: 24 Feb 1870
Death Date: 29 Mar 1872
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland County,New York

(3) 1.2.4a Nellie Lavinia BLASHFIELD*
Birth Date: 15 Nov 1872
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 29 Oct 1921
Death Place: Cortland Co. Hosp.Homer,Cortland County,N.Y.
Burial Date: 1 Nov 1921
Burial Place: Glenwood Cemetery,Homer,Cortland Co.N.Y.
Occupation: Housewife
Ref Number:
38 Lot 5 Sect 11 H.O.G.
Religion: Spiritualist

On a visit to Homer's Glenwood Cemetery on September 6,1994 it was noticed that a Nellie B. Loope was buried in the same grave as H. Wilson Blashfield and Lura Bates Blashfield. It was known that H. Wilson had a daughter named Nellie who had married Wilbur W. Fiske and was living in Iowa as of 1890. Did Nellie divorce Mr. Fiske or did he die and Nellie move back to Homer where she married a Loope?

This question was answered through passed-on correspondence from a Mrs. Cynthia Gene Loope Hupper dtd 1987 to the Cortland County Historical Society and later sent to Theodore H. Bates asking for family relationships for a Lura Bates Blashfield. Mrs. Hupper's letter was very revealing to the facts of Nellie's 2d marriage to Frank Timothy Loope in 1904, and her family pedigree as of 1986. It had not been previously stated whether Wilbur and Nellie divorced or Wilbur had died and Nellie remarried Mr. Loope when she returned to Homer until the memoirs of Wilson B. Fiske was received . Nellie and Wilbur were indeed divorced in Iowa and she moved back to New York to be with her mother.
38 57

Nellie died in Cortland Hospital on 29 Oct 1921 at age 48 from a massive stroke.

1902 Homer Village Directory listing of Nellie L. Fiske of 109 S. Main Street was found on microfilm at the ACPL.

Spouse: Wilbur Worthington FISKE
Birth Date: 21 Oct 1864
Birth Place: Chazy,Clinton County,New York
Death Date: 23 May 1942
Death Place: San Jose, Santa Clara County, California
Occupation: Farmer
Ref Number: 4674 FISKE
Spouse Father: Newel Wilbur FISKE (1817-1900)
Spouse Mother: Elvira RANSOM (1826-1908)

Spouse Notes:
Wilbur Fiske is mentioned in the book:"Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Cortland County" by the Biographical Press of Buffalo 1898. He is mentioned as the husband of Nellie Blashfield under the listing for H. Wilson Blashfield's famous family biography.The family moved and live in Alden,Hardin County Iowa where Wilbur and Nellie divorced. Nellie, pregnant at this time moved back to New York with Frank and later married Frank Timothy Loope.

Wilbur later remarried and remained for a while in Iowa where he was visited in later years by his two grown sons who were living with their step-father and mother in Cortland,NY. This visit was well documented in the memoirs of his 2d son Wilson B. Fiske.

Wilbur was living in Iowa Falls,Iowa during the summer of 1925 when his son Wilson was playing in a band which played a jazz concert in that city.

Wilbur Fiske, along with his brother and sister eventually moved to California where they died and were buried.
38 57

Marriage Date: 6 Feb 1895
Marriage Place: First Church Of Homer,Cortland Co.,N.Y.
Divorced: 1898

Children: Frank Worthington
Wilson "Bill" Blashfield

Other Spouses Frank Timothy LOOPE

(3) 1.2.4b Nellie Lavinia BLASHFIELD*
(See above)

Spouse: Frank Timothy LOOPE
Birth Date: 7 May 1862
Birth Place: Taylor,Cortland County,New York
Death Date: 13 Feb 1942
Death Place: Cortland,Cortland County,New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cemetery,Homer,Cortland Co.N.Y.
Occupation: Farmer/ Feed Mill Operator/ Vol. Fireman/ Painter
Ref Number:
38 Lot 5 Sect 11 H.O.G.
Spouse Father: John Henry LOOPE (1835-1862)
Spouse Mother: Francelia Antoinette "Janette" RICE (1844-)

Spouse Notes:
Frank Loope's marriage to Nellie Blashfield Fisk(e) was only discovered recently through corresponce forwarded to Theodore H. Bates from the Cortland County Historical Society. This correspondence was from a descendant's (Cynthia Gene Loope Hupper) letter of inquiry sent in 1987 to the CCHS.

There is an error in Frank T. Loope's tombstone for his date of birth. It is listed as Mar 1867; it should read May 1862. In 1880 he was living with George W. Gage in Taylor,Cortland County and was a boot and shoemaker at the time.This information comes from the book written by Victor L. Bennison, a Loope Family author who has written the extensive bokk titled" The Loope Family in America".
51 pg.268

In the memoirs of Wilson B. Fiske, Frank T. Loope was a known friend and acquaintance of Lura and Henry Wilson Blashfield.

There is a listing for Frank Loope in the 1902 Homer Town City Directory where he is shown as a Manager of Mourin Wolfe and Company of Little York a feed and produce company.

Frank Loope appears in the 1905 Homer,Cortland County Census with his wife Nellie and mother-in-law Lura Blashfield. Frank's two step-sons Frank and Wilson are also listed along with Frank's son Kenneth.

Frank Loope and his second wife Nellie were divorced due to Frank's problem with alcohol. Frank went to live in Cortland and sought work as a painter in later years.This information is contained in the memoirsa of his step-son Wilson B. Fiske.
57 38

Spouse Research:
ACPL Library research of microfilm record of Cortland County City Directories 1902-1935.

ACPL-1905 Homer Census for family structure.

Marriage Date: 8 Jan 1904

Children: Kenneth Rice

Other Spouses Wilbur Worthington FISKE

(3) 1.2.5a Franklin Ernest "Uncle Blash" BLASHFIELD*
Birth Date: 18 Nov 1878
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 19 Jul 1959
Death Place: Oberlin, Lorain County,Ohio
Burial Place: Lakewood Park Cem. Rocky River, Cuyahoga County,Ohio
Occupation: Farmer/ Church Organist /Organ Manufacturer And Rebuilder
Religion: Episcopal

For information on Franklin and his two known sisters Fannie and Nellie, see Census Records of 1880 within Alexander Bates' Family.
Frank E. Blashfield is listed as a musician and is living with his widowed mother Lura at 109 S. Main in Homer according to the 1902 Cortland County Directory by George Hanford.

Frank learned how to play the piano and eventually the organ and became interested in organ building after being offered a job with Barnes and Buehl Organ Company of Utica, New York. Frank later became a partner with the company after the suicide of Mr. Barnes. He met his wife Caroline in Utica and was married in Homer.

Sometime during the 1920's Frank's wife Caroline left him and ran off with a railroad man who was a boarder in their household. After this, Frank sold his interest in the organ business and moved to Cleveland,Ohio in the Winter of 1927.His nephew Wilson Fiske had moved to Cleveland the previous spring and this no doubt influenced his choice for a new home. Frank remarried in 1928 to Elsie Gschwind, a daughter of a man who worked for Buehl and Blashfield of Utica,N.Y.Elsie was 11 years younger than Frank. Frank owned an organ maintenance business in Cleveland until 1934. Frank and Elsie later moved to Lakewood,Ohio.Elsie died of cancer in 1932 and Frank moved to Oberlin,Ohio where he repaired the organs at the Oberlin College Concervatory. He worked there for 20 years until retirement in 1954. He died in July 1959 of a heart attack.

Spouse: Caroline "Aunt Carrie"

Spouse Notes:
Caroline married Frank Blashfield in Homer and they later moved to Utica,NY. They later moved to the Groton Road for about a year and moved back to Utica. Caroline ran away with a railroad man boarder who was staying with the family, and Frank and Caroline divorced in 1928.

Marriage Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Divorced: 1928

Other Spouses Elsie GSCHWIND

(3) 1.2.5b Franklin Ernest "Uncle Blash" BLASHFIELD*
(See above)

Spouse: Elsie GSCHWIND
Birth Date: 1890
Death Date: 18 Oct 1932
Death Place: Lakewood,Cuyahoga County,Ohio
Burial Place: Lakewood Park Cem. Rocky River, Cuyahoga County,Ohio
Religion: Christian Scientist

Spouse Notes:
Elsie was a Christian Scientist and refused doctors in later life. She died of cancer in 1932.

Other Spouses Caroline "Aunt Carrie"

(2) 1.3 William E. BATES
Birth Date: Aug 1838/1840
Occupation: Blacksmith/ Music Professor

William E. Bates is listed as a recipient of part of the estate of his aunt Helen D. Bates Yale. William was living in Martinsville,Indiana in 1901 which is just southeast of Indianapolis not far from Columbus,Indiana where he was known to be a professor of music.He was located on a census record of 1900 and he is shown living at 190 West Morgan,Martinsville,Morgan County,Indiana and was listed as age 59 with a birth year of 1840 instead of 1838 as was previously known.

The fact that William is not listed as an heir in his brother Charles' obit. of 1908 suggests that he may have died between the 1901 date of his aunt Helen's will and 1908. No record after the 1900 census was found for him.

ACPL 1900 SOUNDEX-vol 55 E.D. 54 sheet 31 line 80 Martinsville,Morgan County,Indiana on Nov 7,1994.

Spouse: Jennie E,
Birth Date: 1843
Death Date: 1876
Occupation: Dressmaker

Marriage Date: 1866

Children: Willie E.

(3) 1.3.1 Willie E. BATES
Birth Date: 1862

(2) 1.4 Jay Franklin BATES
Birth Date: 1840

Jay Franklin Bates is listed as a recipient in Helen D. Bates Yales' will of 1901 and was living in Portland,Oregon at the time.

Spouse: Eleanor

Children: Frank

(3) 1.4.1 Frank BATES
Birth Date: 1860

(2) 1.5a Newton A BATES*
Birth Date: 14 Feb 1842
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 19 Nov 1895
Death Place: Newark Valley,Tioga County,New York
Burial Date: 22 Nov 1895
Burial Place: Glenwood Cemetery, Homer,Cortland Co.,New York
Occupation: Wagon Shop Owner
Ref Number: Sec 7 Lot 29

Newton Bates was a cornet player as was his father Alexander.He owned a wagon shop in Homer as well. He married Phila Bushby,sister to his younger brother Charles wife Mary Bushby.Phila died in 1884, and their two sons went to live with separate uncles in Illinois and Cortland.

Curiously Newton is shown in the 1875 Homer census living with his parents at age 35 and is shown as divorced. If this is correct, and he married Mary Bushby in 1876 as is known, who was his first of three wives?

Newton married Emily Robinson in 1892 at the home of her nephew Dr. J.H. Robinson of Homer. Dr. Robinson was the attending physician after the death of Newton's father Alexander in the same week.

Newton was a soldier in the 157th N.Y.S.V in Co. D. along with his father Alexander. He was listed as a deserter in 1862. He was denied a pension on July 1, 1887 due to the fact of his "Dishonorable Discharge" and the fact of his desertion two months after his enlistment in September 1862.

His obit. was listed in the Cortland Standard on November 21, 1895. He died in his home in Newark Valley of complications due to pleurisy and heart problems.He left a wife and two sons.His funeral was held in Cherry Valley,NY

In just three short years from 1892-1895, Alexander had died, Newton re-married, and died; and Emily moved back to live with her nephew in Homer.

After his death, Emily moved back to Homer to live with her nephew and brothers. She is found in the 1900 Homer,Cortland County Census.

Musician with the 157th NYSV,served with his father,Alexander Bates, drum major of the 157th.

Private, Co D. 157th NYSV enlisted for three years on 5 September 1862, Homer,NY;reported on roll of unit 30 Oct, 1862, deserted at New Baltimore,Virginia on November 16,1862
Dishonorable Discharge 7 Mar 1866(see Alexander's Pension Recd's)

Newspaper articles received from the Cortland Free Library on Jan 7,1995.

Research of 1892 NYS census for Emily Robinson.

Civil War Pension Records of Newton's application, and his father's pension records on file with Theodore H. Bates.

Spouse: Phila BUSHBY
Birth Date: 1857
Death Date: 26 Sep 1884
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland Co.,New York
Spouse Father: Joseph BUSHBY (1818-1892)
Spouse Mother: Ann PATTERSON (1823-1865)

Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1876

Children: Harold "Hal" A.
William A.

Other Spouses Emily A. ROBINSON

(3) 1.5a.1 Harold "Hal" A. BATES
Birth Date: 1877
Occupation: Musician/ Piano Player
Ref Number:

Harold is listed as a grand nephew of Helen D. Bates Yale in her 1901 will. Harold was shown living in Washington,D.C. Harold was also mentioned as being a cousin to Wilson B. Fiske in his memoirs of 1980.

Wilson Fiske was the second son of Alexander Bates granddaughter Nellie's first husband,Wilbur Fiske. This would make Wilson and Hal 1st cousins one time removed.

Harold was listed as age 3 in the 1880 Homer Census.Harold was considered a fine piano player of reknown in the Cortland County area.

(3) 1.5a.2 William A. BATES
Birth Date: 1880

(2) 1.5b Newton A BATES*
(See above)

Spouse: Emily A. ROBINSON
Birth Date: Jul 1863
Spouse Father: George ROBINSON
Spouse Mother: Cynthia PEASE

Spouse Notes:
Emily A. Bates was mentioned in the will of Helen D. Bates Yale of 1901 as being a recipient part of her estate along with her sons William and Harold.She was mentioned as being a widow at this time.She was the second wife of Newton after the death of his first wife Phila.Emily married Newton within the month of the death of Newton's father Alexander. They were married three years before Newton died in 1895.

Newton and his family was living in Newark Valley,Broome County prior to his death in 1895. Emily is found living with her nephew John Robinson on 35 Main Street in Homer in the 1900 Census.Her date of birth was established from this 1900 census. She was considerably younger than her husband Newton, and also her nephew Dr. Robinson.
Emily moved back to the home of her nephew after the death of her husband of three years. Their two sons were old enough to be out on their own.

Marriage Date: 18 May 1892
Marriage Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York

Other Spouses Phila BUSHBY

(2) 1.6 John E. BATES
Birth Date: Jun 1844
Death Date: 10 Nov 1908
Death Place: Newark, New Jersey
Burial Place: Glenwood Cemeter, Homer lot24 sec2, Cortland Count
Occupation: Carriage Painter

John E. Bates is listed as a carriage painter, age 26, in the Homer 1870 census.His wife Hattie E.is also listed. Two daughters Alice and Wella are shown, but in the 1875 Census, Wella is missing and presumed dead. Wella was one month old in June 1870 and does not appear in the 1875 record.

Their burial records show John E. Bates,died Nov.10,1908,age 64 years.This would make his birth year 1844 which is consistent with his census records. His wife Hattie is listed with "no name assigned" at Glenwood Cemetery.
John's obit. of Homer reads as follows: From CORTLAND STANDARD dtd 11 Nov.1908. "Death of John E. Bates, a former resident of Homer who died at his home in Newark,N.J. 10 Nov.1908,age 64 years. Survived by two children: Harry E. Bates of Newark,N.J. and Mrs. William W. Brown of Philadelphia,one sister Mrs. Lura Blashfield of Homer,N.Y. and one brother J. Franklin Bates of Portland,Oregon. Service by Congregational minister,Homer,buried Glenwood Cem."
John E. Bates is listed as a nephew of Helen D. Bates Yale in her 1900 will living in Philadelphia. He must have moved to N.J. after the will probate and died there in 1908.His younger brother Charles died in March of the same year age 59.

Interestingly, Charles' obit. mentions 2 sisters,Lura, and a Mrs. Hallsted,suggesting Helen Coon( later Warner) had remarried to a Mr. Hallsted. John's obit. mentions only one sister,Lura Blashfield, and not Helen.

Spouse: Harriet "Hattie" E. SIGNOR
Birth Date: 1849
Birth Place: Homer,Cortland County,New York
Spouse Father: Edson SIGNOR (1812-)
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth "Betsey" JACOCK (1818-1875)

Spouse Notes:
Hattie Bates is mentioned as a recipient of the estate of Helen D. Bates Yale's will of 1901.She is called the wife of John Bates.She was left $1150.

Hattie and John's wedding date was printed in the 1865 Homer census report for the year.Her maiden name and that of her parents was also found. The 1855 Homer census lists 6 children for her father's family. Edson Signer was probably married once before since an older daughter Eliza,age 19 was older than Hattie's children.

Marriage Date: 12 Mar 1865
Marriage Place: Homer,Cortland County, N.Y.

Children: Alice
Harry E.

(3) 1.6.1 Alice BATES
Birth Date: About 1868
Birth Place: Homer,Cortland County,New York

Mrs. William W. Brown is the only information at this time which concerns the daughter of her father John E. Bates,son of Alexander Bates of Homer,Cortland County,N.Y.

A recent discovery of the 1875 Homer,Cortland County Census revealed the name of John and Harriet's daughter who was named Alice. Her married name was Alice Brown.

Spouse: William W. BROWN

Spouse Notes:
William W. Brown is listed as the husband of a child of John E. Bates deceased who was a son of Alexander Bates. John's daughter who married William Brown is not listed with her given name, Alice.

Marriage Date: Before 1908

(3) 1.6.2 Wella BATES
Birth Date: May 1870
Birth Place: Homer,Cortland County,New York
Death Date: Before 1875

Wella appears in the June 1870 census of her parents John and Hattie as one month old. Her sister Alice was three at this time. Wella does not appear in the June 1875 census but Alice now age 7 and a new brother named Harry do appear. This suggests that Wella died before June 1875. She is not listed as an heir either in her father's 1908 obit.

(3) 1.6.3 Harry E. BATES
Birth Date: About 1872
Birth Place: Homer,Cortland County,New York

Harry Bates is listed as an heir in his father John's obit. of 1908.
He is found on the 1875 Homer, Cortland County census along with his older sister Alice.

The only reference to Harry Bates after finding him within his father's census years was mention made by Wilson B. Fiske in his memoirs of 1982, on page 56. In this reference to his "cousin Harry", Wilson described a leg ulcer suffered by Harry and the procedure used to remedy the injury.

The following is out of context from an E-mail correspondence between Mary Jane Signor Dobard and Theodore H. Bates in May 1997:
"Edson must have been close to his grandson, Harry Bates, because he mentioned in his will to "divide the surplus among my children and Harry Bates as above directed at my death". His will was dated 1887, however, it was not settled until 1894. Someone could have contested it - it was hard to read the handwriting, but the court had to locate all the children and grand-children. That's how I learned abt my father's mother having remarried and living in Pompey,NY; Eliza's death and her 2 sons; and Harry Bates.
By 1889 in the will Harry and Hattie were living in Seneca Falls, NY."

(2) 1.7a Helen L. "Nellie" BATES*
Birth Date: 1847
Birth Place: Cortland Co., New York
Occupation: Keeping House

Helen Bates married Alexander Coon, a blacksmith possibly from Otsego, N.Y according to Homer,Cortland Co., N.Y. census of 10 June 1865. There was also a Minerva Bates listed as another family living near Helens'in the same census.Helen was only 18 at the time of this census.

She is listed as Helen Warner (remarried) in Helen D. Bates Yale's will of 1901 where she is called the daughter of Alexander Bates. Helen and Alexander evidentally were divorced. See notes on Alexander Coon, and Glenwood Cemetery burial records.

Helen may also have been married to a Snyder since she too is referred as Helen Snyder of States College,Pa. in this same will.There too is a reference to a Mrs. Hallsted, sister to Charles E. Bates in his 1908 obit. of Homer. Another sister Lura Blashfield, a known sister is also mentioned. It is not certain by which names Helen L. Bates went by after the divorce from Alexander Coon.

The 1920 Binghamton, Broome County Census lists Per Lee Coon age 46 as a step-son living with Arthur W. Hallsted and his wife Nellie L.This Nellie is again Helen L. Bates.

Per Lee is now probably a widower or is divorced at age 46 since he appears with his mother and new step-father in Binghamton and had been shown previously also living in Binghamton in 1900 with his wife Bertha Mesier. Per Lee was a cigar maker by trade.

ACPL 12/27/94 for 1920 Census of Arthur W. Hallsted

Spouse: Alexander COON
Birth Date: Sep 1839
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, NY
Death Date: 10 Sep 1908
Death Place: Buffalo, New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem, Homer, Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Blacksmith
Spouse Father: Samuel COON (1806-1892)
Spouse Mother: Sarah (1804-1893)

Spouse Notes:
Alexander Coon was the husband of Helen L. Bates, daughter of Alexander Bates and Lavina Yale. Alexander appears on the June 10,1865 Homer Cortland County Census with Alexander Bates' family,age 23 and married to Helen L. (Bates) Coon age 18.The next reference to Alexander Coon is the June 1875 Census where Alexander is now married to Nellie Coon, age 26. Nellie and Helen may be one in the same person. Helen eventually married a Mr. Warner and is referred to in her aunt Helen Bates Yale's will of 1901, as Helen Warner.

Alexander Coon was trained as a blacksmith by his father-in-law Alexander Bates and subsequently ran a blacksmith business in Homer for many years.His shop was located on James Street.His shop later moved to Cortland, and Alexander finally settled in Oneida,then Buffalo N.Y. where he died in the home of his niece Grace Coon Ratnour.

Alexander is last found in the 1900 census for his brother Luke and sister-in-law Persis living as a boarder in Vernon Town, Oneida Castle,NY. He must have moved shortly thereafter to Buffalo where he was listed as having died in the home of his niece Grace Coon in 1908. This same census stated that Alexander had been married 8 years. He then must have divorced Helen Bates about 1873. No record exists showing any but his marriage to Helen.

Alexander Coon's obituary appeared in the "CORTLAND STANDARD" of Sept. 14,1908. He died in the home of his niece in Buffalo,N.Y.on Thursday Sept. 10,1908 at age 69. There have been conflicting birth years for Alexander,but his obit substantiates 1839 for his year of birth. He was survived by a son Arthur, and a daughter Pearl.However, there is a Perlee Coon listed as a son in the 1875 Homer Census. Alexander Coon is buried in Homer's Glenwood Cemetery with his parents and brothers in Sec 10,Lots 38-40. A Frederick H. Coon 1870-1872 is also buried in the same Lot. He was the infant son of his brother Luke.

There are several other Coon families also buried in Glenwood Cemetery,no further family associations have been established.

Alexander's last known address was found in a 1908 Buffalo,NY City Directory. He was still listed as a blacksmith.

Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1864
Marriage Place: Homer,Cortland County,New York

Children: Arthur
Per Lee "Pearl"

Other Spouses WARNER

(3) 1.7a.1 Arthur COON
Birth Date: 1866
Birth Place: Cortland County, New York

(3) 1.7a.2 Per Lee "Pearl" COON
Birth Date: Jan 1874
Birth Place: Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Cigar Maker

Per Lee Coon is listed as the son of Alexander Coon and his wife Nellie in the 1875 Homer Census.He is incorrectly called a daughter named Pearl listed as a survivor in his father Alexander's obit of 1908.

Per Lee was located in the 1900 Soundex for NY State on the same reel as his uncle Luke Coon and his wife Persis, who were in Oneida County at the time. This Soundex gave locations of two family relatives who were temporarily lost.

Per Lee was living at 233 Clinton St. in Binghamton,Broome County in 1900. His wife Bertha and brother-in-law E.O. Masier were also listed. Per Lee and Bertha married quite young and had been married for seven years as stated in the 1900 census. Per Lee was as young as 16 and Bertha 14 when they married. Bertha's maiden name was guessed as being the same surname as her brother's, according to the census record.

A.C.P.L census research on January 20,1995.

Spouse: Bertha MASIER
Birth Date: Jun 1878
Birth Place: Oswego,New York

Marriage Date: About 1893

(2) 1.7b Helen L. "Nellie" BATES*
(See above)

Spouse: WARNER

Spouse Notes:
Mr. Warner is listed as a second husband of Helen L. Bates(Coon) due to the fact of being mentioned in Helen D. Bates Yale's will.

Marriage Date: Before 1900

Other Spouses Alexander COON

(2) 1.7c Helen L. "Nellie" BATES*
(See above)

Spouse: Arthur W. HALLSTED
Birth Date: About 1856

Spouse Notes:
Arthur W. Hallsted was found through SOUNDEX records of NY State during the 1920 census. He was referred to as the husband of Helen L. Bates, a sister, in the 1908 obit. for her brother Charles Bates of Homer, who had recently died.

Spouse Research:
ACPL microfilm record of 1920 census,Broome County,Binghamton,NY

Marriage Date: Before 1908

Other Spouses Alexander COON

(2) 1.8 Charles Henry BATES
Birth Date: 6 Dec 1849
Birth Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death Date: 3 Mar 1908
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Date: 6 Mar 1908
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland Co.,New York
Occupation: Blacksmith/Carriage Trimmer/musician
Religion: Congregationalist

Charles Bates at one time was the leader of a 22 member Cortland-Homer Band.The band was organized in June 1892, the very year his father Alexander died.

According to the Homer, Cortland Co, N.Y. census of June 04 1875, Charles age 24 was married at the time to Mary Bushby from Rhode Island. Mary's parents are listed in the Homer census of 1880 as having been born in England.Two children are also listed on this census a son age 2 and a daughter age 4.

A birth month of April was established for Charles due to the fact he was listed as age 4 months on the August 1850 Homer,Cortland Co. N.Y. census.Charles is listed as a blacksmith in the 1875 Homer,Cortland County Census,age 24,putting his birth year as 1851 and not 1849.His obit. in the Cortland Standard lists his date of birth as 6 Dec 1849.

The 1905 Homer Census finds Charles listed as age 56, and his wife Mary, age 55 with their son Carl age 26, a carriage trimmer.

Charles H. Bates and Carl Bates, a carriage trimmer are listed in the 1902 Cortland County Directory by George Hanford and are living at 17 Elm Street.see page 305 of this directory.This same directory on page 516 lists Charles and C.E. Bates as members of "Clipper Hay Loft No. 380 1/2" which met the second friday of each month in the "Red Man's Room" of the First National Bank Building.

Spouse: Mary A. BUSHBY
Birth Date: 1848
Birth Place: Rhode Island
Death Date: 26 Oct 1917
Death Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland Co.,New York
Occupation: Keeping House
Spouse Father: Joseph BUSHBY (1818-1892)
Spouse Mother: Ann PATTERSON (1823-1865)

Spouse Notes:
Mary A. Bushby was the older sister of Phila Bushby who married Charles' older brother Newton Bates.This is yet another example repeated several times in the Bates Generations where siblings married siblings of wives/and or husbands! Other examples are: Lavina Yale marrying Alexander Bates and her brother Moses Yale marrying Helen D. Bates; Myron Bates marrying Mary Brunson,and Myron's brother Alexander marrying Mary Brunson's sister Lucy Brunson.

Mary is listed with her husband Charles and son Carl age 21 in the 21 June 1900 Homer Census.Her parents place of birth is listed as England. She appears in the 1905 Census of Homer with her husband Charles and son Carl.

Marriage Date: 16 Mar 1871
Marriage Place: Homer, Cortland Co, New York

Children: Coral E.

(3) 1.8.1 Coral E. BATES
Birth Date: 1876
Death Date: 1961
Burial Place: Glenwood Cem,Homer,Cortland Co.,N.Y.Lot15Sect 16
Occupation: Musician/singer

Coral is listed as the eldest child of Charles and Mary Bushby. It was previously believed that her brother Carl was older. This information appears on the June 1880 Homer Census with his father Alexander Bates' family at the bottom of the page. This whole family was musically inclined. Coral was reported to have had a beautiful singing voice according to the memoirs of Wilson B.Fiske.

The obituary of Helen D. Bates Yale which appeared in the Cortland Evening Standard on Thursday Oct.4,1994 had an article printed underneath her obit referring to a Carl Bates who was visiting his married sister,Mrs.Osman Haven of Ansonia,Connecticut.This Carl Bates might be the son of Charles Bates, son of Alexander. Carl had a sister named Coral who was a known musician and singer. Is Coral's married name Mrs. Osman Haven?

In the obit. of her father Charles printed in the "CORTLAND STANDARD" on Wed. 4 Mar 1908, she is listed as a daughter "Miss Coral Bates".

Letters of correspondence with "The Cortland Free Library" and Theodore H. Bates

(3) 1.8.2 Carl BATES
Birth Date: Jan 1878
Occupation: Carriage Trimmer/ Musician/ Semi-Pro Baseball Player

Carl is listed as a carriage trimmer in the June 21 1900 Homer Census with his father Charles, a carriage blacksmith.

According to the momoirs of Wilson B. Fiske, Carl was a Semi-pro Baseball player, an accomplished musician and was an expert marksman with a good eye.

Carl had grown up with his cousin Frank Ernest Blashfield who was the uncle of Wilson B. Fiske.

Reference Note 1
Bound Book by Theodore H. Bates by: subject-photos,copies of documents,letters of correspondence from Historical Societies/Rowley Iowa info
BATES family documentation and census data
See Cortland County Data in bound notebook CCHS and correspondence from Catherine Hanchett.

Military History Civil War-157th NYSV et. al.

Reference Note 2
"HISTORY OF YALES AND WALES"-Beatrice,Nebraska 1908.
written by Rodney Horace Yale

Copy on file with Theodore H. Bates from photocopied work in Allen County Public Library,Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Reference Note 4
by H.P. Smith,D. Mason Co. publisher,1885

ACPL call# 974.701 c81s see page 512 for Alexander
pages 107-111 for 157th N.Y.S.V. and brief biography of family structure with names and dates.

Reference Note 5
Biographical Publishing Co. Buffalo,N.Y. 1898

ACPL call# 974.701 c81bo see page 322 H.W. Blashfield

see page 63-65 H.O. Jewitt

Reference Note 17
"LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of HELEN D. BATES YALE",widow of Moses Yale naming descendants and relatives to include Joseph's children. This document is on file with Theodore H. Bates, and was the key document linking Homer Bates' with Alvin Bates in Minnesota. Furnished by Cortland County Historical Society.

Reference Note 30

AUTHOR:William H. Tuttle edited by Isabel Bracy
SUBJECT:Brief Biographies-Alexander and Briggs Bates
DATE SEARCHED:copy sent from CCHS
REFERENCE TO:Henry Yale,Aaron Yale,Briggs and Clarissa Yale,Alexander and Lavina see pg 17,290
ACPL CALL #:974.701 M26br

Reference Note 37
1862-1865 Madison and Cortland Counties,New York"
AUTHOR:compiled by Isabel Bracy
SUBJECT:history of names,units,battles and discharge from duty of all members assigned to the 157th
DATE SEARCHED:Purchased copy for $12.00 9/6/94
REFERENCE TO:All Bates,Yale,Marble,Bushby family members.


Reference Note 38
Lakewood,Ohio 1980

Letter of inquiry submitted to the Cortland County Historical Society by Mrs. Cynthia Gene Loope Hupper dated 1987. This letter along with the Loope pedigree chart detailed the family structure of the Loope family as it relates to Nellie Blashfield Fisk Loope, the daughter of Lura and H.Wilson Blashfield. See also"Memoirs" of Wilson B. Fiske(on file with CCHS) in Cortland, New York,with sample page on file with Theodore H. Bates. Whole copy forwarded 11/04/95 to Theodore H. Bates by Charlotte Fiske, dau. of Wilson B. Fiske 360+ pages

Reference Note 46
Bound book of census records-assembled during research for families. These records are filed in order by date,in ascending order of the years for families as they lived, both sequentially and to areas where they may have moved.SOUNDEX records are also avail for 1880 and after on most families.

Reference Note 51

Author: Victor L. Bennison

Subject:Loope,Blashfield,Fiske Family ancestors: in the collection of Theodore H. Bates
Correspondence is ongoing with Victor and his research with the Loope's of Cortland County.

ISBN: 0-89725-153-9
ACPL: Not yet avail.

Reference Note 57
Letter and Biographies for Frank Fiske and Wilson Fiske along with Obituaries and biographical sketches and photos supplied by Charlotte Fiske, Daughter of Wilson B.Fiske. see letters on file written March 25,1995.

Reference Note 58
Civil War Pension Application and Report,Affidavits of Alexander S. Bates as applied for by his widow, Hannah J. Paddock Batesand others. Received from National Archives in April 1995. Includes Alexander's death certificate,Lavina Yale Bates death certificate,Hannah's marriage record to Alexander and Newton's dishonorable discharge from Military for desertion.

Reference Note 113
"The Blashfield Family"

AUTHOR: Charlotte Fiske

SUBJECT: Brief typewritten biographies of the Blashfield Ancestors and Descendants 1650's-1980's 10 pages

DATE SEARCHED:copy given to Theodore H. Bates on February 7, 1997 by Charlotte Fiske,daughter of Wilson B. Fiske

REFERENCE TO: Loope,Blashfield,Fiske, Bates families of NY/Iowa/Mass


, Caroline "Aunt Carrie", spouse of (3) 1.2.5a
, Eleanor, spouse of (2) 1.4
, Jennie E,, spouse of (2) 1.3
BATES, Alexander S. (1) 1.
BATES, Alice (3) 1.6.1
BATES, Carl (3) 1.8.2
BATES, Charles Henry (2) 1.8
BATES, Coral E. (3) 1.8.1
BATES, Frank (3) 1.4.1
BATES, Harold "Hal" A. (3) 1.5a.1
BATES, Harry E. (3) 1.6.3
BATES, Helen L. "Nellie" (2) 1.7a
BATES, Jay Franklin (2) 1.4
BATES, John E. (2) 1.6
BATES, Louise "Lura" M. (2) 1.2
BATES, Newton A (2) 1.5a
BATES, Wella (3) 1.6.2
BATES, William A. (3) 1.5a.2
BATES, William E. (2) 1.3
BATES, William Henry (2) 1.1
BATES, Willie E. (3) 1.3.1
BLASHFIELD, Charles B. (3) 1.2.3
BLASHFIELD, Fannie Alleen (3) 1.2.2
BLASHFIELD, Franklin Ernest "Uncle Blash" (3) 1.2.5a
BLASHFIELD, Henry Wilson, spouse of (2) 1.2
BLASHFIELD, Nellie Lavinia (3) 1.2.4a
BLASHFIELD, Willie A. (3) 1.2.1
BROWN, William W., spouse of (3) 1.6.1
BUSHBY, Mary A., spouse of (2) 1.8
BUSHBY, Phila, spouse of (2) 1.5a
COON, Alexander, spouse of (2) 1.7a
COON, Arthur (3) 1.7a.1
COON, Per Lee "Pearl" (3) 1.7a.2
FISKE, Wilbur Worthington, spouse of (3) 1.2.4a
GSCHWIND, Elsie, spouse of (3) 1.2.5b
HALLSTED, Arthur W., spouse of (2) 1.7c
LOOPE, Frank Timothy, spouse of (3) 1.2.4b
MASIER, Bertha, spouse of (3) 1.7a.2
OLIVER, Charles, spouse of (3) 1.2.2
ROBINSON, Emily A., spouse of (2) 1.5b
SIGNOR, Harriet "Hattie" E., spouse of (2) 1.6
WARNER, , spouse of (2) 1.7b
YALE, Lavina *, spouse of (1) 1.

Information submitted to Cortland County GenWeb by: Theodore H. Bates,Fort Wayne,IN E-mail Tedbytes@aol.com