I had been searching for Elisha Allen for the past 7 or 8 years and had given up. The biggest problem is that we had no information about his antecedents or siblings. We had been told that he married (Electa) "Mercy" Benedict and that they had only one child, James Henry Allen. Imagine my delight to learn, in response to an ad in the Evertons Genealogical Helper, that we were connected to a Benedict family with roots going all the way back to England. In fact, the whole story is written in a book "The Genealogy of the Benedict Family in America." by Henry Benedict in 1870; and updated and annotated by Elwyn Benedict of 7949 Adams Road Kirkville, New York 13082. On page 262 of volume 1, it states that Enoch Benedict, father of Mercy, died at Groton on 10 September 1827. His daughter, Mercy, married Elisha Allen of Fabius on 2 February 1831. I do not know how long Enoch had lived in Groton. We had been told that Mercy was from Elmira, NY, and that her son, James Henry Allen, was born in Brant, Cattaraugus County (New Erie County). Susan, a sister of Mercy, married Amos Van Marter of Blooming Valley, Crawford County, PA. James moved to Crawford County by 1850 and married Lucia Robbins, the daughter of John Edwin Robbins Jr. 1n 1860 the Federal Census showed Mercy living with the family. Thus we have several areas to search:
1. Onondaga County where Elisha was living at the time of his marriage.
2. Cortland County where Enoch Benedict, father of Mercy, lived.
3. Cattaraugus &/or Erie Counties where James Henry Allen was born in 1831.

Family records tell us that Elisha died before the birth of James. I have no idea whether this information is accurate. In fact, Elisha is somewhat of a mystery man, with parents and siblings unknown. My book, now at the printers, tells the story of James Henry Allen, and about his seven children who grew up to have families. I have traced nearly all of his descendants. The book will sell for 35 dollars. In addition, I am also searching for information about John Edwin Robbins Jr., the father of Lucia Elila (Robbins) Allen. Federal Census records show that Lucia was born in New York, and that John Edwin was born in Connecticut in 1802. I have a large list of siblings of John Edwin and Lucia.

If anyone is interested in Benedict information I would suggest that they contact Elwyn Benedict. That is a wonderful story.

John Allen
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