Cortland County, New York Records

The following is taken from Volume IV, No. 1 of THE BENEDICT FAMILY HISTORY NEWS, p. 10. Submitted by Mary Grindol.

BENEDICT Births in Cortlandville - Transcribed from original records in the Cortland County Clerks Office (Extracted by the editor from LDS film No. 0017609)

"1848 May 11 - Born to Horace and Nancy Benedict, daughter, Martha Levina

Dated Jan 31, 1849 Adin Webb, Town Clerk:

"1849 July 23 Born to Horace Benedict and Nancy Benedict, daughter Brrilla [sic] Jane Benedict

Sept. 3 Born to Albert H. Benedict and Caroline Benedict [no sex or name]

Dated Jan 29, 1850 Adin Webb, Town Clerk

"Record of BENEDICT Burials of the Cortland Rural Cemetery - original record, starts 1885 (Extracted from LDS film No. 1304772, Item 5)

"1890 March 2 Irving C. Benedict, Cortland, 28, male, Typhoid fever

1892 Nov 18 Ethel C. Benedict, Cortland, 46, male [sic] Section M, Lot 116, Internal injuries maid [sic] July 18/92

1894 Feb 22 Mary C. Benedict, Cortland, 87, Female, Vault, La. Grippe [all on this page in the vault - because of winter?]

1897 May 14 Eliza Welch Benedict, Cortland, 72, Female, Section M, Lot 124, Bright disease

1902 April 8 Emma M. Benedict, Binghanton [sic], 54, Female, Section S., Lot 17, Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Communicable)

1908 March 16 Byran A. Benedict, Cortland City [age not given] male, Section V, Lot 7, Apoplexy

1916 May 27 Frederick H. Benedict, Pittsburg Pa., age 26-0-0, male, Section J, Lot 17, Fracture skull

Oct 24 Samuel H. Benedict, Cortland City, 5-9-13, male, Section F, Lot 17 [?Burning]

1918 Oct 12 Roland H. Benedict, Cortland City, 30-0-18, male, Section J, Lot 17, Bro[?nchial] Pnemonia

1921 June 14 Ann T [?L] Benedict, Cortland City, 73-8-22, Female, Section [?U], Lot 7, Chro[?nic] Mycocculitis [this word is not in Taber's Cyclopendic Medical Dictionary - 1980]

1931 Jan 21 Mary [?W] Benedict, Cortland City, 8-1-29, Female, Section M, Lot 116, Concussion of brain

1933 March 11 Delos F. Benedict, Groton, 53, male, Section F, Lot 17, Edema lungs [?coronary] failure"

[Record ends Dec 26, 1952. All Benedicts were extracted]

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