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Gideon Peet was born July 29th, Ad, 1776 (-1843)
Abigail Peet was born July 20th, Ad, 1783
        Was married Feb 22th Ad, 1801
The Births of their family
Huldah Peet was born Jan 29th Ad, 1802
        Died May 27th Ad, 1802
Josiah Peet was born March 5th Ad, 1803
        Died March 26th Ad, 1803
John Peet was born Oct 7th Ad, 1804
Burton Peet was born July 21th Ad, 1806
Cyrus Peet was born Dec 29th Ad, 1808
Huldah Peet was born Dec 29th Ad, 1810 Second
Nelson Peet was born June 4th Ad, 1812
        Died Sept 5th 1813
Gideon Nelson Peet was born Sept 2th Ad, 1814
Daniel Marlin Peet was born August 16th Ad, 1816
Julius Allen Peet was born Oct 30th Ad 1819
James Melvin Peet was born Spt 1th Ad, 1821
Truman Judson Peet was born Sep 14th Ad 1823
                  /Signed/ Gideon N. Peet
                        Sept, 11th Ad 1836

Submitted by Laura GENTNER DUNWALD,   descendant of John PIERCE (1797-1840) and John PEET, 1597-1684.

Entered from original hand written copy, by Laura on 10/24/96;   The original record is in Laura's possession, but it is in rather fragile condition.

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