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The entries below are from the James Lockwood family bible. James Lockwood came to the Cuyler/Truxton area in 1793, settling on land given to him by his brother-in-law David Moss/Morse, which David received as bounty for his war service. Pages from his family Bible are in the Joseph Green file in the DAR Library. (His daughter Sarah married Amos Green, son of Joseph.) (James and most of his family removed to Ashtabula and Lake Co's. in Ohio about 1820. His son Jonathan, however, died in Cortland Co. in 1825.)

James Lockwood and Elizabeth were married 29 Dec. 1784
Garret Lockwood and Irene were married 1 April 1807
Phillip Lockwood and Anna were married 1 Jan 1806
Amasa Owen and Elizabeth (Lockwood) were married 31 Jan 1811
Jonathan Lockwood and Magdalena Vincent were married 2 Aug 1815
Benjamin Gifford and Mary Lockwood were married 27 July 1817
James Lockwood and Anna Swan were married 6 Feb. 1835
James Lockwood and Martha Bartholomew were married 20 Jan. 1822
James Lockwood and Carolin Bartholowmew were married 25 Apr. 1826
Hiram Lockwood and Lois Underwood were married 15 Feb. 1824
Amos Green and Sarah Lockwood were married 24 Dec. 1829
Stephen Lockwood and Susan Tilor were married 28 Mar. 1830
Edmond Lockwood and Betsey Wilkason were married the 4 May 1834
James Lockwood was born 15 Feb. 1764
Elizabeth was born 1 Aug. 1765
Garret Lockwood was born 2 Sept. 1785
Phillip Lockwood was born 16 Oct. 1787
Jonathan Lockwood was born 29 Jan. 1790
Elizabeth Lockwood was born 3 June 1793
(Mary) Lockwood was born 17 Oct. 1795
James Lockwood, Jr., was born 18 Jan. 1797
Hiram Lockwood was born 1 Feb. 1799
(Jemima) Lockwood was born 4 May 1801
Stephen Lockwood was born 11 May 1805
Sarah Lockwood was born 15 Sept. 1807
Edmond Lockwood was born 8 Dec. 1809
Martha (b. 1773) died 19 Aug. 1834 in 61st year of her life
Stephen Lockwood (b. 1768) died 1 June 1823
James Lockwood, d. 14 Oct. 1849
Elizabeth died 27 Feb. 1820
Jonathan Lockwood died 8 Aug. 1825
Mary Gifford died 29 Sept. 1830
Amasa Owen d. Feb. 1831
Benjamin Gifford d. 4 March 1831
Susan Lockwood d. 12 Aug. 1831

Note: two of the birth records are hard to read, but are substantiated by other records (Jemima and Stephen). Some of the deaths are not, apparently, in the Bible pages found in the DAR library, but come from a typed, transcribed list taken from p. 680 of the Bible.

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