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1-Hendrick Albertus Bosch Jr.(ter BUSH) a sword cutter, appears to be the origin of this family. He came to America in 1659 or 1661 with his two sons and second wife on the ship DE TROUW "FAITH" which left Leydon, Holland. His house was located on the north side of Pearl Street in New Amsterdam in 1665. His son Albert was granted a lot on November 19th 1863, opposite his father's, next east of Fraunces Tavern. All were members of the Dutch Reformed Church and all children were baptized there.

He married first Ann Marie Rembach daughter of Coenraad Jurrien Rembach and Catherina Pietedr (daughter of Pieter) Van Der Waert on April 06, 1643 in Leyden Holland. They were apparently German and Lutheran. In the register of marriages at city hall, in Leiden Holland the following is recorded:

"Hendrick Bosch, born in Randerhousen in Denmark, occupation Swaertveger ( Sword-cutter) momentarily living in the Houtsrraat, appears before the city council on the 6th of March, 1643, to announce his marriage to Anna Maria Rembach, born in Leiden, also living in the Houtstraat. The marriage took place on April 6, 1643."

Hendrick Bosch and Anna Marie had at least seven children born at Leiden. Only one, Albertus, born about 1644 reached maturity. Anna Marie must have died in 1656 because a registar of funerals indicates that the wife of Hendrick Bosch was buried in December of that year.

I- Albertus Bosch born 1645 in Leydon Holland died before 1701. He married Elsje Blanc on May 01, 1668 (source Marriage records of Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam, New York.) Daughter of Jeurian and Tryntje Claus.

Children Albertus Bosch and Elsje Blanc:

  • A. Jeuriaen Bosch, born before Feb 20, 1668/1669 (source: Baptism records) He married Geshennamah Bruyorr October 16, 1695 in New York. (Source: Early marriages of New York)
  • B. Hendrick Bosch, born before September 10, 1670 (source: Baptism records Reformed Dutch Church)
  • C. Anna Maria Bosch, born before May 05, 1672(source: Baptism records Reformed Dutch Church.) Died September, 09,1728. Baptized May 05, 1672.
  • D. Justus Bosch, born before October 28, 1674.
  • E. Catharina Bosch, born before July 11, 1677. (Source: Baptism records Reformed Church, NY.)
  • F. Margariet Bosch, born before April 12, 1679 (source Baptism records Reformed Dutch Church.)
  • G. Albertus Conradus Bosch, born before July 23, 1681. (Source Baptism Records Dutch Reformed Church of NY )
  • H. Casparus Bosch, born before August, 25, 1683.

    2- Jan Pieterson Bosch--married Jannetje Borents

  • A. Daughter Saertje who married Gerritt Hyer. Anchestor to the Hyer Family.

    Hendrick Albertus Bosch married Maria Eshuysen for his second wife in Holland. Maria died before 1670.

    1- Dorothy born 1661.married Issac Casperus Hollenbech (Source: Baptism records of reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam.) Baptized on May 1st 1661
    2- Gerritt 1st born 1663, died in infancy Baptized on August 26, 1663.
    3- Gerritt 2nd born in 1665, died in infancy also.
    4- Hillegond born 1666. Married Lodewich Acherman Baptized on November 03, 1666. Reformed Dutch, New York.

    Henerick Albertus Bosch married Ebbertye Dircks for his third wife, Widow of Hage Bruyrse of Harlem and had 4 children.

    1- Cornelia born 1672. Baptized on may 29, 1672. She married Peter Gerard Cavalier.
    2- Hendrick born 1674. Married Ariantze Keyser. See below.
    3- Samuel born 1677. Baptized on February 28, 1677. He married first Rebecca TeBouw. Next married Immety HY.
    4- Joshua born 1678. Baptized June 19, 1678, Reformed Dutch, New York. Moved to Essex county, NJ.

    II , Hendrich Bosch son of Hendrich Albracht--Married Ariantze Keyser and lived in Kingston. Where following children were baptized.

    1-Johannes baptized--April 21, 1700
    2-Wyntie " January 16, 1704
    3-Dirk " March 17,1706
    4-Catharina " September 11, 1709
    5- Sarah " September 11, 1709
    6- Helena " March 20, 1712
    7- Wilheim " December 25, 1715
    8- Styntie " June 9, 1698
    9- Jacobus " May 19, 1700

    lll Wilheim, son of Henrich II called, William, enlisted as a private of the 3rd regt of Westchester Co. Militia in the American Revolution. He possibly died 1821. He married Neitize Van Wagener. Children baptized in Marbleten, NY, except for the first two in Kingston.

    1- Maria Baptized July 29, 1753
    2- Elizabeth Baptized May 18, 1755
    3- Jacobus H Baptized April 19, 1757. Born April 6, 1756
    4- Henry Baptized January 6, 1762
    5- Simon Baptized September 9, 1764
    6- Lavinia Married Jeremiah Van Luvan
            Possibly others.

    IV Jacobus H. Son of Wilheim,(or William) Bush came to Taylor about 1807 with his brothers Henry and Simon. He was a Revolutionary War Soldier. Applied for a pension on February 22, 1833. He Died March 14, 1847 at the age of 91 and was buried in the Hawley cemetary in Taylor Valley. He Married Hannah Fordam. She was born February 17,1767 in Orange County. She died after September 28, 1847, when she applied for a pension. She was 88 in the 1855 census. There were 15 Children.

    1-Margaret born 1794 Baptized 1795 at Dutch reformed church, New Hachensach, Dutchess Co, NY
    2- John born 1796 Died in infancy.
    3- Nellie born 1797 In Ulster County.
    4- Simion born In Ulster County
    5- Eliza born 1799 In Ulster County. Married John Bush.
    6- Zachariah born 1805 In Ulster County.
    7- Polly born In Ulster County
    8- Betsy born In Ulster County
    9- James born 1815 In Cortland County
    10- Jonathan born 1819 In Cortland County.

    V Henry Bush, Son of William died in 1848 in Taylor. He was a Lieutenant in the American Revolution and came to Taylor with brothers Simon and Jacobus. Nothing is known of the family of Simon. Henry Married Betsy Crass who was born 1760 and died 1851.( Children not in order.)

    1-Willie Drown in infancy
    2- John born 1795 in Ulster County.
    3- Catherine born 1800 in Ulster County and Married Charles Scrivens.
    4- James born 1802 in Ulster County.
    5- Simon born 1804
    6- Charity Married Almo Bates
    7- William born 1808, Married Nancy Crass. He died in Montana, A wealthy Mine owner, no heirs.
    8- Alvina born 1810 in Cortland County. Married first McPrince. And had a daughter, Eveline. Second, Don Clements and lived in Taylor.
    9- Henry Jr. born 1812 Married Eliza Ann Tanner, sister of Hiel Tanner, Had son Riley.
    10- Mary Married Mr Towne, son of Levi Towne who was the father of Senator Charles Towne of Minnesota.

    Vl James, son of Jacobus, Married Lucena Tanner, sister of Eliza, and who married Henry Jr. son of Henry and sister of Hiel Tanner. Lucena ( CENA ) was born 1814 in Otsego County. Children all born in Cortland County, probably all in Taylor.
    1-John born about 1838. Married Olive Thorington, daughter of William and Ursula ( Sherman) Thorington.

  • A- Gertie born 1878
  • B- Jennie born sept 27, 1879 in Solon. Died August 1, 1957, buried in McGraw. Married Clarence Gilbert, February 21,1906. He died in 1941.
  • C- Edward born 1884

    2-James born 1841. Probably died at the battle of Gettysburg, Civil War.
    3- Eben born 1842
    4- Samuel born 1843
    5- Calvin born 1846 Married Ida _____
    6- Chester born March 28, 1848 Died August 7, 1915. Married Caroline Oliver, Daughter of Aaron and Rebecca ( Crandall ) Oliver in January 1863. Chester, Eben and Samual all married sisters at the same time and place.
    7- Hannah 1850 and married Benjamin Neff, son of Benjamin and Nancy ( Crandall ) Neff.
    8- Leander born 1853.

    Vll John Bush - born 1795, son of Henry Bush, married first wife. First cousin, Eliza Bush, daughter of Jacobus Bush. Children all born in Cortland County.
    1-Mary born 1832
    2- Caroline born 1836
    3- Charles born 1841. In the Civil War Co. B. 76th NYSV--Wounded at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. Taken Prisoner and died at Andersonville prison on September, 1864.
    4- Jeremiah born 1843
    5- Edgar born 1845
    6- Elvira born 1847
    7- Clarissa born 1851

    Vlll James Bush, born 1802, son of Henry Bush, died march 1882 in Taylor. Married Ann Eliza (Clement) Champion, daughter of David Clement of Taylor. Ann was born April 27, 1832 in Taylor. Eight children, all born in Taylor.
    1-Jerome born march 3, 1846
    2- William Henry born November 29, 1848 died February 25, 1851
    3- Elsie Jane born September 27, 1851 married Leander Pudney
    4-Martha Media born September 15, 1853 married Tim Landsdowne
    5- Gertrude
    6-Charlotte Louise born February 17, 1858 Married George J. Allen
    7- George born October13, 1855. Never married.
    8- Viola Isadore born march 29, 1862 Married Jared Fish, son of Solomon and Mercy (Stone) Fish.

    IX Simion, born 1804, son of Henry Bush, died December 29, 1864 or 68. Married Mary Ann Scriven on September 26, 1841. She was born on march 22, 1826 and died on sept 29, 1882.

    1-Angeline Matilda born November 29, 1842 in Taylor. She Married Charles Loope, son of John and Azuba (Patterson) Loope.
    2- Aihsac Cornelia born August 28,1845. She married James W Baker.

  • A- Ira married Ella Thorington.
    3- Harriett O born march 20, 1848. Married Archibold Waddans on march 21, 1867 in Scotland, S.D. Had one Daughter.
    4- Josephine Janet born October 17, 1850.Married Washington Armagast in Leva Ill. (Jennett) They had five Children.
    5- Ira L born April 17, 1853.
    6- Lott Simion born December 29, 1856.
    7- Louisa born January 18, 1860. Married Barney McCall. Called "LIDA"
    8- Mary Anna born August 8, 1863. Married Joseph Ashley in Goodrich N.D. on March 4, 1883. They had a large family.
    9- Minnie Belle born May 29, 1867 and died on sept 23, 1921 at Tangent, Oregon. She married Joseph Montgomery on August, 1883 and they had six children.

    X Eben, born in 1842, Son of James Bush lived in Truxton. He Married Esther (Jane) Oliver, daughter of Aaron and Rebecca (Crandall) Oliver in January 1863.. They lived in Truxton. He died march 6, 1912 at the age of 70. She died January 11, 1924 in Taylor. They are buried in Chenengo Cemetary. Their Children are as follows.
    1-Leroy born 1868
    2- Seymore born 1870
    3- Anna born 1871 married Kenneth Abbott
    4- George born 1874 married Lucinda Barber
    5- Bertha L born 1876 married Arna Feint, son of George B and H. (Harriet) Delphine (Skinner) Feint on November 13, 1902 in Taylor. Arna Feint was born February 20, 1882, in Taylor, Cortland County, NY. Arna Sept. 25, 1969 in Cincinnatus, Cortland county, NY. Bertha L. died May 31, 1946 in Cincinnatus, and they are both buried in South Otselic, Chenango Co, NY.
    6- Jasper born 1879. Married two times.
    7- Delia Married Harry Abbott, son of George and Sophoria.
    8- Lettie Married Mr. Dennison
    9- Bessie Married Floyd Barrows.

    Xl Samuel, born 1843, son of James Bush died in 1914. He married Mrs. Elizabeth (Oliver) Cotton, daughter of Aaron and Rebecca (Crandall) Oliver, in January 1863 in Taylor. She first married Leander Cotton Who was killed at the battle of south Mountain in the Civil War. Elizabeth died January 31, 1906 at the age of 60. They are both buried in Taylor Cemetary.

    1-William Married Lura (Crandall) McCall
    2- Henry
    3- May (Mary) Married Everett Rood
    4- Minnie Married Floyd Yeaw
    5- Leander
    6- Frank born 1871
    7- Jessie born 1879 married Elna Phillips, son of John and Demmis (Rood) Phillips

    Xll Jerome Riley, born march 3, 1846, son of James Bush ( who was the son of Henry Bush) died January 3, 1913 in Taylor. He married Lydia Pricilla Fish, daughter of Solomon and Mercy (Stone ) Fish at Summer Hill on September 30, 1868. She died May 5,1925 in Taylor. She married a second time to Almond D Henry, son of Hiriam and Julia (Vining) Henry, on December 18, 1907. They are both buried in Taylor.
    1-Addison R born October 29, 1869
    2- Julia M born May 23,1874. Died September 17,1892 of Typhoid. Buried in Taylor.
    3- Anna Elizabeth born October 12, 1879. Died June 24,1948 in Binghamton.Buried in German. Married September 2, 1902 to George Johnson Eggleston, grandson of Jo Genson. He was born August 19, 1874 and died September 2, 1939. They had three children.

  • A- Julia Anna born June 3, 1903. Married Pierre Foster on October 23, 1926 in McGraw as his second wife. His first wife was Ethel Kittel, granddaughter of Lewis Watson.
  • B- Myrtle Iola born January 12, 1905, and died October 6, 1955. Married William J. Brown on February 5,1927. He died on may 17,1964.
    1-Jacqueline Brown born August 13, 1938. Married S.C. Haraveth.
    2- Mary Anna Brown born February 5, 1942. Mary Anna Brown married Morris Mingle.
    3- Carolyn Jean Brown born May 5, 1947. She married Richard Hammond.
  • C- Richard Jerome born February 22, 1907 died April 5,1907.
    4- DeLay born August 12, 1886.

    Xlll Ira, born April 17, 1853, son of Simion Bush (son of Henry Bush) died September 20, 1901 at New Woodstock, NY. On July 20, 1870, he married Mary Jane Wentworth, sister of Lovania who married his brother Lott. She was born January 9, 1856 and died June 21, 1936.
    1-Blance Adele born November 16, 1878. Married Frank Conner and they had children.
    2- Arello C born January 7, 1882. Died June 25, 1953.
    3- Homer Lavern born April 10, 1874. Died August 24, 1941. Married to Lena Scullen who died on August 23,1953. They had a large family.
    4- Alma H born August 2, 1886. Died June 5, 1956 in Cortland. She married first W. Knickerbocker and had a daughter RUTH. Her second husband was L. M. Garner.
    5- Ira Fayette Called "Fay" was born September 5, 1895.

    XlV Lott, son of Simion Bush (son of Henry Bush) was born December 29, 1856, and died December 6, 1948. He married Lovania Wentworth on December 25, 1859. Lovania was a sister to Mary Jane.
    1-Carl born August 18, 1880.
    2- Clayton born September 14, 1882.
    3- Maude born April 16, 1883 in Irene SD. She died september 26, 1957.She married Arthur Cole.

  • A- Margaret
  • B- Lottie
    4- Mable born May 20, 1887 in Irene SD. died February 26, 1925 in Cortland. She married Lynn Shoals in Homer on June 30, ____ and they had two children.
    5- Clarence E born January 17, 1891 in Irene, SD.
    6- Myrtle born April 6, 1882 in Vermillon SD. She married Max J. Brooks.
    7- Clifton born October 3, 1895 in Nashville, TN.
    8- Charles born December 5, 1902 in New Woodstock, NY.

    XV LeRoy, born in 1868, son of Eben Bush ( son of James Bush, son of Jacobus) died in March 1936. He married Lydia Jeanette Bacon.

    XVl Frank, born 1871, son of Samuel Bush( Son of James Bush, son of Jacobus) died on march 13, 1960. He married Cora Thorington on February 13, 1891 at Chenengo NY, the daughter of Lothall and Hilda (Hunt) Thorington. She died in 1939 and is buried in Taylor.
    1-Mina born November 30, 1891, died June 13, 1980. She married Frank Thompson.
    2- Archie Ray born in 1892 died in march 1966. He married Bertha Bartholomew.
    3- Leasa M. born around 1893, died July 10, 1973 in Cuyler, and buried in Lincklean. She married Bert Randall.
    4- Jalin born 1900 and died 1969
    5- Goldie born 1903 and died 1973. She married Giles Hiley.
    6- Sylvia born 1906. She married John T. Landsdown, son of Timothy and Cora (Bolt) Landsdown.
    7- Francis born 1915. She married Carlton Crandall and one son David.
    8- Morris born 1911 and died May 13, 1950. She married Edna, daughter of Everett Rood

    XVll Addison R, born October 29, 1869, son of Jerome Bush,( son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush) died on January 20, 1935 in Taylor. He lived in Taylor Center at the foot of Solon Pond, next to his sister-in-law, Mrs Fred Smith. He married on November 4, 1896 Addie M Seacord. Daughter of LeRoy and Sarah (Blanchard) Seacord, and a twin to Ada Smith. They were married by Rev. J A Pudney on Seacord Hill.
    1-Morris born September 2,1899, died October 6, 1899. Buried in Taylor
    2- Alton James born August 18, 1902 in Taylor.

    Xvlll DeLay, born August 12, 1886, son of Jerome Bush (son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush) died on July 15, 1958 in Homer. He married first on February 25,1909 to Jenny Gates in Union Valley. She was the daughter of Marcellus and Mary Jane (Lewis) Gates. She died march 20, 1927 at the age of 39 in Binghamton, NY. Both are buried in Willet, NY.

    DeLay married the second time on June 25, 1927 at Cortland to Cora Lee Gates, daughter of Charles and Cora Belle( McMinn) Gates and niece of his first wife, Jenny .She is buried in Willet. He had four (4) children by Jenny, and four (4) by Cora Lee.
    1-Llewellyn DeLay born October 28,1911 in Taylor.
    2- Grace Anna born March 23, 1912 in McGraw. Died November 30, 1928 in NYC. She was 16 years old. Buried in Willet Cemetary.
    3- Lewis Addison born July 10,1915 in Solon.
    4- Gertrude Elizabeth born March 12, 1917 in Solon and died February 23, 1976. married on April 28, 1940 to Harold Burnette Smith. Harold was born on September 7, 1897. Two children.
    5- Edith Belle born July 18, 1928. She married Leland Hills.
    1-Sharon born August 25, 1947. Married Larry Newton
    2- Larry born July 27, 1948.
    3- Sheila born December 29, 1950 (or 1951)
    6- Rodney DeLay born September 15, 1932 in Homer, NY
    7- James Philip born December 18, 1936.
    8- Anne Louise born December 21, 1938. She married in February 1964 to Richard Wing, who was born on March 21, 1936 in Lysander, NY.
    9- John E.

    XlX Fay, born September 5, 1895, son of Ira Bush (Son of Simion Bush, son of Henry Bush) Married Rachel Steele, daughter of Fred and Jennie (Neff) Steele. She died on November 11, 1950 and is buried in Taylor. Fays second wife Alice Rogers.
    1-Russell born January 10, 1922, and died May 26, 1963 in Endicott.

    XX Carl, born August 18, 1880, son of Lott Bush, (son of Simion Bush, son of Henry Bush), died on February 8, 1966. He married Angie Pike. She died May 6, 1951. His married his second wife, May McCall, daughter of William and Matilida (Dayger) Phillips, on June 2, 1954. She died on September 22, 1970.

    XXl Clayton, born September 14, 1882, son of Lott Bush, (son of Simion Bush, son of Henry Bush) died on December 7, 1959. He married Bertha Phillips, daughter of William and Matilda (Dayger) Phillips, in October 1905 at south Cuyler. She died June 5, 1968. They had two sons.

    XXll--Clarence E, born January 17, 1891, Son of Lott Bush,(son of Simion Bush, son of Henry Bush) died July 15, 1971 at the age of 80 in Norwich NY. He served in WW1. Clarence married Bessie Steele, daughter of Fred and Jennie (Neff) Steele on September 30, 1916 in south Cuyler. Both are buried in Taylor.

    XXlll Clifton, born October 3, 1895, son of Lott Bush, (son of simion Bush, son of Henry Bush), married Emma Brooks, sister of Max Brooks, who married Lotts sister Myrtle, on September 23, 1915 at Cortland. Emma was born September 9, 1896 in Cortland and died on March 19, 1975 in Homer. They had four (4) children.

    XXlV Alton James, born August 18, 1902, son of Addison Bush (son of Jerome Bush, son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush) married first to Grace Harnden daughter of John and Maude (Seamons) Harnden on June 27, 1929. She was born on February 17, 1902 and died on July 21, 1957 in Syracuse. Grace taught school in Taylor. Alton married second wife, Leva (fish) Purchell, daughter of Millard and Anna (Warner) Fish on December 23, 1958. They live in Pitcher.

    XXV Llewellyn DeLay, born October 28, 1911, son of DeLay Bush (son of Jerome Bush, son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush) died August 3, 1962 in Panarama City, California. He married Jane Rose on November 8, 1941 in Rochester.

    XXVl Lewis Addison, born July 10, 1915, son of DeLay Bush (son of Jerome, son of James, son of Henry Bush) died December 18, 1963 and is buried in Willet. Lewis married Pearl Emalyn Brooks daughter of Samuel and Celia(Wells) Brooks on June 13, 1938 at Hunts Corners, NY.

    XXVll Rodney DeLay, born September 15, 1932, son of DeLay Bush,( son of Jerome Bush, son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush) married Eleanor Zuckon on September 25, 1954 at Waburn Mass. They live in Homer.

    XXVlll James Philip, born December 18, 1936, son of DeLay Bush( son of Jerome Bush, son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush), married Barbara Foster on April 17, 1965.

    XxlX John E, son of DeLay Bush, (son of Jerome Bush, son of James Bush, son of Henry Bush), married Patricia Ann Vestal on June 21, 1969 in Cortland, NY.

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