Cortlandville Academy
Summary and Notes

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Ordinary Elementary Studies.

Weld's and Brown's Grammars ; Adam's Davies' University , and Colburn's Intellectual Arithmetics ; Harris' Bookkeeping ; Town's Analysis ; Mitchell's Geography and Outline Maps ; Parley's course of History ; Sanders' Readers ; Webster's Dictionary ; Pennmanship , Composition and Declamation.

Mathematics , Natural Philosophy , &c. Robinson's and Davies' Bordon's Algebra ; Davies' Legendre's Geometry and Trigonometry ; Davies' Surveying and Analytical Geometry ; Olmsted's Natural Philosophy ; Burritt's and Olmsted's Astronomy , wit Mattison's Astronomical Map's ; Potter's Technology.

Natural Science. Lincoln's and Wood's Botany ; Hitchcock's Geology ; Cutter's Human Physiology ; Wistar's Pancoast's Anatomy ; Johnston's Turner's Chemistry ; Comstock's Mineralogy ; Smellie's Philosophy of Natural History ; Liebeg's Organic Chemistry.

Intellectual , Moral , and Political Science. Boyd and Newman's Rhetoric ; Kaime's Elements of Criticism ; Robbins and Taylor's General , and Wilson's U.S. Histories ; Wayland's Moral Science and Political Economy ; Whateley's Logic ; Paley's Natural Theology ; -- Young's Science of Government ; Abercrombie's Intellectual Philosophy ; Milton's Poetry , (for analysing.)

Languages. Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Grammar ; Arnold's Practical Latin Exercises ; Arnold's Latin Prose Composition ; Cooper's Virgil ; Schmitz and Zumpt's Caesar ; Anthon's " Cicero de Oratore ; " Sallust and Horace ; Folsom"s Livy ; Kingsley's Tacitus ; Anthon's Classical Dictionary ; Leverett's and Ainsworth's Latin Lexicon ; Sophocles' and Fisk's Greek Grammar ; Arnold's Practical Greek Exercises ; Arnold's Greek Prose Composition ; Leusden's Greek Testament ; Casserly's Jacob's Greek Reader ; Xenophon's Anabasis and Memorabillia ; Felton's Homer's Illiad and Odyssey ; Donnegan's Greek Lexicon ; Noel and Chapsal's and Bollmar's French Gramars ; "Corinne ou L'Italie ; " Vie de Washington ; Charles the Twelfth ; Siege of Rochelle ; Telemarque ; Madame De Stael's Germany ; La Fontaine's Fables ; Boyer's Surenne , and Meadow's Dictionary.

The Text Books in the above list are believed to be best adapted to accomplish the design of this Institution , viz : to furnish a course of study at once through and comprehensive , and that shall prepare the Student to prosecute successfally a more extended course of study , or to enter upon the duties of active life.

The institution has a somewhat extensive and well selected Library , and a handsome set of Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus ; all of which is open to the student free from charge.

The Academy buildings are nearly new and highly commodious. This school is located in one of the most healthful and pleasant villages in the State , and amid a society exempt from the vicious influences attending the great thoroughfares of travel. Parents and guardians are assured that no pains will be spared on the part of the instructors to promote the welfare of those entrusted to their care.

The advancement of pupil's in reading , speaking and composition writing , is deemed of primary importance. Exercises in Declamation and Composition are held in the Academy Hall every Wednesday afternoon ; and at the close of the winter term , as well as at the close of the Academic year is a public exhibition of the Students in original orations , disputations and essays. Upon all the exercises of the school , public or ordinary , the patrons of the institution , and the friends of education are invited to be present.

The patronage which this school has received , and the favor with which it is now regarded by our citizens , and the public generally , encourage the Trustees to anticipate for it continued and increased prosperity.

The Academic year is divided into three terms , of fourteen weeks each. The first term of the ensuing year will commence on the 4th day of April ; the second on the 15th day of August ; and the third on the 2d day of December.

THE PRICES OF TUITION in the various studies pursued , are for the Latin , Greek and French Languages , Natural Philosophy and Chemistry , with Lectures , Botany , Mathematics , History , Moral and Mental Philosophy , Rhetoric , &c

$5.00 per Term ,
Music in addition to other Studies ,
$10.00 per Term ,
Use of Piano
$2.00 per Term ,
Painting and Drawing ,
$5.00 per Term ,
English Grammar , Geography , Arithmetic , Reading , Writing , &c. ,
$3.75 per Term ,
Young scholars in English branches ,
$2.50 per Term ,

No bills will be made for less time than half a Term , and Tuition is payable in advance , or promptly at the close of each Term.

Board , including Room , Washing , &c. , may be obtained in convenient situations , at prices from $1 25 to $2 per week.



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