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Adopted Children - parents unknown

Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading or incomplete.

This section of the site will attempt to document adopted children for their birth parents. No queries for people possibly still alive will be posted, unless there is an adoption, criminal or medical imperative. WORK IN PROGRESS

If you know of such a situation, please e-mail me with specifics and I will try to add it to this section. Also, if you have an idea for a category that I have left out, please contact me and I will try to add it.


I was born in Cortland County on Nov. 13, 1982. I am adopted and am trying to find a copy of my original birth certificate. What should I do? Any suggestions appreciated.

Shaun Neff

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