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Cortland County
1840 Census
Pensioners List

The 1840 census included a section which identified military pensioners, their age and the head of the family where they resided. The following is that section for Cortland County.

Pensioners name Age Head of Household

Allen Webster 75 Hiram Webster
Ezekiel Kent 78 Jerome Kent
Paul James 81 Sheffield James
Stephen Pendelton 81 Esther Maxham
Betty Andrews 80 Asa W Andrews
Timothy Crosby 84 Timothy Crosby
John Maxson 85 Roxanna Perry
Walcott Justice 76 Joseph Justice
Darius Benjamin 82 Varnum M Burdick
David Morse 79 David Morse
Reuben Cadwell 77 Reuben Cadwell
Elias Benjamin 57 Elias Benjamin

Aaron Day 73 Aaron Day
Nathan Blodget 83 Enoch Mosely
Timothy Andrews 88 Timothy Andrews

Samuel Goff 89 Benjamin Goff
John Albright 79 " "
Daniel Durkee 85 Nathaniel Durkee
Hannah Price 74 Aaron L Price
Geradus Clute 85 James Clute
Nancy Alvord 72 Jacob B Alvord
Margaret Houton 69 Margaret Houton
Helen Devon 65 Helen Devon
Daniel Broom 78 L.B. Canfield
Isaac Bellows 78 Zebulon Bellows
Abraham Rosa 79 Rufus Rosa

James Brown 82 Samuel Ames
Alexander Kinyon 81 Alexander Kinyon

Asa Blood 76 Asa Blood
Richard Severson 85 Nicholas Severson
Juliana White 82 Henry W Anderson
Amos Skeel 73 Amos Skeel
Lucretia Trowbridge 74 Job J Johnson
William White 77 William White
William Collins 67 William Collins
Eli Pierce 79 George D. Pierce

Jeremiah Chase 84 Jeremiah Chase
Elizabeth Ryan 75 Jonathan Ryan
Elizabeth Robinson 71 L. Robinson
Joel Hancock 49 Joel Hancock
Thomas Kingsbury 88 Marvin Baulch
Stephen Kelly 84 Stephen Kelly
Simeon Leroy 85 Simeon Leroy
George Totman 78 Lorenzo Totman
Joel Morton 87 E Jones
John Gee 77 A. Gee
Elisha Brewer 75 Eli Brewer
Cornelius Lament 85 Hiram Lament
John Stanbro 82 J. Stanbro
Enoch Smith 70 Enoch Smith

Ebenezer Blake 82 Ebenezer Blake
Edward Goddard 89 Edward Goddard

Peter Fosburgh 85
Enoch Blackman 77 Enoch Blackman
James Walker 87 James Walker
Samuel Roberts 79 Eliza Roberts
Laurence White 81 Laurence White
M. Robins 79 J.L. Robins

Asahel Bently 80 Caleb Sherwood
Lucy Barnes 82 James Burgess

John Tinker 82 Isaac Hawley
Nancy Richardson 83 Alvah Harman
Elisha Wood 79 E. Wood Jr.

Archibald Campbell 87 Archibald Campbell
Joseph Gordon 80 Joseph Gordon
Edward Nickerson 80 Edward Nickerson
Hezekiah Allen 77 Horace Allen

Alexander Milliner 71 Alexander Milliner
Hezekiah Herrick 83 W.B. Sturtevant
Sibbel Crain 75 William Goodell
Anstis Daboll 76 Elias Daboll
Gilbert Edgecomb 78 G. Edgecomb
Hopestill Haskins 85 G. Lamphier
Mead Merrill 77 S.R. Hunter
Martha White 85 J. R. White
Darius Waterman 79 Tercius Eels
Lydia Bassett 76 Lydia Bassett
Benajah Story 93 Stephen Story
Anna Kinney 76 M.L. Hopkins

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