Cortland County
1880 Census
1% Extract driver

The University of Minnesota has created a 1% extract file for the 1880 census. The original intent of the project was for sociological studies at the University, but it can be accessed by anyone with FTP capabilities. For a overview of the project, follow this link.

The file is broken down by state code (NY) county code and then enumeration district and page numbers. Below are all the Cortland County families on the sample. If you would rather simply search thru the entire database, follow this link.

This is such a wonderful source of data on Cortland County families, I decided to build an index to it and make the data available to everyone, whether they had FTP access or not.

I have set up 3 separate files for this purpose.

  • An alphabetical index of all names on the file.
  • A listing of all people on roughly the first half of the file (ED 117-127)
  • A listing of the remainder of the file (ED 128-139)

    If you have any suggestions, please e-mail Tim Stowell

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