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Often times, valuable genealogy documents end up for sale in commercial venues. A few of us have started to "find" and/or "rescue" these documents and post them to the internet. Such sites include GenConnect's Somebody's Links and Rescued family history items. Entries vary in detail from just listings of the items to complete transcripts to entire boxes of memorabilia.

The list below are items that have been spotted and/or bought by myself or by others. Submitters have no other information on these people; sometimes, in the case of pictures, they can't even identify all the people in the picture. All links are to pictures and/or transcripts of the data.

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Family bible of Herbert J. Stevens from West Groten and Cora M. Knight from Cortland, New York who married in 1893 in Cortland. Found in an antique shop, and is still there
As of Feb 2001 at:
St. Francisville Antiques
P. O. Box 2340
11917 Ferdinand Strreet
St. Francisville, LA 70775.
Phone # (225) 635-0308
Mar 5, 2001

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