Graves Genealogy Submitted by Bud Graves



George Graves (1), referred to in many documents as Deacon George Graves (often spelled Grave without the final " s " ) , was born in England. Based on the ages of his children, he may have been born about 1600. He died Sept. 1673 and was buried 27 Sept. 1673. (According to the Deming genealogy, he died 5 June 1668 in Wethersfield. Conn.) It is believed that he and all the other "original proprietors" (so called because they received their land from "the crown") of Hartford were buried beneath a large monument (on which their names are inscribed) at the rear of the Centre Church in Hartford. It was stated by genealogist John Card Graves that Deacon George Graves had a sister, Sarah Graves, who married Richard Lord of New London, Conn. They were related to widow Ann Graves of Great Minores St., St Botolph Parish, Aldgate (or Olgate), London, England, who by will proven 2O March 1676 gave annuities to the children of Deacon George in case of failure of issue to her grandson Joseph Hardey. George Graves was one of the original proprietors of Hartford, Conn., where he settled about 1636. He was a weaver in comfortable circumstances, and was appointed to inspect linen and woolen goods for the Colony at Hartford 3 June 1644. He was chosen "Townsman", as the Selectmen were then called, in 1650, was Deputy to the General Court in 1657 and 1658, and fine viewer in 1666. He was married first in England, and his two eldest children were born there and brought to America by their father. He secondly married widow Sarah Ventres, who "separated" with him from the First Church to the Second Church in Hartford on 22 Feb. 1670. He was of the founders and the first deacon. of that church. Children _ Graves 2. George Graves, b.c. 1631, m. Elizabeth Ventres, 2 April 1651, d. 3 Dec. 1692. 3. John Graves, b.c. 1633, m. Elizabeth (Crittenden) Stillwell, 26 Nov. 1657, d. 31 Dec. 1695. 4. Sarah Graves, m. Jonathan Deming, 21 Nov. 1660, d. 5 June 1668. 5. Mary Graves, m. Samuel Dow, 12 Dec. 1665, d. Sept 1673. 6. Priscilla Graves, m. William Markham, d.c. 1668.


George Graves (2) was born about 1631 in England, and died 3 Dec. 1692 in Middletown, Conn. He married Elizabeth Ventres on 2 April 1651 in Hartford, CT They moved to Middletown, Conn where he was made freeman 18 May 1654, Deputy to the General Court in 1656, was Marshall of the Colony for several years, and was appointed to measure the bounds of Wethersfield, Conn. 10 Oct. 1667. His will (vol. 1, p. 455, Mainwaring's Early Probate Records) mentions his wife Elizabeth, and sons John and George, and daughters Mercy, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Sarah Loomis. Children - Graves 7. George Graves, never married, d. 1699. 8. Elizabeth Graves, m. ------ Mitchell. 9. John Graves, m(l) Susannah Webster, 1681, m(2) Hannah Davis, 1690, d.c. 1702. 10. Mercy Graves 11. Sarah Graves, m. Jonathan Loomis, 27 Dec. 1688. He was a son of Nathaniel Loomis and Elizabeth Moore, and was born 31 March 1666. They lived in Hartford until at least 1694. John Graves (3) was born about 1633 in England, and died 31 Dec. 1695 in Guilford (now Madison), Conn. He was buried in East Guilford (now Madison), on the green where the First Church stood at the time. He married Elizabeth (Crittenden) Stillwell, daughter of William Cruttenden (or Crittenden) of Guilford, on 26 Nov 1657 in Guilford, Conn. She was the widow of Jasper Stillwell, and was born about 1639. Jasper was buried 8 Nov. 1656, and his widow decently waited a year before she married John Graves. The information previously published by various authors that John. was married twice is erroneous. John Graves was a blacksmith by trade. They moved in 1657 to Guilford, Conn., where John was Town Clerk from 1673 to 1685. He was deputy to the General Court most of the time from 1670 to 1695. He was Deacon in the First Church. He was confirmed as Ensign of the train band of Guilford 10 Oct. 1667, was one of the grantees in the Town Patent in 1685, and owned several parcels of land in the town. He built in Guilford in 1659 the historic old "Graves House" which is still standing, and is now being restored. Children - Graves 12. John Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1658/9, m. Elizabeth Foote, 12 Jan. 1684/5, d. 1 Dec. 1726. 13. Elizabeth Graves, b. 11 April 1661, d. 1662. 14. Elizabeth Graves, b. 16 Sept. 1665, d. 3 Jun 1669, Bur. 4 June 1669. 15. Sarah Graves, b. 14 March 1668, m. Thomas Robinson Jr., 17 Jan. 1694, d. 10 Sept. 1715. He died 1712. 16. Abigail Graves, b. 6 March 1670, m. (Ensign) Ebenezer Benton, 14 June 1694, d. 10 April 1753. He was born 1663 and died 22 Jan. 1758. 17. Joseph Graves. b. 27 Aug. 1672. m. Margaret Wilcoxson, c. 1697, d. 1714. 18. Daniel Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1675, d. 8 Nov 1675. 19. Nathaniel Graves, b. 27 Jan. 1678, m. Elizabeth Barron. 25 Nov. 1709. d. Jan. 1727. 20. Hannah Graves. b. 12 Jan. 1680. m. Nathaniel Stone 6 Jan. 1709, d. 21 March (or May) 1757. He was a son of Nathaniel Stone and Mary Bartlett of Guilford, Conn., was born 7 Oct. 1678, and died 6 Aug. 1752. Sarah Graves (4) was born in Hartford, Conn., and died 5 June 1668 in Wethersfield. CT, ill child-bed at the birth of her daughter Comfort. She married Jonathan Deming, son of John, On 2l Nov. 1660. He was born about 1639 in Wethersfield, Conn., and died 8 Jan. 1700 in Wethersfield, at about 61 years of age. After Sarah died, he secondly married Elizabeth Gilbert, daughter of Joseph (or Josiah) and Elizabeth Gilbert, on 25 Dec 1673 in Wethersfield. All children of Sarah and John were born in Wethersfield. Children - Deming 21. Jonathan Deming, b. 27 Nov. 1661, m(l) Sarah Bow, c. 1681, m(2) Abigail Fyler, 5 Jan. 1709, d. 22 June 1727. 22. Sarah Deming, b. l2 Aug. 1663, m. Jonathan Riley, 13 July 1681. 23. Mary Deming, b. 11 July 1665, m. Joseph Smith, 26 Nov. 1685, d. 1687. 24. Comfort Deming, b. 5 June 1668, m(l) Nathaniel Beckley, 18 May 1693, m(2) Thomas Morton, 2 Feb 1710, d. 13 July 1736. Mary Graves (5) married Samuel Dow of Hartford, Conn. on 12 Dec. 1665. He was born 1621, and died 2 June1690 in his Hartford home, although John Card Graves said he moved to Hadley, Mass. He was a sailor, with little money. How he met and succeeded in marrying the daughter of a very substantial Hartford citizen can only be surmised. He was home about the end of 1671, and was at sea 1672 - 4 . After that he may have settled down. That he had more than one child is evident from some court proceedings: "A General Courte Held at Hartford, Oct 8 1674: Mary Dowe of Hartforde, informing this Court that her husband being gone to sea and not having heard of for nearly two yeares, and leaving her destitute of supplyrs necessary for the mayntenance of herself and children she is fallen into debt and knowes not how to pay the same without it be by the sale of her house and lott, and therefore desired this Court to empower her so to doe, the Court considering the permises doe see good reason to grant her desire, and doe accordingly give her full power to grant, bargain, and sell the sayd house and lott, and her deed therein shall be esteemed good and valid in the law. " Children - Dow 25. Sarah Dow, bapt. 2 Feb. 1672 (Second Church, Hartford. Conn.). It is not known what became of her. 26. Edmund Dow Priscilla Graves (6) married William Markham of Hartford Conn. She died about 1668, and definitely before 1673. He was born in 1621 and died in 1689 (or was killed 4 Sept. 1675 at "Beers Hill", Northfield, Mass., according to Families of Early Hartford, Conn., by Barbour) They lived in Hadley, Mass. He secondly married Elizabeth Webster, and had four children by her. Children - Markham 27. Priscilla Markham, b. 1654, m. Thomas Hale 18 Nov 1675, d. 15 April 1712.

The following is the line of descent of the Graves people that lived in Cortland, New York:

1. Deacon George Graves(1) referred in many documents as Deacon George Graves (Often spelled Grave), was b. in England about 1600. He d. 1673 and was buried 27 Sept 1673. He was married first in England and his first two children were born there and came to America with their father. He m(2) widow Sarah Ventres, mother-in-law of his son George. CHILDREN - GRAVES George Graves (2), b.c. 1631, m. Elizabeth Ventres, 2 April 1651, d. 3 Dec 1692 John Graves (3) b.c. 1633, m. Elizabeth (Crittenden) Stillwell, 26 Nov 1657, d. 31 Dec 1695. Sarah (4) m. Jonathan Deming, 21 Nov 1660, d. June 1668. Mary Graves, m. Samuel Dow, 12 Dec 1665, d. Sept 1673. Prescilla Graves, m. William Markham, d.c. 1668.

John Graves (3) was b. England about 1633 and d. 31 Dec 1695 in Guilford, Ct. He was buried in East Guilford, on the green where the First Church stood at the time. He came to America with his father

John Graves (12) was b. 27 Feb 1658/9 in Guilford,Ct, and died 1 Dec 1726. He m. Elizabeth Elizabeth Foote, dau of Lt Robert Foote and Sarah Potter of Branford, Ct., on 12 or 6 Jan 1684/5. She was b. 8 Mar 1664 in that part of New Haven,Ct., which in 1670 became part of Wallingford, and d. 14 may 1730.

Noadiah Graves (45) was b. 4 Dec 1694 in east Guilford (Now Madison) Ct., d. 24 July 1751 in Durham, according to his tombstone inscription, and was buried in the Old Burial Ground, Durham, Ct.(All 6 children born in Durham)

Roswell Graves (102) was b. 5 Dec 1731 in Durham, Ct. and was bapt 16 Jan 1732 in Durham, and d. on or after 1810. he m. Lois Coe, daughter of John Coe and Hannah Parsons. She was b. 13 Aug 1732 in Haddam, Ct., and was bapt 20 Aug 1732 in Durham. (They had 11 children)

Asher Graves (265) was b. 20 Dec 1765, probably at Granville, NY., and d. 21 July 1828 in McGrawville, NY (Cortland Co.,) He m. Elizabeth Spellman (or Spelman) 30 Sept 1788 in Granville. She was b. 8 May 1769 in E. Granville and d. 21 Jan 1849, in McGrawville, NY (Cortland Co.,) (They had 8 children)

Elizur Graves (520) was b. 2 June 1795 in Chazy, NY., and d. 27 mar 1857 in Palmyra, WI. he m. (1) Maria Wilbur, daughter of David Wilbur and Mary Peck, about 1820. she was b. 8 July 1799. he m(2) Rhoda Purdy of Norwich, NY., daughter of Jeremiah Purdy and Lydia Thompson, in 1833 In Norwich, NY. She was b. 25 April 1803 in NY, d. 1858 in Palmyra, WI. Elizur moved from Chazy to McGrawville, NY at the time of the evacuation of Chazy, when his father moved there in 1813. the 1850 census for Cortlandville,Cortland Co., NY listed Elizur, Rhoda and all their children but none of the children by his first marriage (5 Children here and another 7 by his second wife).

Henry Graves (1097) was b. 11 Feb or 11 Aug 1844 in McGrawville (Name changed to McGraw in 1963) Cortland, Co., NY, and d. 6 Oct 1912 in Siloam Springs, Benton Co., AR. He m. Elizabeth Leighton, daughter of Freeman Leighton and Eliza Ann Davis, on 5 Nov 1849 in Fulton, Rock Co., Ks. they were both buried in Lincoln, KS. where they lived. (4 Children)

Reuben Graves, also lived in Cortland, New York. Reuben, b. 22 Nov 1763, was a soldier in the Rev War. He enlisted from East Sudbury, Mass in 1783(?) for 6 months Continental service, and received a pension from the US while a resident of Cortland, Co., NY. (No children listed in the book). This was found in the book "Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Charlestown, Mass" by Kenneth Vance Graves. None of the ancestors of Reuben Graves lived in Cortland Co., NY

The number listed after a persons name is assigned in order of birth down from the earliest known ancestor.