Here is some historical information on the daughters & son-in-laws of Thomas Grow of Hampton, CT. Many were very instrumental in the growth of Homer, Cortlandville, Cortland, and other nearby communities in the early 1800's.

Family of Thomas Grow Jr.


1. THOMAS GROW5 JR. (THOMAS GROW4 SR., THOMAS3 GROW, JOHN2, JOHN1)1 was born April 04, 1743 in Pomfret, Connecticut, and died June 05, 1824 in Hampton, Connecticut. He married (1) EXPERIENCE GOODALL June 02, 1767 in Pomfret, Windham Co, Connecticut, daughter of EBENEZER GOODALL and EXPERIENCE LYON. He married (2) SARAH HYDE August 18, 1811 in Hampton, CT. He married (3) EXPERIENCE ABBOTT December 16, 1821 in Providence, Cumberland RI.

Notes for THOMAS GROW JR.:

>From Connecticut Men of War:

Thomas was in the American Revolutionary War with 1st Company (Col Parsons') 6th Continental Regiment, May 6, 1775 - Dec 1775. From "John Grow of Ipswich" pages 35-36: He was a Private in Capt Hyde's Co, Col Walcotts' Regiment 1776. He served in military detachment; marched from Lebanon to New York, as per roll dated Sept 21, 1776. Private Thomas Grow served in First Co, (raised New London and Lyme). Thomas and three wives, his brother Ebenezer, and wife Katherine, his son Thomas with two wives and daughter Marcia, and his son Joseph, are buried in Grow Cemetery on Grow Hill.

Great Granddaughter Amelia Stone Quinton, from Homer, Cortland Co, New York, DAR application DAR # 19525 states: "Thomas Grow was a patriot of Hampton where he was born & died". A reference in "Early Connecticut Marriages" states "Thomas Grow (1743-1824), a patriot of Pomfret, Conn hired soldiers & furnished supplies for the troops. He was born in Pomfret; died in Hampton, Conn.

He was a farmer and a large land owner and local merchant, leaving at death an estate of large value. Land purchases of record exceeded 1600 pounds. Mrs. Thomas Wales Grow, a grandson of Deacon Thomas writing after a visit to Hampton in 1883, thus described the Grow homestead, farm, etc.

It contained 180 acres, and is situated on a high hill-top, called then and now "Grow Hill". It is on the road from Hampton to Pomfret, about four miles from Hampton Center, but near the Pomfret line. The neighborhood is called Abington. The home dwelling stood on the south side of the road, but about 1831 it was pulled down and another erected by his son Thomas, who upon death of his father came into possession of the place. The oldest remaining building is the one that was used as a country store by Deacon Grow. The land north is level, south are orchards, and still further south and east is a very high hill said to be the highest land in Windham Co. There is a burying ground at one corner of the farm where several Grows are buried, among them Deacon Thomas and the first of this three wives. He died June 5, 1824, aged 81 years old. He was of very daring and wide-awake nature, which did not diminish with old age. While driving an unbroken colt he was thrown from the buggy upon a pile of stones and killed. Honorable Chauncey Fitch Cleaveland of Hampton, who helped to settle the estate, said that "Deacon Grow was the best business man he had ever known." (It should be noted that the Honorable Chauncey Fitch Cleaveland was married to Delia Diantha Hovey, daughter of Thomas Grow's daughter Olive).

Thomas Grow Sr. made generous contributions to the church building fund, and his son Thomas Jr. made much larger gifts. About 1802-1805 Thomas Grow Jr, as he was still called, though his father had died previously, was chosen a deacon in this church and he would send out his conveyances on Sunday and fetch members and their families to the meetings if they lived at a distance, to dine them at his home table, and to send them to their homes after the P.M. services. He was described by a local historian (Larned's History of Windham Co, Conn.) as "A man of large heart, kindly disposition, and was greatly respected by all." The Hampton Baptist Church records that after 1810 there was much dissension among the members, which Deacon Grow described as "unchristian". Complaint was lodged against him for this by some of the brethren. He refused to recant, and in 1817 the "right hand of fellowship" was withdrawn and he was expelled from the church that he and his father had done so much to found, and in which at the time of his death, he owned four pews.

Marian Clark Brown turned in DAR application 372554 on Oct 28, 1948, which was accepted May 26, 1950, and she cited DAR application 237905 in her application.


i. DILLA6 GROW, b. September 14, 1768, Hampton, Connecticut; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN BACON, Unknown.

ii. OLIVE GROW, b. January 27, 1770, Hampton, Connecticut; d. August 20,1858, Hampton, Connecticut; m. DR. JACOB D. HOVEY, Unknown.

iii. LOIS GROW, b. March 06, 1771, Canterbury, CT; d. November 22, 1843, Homer, Cortland Co, New York; m. DEACON WILLIAM BURNHAM, December 02, 1790, Canterbury, Windham Co, CT. They resided in Homer, New York where Dea Wm Burnham was a farmer.

iv. PHOEBE GROW, b. April 02, 1772; d. June 06, 1853, Pomfret, CT or Homer, Cortland Co, New York; m. ISRAEL HICKS JR., December 03, 1795, Pomfret, Windham Co, CT. They also resided in Homer, Cortland Co, New York.

v. CHLOE GROW, b. October 13, 1775, Hampton, CT; d. October 21, 1862, Homer, Cortland Co, New York; m. DEACON ASA BENNETT, March 17, 1803, Mansfield, CT. They also resided in Homer, Cortland Co, New York.

Notes for CHLOE GROW:

Chloe Grow, 5 years older than her husband, was a woman of great energy & force of character. 5 of her 8 children died of consumption. (From John Grow of Ipswich)



He was a Deacon of Homer Baptist Church for many years. He was the county Superintendent of the Poor, for a long time. He was a farmer & a pioneer, coming to Homer, Cortland Co, soon after 1800. He arrived with $1000.00 in cash and had the First 4 Wheel Carriage in Homer. The youngest son Rev. Asa Bennett was prepared for the ministry, but died of Tuberculosis, as did his

daughter, Chloe.

Asa Bennett is shown in Homer, Cortland Co, New York on the 1820 census.

>From "John Grow of Ipswich"

Asa Bennett was a farmer. He recieved religious training in childhood. In March, 1780, he was baptized & joined the Baptist Church in Hampton, CT. In Feb. 1807 he was elected deacon at the Baptist Church in Homer, Cortland Co, New York, which position he held to the satisfaction of his church until ordained in 1815. His activity, zeal, piety & usefulness were evident and conspicuous. He seldom failed to effect a resolution among conflicting parties when salutary counsel, gentle reproof, humble supplication or affectionate entreaties. Many had occasion to remember his as a healer of the breach and a restoration to the true path. He devoted much time in visiting house to house, praying with families and attending conference & prayer meetings. He had a happy talent in the government of the church and judicious & prudent discipline thereof. (From the Baptist Register 1825)

vi. HANNAH GROW, b. August 31, 1775, Hampton, CT; d. November 16, 1853, Homer, Cortland Co, New York; m. ISAAC RINDGE, Bef. 1797, Hampton, CT. They also resided in Homer, Cortland Co, New York.

vii. ANNA GROW2, b. February 15, 1777, Hampton, Windham Co, Connecticut; d. June 30, 1806, Cortland Co, New York; m. JOSEPH DARBY3, May 10, 1796, Hampton, Windham, Connecticut. They moved to Homer, Cortland Co, New York in 1802, and resided there for the rest of their lives.

Cemetery records state "Anna Darby, wife of Joseph Darby, died April 30, 1806, in her thirtieth year."

Anna Grow was the sister-in-law of the Rev. Alfred Bennett, minister of the Homer First Baptist Church, and the one who performed the Baptism of Anna & Joseph Darby's sons, Lyman Darby & his wife Cynthia, Thomas Darby Sr., and Chauncey Darby. Anna's sister Rhoda Grow was married to the Rev. Alfred Bennett, making him the uncle of Lyman, Thomas, & Chauncy, who have recorded baptisms by Rev. Alfred Bennett, in the Homer First Baptist Church records. Anna's sister Chloe Grow was married to Deacon Asa Bennett, of the Homer First Baptist Church, brother of Alfred Bennett. Lucius Bennett was involved in the pottery business for several year with Thomas Chollar and Joseph Darby' Jr. He was the son of Deacon Asa Bennett & Chloe (Grow) Bennett. Anna's brother Elisha Grow was the head of the Cortland Co. Bible Society in 1830, and he moved to the Detroit, Michigan area in 1839. All these relatives were instrumental in founding the Homer Baptist Church, and were attending members.

All seem to have had a relationship with Thomas Dresser Chollar, also a "pillar" of the Homer Baptist Church. Thomas Chollar had moved from Pomfret, Conn. to Homer, a little after the Darby's moved there. His first wife Sophie Sumner was probably a sister to the first wife of Thomas Darby Sr., Abigail Sumner. Thomas Chollar's second wife was Maria Payne, the daughter of the Canterbury minister, Elisha Payne. Elisha Payne founded Hamilton Seminary, and Chauncy Darby graduated from that college as a minister. It seems to have been a group of pioneers' with close relationship and friendship ties.


Tompkins Co Vital Records from Area Newspapers, Marriage & Death notices notes March 24, 1835: "Joseph Darby, one of the earliest settlers of this town, who built the old brick house and lived in it, died in this town March 22, 1835, at 62 years old, member of Homer Baptist Church."

Genealogies of Woodstock Connecticut Families records that Anna Grow and husband Joseph Darby removed to Homer 1802.


viii. ELISHA GROW, b. February 09, 1779, Hampton, CT; d. August 22, 1853, Waterford, MI; m. LOIS PALMER4, December 25, 1801, Pomfret, CT. They also resided in Homer, Cortland Co, New York after 1812.

Notes for ELISHA GROW:

Elisha Grow was named as a pioneer from Pomfret, Connecticut, to Homer New York, Feb 1812. He "went West" to Waterford, Michigan or Springfield, Oakland Co, Michigan, 1836 or 37.

Ancestral History of the Grow Family

Fifth in our lineal line is Elisha, son of Deacon Thomas and Experience (Goodell) Grow who married Miss Lois Palmer December 25, 1801. In February 1812 they removed by teams and sleighs with their growing family to Homer, N.Y. where their family increased to 17 children. They had hearts large enough to love them all and provided for all plentifully. In the spring of 1837 they removed with their family to Waterford, Michigan, where they died. Elisha Grow died August 22, 1853, age 71. Lois (Palmer) Grow died September 5, 1850 at the age of 66.

In the year 1812 they both professed Christ and were both baptised by Rev. Alfred Bennett and became members of the Baptist Church of Homer, N.Y. When they removed to Michigan they united with the Baptist Church of Clarkston. They were among the efficient helpers in the house of God and their example and influence contributed not a little to build up the cause of truth around them.

What a great thought it is for us today to know that the Grow and Palmer blood is on the farm and in the work-shops. It is in every trade and industry, in all the learned professions, in poets, orators and authors. In a president, governors, cabinets, legislators and upon the bench throughout the country.

Oh! Glorious thought, that the Grow and Palmer blood and patriotism was in the revolution from Bunker Hill to Yorktown by which the principles of free government was firmly established. That it was in the war of 1812 by which freedom of the seas and the rights of the American sailor was forever secured. That it was in the last great struggle for human rights where prejudice had to yield to humanity, where freedom won and slavery fell. The late General Ulysses Simpson Grant, a lineal descendent of Walter Palmer, won his honors in the last war and today America mourns for a brave and great commander and a noble man. However, no person is the better for having a good family line and none can safely boast of family name who has not added to its lustre.

SOURCE: from Roger A. Grow via compuserve 74164,1277, Great (x3) Grandson

of Elisha Grow and Lois Palmer. Excerpt from report from a family reunion in


On 8/10/99,


Elisha Grow lived in Pontiac, Michigan in 1866.

!SOURCE: BOOK, Cyclopedia of Michigan: Historical and Biographical, Synopsis of General History of the State and Biographical Sketches of Men who have, in their various spheres, contributed toward its development. Western Publishing and Engraving Col, New York and Detroit. Pg. 227-8. Located at the Bay City Public Library, Bay City, MI.

ix. RHODA GROW, b. September 06, 1780, Hampton, CT; d. December 24, 1874, Homer, Cortland Co, New York; m. ALFRED BENNETT5, Unknown. They also resided in Homer, Cortland Co, New York.


Rev. Alfred Bennett was the son of Asa Bennett (Nathaniel), and brother of Deacon Asa Bennett who married his wife Rhoda's sister Chloe Grow. The removed shortly after marriage to Homer, where Rev. Alfred Bennett was a Baptist minister, and with Board of Foreign Missions. He was a pioneer missionary to Homer, Feb 1803, joined Homer Baptist Church, April 1804, ordained Feb 1807. First Baptist Church built 1812. The First Baptist Church of B. Mills was founded by him later. Freetown Baptist Church founded in 1811. His historical discourse was 1844.

Here is an article from the Cortland Co Web page - McGrawville:

The Baptist Church was organized in 1831 with sixteen members, whose names were as follows: Russell Warren and wife, Deacon Pierce and wife, Deacon Forshee and wife, Israel Palmer and wife, Joshua Rogers and wife, Russell Dodge and wife, Mr. Greenwood and wife. Elder Dye was the first pastor; he remained with the church until he lost his voice, a period of sixteen years. He was followed by Elders Savage, Day, ALFRED BENNETT, Stone, Westcott, Smith, and Elder Grant, the present preacher, who came in June, 1883. The deacons are now Nicholas Starr and Chas. Kinney. The trustees are W. C. Shuler, Chas. Kinney, Arthur Chapin, Ransom Warren, John Kenfield and Cornelius Forshee. The first church edifice was erected in 1831; it has since been remodeled and improved, the last time in 1865. The membership is 150.

Alfred Bennett is shown living in Homer on the 1820 census of Cortland County.

x. THOMAS GROW, b. August 19, 1782, Hampton, CT; d. Unknown; m. (1) JERUSHA WALES, Unknown; m. (2) MARY BENNETT, Unknown, Mansfield, CT.

xi. EXPERIENCE GROW, b. July 09, 1784, Pomfret, Windham Co, Conn; d. February 19, 1810, Hampton, Conn; m. DANIEL CLARK, Unknown.

xii. JOSEPH GROW, b. September 11, 1787; d. Unknown, Hampton, Connecticut; m. BETSEY E. ROBBINS, Unknown.

xiii. DAVID GROW, b. October 02, 1791, Pomfret, CT; d. December 13, 1846.

xiv. JOHN GROW, b. December 28, 1793; d. January 04, 1810.



1. Record of Service of connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution; Pay roll, Sept 21, 1776. Thomas & Experience Marriage listed in "Early Conn. Marriages, First Book, Pomfret, page 78 85 Years of Labor & Love by Rev. William B. Grow, published Carbondale, PA 1902. Minnie Starr of Cortland New York has a copy.

2. Cemetery Records noting death of Anna April, 30, 1806, wife of Joseph Darby, in her 30th year. "John Grow of Ipswich, Mass" pulished 1913 source of all information on the Grow/Bennett families.

3. Tompkins Co Vital Records, March 24, 1835 noting death of Joseph Darby; Woodstock Geneologies record move to Homer NY 1802. "John Grow of Ipswich" gives birth date of Anna Grow, dau of Thomas Grow & Experience Goodall Grow. Also tells date of move to Homer, New York by Joseph & Anna Grow.

4. Cortland Historical Society lists children as Lois, Julia, Stillman, Dilla, Elijah & Elisha, Ann, John, Abel, Sarah, William B. Thomas, Edward & Edwin, Olive, Rhoda & Phillip. This is a slightly different listing than that of the LDS web page which shows the birth dates we used. The LDS page lists Lois, Julia, Dilla, Stillman, Anne, Elijah & Elisha, William, Thomas, Sara, Edwin & Edward,, Philip, Olive & Rhoda.

5. Cortland Co Historical Society provided the information about the Bennets, from a historical discourse in 1844. Also, taken from Elder Bennetts Memorial Book and a HIstory of his own life by Mr. Grow, 422, A6, 1445; K27 - The writer was a Minister & Grow Descendant.

6. "JOHN GROW of IPSWICH" from the Hartford, CT library provided much of this information.



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