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Genealogy -
John Hollenbeck

submitted by Nancy A. Hollenbeck

John Hollenbeck Genealogy
Descendants of John Hollenbeck

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 HOLLENBECK was born August 12, 1776 in Stonoraube [Stone Arabia, NY]1, and died January 03, 1864 in Willet, NY 2. He married HANNA CONRADT January 18, 1803 in Schoharie, NY3, daughter of John Conradt and Anna Engel.


Married by Rev. Laubok (Laribok?). Hannah's maiden name was handed down in the family as Conrad, but is also spelled in family records "Coonrod".

Researcher alert! Many Hollenbeck genealogies confuse the John Hollenbeck of Willet, Cortland County with a John Henry Halenbeck, son of Nicholas Hallenbeck, b. 2/9/1761, and Maria Schutt, b. 1763. This John married an "Ann Coenrad" on 11/14/1813 in Albany, and eventually moved to Corning, Steuben County, NY. Several of the Willet John Hollenbeck's children (Mary, Henry, Eve and Nicholas) are often mistakenly attributed to the other John and Ann.

According to a handwritten "Family Register" that dates to the mid-1850s, John and Hannah began married life in Schoharie (probably the county, since references to "Cortland" are the county, not the then-village). Their first and second children were born in Sharon, NY in the period 1805 - 1807. From 1808 to 1816, six children were born in "Susquehana, NY" (exact location a mystery, unless they were following the river, or were just below the New York State border in Pennsylvania and didn't realize it). Their last three children were born in Cortland County.

Children of John Hollenbeck and Hanna Conradt are:
i. NANCY2 HOLLENBECK, b. October 17, 1805, Sharon, NY4 ; d. June 06, 1852, Willet, NY5. Never married.
ii. WILLIAM HOLLENBECK, b. November 14, 1807, Sharon, NY6. Nothing further known.
iii. CATHARINE HOLLENBECK, b. April 14, 1808, Susquehana, NY7; m. ? ESQ. ISAACS, March 01, 1834, Cortland, NY8.
2. iv. JACOB HOLLENBECK, b. July 21, 1809, Susquehana, NY.
v. JOHN HOLLENBECK, b. December 1810, Susquehana, NY9. Nothing further known.
vi. LANY HOLLENBECK, b. February 11, 181210; m. ?, September 09, 1846, Cataraugus, NY11.
vii. MARY HOLLENBECK, b. May 14, 1813, Susquehana, NY12.
viii. HENRY HOLLENBECK, b. April 27, 1816, Susquehana, NY13; d. Abt May 09, 1863, Willet, NY14. Died single.
ix. EVA HOLLENBECK, b. June 17, 1818, Cortland Co., NY15; m. ?, October 05, 1843, Alleghany, NY16.
x. NELLY HOLLENBECK, b. May 20, 1820, Cortland Co., NY17; d. September 20, 1820, Cortland Co., NY18. Died in infancy.
3. xi. NICHOLAS HOLLENBECK, b. February 12, 1822, Cincinnatus Township, Cortland Co., NY; d. September 26, 1904, Willet, NY.

Generation No. 2

2. JACOB2 HOLLENBECK (JOHN1) was born July 21, 1809 in Susquehana, NY19. He married JULIA August 1839 in Cataraugus, NY20.
Children of Jacob Hollenbeck and Julia are:

3. NICHOLAS2 HOLLENBECK (JOHN1) was born February 12, 1822 in Cincinnatus Township, Cortland Co., NY21, and died September 26, 1904 in Willet, NY22. He married LUCY ANN SHEVALIER Abt 1851, daughter of Peter Shevalier and Johanna Huntley.


1824 - LDS Records: Nicholas, christened 13 Oct. 1824, German Reformed Church, New Rhinebeck-Cobleskill, Schoharie NY. (Also, Mary, Henry and Eve's christenings were recorded for same date.) Parents John Hallenbeek, Ann Coenrad.

Willett, at the time of Nicholas' infancy (per Gazetteer of the State of NY, Spafford, H.G., 1824, Cortland County Library), had a village with 437 people and no post office.

Nicholas was about 30 at the time of his marriage to Lucy, who was about 24. Their first daughter born 12/22/1854, also year of first land purchase. Nicholas appears to have been a prosperous farmer, regularly adding to his holdings. The history of land purchases supports family verbal history that states that at one time, the Hollenbecks owned land stretching "from Marathon to Willet".

-- Deed: 1854, Bought land from Christian Shevalier (in his own name, no mention of spouse), $500, Bk 23,446. {This was likely to start off married life mentioned in obituary below - tract "about two miles west of Willet.}

-- Deed: 1858, bought 1 acre of land abutting his, $30, part of Military Lot 67, Willet. Bk 30,188.

-- Deed: 1859, bought 50 acres, Mil. Lot 77, $800, Bk 30,598.

-- Deed: 1859, bought 100 acres, Mil. Lot 77, $1200, Bk 30,599.

-- Deed: 1866, bought 50 acres, Mil. Lot 77, $1,500, Bk 42,317.

-- Deed: 1867, bought land (Mil. Lot 77) again abutting his, from person living in Syracuse, $1,000, Bk 47,55.

-- Deed: 1870, bought land (Mil. Lot 68) from Wilson of Waterbury, CT, Bk 51,220; also land (part of Mil. Lot 66) from Manly Campbell, Delaware Co., PA.

-- Deed: 1875, bought land [from Manly Campbell] in Marathon and Willet, Bk 58,303.

In 1855, Nicholas listed his occupation in the NYS Census as farmer, born in Cortland, living two years at his present location. His wife Lucy Ann gave the occupation of "tailoress". Nicholas' parents, 82-year-old father John and 71-year-old Hannah, were living with the young married couple, as well as his 38-year-old brother Henry.

In 1860, Nicholas reported to the federal Census that he was, at 38, a farmer with real estate holdings worth $3,000, and a personal estate of $765. By then, he and Lucy Ann had Adalaide, 6; Cassius M., 4; and baby Ellen, 2. Nicholas' father John was 85, still with the family. In addition, a hired man, Burr Livermore, 49, was part of the household.

In February, 1864, Nicholas and his brother John served as administrators for brother Henry, deceased, to pay debts to Charles Delevan of Willet.

1885 - In a family scrapbook, there is a postcard photograph of a charming house with first floor porches on either side of a central gable with a bow window (Carpenter Gothic style). The inscription says "Willet house, built 1885. Built by grandfather Nick Hollenbeck Senior, Nick Jr. helped build." It is not known where this house is located, if it is still standing.

Nicholas died 9/26/1904 at the family home, aged 83.


"Nicholas Hollenbeck, a resident of Willett Township for more than half a century, died at the family home on September 26, 1904. He had been in poor health for a long time, but the immediate cause of his death was pneumonia. The interment was made in Willet cemetery.

Nicholas Hollenbeck was born in Cincinnatus township, Cortland Co., NY, February 10, 1822. His parents migrated there from the vicinity of Albany, New York, where the family name is traced for 250 years. [RESEARCH NOTE! This statement supports the view that John Hollenbeck is related to the well-researched line of Caspar Jacobse Hollenbeck who arrived in Albany abt. 1650. His children's names are all traditional to the Hollenbeck family, as well. However, it has not been discovered which of that prolific Hollenbeck clan is John Hollenbeck's father.] His school days were few. From early boyhood he was abliged to earn his support. About 52 years ago, he married Lucy Shevalier of Marathon, who survives him. They at once purchased a small tract of land about two miles west of Willet, and this with land later purchased continued to be their homestead to the time of his death. By labor and economy they acquired a comfortable estate. Six children survive him. They are Mrs. [Addie] Luman Jones and Mrs. Ella Seeber, and Jasper, Seymour and Nicholas, all of Willet, Cassius of Detroit, Michigan.

In politics, Mr. Hollenbeck was always a Democrat."

"Nicholas Hollenbeck, Sr., an old resident of this place, died on Monday after an illness of bowel trouble. He had been in failing health for some time. Besides his widow, he is survived by four sons and two daughters."

"DIED - Hollenbeck--At his home in Willet, Sept. 25, of pneumonia, Mr. Nicholas Hollenbeck, aged 83 years."

"Death Record" of the Willet Town Historian: "Sept. 26, 1904, Nicholas Hollenbeck resident of Willet, age 82, occupation farmer; married; cause of death old age."

The Trustees of the Willett Burial Association granted a quit-claim deed to Lot No. 46 in the Willett Burial Cemetery on 2nd of January 1905, to N. Hollenbeck ("Jr." handwritten into the typed document), for the consideration of $12.00.

Cortland County records show Nicholas died intestate (Bk of Intestates, X 4322). His son Cassius Hollenbeck, a lawyer in Detroit, Michigan, was apparently turned to for assistance with Nicholas' estate, although the Surrogate's Court papers name Seymour Hollenbeck and Nicholas Hollenbeck (Jr.), both of Willet, as Administrators.

Children of Nicholas Hollenbeck and Lucy Shevalier are:
4. i. ADALAIDE3 HOLLENBECK, b. Abt 1855, Willet, NY; d. April 10, 1942, German, NY.
ii. CASSIUS M. HOLLENBECK, b. 1855, Willet, NY; d. April 19, 1927, Detroit, MI. Nicholas' obituary states he served as Mayor of Detroit at the turn of the century. Family legend has it that he never married, but left his estate to his housekeeper.
5. iv. JASPER HOLLENBECK, b. June 09, 1862; d. February 14, 1937, West Willet, NY.
6. v. SEYMOUR HOLLENBECK, b. August 27, 1864; d. April 05, 1939, Willet, NY.
7. vi. NICHOLAS HOLLENBECK, b. September 30, 1867, Willet, NY; d. April 23, 1939, Blodgett Mills, NY.

Generation No. 3
4. ADALAIDE3 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt 1855 in Willet, NY, and died April 10, 1942 in German, NY. She married LUMAN JONES January 01, 1872, son of Enoch Jones.



"Mrs. Addie Jones, 87, Was Buried in Willet Tuesday

Willet, April 16. Mrs. Addie Jones, a former Willet resident, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cris Smith at German, Friday, April 10, after a week's illness.

Mrs. Jones was 87 years old last December. She was the wife of the late Luman Jones. She spent nearly all her life in the twon of Willet, being the eldest of six children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hollenbeck, and she was the last of that family.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Leroy Eaton of Whitney Point and Mrs. Cris Smith of German.

The funeral was held at the Methodist church Tuesday, April 14, Rev. F.S. Crispel, officiating."

Children of Adalaide Hollenbeck and Luman Jones are:




Cassius Hollenbeck of Detroit, Formerly of Willet, Dies Willet, April 23 (1927). Friends of Cassius Hollenbeck of Detroit were saddened by the news of his death in that city April 19. He had been ailing with kidney trouble since last fall, but kept about his business until March 14, when pneumonia developed and he was taken to the hospital and later to the home of friends to be cared for until his death.

The remains were brought to his former home at Willet for funeral services and burial in the family lot. Hollenbeck was the second child of Nicholas and Lucy Ann Shevalier Hollenbeck. He was never married. He leaves to mourn his loss three brothers and one sister, Mrs. Addie Jones, Jasper Hollenbeck and Seymour Hollenbeck, all of Willet, and Nicholas Hollenbeck of Blodgett Mills; also a number of nieces and nephews, besides a host of friends.

The funeral was largely attended, and many beautiful floral pieces testified to the loving thought of friends. Some eight larger pieces accompanied the remains from Detroit, and one very beautiful piece came from the employees of the Wickwire shop in respect for Nicholas Hollenbeck, who has worked there for many years.

Cassius Hollenbeck had been a prominent lawyer in Detroit for the past 45 years. He also served as mayor in that city for a term of some years. He attended the Normal school at Cortland, and from there he with eight other fellow students went to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he took up law, being graduated from there he went to Detroit, where he had made his home ever since, with the exception of a short time when he practiced law in New York city.

A separate clipping states that Cassius was aged 70 years and 6 months at the time of his death. Another tiny clipping mentions he was buried from the residence of J. Newell Philips, 955 Stimson Place. Cassius' business cards refer to him as Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, Whitney Opera House Block, 172 Griswold St. Detroit, Mich.

5. JASPER3 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born June 09, 1862, and died February 14, 1937 in West Willet, NY. He married MARY E. MCGINNIS January 16, 1889.


"Jasper Hollenbeck, 75, of West Willet passed away Sunday morning at about nine o'clock. Mr. Hollenbeck was only ill a few days having fallen on the ice last Wednesday, Feb. 10, which resulted in a fractured skull.

Mr. Hollenbeck was the son of the late Nicholas and Lucy Sheveler Hollenbeck. He married Miss Mary McGinnis, Jan. 16, 1889. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Rose Leonard, and two grandsons, Billy and Robert Leonard. One sister, Mrs. Addie Jones of WIllet and two brothers, Seymour Hollenbeck of Willet and Nicholas Hollenbeck of Blodgett Mills.

The funeral (handwritten note: "Feb. 17, 1937") was held at his late home in West Willet, Wednesday at 2 o'clock. The Rev. L.L. Vought of Marathon officiating and burial was in the Marathon cemetery."

Child of Jasper Hollenbeck and Mary McGinnis is:

6. SEYMOUR3 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born August 27, 1864, and died April 05, 1939 in Willet, NY. He married AMELIA CONRADT, daughter of William Conradt and Lovisa Knapp.


Seymour's name was always pronounced "Seemer" in the family. He married Miss Amelia Conrad in about 1886. (Amelia was a half-sister to Phebe Anne Conrad Campbell, mother of Ella Campbell, who married (7) Nicholas Hollenbeck Jr.).


Funeral of Seymour Hollenbeck

Willet, April 12 - Among those from out of town to attend the funeral of Seymour Hollenbeck, Saturday, at his late home, were Mrs. Addie Jones, Ersel Brown of Whitney Point, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hollenbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Stafford and family of Blodgett Mills, Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Hollenbeck of Groton, Mrs. Donald Bell of Texas Valley.

Mr. Hollenbeck was the son of the late Lucy A. Shevalier and Nicholas Hollenbeck. He married Miss Amelia Conrad 53 years ago and lived at Bloody Pond several years where he ran a cheese factory. Two children survive him, Leon Hollenbeck of West Willet and Grace Hollenbeck, who lived with her father. One granddaughter, Mrs. Leah Finch, and one great-grandson, Buddy Finch; a sister, Mrs. Addie Jones of Whitney Point; and a brother, Nicholas Hollenbeck of Blodgett Mills."

Children of Seymour Hollenbeck and Amelia Conradt are:
ii. GRACE LOUISE HOLLENBECK, b. February 15, 1898, Willet, NY; d. December 04, 1955, Cortland, NY.


Grace Hollenbeck, Jumped From Burning Building, Dies

"Miss Grace Hollenbeck, a well known citizen of this community for many years, died Sunday at the Cortland Memorial Hospital at the age of 57. Miss Hollenbeck, who was a native of Willet, narrowly escaped death two years ago when she jumped from an upstairs window in the Phalen & Smith feed store building which was destroyed by fire in October of 1953.

Miss Hollenbeck was well known for her simple philosophies relative to everyday living and friends vividly recall one of her self composed verses which governed her life. The verse reads:

Crackers when you're hungry,
Water when you're dry,
Money when you're broke,
And heaven when you die.

The account of the feed store fire, taken from the Marathon Independent, Nov. 6, 1953, listed her experiences as follows:

Miss Hollenbeck, 'a resident in one of the apartments of the building, leaped from the second floor above street level into the river as fire swept through her rooms. She was rescued from the river by Fire Chief Carlton Bowerman and Earl Kurtz. Ray Chretien, Ward Perry and Elwyn Elliott rushed her to the hospital. X-rays showed she had suffered a fracture of the back, presumably when she hit the shallow water of the river. Due to the drought there had only been about a foot of water in the river.'

Miss Hollenbeck was the daughter of Seymour and Amelia Conrad Hollenbeck, and is survived by a brother, Leon of Liverpool, N.Y., as well as a cousin, Rose Leonard Hollenbeck, of Marathon.

Funeral services were held at the Baker Funeral home yesterday [Dec. 7, 1955] at 2 p.m., with the Rev. Shelden Seibel of the Presbyterian church officiating. Burial was in the Marathon cemetery."

7. NICHOLAS3 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born September 30, 1867 in Willet, NY, and died April 23, 1939 in Blodgett Mills, NY. He married ELLA MINERVA CAMPBELL February 05, 1890 in Baptist Church, Willet, NY, daughter of William Campbell and Phebe Conradt.


There is a large photo labelled in pencil on back: "Mrs. N. Hollenbeck Jr. Willett Cortland Co. N.Y. No. 326. Nicholas and Ella Minerva Campbell Hollenbeck. Their first home The Harry ____________ House. 18__.

Among their family papers are records of the auction of Nicholas Hollenbeck Sr.'s property in 1904. Listed items include dairy cows, farm wagons, and maple sugaring equipment, as well as the notation "Father's Watch, $5.00."

In 1910, Nicholas and Ella leased their farm, beginning in March, for one year to Leon Hollenbeck. At the time, they had been married for about 19 years. Leon Hollenbeck was Nick's nephew, about 23, the son of his brother Seymour and Amelia Conrad. He would have the use of the house, barns, and 100 acres, pay the property taxes, for exactly one year. (Leon was not yet married at the time of the lease; the Willet Town Marriages Record shows: "Dec. 4, 1912, Leon C. Hollenbeck, 25 and Edna D. Edwards, 19, by C.M. Eddy, Cortland, NY (both of Willet.) The lease specifically notes that Leon would pay rent in November to both Nicholas and Ella, $50 each. The entirely handwritten lease document is in the Hollenbeck family papers.

In 1911, Nicholas Jr. underwent a period of ill health, as can be determined from a tiny scrap of paper ripped from the top of a notepad and inscribed in pencil:

"Dr. Henry Field's visit for Pa. July 31st 1911 - 17 times by cash $8.00 Aug. 7th 1911 - 1 "

It is not known what was wrong with Nick that occasioned 18 doctor's visits and $8.00 - a considerable sum when for $5.00 one could buy a lumber wagon at auction. Whatever the problem was, at an unknown date they moved to 3 Maple Street, Blodgett Mills. Nick began working for Wickwire Bros. of Cortland. Family oral history said that he walked to work and home every day.

In 1937, Nick was still with Wickwire Bros., proved by the issue of his social security card, still among the family papers.

OBITUARY NICHOLAS HOLLENBECK (JR.): Nicholas Hollenbeck, 71, of Blodgett Mills, died Sunday night, April 23. The funeral was held Wednesday and burial was at Marathon. He died of pneumonia after an illness of grip. He is survived by his wife, a son, D.M. [sic] Hollenbeck of Groton; a daughter, Mrs. E.C. Stafford of Blodgett Mills; and a sister, Mrs. Addie Jones. A brother, Seymour Hollenbeck of Willet, died April 5.

HOLLENBECK - In Cortland, N.Y., April 23, 1939, Nicholas Hollenbeck of Blodgett Mills. The body was turned over to Undertaker Baker of Marathon for funeral and burial arrangements.

Children of Nicholas Hollenbeck and Ella Campbell are:
10. i. DARYL NICHOLAS CASSIUS4 HOLLENBECK, b. February 12, 1902, Willet, NY; d. March 01, 1967, Groton, NY.
11. ii. ANNE PHEBE HOLLENBECK, b. July 20, 1898, Town of Willet, Cortland Co., NY.

Generation No. 4

Child of Rose Hollenbeck and ? Leonard is:

9. LEON C.4 HOLLENBECK (SEYMOUR3, NICHOLAS2, JOHN1). He married EDNA D. EDWARDS December 04, 1912 in Cortland, NY, daughter of Henry Edwards and Amy Oliver.


Edna D. Edwards (Mrs. Leon Hollenbeck)

Marriages, Willet Town records: Dec. 4, 1912, Leon C. Hollenbeck, 25, and Edna D. Edwards, 19, by C.M. Eddy, Cortland, NY. Both of Willet. [Son of Seymour and Amelia Conrad Hollenbeck, son of Nicholas Hollenbeck.]


Mrs. Leon Holenbeck [sic] Died; Former Center Lisle Woman

Upper Lisle, April 16 [1942]. Mrs. Leon Holenbeck, who has been ill the past year, was taken to Cortland hospital Sunday. She passed away Monday, 1 a.m. She leaves her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Leah Finch, her mother, Mrs. Amy Edwards, and grandson, Roscoe Finch, Jr. [A handwritten note on the obituary states Funeral April 16, 1942; Died April 13, 1942.]

Mrs. Leon Hollenbeck, 49, Upper Lisle, Dies

Mrs. Edna Hollenbeck, 49, wife of Leon Hollenbeck, of Upper Lisle, died at 1:20 a.m. today at Cortland County Hospital. She had been ill for some time. She was born February 1, 1893, in Willet, the daughter of Henry and Amy Oliver Edwards. Besides her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Leah, of Upper Lisle.

Private services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Nichols Funeral Home, Whitney Point. Rev. L.L. Vought of Marathon will officiate and burial will be in Willet.

Child of Leon Hollenbeck and Edna Edwards is:

10. DARYL NICHOLAS CASSIUS4 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born February 12, 1902 in Willet, NY, and died March 01, 1967 in Groton, NY. He married FLORENCE MAE GRAY May 18, 1922 in Groton, NY, daughter of Edwin Gray and Bertha Thomas.


Daryl N.C. Hollenbeck held the unusual distinction of serving in the armed forces in both World Wars and the Korean War. In the first, he was a private of Co. N 3rd Infantry N.Y.G., who enlisted at Cortland, N.Y. on 10/7/1918 to serve two years. He was in the service for seven months, and given an honorable discharge on 6/16/1919 from service in the New York Guard by reason of disbandment of the Company. The discharge record states: "Said Daryl N.C. Hollenbeck was born in Willet in the State of New York, and when enlisted was 16 years of age, by occupation a Laborer, had blue eyes, brown hair, and was 5 feet 9-3/4 inches in height." His time in the service was less than exciting, having been spent with Co. A, 2nd Prov. Regt. guarding state property.

In 1923, Daryl N.C. Hollenbeck received a literacy certificate that gave proof that he was eligible to vote.

In World War II, with both his sons in the service, Daryl N.C. enlisted again, this time as an Electrician's Mate, Third Class, on February 15, 1944, at NPS Rochester, NY. He served from that time until May 24, 1945, at the following:

NRS Rochester, New York; NTS Sampson, New York; USS OBERRENDER (DE344);

Rec. Ship, San Francisco, California; Rec. Station, Boston, Massachusetts. Upon discharge, his rating was Electrician's Mate 2c, his character of service "excellent".

Finally, Daryl N.C. re-enlisted to serve in the U.S. Navy for the Korean War on September 28, 1949. He was on active duty from Aug. 29, 1950 to Feb. 2, 1952, and served at the following:

  • US NAV RES CB CO. 3-28-A, ITHACA, N.Y.

    In addition, he completed the following training: US NAV SCHOOL, MOTION PICTURE OPERATORS, FROM 6-5-50 TO 6-16-50. US NAS, NEW YORK, N.Y., FROM 5-15-53 TO 5-30-53.

    He was honorably discharged on Sept. 27, 1953.

    For most of his life, Nick was employed at Smith Corona, as the following undated SCM newsletter article shows:

    "When Nick Hollenbeck hired out to Harold Finn to work at the Corona, he remembers being told, 'Now, if you'll just stick on the job ...' At the time, Nick wasn't sure he'd stay a year but he has 'stuck on the job' 45 years and--because of a slight mathematical error--is the February Senior Service Employee instead of sharing honors which were rightly his with Joe Walter in January.

    Nick worked a week in Groton on assembly inspection, then moved to the Huntington St. Plant. Four months later he was back in Groton on Adjusting inspection. After three years he moved to final inspection. Nick was then in the precarious position of being the last man on final. He was the last man for 10 straight years--an indication of how slowly the wheels turned in the late 20's and early 30's.

    One advantage Nick had was an alternate trade. He was an electrician and there was usually some kind of electrical work needed whenever typewriters weren't. He helped to install the typebar ball bearing machines and refrigeration for the Vivid gelatin rolls in Huntington St. Charlie Corwin, the Works Manager, appreciated Nick's versatility and told him, 'I wish we had more men around as handy as you are.'

    Nick saw action in World War II and in the Korean War. He came to the South Cortland Plant as an Electrician in 1960. By now, Nick should have clipped to his tie that overdue 45 year pin with three diamonds..."

    Sadly, Nick Hollenbeck died of a massive heart attack the day after his retirement.


    "DARYL N.C. HOLLENBECK. Groton--Daryl N.C. Hollenbeck, 65, of 201 N. Parkway, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning at his home.

    Services will be at 1 p.m. Friday at the Booth Co. Funeral Home. Burial will be in Groton Cemetery.

    Friends may call Thursday afternoon and evening at the funeral home.

    He is survived by his wife, the former Florence Gray; two sons, Robert of McGraw and Carl Hollenbeck of Locke, and four grandchildren.

    He was born in Willet. He had been an electrician at Smith-Corona Marchant Corp. until his retirement a day before his death.

    A Navy veteran of World War II and the Korean conflict, he was a member of Groton Lodge 496, F & AM; Carrington Fuller Post 800, American Legion, and the VFW.

    Friends may contribute to the Heart Fund.

    Children of Daryl Hollenbeck and Florence Gray are:
    i. ROBERT CHESTER5 HOLLENBECK, b. April 23, 1923, Groton, NY; d. March 15, 1987, Cortland, NY; m. (1) BARBARA TOWNLEY, Abt 1950; m. (2) AGNES FRANCES CIESLAK, January 04, 1957, Miami, Florida.
    ii. CARL EDWIN HOLLENBECK, b. November 24, 1926, Groton, NY; m. BERNICE BELLE LEE, December 25, 1950.
    11. ANNE PHEBE4 HOLLENBECK (NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS2, JOHN1) was born July 20, 1898 in Town of Willet, Cortland Co., NY23. She married ELLIS CARLTON STAFFORD July 19, 191924, son of George Stafford and Juva Underwood.
    Children of Anne Hollenbeck and Ellis Stafford are:
    i. EVELYN GRACE5 STAFFORD, b. May 26, 1929, Town of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY; m. EUGENE VANDERBUNT.
    ii. WINIFRED ELLA STAFFORD, b. November 07, 1926; m. JOHN W. JONES.
    iii. LILLIAN JUVA STAFFORD, b. April 29, 1924, Town of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY; m. GILBERT CRAIG.
    iv. CAROLINE ELIZABETH STAFFORD, b. June 17, 1922, Town of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY.


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