Homer Ave. Methodist
Episcopal Church


Members of Official Board and Officers of the various Departments and Societies of the Church.

Bishop William Burt, D. D., LL. D.,
   455 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y.
     Bishop in Charge of Conference.

Dr. E. M. Mills, Litt. D.,
   823 Summer Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.,
     District Superintendent.

Benjamin Rowe
   64 Maple Ave., Cortland, N. Y.

Wilfred KelleyFrank Vunk
L. R. LewisJames Winnie
Oliver JennisonJohn Steele
A. H. WatkinsHenry Peak
H. L. LeetFrank Whiting
Devillo JonesA. D. Randall
Clark WadsworthGeo. F. Dann
Fred BrothertonW. R. Covey
Raymond HodgesHenry Boyce
Edward GoddardEdward Hover
Travis WillsLeon Watrous
Everett HouserMrs. Alta Meacham
Wilton A. MabeeMrs. W. R. Covey
Frank O. JacobsMrs. Nettie Eggleston
Raymond KnappMrs. Benj. Rowe
Wilfred Kelley, Treasurer.
Henry F. Boyce, Asst. Treasurer.
L. R. Levis, Secretary.

Sunday School.
Oliver Jennison, Superintendent.
Wilton A. Mabee, Asst. Superintendent.
Helen French, Secretary
Lonnelle French, Ast. Secretary
John V. Stark, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Jessie Allen, Treasurer
Clifford Andrus, Librarian

Wilfred KelleyMrs. Lena Bell
L. R. LewisMrs. Fannie Knapp
H. L. LeetMrs. Nelson Adams
Benj. RoweMrs. Andrew Briggs
Raymond KnappMiss Gertrude Jennison
Mrs. M. J. SpauldingMrs. Devillo Jones
Mrs. O. E. JennisonMrs. James Winnie

Primary Department.
Mrs. Julia Ingalls, Superintendent.
Mrs. A. H. Watkins, Asst. Superintendent.

Maude Healey
Bessie Wadsworth
Eunice Higgins
Geo. H. Brown

L. R. LewisWilfred Kelley
Oliver JennisonFred Brotherton
A. H. WatkinsA. D. Randall
H. L. LeetW. R. Covey
Devillo Jones

Officers of the Woman's Home Miss'y Society.
President, Mrs. Nettie I. Eggleston.
Vice President, Mrs. S. P. Hull.
Recording Secretary, Mrs. Adell Hopkins.
Coresponding Secretary, Mrs. W. R. Covey.
Treasurer, Mrs. F. L. Vunk.
Temperance Secretary, Mrs. Carrie Johnson.
Mite Box Secretary, Mrs. Adell Hopkins.
Literature Secretary, Mrs. W. R. Covey.
Systematic Beneficence and Evangelism, Mrs. O. E. Jennison.

Officers of the Queen Esther Circle.
President, Miss Laura Mack.
Vice President, Miss Ruth Hodges.
Recording Secretary, Miss Mary Higgins.
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wendell Preston,
Mite Box Secretary, Miss Ellen Peak Dawson.
Treasurer, Miss Gertrude E. Jennison.

Officers of the Foreign Missionary Society.
President, Mrs. W. R. Covey.
First Vice President, Mrs. Benjamin Rowe.
Second Vice President, Mrs. A. B. Briggs.
Third Vice President Mrs. W. B. Chatterton.
Fourth Vice President, Mrs. A. B. Roark.
Fifth Vice President, Mrs. James Winnie.
Recording Secretary, Mrs. A. D. Randall.
Coresponding Secretary, Mrs. Byron Johnson.
Treasurer, Mrs. Mary Brown.

Officers of Ladies Aid Society.
President, Mrs. Howard Meacham.
Vice President, Mrs. John Lockey.
Vice President, Mrs. Fred Durkee.
Secretary, Mrs. Alph Randall.
Treasurer, Mrs. James French.

Officers of Epworth League.
President, Mr. Leon Watrous.
First Vice President, Miss Eunice Higgins.
Second Vice President, Mr. John Griffiths.
Third Vice President, Miss Gladys Whiting.
Fourth Vice President, Miss Maude Healey.
Secretary, Miss Ruth Wadsworth.
Treasurer, Mr. Clermont Youngs.
Pianist, Miss Helen French.
Chorister, Miss Ruth Hodges.

Officers of Methodist Brotherhood.
President, Clark Wadsworth.
First Vice President, Mr. Alph Randall.
Second Vice President, Fred Hamilton.
Third Vice President, R. J. Bentley.
Fourth Vice President, Percy Woolever.
Secretary, George F. Dann.
Treasurer, Frank Whiting.
Chorister, Devillo Jones.
Pianist, Leslie Winnie.
Usher, Edward Goddard.
Chaplain, Daniel Pierce.


Sunday Services.

  9:30 A. M., Brotherhood Meeting.
10:30 A. M., Preaching Service.
12:00 Noon, Sunday School.
  3:30 P. M., Junior Epworth League.
*6:00 P. M., Epworth League.
*7:00 P. M., Preaching Service.
*From April 1st to October 1st services one-half hour later.
Love Feast last Sunday in March. June, September and December.
Class Meeting, Tuesday, 7:30 P. M.
Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7:30 P. M.
Official Board Meeting at Call of Pastor.
Ladies Aid Society, first Wednesday of the month.
Woman's Foreign Misionary Society, third Wednesday of the month.
Woman's Home Missionary Society, fourth Wednesday of the month.
Epworth League, first Wednesday of the month.
Helper's Class, second Wednesday of the month.
Reliable Class, second Wednesday of the month.
Chorister, Oliver Jennison.
Organist, Helen French.

Frank Vunk
Bert Wood
John Stark
Travis Wills
Henry Peak
John Steele

Report of the Finances of Homer Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church—Oct. 1, 1917 to Oct. 1, 1918.


Balance Oct. 1, 1917		       $   35.15
Duplex envelopes	 		1,125.39
Tithe   envelopes	 		2,700.57
Loose   collections	     		  407.57
Deficit pledges	       			   44.00
Old account	       			   42.26
Contingent fund on deficit	    	  100.00
Offerings from revival services		   43.78
Dr. P. H. Riegel for hymn—board		    6.00
Centenary fund—supply pulpit	 	   42.03
Loan				 	  150.00
Dollar day offerings			   65.25
Other sources				   13.15


Pastor   			       $1,300.00
Sexton 					  244.60
District Superintendent's claim		  102.00
Bishop's   appointment  		   37.00
Conference   claimants		          160.00
Music					  110.00
Lights, power, fuel, water		  330.79
Interest, insurance, paving tax		  391.36
Telephone   	-			   18.04
Printing and postage			   33.04
Repairs  				  162.25
Supplies   				   31.61
Treasurer's books and duplex envelopes
	(new year)			   35.48
Pastor's moving expenses		   35.00
Old accounts				  253.78
Building fund				  675.14
Contingent fund				  405.08
Benevolences 				  270.08
Hymn   board				    6.00
Rev. C. L. Myers, supply and expenses	   42.03
Miscellaneous bills			  114.82
Cash in bank				   17.05

Bills Payable:

A. T. Dunn Co., coal			   65.82
Communion   supplies			    1.55
Loan 					  150.00


Cash in bank	      			   17.05
Advanced on new year business		   95.48
Due on  pledges	     			  109.55

     Respectfully submitted,
       Wilfred Kelley, Treasurer.

Total indebtedness of Homer Ave. M.
    E. Church October 1st, 1917	      $21,800.00
Interest paid during conference year..  1,118.00
Paid  on  principal	 		4,000.00

Leaving total indebtedness Oct. 1st, 1918 $17,800.00 Total paid in interest and principal for the year $5,118.00

     A. H. Watkins,
   Treas. Homer Ave. M. E. Church Bldg. Fund.


Honor Roll.

Gerald CotanchWendell Preston
Harvey BestLowell J. Mills
Elwin ClarkPaul Fairbanks
Ellis LanningLeslie B. Cogswell
Carl LockeyFloyd Leonard
Floyd CookCharles Morgan
Earl HopkinsElmer Ellsworth
Marlin Lyon**Deceased.


Adams, Mrs. Jennie J., 137 Madison St.
Adams, Nelson, 137 Madison St.
Adams, Mrs. Edna, 107 Maple Ave.
Agard, Lizzie, 78 Maple Ave.
Allen, Arthur, 16 Maple Ave.
Allen, Mrs. Jessie, 16 Maple Ave.
Allen. Clyde, 92 Lincoln Ave.
Allen, George, 21 W. Main.
Allen, Mrs. Myrtie, 21 W. Main.
Allen, Mildred E., 21 W. Main
Allen, Mrs. Etta, 83 Hamlin St.
Andrews, Laura E., 57 Lincoln Ave.
Andrus, Carl, Brama, Okla.
Andrus, J. Herbert, 82 Maple Ave.
Andrus, Mrs. Rose M., 82 Maple Ave.
Andrus, Clifford, 82 Maple Ave.
Ardrus. Mrs. Cora, Braman, Okla.
Arnold, Edward, 135 Main St.
Arnold, Mrs. Ida, 135 Main St.
Austin, Earl C., 78 Maple Ave.
Austin, Floyd, 97 Pendleton St.
Austin, Mrs. Pearl, 97 Pendleton St.
Baker, Mrs. Ella, 89 Maple Ave.
Baker, Ella M., 112 Groton Ave.
Barden, Arthur, Chester, Pa.
Barden, Mrs. Fern, Chester, Pa.
Barden, Clara B., 5 1-2 Greenbush St.
Barden, Fred, 26 Woodruff St.
Barden, Mrs. Elnora, 26 Woodruff St.
Barnum, H. J., Miami, Fla.
Barnum, Mrs. H. J., Miami, Fla.
Bartz, Earl, 117 Groton Ave.
Bartz, Irena, 117 Groton Ave.
Bell, Mrs. Lena, 106 Groton Ave.
Bell, Gertrude, 106 Groton Ave.
Bell, Lullus, 106 Groton Ave.
Bell, RuWett, 106 Groton Ave.
Bell, Lavere, 106 Groton Ave.
Benson, Dr. J. H., 6 Maple Ave.
Benson, Mrs. J. H., 6 Maple Ave.
Bentley, R. J., 21 1-2 Railroad St.
Bentley, Mrs. R. J., 21 1-2 Railroad St.
Bentley, R. D., 21 1-2 Railroad St.
Bentley, Edna, 21 1-2 Railroad St.
Bentley. Mrs. Phoebe, 89 1-2 Maple Ave.
Betts, R. L., 161 Homer Ave.
Betts, Mrs. R. L., 161 Homer Ave.
Best, Harvey J., IT. S. Army.
Briggs, Eva Baker, 89 Maple Ave.
Briggs, Andrew B., 21 Hamlin St.
Briggs. Mrs. Celia L.. 21 Hamlin St.
Brctherton, Fred C., 64 Prospect St.
Brotherton, Mrs. Letitia, 64 Prospect St.
Brotherton, Chester, 64 Prospect St.
Brotherton, Beatrice, 64 Prospect St.
Brown, Claude. 6 Cleveland St.
Brown, Frances, 6 Cleveland St.
Brown, Geo. H., 6 Cleveland St.
Brown, Mrs. Sarah, 6 Cleveland St.
Brown, Mrs. Mary A., 67 Hamlin St.
Bowen, Edward, 6 Chestnut St.
Bowen, Mrs. Susie, 6 Chestnut St.
Bogardus, Mrs. Jessie E., 41 Maple Ave.
Bennett, Mrs. J. D., 36 West Main St.
Benjamin, Court, 49 Clinton St., Homer.
Benjamin, Mrs. Court, 49 Clinton St., Homer.
Burgess, John, Groton City.
Burgess, Mrs. Mina, Groton City.
Burnett, Thomas Leon, 135 Groton Ave.
Burnett, Mrs. Ina A., 135 Groton Ave.
Bunny, Grace Niles, McLean Road.
Bush, Charles
Boyce, Henry F., 11 Duane St.
Boyce, Mrs. H. F., 11 Duane St.
Byram, Edna, 66 Floral Ave.
Byram, Laura, 66 Floral Ave.
Byram, Mrs. Maud, 66 Floral Ave.

Catchin, Douglass, 24 Woodruff St.
Cheney, Mrs. Hattie E., 141 Madison St.
Cheney, Mildred, 141 Madison St.
Cheney, Smith, 141 Madison St.
Cheney, Howe, 141 Madison St.
Champion, Mrs. Emogene, 15 -Elm St.
Clark, F. T., 94 Prospect St.
Clark, Mrs. P. T., 94 Prospect St.
Cole, Mrs. Lillian, 34 Maple Ave.
Conine, Smith, Churchill Block.
Cogswell, Leslie, U. S. Army.
Cook, Day, 69 Hamlin St.
Cook, Mrs. Lillian, 69 Hamlin St.
Cook, Helen, 69 Hamlin St.
Cook, Doris, 69 Hamlin St.
Coon, Charles V., 38 Homer Ave.
Coon, Mrs. Florence, 38 Homer Ave.
Coons, Lorana, 207 Tompkins St.
Coons, Bertha, 207 Tompkins St
Coons, Geraldine, 207 Tompkins St.
Coons, Chester, 207 Tompkins St.
Covey, W. R, 35 Homer Ave.
Covey, Mrs. W. R., 35 Homer Ave.
Covey, Grace, 35 Homer Ave.
Conine, Smith,
Cooper, William, 2 VanHoesen St.
Cooper, Mrs. Annette, 2 VanHoesen St.
Cooper, Fred Geo., 20 VanHoesen St.
Crozier, Mrs. Maggie, 64 Floral Ave.
Crozier, Ruth, 64 Floral Ave.
Crozier, Archie, U. S. Army.
Crumb, Dorothy, 13 Broadway.
Cruthers, Mrs. Emma, 22 Charles St.
Creager, Nina Belle, 16 Maple Ave.
Creager, Nina May, 16 Maple Ave.

Dalton, James, Locke, N. Y.
Dalton, J. Wesley, 8 John St.
Durkee, Fred A., 70 Lincoln Ave.
Durkee, Mrs. Anna, 70 Lincoln Ave.
Dalton, Emma, 8 John St.
Dann, George P., 25 Jewett Ave.
Dann, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Jewett Ave.
Davenport, Givendolin
Davenport, D. A., 160 Groton Ave.
Davenport, Mrs. D. A., 160 Groton Ave.
Davis, Mabel Everett, Marathon, N. Y.
Dodd, Luella, 38 W. Main St.
Dorman, Geo., 56 Miller St.
Dorman, Mrs. Geo., 56 Miller St.
Dillenbeck, Mrs. W. F., 72 Lincoln Ave.
Dickenson, Mabel, 16 Copeland Ave.
Dickenson, Catherine, 16 Copeland Ave.
De Hart, William, 14 Banks St.
DeHart, Mrs. Rosa, 14 Banks St.
Dickerson, Mrs. Tessie
Doran, Mrs. Margaret
Dexter, Helen Cook, Binghamton, N. Y.

Eaton, Mrs. Minnie. M., 66 Lincoln Ave.
Eaton, C. Vera, 66 Lincoln Ave.
Eggleston, Jennie, 27 Charles St.
Eggleston, Nettie, 27 Charles St.
Ellsworth, Henry, Brick School House
Ellsworth, Mrs. Delia, Brick School House.
Ellsworth, Anna, Brick School House
Everett, George, 67 Madison St.
Everett, Mrs. Eva, 67 Madison St.

Fairbanks, Frank W., 71 Floral Ave.
Fairbanks, Helen L., 71 Floral Ave.
Fairbanks, Marvin E., 71 Floral Ave.
Fairbanks, Victor E., 71 Floral Ave.
Fairbanks, Paul, 71 Floral Ave.
Farnham, Ceylon, 21 James St.
Farnham, Curtis O., 23 Reynolds Ave.
Farnham, Myrtle, 23 Reynolds Ave.
Fellows, Glen, 71 Lincoln
Fletcher, Mrs. Flora, 9 Hamlin St.
Fletcher, Ruby 0., 9 Hamlin St.
Francis, G. Clinton, South Cortland.
Francis, Harold, South Cortland
Francis, Roy, South Cortland
Francis, Velma, South Cortland
Freese, Eliza J., 6 Wadsworth St.
Freeman, Parthenia, Truxton, N. Y.
French, James R., 65 Maple Ave.
French, May L., 65 Maple Ave.
French, Helen L., 65 Maple Ave.
French, N. Lonnella, 65 Maple Ave.
French, Evelyn A., 65 Maple Ave.
Funk, Mrs. Win., 85 Floral Ave.

Gallagher, Mrs. Minnie, 31 Jewett Ave.
Gifford, Mrs. Anna, Syracuse, N. Y.
Gilfoyle, Mrs. Bertha, 10 Banks St.
Gilfoyle, Effie, 85 W. Main St.
Goodrich, Anthony, 20 Broadway
Goodrich, Mrs. Bertha, 20 Broadway
Goodrich, Mrs. Gertrude, 102 Maple Ave.
Godrich, Dorothea, 102 Maple Ave.
Goddard, Edward, 29 Arthur Ave.
Goddard, Mrs. Rhoda, 29 Arthur Ave.
Goodnough, Geo. W., 205 Tompkins St.
Gray, Mrs. E., Polkville
Gray, Ralph, Polkville
Gray, Frank, Polkville
Gray, Mr. E., Polkville
Gray, Mrs. Ida, 8 Townley Ave.
Graham, Vada Dalton, South Cortland
Graves, Lillie E., 51 Maple Ave.
Graves, Mrs. Helen, 51 Maple Ave.
Greenleaf, R. Day, 11 Duane St.
Greenleaf, Mrs. R. Day, 11 Duane St.

Hallock, Effie J., 40 Homer Ave.
Hamilton, Fred, 23 Arthur Ave.
Hamilton, Anna, 23 Arthur Ave.
Hamilton, Cecil, 23 Arthur Ave.
Hamilton, Louella, 23 Arthur Ave.
Hamilton, De Forest, 23 Arthur Ave.
Harkness, David, 10 Copeland Ave.
Harkness, Mrs. Rachel, 10 Copeland Ave.
Harrington, Daniel, South Cortland
Harrington, Mary, South Cortland
Haskell, Mrs. Alvira, 147 Groton Ave.
Healy, Mrs. Delia E., 7 Halbert St.
Healy, Mr. Edward, 7 Halbert St.
Healy, Maude, 7 Halbert St.
Healy, Reta, 7 Halbert St,
Henry, J. J., 80 Groton Ave.
Henry, Mrs. Florence, 80 Groton Ave.
Hicks, Pearl, South Cortland, N. Y.
Higgins, Mary E., 10 Harrison St.
Higgins, Eunice, 10 Harrison St.
Higgins, Henry, 170 Madison St.
Higgins, Mrs. Ethel, 170 Madison St.
Hill, Mrs. Louise M., 65 Maple Ave .
Hoar, Harold, 13 Madison St.
Hoar, Mrs. Mildred, 13 Madison St.
Hodges, Raymond, 35 Homer Ave.
Hodges, Ruth, 35 Homer Ave.
Holden, Mrs. Stella, 126 Groton Ave.
Holden, Oliver, 126 Groton Ave.
Holden, Frank, Corning, N. Y.
Hollenbeck, Mrs. Guy, Syracuse, N. Y.
Hopkins, Mrs. Adelie, 10 Homer Ave.
Hopkins, Earl, U. S. Army
Hopkins, Lillian
Hopkins, Claude, 10 Homer Ave.
Hopkins, Mrs. Alida, 10 Homer Ave.
Houser, Everett, 23 Hamlin St.
Houser, Mrs. Rose, 23 Hamlin St.
Houser, Charles, 23 Hamlin St.
Hover, Edward, Owego, N. Y.
Hover, Mrs. Olive, Owego, N. Y.
Hulbert, Shelden, 83 Hamlin St.
Hulbert, Mrs. B., Leila, 83 Hamlin St.
Hulbert, Harry, 83 Hamlin St.

Ingalls, Mrs. Julia, 21 Clinton Ave.

Jacobs, Frank O., 77 Homer Ave.
Jacobs, Mrs. Ida E., 77 Homer Ave.
Jacobs, Leon, 77 Homer Ave.
Jacobs, Mrs. Leon, 77 Homer Ave.
Jenkins, Mrs. Sarah, 137 Madison St.
Jennison, Oliver, 14 Pearne Ave.
Jennison, Mrs. Carrie, 14 Pearne Ave.
Jennison, Gertrude E., 14 Pearne Ave.
Johnson, Carrie, 126 Groton Ave .
Johnson, Lenora, 48 Maple Ave.
Johnson, Mrs. Fidelia, 117 Groton Ave.
Johnson, John A., 17 Floral Ave.
Johnson, Mrs. Bertha, 17 Floral Ave.
Jones, Devillo, 21 Hamlin St.
Jones, Mrs. Annette G., 21 Hamlin St.
Jones , Maude, 20 Harrington Ave.
Jipson, Mrs. Hattie, 65 Groton Ave.

Kelley, Edna L., 31 1-2 Groton Ave.
Keley, Mrs. S. L., 10 Pleasant St.
Kelley, Wilfred, 10 Pleasant St.
King, Alexander, 69 Floral Ave.
King, Mrs. Annabelle, 69 Floral Ave.
Kinney, Lucy, 11 Jewett Ave.
Knapp, Raymond, 57 Lincoln Ave.
Knapp, Mrs. Fannie, 57 Lincoln Ave.
Knowles, Lois, 10 Bank St.
Knowles, Helen, 10 Bank St.

Lang, Ruie, 34 Maple Ave.
Lanning, Miles, 22 Woodruff St.
Lanning, Mrs. Bessie. 22 Woodruff St.
Latimer, Mrs. Edna, 32 Woodruff St.
Latimer, David, 32 Woodruff St.
Leet, Clayton, VanHoesen St.
Leet, Mrs. Leila, VanHoesen St.
Leet, Horace, 11 Chestnut St.
Leet, Mabel W., 11 Chestnut St.
Leet, Louissa M., 11 Chestnut St.
Leet, Ralph, Willett, N. Y.
Leonard, Edgar, 65 Floral Ave.
Leonard, Mrs. Rose, 65 Floral Ave.
Leonard, Mildred, 65 Floral Ave.
Leonard, Mrs. Luella, 23 Hamlin St.
Leonard, Floyd, U. S. Army
Lewis, Lynn R., 60 Lincoln Ave.
Lewis, Emily L., 60 Lincoln Ave.
Lewis, Paul, Newark, N. J.
Lewis, Ralph, Church St.
Lewis. Anna, 120 Main St.
Lipp, Mrs. Mary E., 5 Woodruff St.
Lockey, Mrs. Clara, 30 Jewett Ave.
Lohman, Mildred, 87 Clinton Ave.
Lounsbury, Mrs. Cora, Hillsdale, N. J.

Mabee, Wilton A., 67 Hamlin St.
Mabee, Eva S., 67 Hamlin St.
Mabee, Marjorie, 67 Hamlin St.
Mack, Mrs. Flora E., 34 1-2 Madison St.
Mack, Newton, 21 Washington St.
Mack, Laura, 34 1-2 Madison St.
Maine, Mrs. Marcia, 25 Arthur Ave.
Maine Blair, 25 Arthur Ave.
Maine, Robert, 25 Arthur Ave.
Maltbee, Mrs. Adella, 4 Van Hoesen St.
Maltbee, Ruth A., 4 Van Hoesen St.
Mapes, Christiania
Marris, Floyd, 15 W. Main St.
Marris, Mrs. Floyd, 15 W. Main St.
Marris, Violet, 15 W. Main St.
Marks, Mrs. Lizzie Sarah
Martin, Helen
Mason, Claudine, Kenwood, N. Y.
McKee, Mrs. Alice, 81 Maple Ave.
Meacham, Mrs. Alice, 50 Homer Ave.
Mead, Charles E., 6 Harmon Ave.
Mead, Matilda, 6 Harmon Ave.
Miner, O. P., 72 Madison St.
Miner, Mrs. Julia, 72 Madison St.
Moon, John, 26 1-2 Grant St.
More, Mrs. E., Laidies Home, Homer, N. Y.
Morehotise, Amelia, Oxford, N. Y.
Mott, Mrs. Augusta, 22 N. Greenbush St.
Mott, Mrs. Mary A., 50 Maple Ave.
Molt, Hila, 50 Maple Ave.
Mott, Lawrence, 50 Maple Ave.
Mott, Harold, 50 Maple Ave.
Murray, Fred C., 32 Alvena Ave.
Murray, Mrs. Fred, 32 Alvena Ave.

Nichols, B. A., 26 Miller St.
Nichols, Mrs. Stella, 26 Miller St.
Nichols, Reuben, 101 Maple Ave.
Nichols, Maude G., 101 Maple Ave.
Nichols, Mrs. M. J., 22 Washington St.

Peak, Henry, 85 Maple Ave.
Peak, Mrs. Sarah S., 85 Maple Ave.
Peak, Ellen, 85 Maple Ave.
Pickert, Mary, 34 1-2 Madison St.
Pierce, C. W., 43 Alvena Ave.
Pierce, Mrs. Mary, 43 Alvena Ave.
Pierce, Blanche, 43 Alvena Ave.
Pierce, Millard, 43 Alvena Ave.
Pittsley, Jessie R., Truxton Road.
Pittsley, Mrs. Hazel, Truxton Road.
Potter, L. W., 68 Groton Ave.
Potter, Mrs. Sarah, 68 Groton Ave.
Potter, Edith, 68 Groton Ave.
Potter, Sarah, 15 Stevenson St.
Potter, Ruth, Syracuse, N. Y.
Preston, David, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, Ethel, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, Lillian, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, William, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, Dorothy, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, Frederick, N. Greenbush St.
Preston, Mrs. Jessie Higgins, 10 Harrison St.
Priest, Calvin, 6 Chestnut St.
Pritchard, Emory, 77 Maple Ave.
Prit chard, Rosa, 77 Maple Ave.
Pritchard, Marion, 77 Maple Ave.
Putnam, Floyd, West Homer Road.

Radell, Mrs. Bertha, 8 Copeland Ave.
Randall, Alphe, 74 W. Main St.
Randall, Mrs. Fannie, 74 W. Main St.
Reynolds, Asa, 42 W. Main St.
Rittenhouse, Mrs. L. B., 31 James St.
Roark, Bernice, 147 Groton Ave.
Roberts, Lucy, Brick School House
Roberts, Anna, Brick School House
Robbins, Caleb, 149 Railroad St.
Robbins, Florence, 149 Railroad St.
Robbins, Marion, 149 Railroad St.
Robbins, Ethel, 149 Railroad St.
Robinson, Mrs. Duella, Elmira, N. Y.
Robson, Elizabeth, 70 Groton Ave.
Roe, Mrs. Blanche, 20 East Main St.
Rollsin, Mrs. Maggie, 11 Monroe Heights
. Root, Mrs., Syracuse, N. Y.
Rowe, Mrs. Augusta L., 64 Maple Ave.
Rowe, Edna, 70 Tompkins St.
Russel, William, 20 Reynolds Ave.
Ryan, Mrs. Belle P., 68 Madison St.

Stevens, Clarence, 75 Hamlin St.
Stevens, Isabelle, 75 Hamlin St.
Stiles, Walter, 51 Lincoln Ave.
Stone, Nellie, France.
Suggett, Jennie, 25 Homer Ave.
Swift, Mrs. Ida T., 14 Harrington Ave.

Thornton, Edward, 13 Broadway.
Thornton, Mrs. Lottie, 13 Broadway.
Thomas, Mrs. John, Cortland, R. D.
Towne, Walter, Ilion, N. Y.
Towne, Mrs. Carrie, 66 Groton Ave.
Towne, Floyd, 50 Groton Ave.
Towne, Mrs. Floyd, 50 Groton Ave.
Towne, Harry, 66 Groton Ave.
Trim, Guy, U. S. Army.
Twentyman, John, 175 Groton Ave.
Tyler, Willis, 12 Wheeler Ave.
Tyler, Mrs. Willis, 12 Wheeler Ave.

Valentine, Mrs. Almira, 8 Wheeler Ave.
Vunk, Frank L., 25 Arthur Ave.
Vunk, Mrs. Fannie, 25 Arthur Ave.

Wadhams, Christopher, Brick Schoolhouse.
Wadhams, Mrs. Rose, Brick Schoolhouse.
Wadsworth, Glenn, 71 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Mrs. Emma, 71 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Clark H., 76 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Mrs. Carrie, 76 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Marea, 76 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Ruth, 76 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Bessie, 76 W. Main St.
Wadsworth, Helen, 76 W. Main St.
Warwick, Mrs. May, 64 Madison St.
Warwick, Harold, 64 Madison St.
Warwick, Lqdema, 64 Madison St.
Watkins, A. H., 38 Homer Ave.
Watkins, Mrs. Eva, 38 Homer Ave.
Watkins, Florence, 38 Homer Ave.
Watrous, Howard, 16 Blaine St.
Watrous, Emogene, 16 Blaine St.
Watrous, Leon, 16 Blaine St.
Watrous, Charles, 16 Blaine St.
Watrous, Ethel, Cortland, N. Y., R. D.
Weaver, Mrs. Sadie, 24 Van Hoesen St.
Weaver, Ray, 24 Van Hoesen St.
Weaver, George, 24 Van Hoesen St.
Weaver, Claude, 24 Van Hoesen St.
Wetherall, Mrs. Mary E., 78 Maple Ave.
Whiting, J. D., 127 Groton Ave.
Whiting, Mrs. Lulu May, 127 Groton Ave.
Whiting, Frank E.. 73 W. Main St.
Whiting, Mrs. Lizzie, 73 W. Main St.
Whiting, Gladys, 73 W. Main St.
Whiting, Ruth, 73 W. Main St.
Whiting, Leland, 73 W. Main St.
Wilber, Geo. A., W. Homer Ave.
Wilcox, Caroline, 12 Halbert St.
Wilcox, Earl, II. S. Army.
Welch, Mrs. William, 27 Arthur Ave.
Wright, Mm. Phoebe, 8 Cleveland St.
Wills, Travis, 105 Maple Ave.
Wills. Mrs. Eugenia, 105 Maple Ave.
Wills, Lyman, 105 Maple Ave.
Wills, Eda, 105 Maple Ave.
Wills, Laura, 105 Maple Ave.
Wilmarth, Jay E., Trenton, N. J.
Wilmartli, Mrs. Florence, Trenton, N. J.
Winnie, James, 15 Graham Ave.
Winnie, Mrs. Florence D., 15 Graham Ave.
Winnie, Leslie, 15 Graham Ave.
Winter, Mrs. Lydia, 3 Halbert St.
Wood, Bert, 46 Arthur Ave.
Wood, Mrs. Bertha, 46 Arthur Ave.
Wood, Mona, 46 Arthur Ave.
Woolcot, Lee, McLean, N. Y.

Yorman, Warren, 15 Chestnut St.
Youngs, Mrs. M. Bertha, 99 Maple Ave.
Youngs, Dayton, 99 Maple Ave.
Youngs, Clermont, 99 Maple Ave.
Youngs, Arthur, Trenton, N. J.
Youngs, Mrs. Juanita, Trenton, N. J.
Young, Mrs. Ella, 21 Owego St.
Youngs, Mrs. Eva, 34 Alvena Ave.


Burgett, Mrs. Pearl, 38 W. Main St.
Graham, Merton, South Cortland.
Graham, Arthur, U. S. Army.
Hakes, Grace, 32 Alvena Ave.
Hall, Kenneth, 4 ½ Hamlin St.
Hall, Arlie, 4 ½ Hamlin St.
Hall, Linnie, 4 ½ Hamlin St.
Jackson, Ethel, 64 Tompkins St.
Jackson, Adelbert, Lehighton, Pa.
Moore, Adelbert, 92 ½ Lincoln Ave.
Mills, Lowell, U. S. Army.
Saunders, Mrs. Wm., 73 Hamlin St.
Stark, V. John, 70 N. Main St.
Tibbits, George, 74 Maple Ave.
Wetherill, Gladys, 74 Maple Ave.

Non-Resident Members

Ackerman, MabelPhilips, Rena
Ausman, MabelPierson, Harriet
Colby, LillianPratt, Albert
Coleman, CatherineRobson, Thomas
Coleman, OliveRussell, Willard
Coleman, EvaRussell, Fannie
Coleman, LuellaRussell, Irving
Creque, Anna MaySeamans, Maggie
Crowell, Mrs. M.Selter, Helen
Curtis, Minor A.Smith, Mrs. Alice
Curtis, LouiseTimmerman, Mr.
Dickerson, TessieTimmerman, Mrs.
Edwards, IvanTrim, Mabel
Haskins, LibbieWatrous, Dena
Horton, AliceWelke, Martha
Horton, LenaWilcox, Carry May
Howell, LidaWilcox, Lizzie
Martin, HelenWilcox, A. Nellie
Masten, ErneWilcox, Robert
Morse, Dora Wilson, Elias
Norton, Mrs. Lena

Contributed by Anne Anderson - April, 2005

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