Husband: Joseph BATES *

Birth: 1781 Place: Exeter,Washington County,Rhode Island
Death: 14 Sep 1864 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: 1864 Place: Glenwood Cem.,Homer,Cortland Co.,New York
Occupation: Carriage And Sleigh Maker
Father: Joseph BATES (1734-1799)
Mother: Amy Ann (1760-)
Marriage: About 1806/1807 Place: Berlin,Rensselaer County,New York
Wife: Amelia"Millie" BABCOCK
Birth: Dec 1785 Place: Berlin,Rensselaer County,New York
Death: 26 May 1837 Place: Homer Village, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Father: Thomas BABCOCK (1750-1824)
Mother: Olive BRIGGS (1755-)
Notes: ongoing research to verify exact Babcock ancestors
1. M Child: Daniel BATES
Birth: 1808 Place: Greenfield, Saratoga Co., New York
Death: 1882
Burial: Place: Ashton Cemetery,Ashton,Lee County,Illinois
Occupation: Farmer/Blacksmith
Spouse: Phebe
Notes: Daniel and his family lived in Homer until about 1860 when the family moved to Ashton,Lee County,Illinois. Living relatives have been located in Aurora, Illinois and the Lee County area. He died a few weeks before his younger brother Alvin of Minnesota.
2. M Child: Alvin BATES *
Birth: 1810 Place: Greenfield, Saratoga Co., Washington Co., New York
Death: 10 Aug 1882 Place: Greenvale, Dakota Co., Minnesota
Burial: Place: Hastings, Dakota Co., Minnesota
Occupation: Carriage Maker-Blacksmith-Shoe Maker
Religion: Baptist
Spouse: Sarah Ann "Sally Ann" ROBINSON
Marriage: 1831
Notes: Alvin痴 job and part-time hobby of shoemaking allowed him to travel to Seneca County New York during the winter months to apply his trade. He continued to farm and work as a blacksmith in Homer. Alvin and his sister Zerue were baptised in the Homer Baptist Church in 1826 by the Rev. Bennet.Alvin moved in 1856 to Greenvale,Dakota County,Minnesota where three of his sons later volunteered for Lincoln痴 "First Minnesota" , the first volunteers to serve the cause of the Union.
3. F Child: Zerue "Pru" BATES
Birth: 1812/1813 Place: Greenfield, Saratoga Co, New York
Death: 26 Jan 1876
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cemetery,Homer,Cortland Co.N.Y.
Occupation: Housekeeper
Ref Number: Lot 4 Sect. 8 Yale Monument, Homer Glenwood Cemetery.
Spouse: CONGER
Notes: Zerue was married several times but only the married named of her husband Conger can be located. She had two known children Persis Conger and Christopher Conger.In later years Zerue lived with her youngest sister Helen Bates Yale and she is buried with the Yale痴 in Homer Cemetery Christopher moved in the 1870痴 to Parma,Michigan where he was located with his family.Persis married Luke Coon of Homer and had 2 children Frederick Coon who died at age 3, and Grace Coon Ratnour of Madison County. The Coons are buried in Homer Cemetery.
4. M Child: Alexander S. BATES
Birth: 1814 Place: Greenwich, New York
Death: 7 Jun 1892
1 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: 10 Jun 1892 Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Carriage Maker/Blacksmith
Spouse: Lavina YALE *
Marriage: 20 Sep 1834 Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York
Spouse: Hannah J. ANDREWS
Marriage: 23 Aug 1890 Place: Wolcott,Wayne County, New York
Notes: Lavina Yale was the youngest of 14 children of Waitstill and Sarah Hover Yale and was a descendant of Eliphalet Yale,founder of Yale University. There was a very large branch of Yale family and collaterals living in and around the Cortland County area prior to the Civil War.
Military: Alexander was the Drum Major for Co D., 157th NYSV during the Civil War. He developed Rheumatic Fever while serving in Virginia and was discharged shortly after enlisting in Hamilton,N.Y.
Less than 2 years after the death of Lavina Yale Bates, Alexander married the widow of a Jacob Fenton Paddock of Wolcott,Wayne County,N.Y. who was named Hannah J. Andrews. Hannah remained briefly in the Homer area after Alexander痴 death and later moved south to Atlanta Georgia.
5. M Child: Briggs C. BATES
Birth: 1816 Place: Greenfield, Saratoga Co, New York
Christen: 4 Sep 1858 Place: Lenox Congregationalist Church, Lenox,N.Y.
Death: 14 Jan 1898 Place: Lenox,Madison County,N.Y.
Burial: 17 Jan 1898 Place: Lenox Rural Cem, Lenox, Madison County,N.Y.
Occupation: Farmer-Blacksmith-Carriage Maker
Religion: Congregationalist
Spouse: Clarissa "Clarusha" YALE
Marriage: 1842
Notes: Briggs was a blacksmith who lived in Lenox,Madison County. He is buried in Lenox痴 "Quality Hill Cemetery" renamed Rural Lenox Cem. Clarissa Yale was the daughter of Henry Yale of Lenox,N.Y. Henry Yale was brother to Lavina Yale who married Alexander Bates and was also a niece of Briggs sister Helen痴 husband Moses Yale.
6. F Child: Helen D. BATES
Birth: Feb 1819 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Death: 3 Oct 1900 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer,Cortland County,N.Y.
Spouse: Moses YALE
Marriage: Jan 1836
Notes: Helen married Moses Yale and they had one son named Austin who died at age 19. They adopted Benjamin Willson who later died at a young age. Helen left a very large will naming all her siblings descendants and many of her friends. She was very close to her family and helped out whenever family emergencies arose. She was especially close to her brother Briggs Bates and lived with Brigg痴 son William Almon Bates before she died.
7. F Child: Angeline BATES
Birth: 1822 Place: Homer, Cortland County,New York
Death: 15 Dec 1889 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Ref Number: lot52sec12 Homer Glenwood Cemetery
Spouse: Henry H. MILLER
Marriage: About 1840 Place: New York
Notes: Henry was a musician in Co. H of the 157th NYSV. He was a carpenter.
8. F Child: Diantha BATES
Birth: 1829 Place: Homer, Cortland County,New York
Death: 16 Apr 1847
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem, Homer, Cortland County, New York
Notes: Died young and never married. She is buried in Homer Glenwood Cemetery with her Father and Mother.
Husband痴 Notes...
Joseph and his wife Amelia Babcock are the earliest verified ancestors of this Homer,N.Y. Bates family.Joseph and Millie had 8 known children who kept close throughout all their lives.
Joseph was a Carriage and Sleigh maker whose four sons also followed this profession well into the 20th century. All of the boys were farmers and blacksmiths as well.
It has been established for the most part that Joseph was born in Rhode Island and migrated slowly West through perhaps Pownal,Vermont,Bennington County Vermont and across the new border into New York State in Rensselaer County where he remained to have at least 6 of his children born either in Washington or Saratoga Counties.
An 1806 Tax accessment list was located for Berlin,Albany County,NY listing Joseph Bates and several Briggs and Babcock families.This may have been Joseph Bates last known residence before moving briefly to Madison County.
This family then went further West about 1817 to Lenox,Madison County,N.Y. Cortland County was their final migration where all the grown children either elected to remain in Homer,N.Y. or migrate further West. Helen ,Angeline and Diantha were all born in Homer. The older five were probably born in Greenwich County,NY
It is in Madison County where Joseph perhaps met the acquaintance of the Waitstill Yale family which would remain a very close relationship indeed. Three of Joseph and Amelia痴 children Alexander,Helen, and Briggs Bates all married children of Waitstill and Sarah Hover Yale. Alexander and Helen stayed in Homer, and Briggs and his wife chose Lenox in Madison County.
Joseph and Amelia went on to live in Homer about 1819 where they remained for the rest of their lives.
Their son Alexander Bates was the longest resident of the Homer area ( 40 years )having lived in Homer and apprenticing many young blacksmith痴 in his Homer shop. Alexander was also the Drum Major for Co. D. of the 157th NYSV being discharged early for medical complications. Alexnder was active with the Underground Railroad near Little York.

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Information submitted to Cortland County GenWeb by: Theodore H. Bates,Fort Wayne,IN E-mail