Joseph Darby and his 2 families

Joseph Darby, born August 23, 1772 in Canterbury, CT married Anna Grow, born Feb 15, 1777 in Hampton, CT. She was the sister of Chloe Grow, married to Deacon Asa Bennett of the Homer Baptist Church, Rhoda Grow, married to Rev. Alfred Bennett of the same church, Hannah Grow married to Isaac Rindge, Pheobe Grow married to J.R. Hicks of Homer, NY; Lois Grow married to Deacon William Burnham of the Homer Baptist Church, & Elisha Grow married to Lois Palmer. Elisha was director of the Cortland Bible Society in 1832. The children of Joseph & Anna Grow Darby are:

1). Dilla Darby married to Samuel Stedman in Cortland Co in 1834 Smith Stedman married to Ellen Vedder, is their son. Sonora Stedman is Smith's daughter, & Helen Marie Stedman Apgar is Helen's adopted daughter.

2.) Lyman Darby married to Cynthia Salisbury in 1822.


Harriet Newall Darby married to Isaac N. Chollar

Lyman Darby Jr. (Homer MILLER) married to Sarah Taylor

Julia Darby married to C.E. Huntington

Cynthia Darby married to Milton Palmer

Orissa Darby married to John White

Eliza Darby married to Samuel Oren, attorney

W.H. Darby (Also MILLER) married to Olive Sykes

3). Thomas Darby married to Abigail Sumner, who died in 1829, married to

Urana M. Peck, dau of Rev. Nathan Peck.


Cordelia Darby married to Warren Nye

Wayland Darby, unmarried, died in 1874

Nathan P. Darby married Martha Mineah & Mary Francis

Thomas Darby Jr. married to Frances E. Bement

Child: Lucius Darby

Lucius Darby, unmarried died in 1865

Anna Grow died in 1806 & Joseph Darby married Asenath Tyler in 1807. Joseph & Asenath's children are:

1). Ann Darby, unmarried, died in 1857

2). Joseph Darby Jr. (Potter) married to Selina Kinney who died, then married Lydia Chesebrough. In business with Thomas Dresser Chollar who had previously been in business with his cousin by marriage, Lucius Bennett, son of Chloe Grow & Asa Bennett (Chollar & Darby Pottery).


Henry C. Darby (Selina Kinney)

Frederick Darby(Selina Kinney)

Miles Darby (Selina Kinney)

Lewis George Darby (Selina Kinney)

William E. Darby (Lydia Chesebrough)

Chauncey H Darby (Lydia Chesebrough)

Sarah Darby married to Frank Reid

Harriet Darby married to Thomas Pugh

3). Lucius Tyler Darby

4). Chauncey Darby, (Rev.) married to Mary Ann Short child:

Edwin Darby, Dentist, married to Caroline Beers Thomas

5). Asenath Darby, unmarried, died in 1845

6). Edwin Henry Darby, (Insurance Agent) married to Ellen L..


Jane Hellen Darby

Edwin F. Darby

William Darby

Mary Darby



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