Cortland County marriages
In Non-Cortland Areas

It was not uncommon for residents of Cortland County to travel to nearby counties to get married. The trouble is finding them. Below are records involving Cortland Co. people, along with their spouses, mentioned from the registered marriages in the village of Manlius, Onondaga County, NY.

ALBECK, Louisa, res. Manlius, NY, ae. 36, b. Clay, NY, fa. Louis Albeck, mo. Anna (no last name). Married James May.

BROWN, Bessie G., res. Cortland, NY, ae. 21, b. Cortland, NY, fa. Charles H. Brown, mo. Eva D. Sentary. Married Earl Morris.

GEWEYE, Carrie M., res. Cortland, NY, ae. 18, b. Truxton, NY, fa. Charles Geweye, mo. Fanny Watson. Married George Henry Lorry, Jr.

JOHNSON, Albertus C., res. Syracuse, N.Y., ae. 39, Supt. Of Laborers, b. Cortland Co., N.Y., fa. Stephen Johnson, mo. Sally Ann Carley, 1st marriage hu, 1st marriage wife. Married Edna May Scalley June 1, 1895 by Rev. Matthew Gaffney.

KINNEY, James M., res. Cuyler, NY, ae. 27, painter, b. Cuyler, NY, fa. Ira Kinney, mo. Mercy Smith, 1st marriage hu, 1st marriage wife. Married Gertrude Sargent June 8, 1899 by Chas. E. Cole, Justice of the Peace.

LORRY, George Henry, Jr., res. Manlius, NY, ae. 21, laborer, b. Cazenovia, NY, fa. George Lorry, mo. Hattie Sauter, 1st marriage hu, 1st marriage wife. Married Carrie M. Geweye Feb. 12, 1901 by Rev. J. F. Beebee.

MAY, James, res. Solon, Cortland Co., NY, ae. 41, farmer, b. Shearness, England, fa. William May, mo. Olive Robinson, 1st marriage hu, 1st marriage wife. Married Louisa Albeck Dec. 5, 1896 by Rev. Matthew Gaffney.

MORRIS, Earl, res. Spafford, NY, ae. 21, farmer, b. Glen Haven, NY, fa. Edwin Morris, mo. Flora Ripley, 1st marriage hu, 1st marriage wife. Married Bessie G. Brown Feb. 19, 1901 by Charles E. Cole, Justice of the Peace.

SARGENT, Gertrude, res. Taylor, NY, ae. 24, b. Taylor, NY, fa. Lewis Sargent, mo. Elizabeth Potter. Married James M. Kinney.

SCALLEY, Edna May, res. Manlius, NY, ae. 17, b. Indiana, fa. Peter Scalley, mo. Diana Combs. Married Albertus C. Johnson.

Jan 13, 1999

Submitted by Sue Goodfellow, The Manlius Historical Society

Follow this link for a list of all marriages registered in Manlius between 8/31/1887 and 12/25/1907

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