Cortland County

Migration Patterns of
Central NY families

Migration patterns can help to identify allied lines in research. Sometimes, these patterns are published in county histories or other biographical information.

The table below is lists migration patterns of some early Cortland Co families. A link to the online source of the info is provided in the far right column. The table is an attempt to provide both users and the search engines with links to information on other websites, without having to duplicate all of the data.

If you know of an off-site source of publications on Cortland Co. people, please consider sending me the data to be included on this page.

Description Locations Allied lines
in Cortland Co.
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Benton family of Cortland Co. England, Milford CT; Hartford CT; Tolland CT; Cortland, NY Lewis, Sherwood, Putnam Cutters p. 103
Buchanan family of McGrawville, NY Ireland, Orange Co. NY; Herkimer Co. NY; McGrawville, Cortland Co. NY Farmer, Hatfield, Hollister Cutters p. 169
Davis family of Cortland Washington, NJ; New York City, NY; Norwich, Chenango Co. NY; Hazelton, PA; Cortland Co. NY   - -   Cutters p. 99
Seely family of Cortland Co. NY Delaware Co. NY; Cortland Co. NY; Bradford Co. PA   - -   Bradford Co. GenWeb site
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  • Cutters: Articles from Cutter's Genealogies and Family Portraits of Central NY Vol. 1

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