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Charles Potter

I am looking for info on Charles Potter born on or BEFORE or near New York STate. Charles had 8 children: Hardin Potter, Jeanette Potter, Welcome Potter, Annette POtter, Samuel Potter, Tom or Thomas Potter, Reuben Potter, and George Hiran Carver Potter who was born, June 7th 1835. George H.C. Potter died in Cortland New York, year unknown.

George Hiran Carver Potter married Fannie Marie Bort b. September 1840 of Addison New York. she died in 1906 in Courtland, New York. George and Fannie Marie had 8 children: Henry Potter, Orello Orlando Potter, Martha (Mattie) Potter, Byron Potter, Chauncy POtter, Ernest David Potter b. 1879, Florence Potter b. 1881, John Mark Potter b June 6th 1886 Cuyler, New York, died 1968 Manasses, Virginia.

John Mark Potter married Minnie Hattie Hughes (b. May 25th 1875 of Tully, New York) on July 30 1903 in Addison, New York they had 2 children: Bowee H. Potter (Arthur) b Dec 17 1908 d. 1923 of Cortland, New York, and Harold Dayton Potter born June 11 1906 in Taylor, Cortland County, New York.

Harold Dayton Potter married Mary Eliza Moore of Harleson, Delaware(b. March 9th 1909 in Harrington Delaware), on March 3 1930 in Wicomico, Maryland. They had 7 children, Mildred Marie Potter b. Dec 1930 in Delaware, Herbert Burton Potter b. May 1933 in Maryland, Dorothy Grace Potter b. Dec 1934, Arline Rose Potter b. June 1936, Virginia Lillie Potter b. Nov 1937 in Maryland, Dolly Josephine Potter b.March 1939 in Maryland and Jerry David Potter b. Dec 1944 in Virginia.

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