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You are invited to enter a query or submit your surname information for your Cortland County ancestor. Your query will be posted only if it has an Cortland County connection. This is a registry of your research activities and possible connections to other researchers. Due to time constrainsts, I cannot research individual submissions.

Queries may be edited for content. Also, queries without a Cortland Co. connection may not be posted. Surnames listed on the surname line MUST be included in the query. Queries involving living people will not be posted, except under the adoptions pages of the Lost Souls section. If responses are not forthcoming to users initial contacts, please let me know.

I am going to be doing the query and surname updates manually, usually over the weekend. Please use the form below to send mail to me when you have a query or surname you want added to the Cortland Co. NYGenWeb site. If this is an update to an existing query, please try to mention that in the query. If I don't catch that part, it's likely you might have duplicate queries on different pages.

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NOTE: Your query will not immediately be displayed on the county query page you will select below. Please allow a week or two for processing.

After processing you will be taken to a screen titled MailMerge Gateway. Use your browsers BACK key to return to the Cortland County, NYGenWeb Homepage.

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