Cortland County
for Dec 10, 2000 to Jan 20, 2001

Submitter: Clay Carley Feeter

Alburtis A. CARLEY (1833-1923) Cortland, NY
Query Text: Is the above headline familiar to you? I'm trying to determine why our family's Cortland, NY cemetery plot reads "Carley-Feeter," and why my middle name is Carley, as was my grandfather's middle name (Alburtis Carley Feeter), and why there are several Carley family members buried in the same plot w/ Feeters in the Cortland, NY cemetery, including Alburtis A. Carley (1833-1923). It is said that my g gramps, Frank B. Feeter was raised by the Carley Family in the Cortland County, NY area about mid-to-late 1800s. Does the name Oliver Carley sound familiar? My dad remembers meeting him when Oliver would have been around 45 yrs. old, about 1938 in Cortland; maybe he's descended from Alburtis A. Carley? Also, our family has a NY Civil War belt buckle and sword that is said by my dad to have been given to a Carley for his efforts in forming a regimental company for a Cortland area Civil War regiment. Any clues are GREATLY appreciated!

Submitter: Pam Angus-Harrison

Query Text: I am looking for information on Mary Belden, b.March 22,1748 in Corland Manor, N.Y.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Clay Feeter

Query Text: Looking for help on: John Feeter who moved to Truxton about 1865 or 70. His son Frank B. Feeter who lived in Truxton and Cuyler into early 1900s; m. Ella m. Loucks, 1884. And any other Feeters from the eastern Cortland Co. area.

Submitter: Clay Carley Feeter

Query Text: My g gramps, Frank B. FEETER, b. May 1863; lived in Cuyler, NY, was said to have been raised by the "CARLEY" Family. In fact he and many other Feeters are buried in Cortland in the Carley/Feeeter Family plot. I have a Civil War belt buckle said to have been given to one of these Carleys for their service in helping recruit a unit to fight in the War. Any clues to Carley Family is appreciated.
--Clay Carley Feeter Pistol River, Oregon

Submitter: Fay Tiller Morgan

Query Text: Jason and Susan Clark had land in Scott, Cortland Co NY in the 1800's. They were in Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co Pa in 1840. Want their parents and siblings. Thanks

Submitter: Holly Smith

Query Text: I am searching for information on William Montgomery who was a native of Cortland County. He married Caroline Lovell. Their son Lyman B. Montgomery was born February 22, 1835 in Cortland County.

Submitter: Sheila Box

Query Text: I am looking for a Wilcox family that lived in Virgil, Cortland co. I believe it was a Charles Wilcox. He had a son Frank who married a Isabel or Belle Robertson. They married and lived in Spafford, N.Y. because that is where there daughter Lena was born. I think he died young and is buried in a cemetery in Virgil. Belle is listed in the corning, Steuben co., city dir. by ab.1891 living there with a Jane Robertson, widow of Peter and a Grace Wilcox, a nurse. If any one has information please e-mail me at ,please.
Thanks, Sheila Box

Submitter: Ginny Meachum

Query Text: Searching for the spouses of the children of Gideon & Phebe (Hall) MEACHAM: Belinda Meacham b. 1792 md. Benj. BILLINGS, Phoebe b. 1800 md. John CRANE, Betsey b. 1805 md. Samuel Amos PALMER, Huldah b. 1809 md. Samuel Ludlow CLARK, Hilas b. 1815 md. Mary Ann SESSIONS. ANY information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Jeff Brown

Query Text: I`m looking for Fitch Brown, his parents and first wifes last name.He was born 1795 in Lebanon Ct. ,moved to Scott some point,. Connecticut records I`ve found does`nt have him married there. He married a woman named Ruth. Some of his children were Alva, Dexter, Erastus, Joel, William, Nancy and 3 other girls. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I can`t seem to find anything anywhere. Thanks Jeff

Submitter: David Fuller

Query Text: I am looking for Lydia Sweet (born May 4, 1816, died May 24, 1895) and her husband, Truman Hopkins (3/15/1814, Otsego Co., NY - 2/20/1891, Crawford Co, PA). I do not know the parent of either of them. Below is all I know about them... maybe some fact will strike a chord with someone else!
They had three children
Sophronia Hopkins 1842 - 1916 born in Cayuga Co., NY
+John Sweet 1837 ( or 1845?) - 7/30/1918

Charles Hopkins 1843 - 1905 born in Tioga Co PA,
+Amanda Roswell 1845 - 1902
Leroy Hopkins 1844 - 1906
+Elizabeth Morris 1845 - 1906

Lydia and Truman were married in mid November 1837 at the home of Thomas Sweet, Virgil, Cortland Co, NY. Frederick B. Sweet was a witness. In 1891 Frederick B. lived in Potter Co, PA (statement in Truman's civil war pension file -- at least the statement was sworn in Potter Co... possible Frederick could have lived in a neighboring county???).

In the Titusville, PA (Crawford Co) paper that carried Lydia's obituary is a note that her brother "Juid" - perhaps Jude?? - who also lived in Crawford Co, was in town for her funeral. Lydia and Truman were living in Tioga Co., PA in 1843, when their son Charles was born. They are also listed in the 1860 census in Chatham, Tioga Co., PA. They moved to Crawford CO., PA shortly after 1860.

Lydia and Truman's daughter, Sophrona, married John B. Sweet, who was born in Tioga Co PA about 1837. They were married in Wellsboro, NY on 9/12/1858.

Truman and Charles enlisted for the Civil War in 1862 from Crawford Co, PA. Truman was discharged for illness shortly thereafter in Washington, D.C. John B. Sweet was in the same Civil War unit ( Company I, 150th Inf Regt, PA Vol). In 1870 (census records) both Truman and Charles Hopkins and John B Sweet were living in Livingston Co, Michigan. By 1880 Charles Hopkins was back in Crawford Co, PA. Truman and Lydia were also in PA by 1891 (actually, there is reason to believe that all were back by 1875 - John B. Sweet's service record indicates he was. His service record also indicates he was in Kansas in the early 1870's.... were Truman and Lydia????) John B. Sweet and wife Sophronia A. bought land in Genoa twsp in 1867, sold in 1872 when they were living in Kansas. Note for future reference, the same records indicate that Ambrose M. Sweet and wife Maria bought land in Genoa twsp in 1869 and sold in 1872.... Note also the entry for Newberry C. Sweet, from Crawford Co PA also bought land in Genoa twsp; he died in 1874 and his heirs included a John B Sweet (but no Ambrose...). LDS records list a Newberry C. born about 1813. Was he John B's father?

So, the following questions are asked. Who are Lydia Ann Sweet Hopkins' parents? In particular, is Thomas her father? Is this the same Thomas (and wife Lydia) who lived in Tioga in 1850? Is Thomas the same Thomas as in the 1830 Virgil census? Is the Jude in Lydia's obituary the same Jude in the 1850 census? Is Frederick B a bother of Lydia? Who is John B. Sweet, who married Lydia Sweet Hopkin's daughter? Who are Truman Hopkins' parents? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Submitter: A. Wills

Query Text: We are trying to locate my husband's grandfather.His name was Walter Calvin Wills and he married an Elizabeth Flanagan. He died quite young and no one in the family knows much about him except it seems he came from the Homer area. Recently I located a reference on a family tree which I think may refer to him and gives a birth date of Dec 1879. If this is the right person he seems to have had three sisters--Bessie, Mabel and Dora and his grandmother was an Ellis. Any information would be appreciated.

Submitter: Libby Saxby

Query Text: I'm researching my husband's family.Mark Saxby moved from Beverly, Massachusetts, to Solon, Courtland Co. NY. I'm trying to find Mark's parents, James and Lucy Saxby.

Submitter: Norvil L. Brown

Query Text: I am seeking an info about these two children of Sidney and Lovina (Salisbury) Brown. 1. Albert Augustine Brown born March 12, 1827 2.Lorana Brown born November 23, 1832. both were living in 1850 census.

Submitter: Norvil Brown

Query Text: I would like to contact any descendants of Cyrus Salisbury, a resident of Cortland Co. and his wife Sareptha Tull, married August 11, 1816. They later went to Broome Co.

Submitter: Max

ABBOTT - BOWEN - DURAND - Rumsey - SIMONSON - Woodmancy
Query Text: Nathan ABBOTT b. abt 1790 MA married Nancy BOWEN b.CT dau Sarah L ABBOTT b. abt 1825 d. Jan 6 1906 mar Daniel W DURAND 1812-1895 NY mar Emma Rumsey 1855-1929 their son Earl David Durand 1870-1958 NY mar Minerva SIMONSON Nothing is known of Minerva, and information is badly needed on surnames CAPITALIZED. Thank you. Max

Submitter: Penny Petersen

Query Text: Info on William Angle who was born 1820 in New York, perhaps Cortland County

Submitter: Yvonne Eccleston Parizo

Query Text: Trying to locate information on my great-grandfather Claude Smith and his ancestry in the Cincinnatus area. My grandmother was Cecile Harriet Smith Peak.

Submitter: Carolyn Murphy

Query Text: Seeking further information for Albert WADE, b. 1813, R.I., s/of Theodore & Ruth (WILLIAMS) WADE of RI and Chenango co., NY; Albert marr. ca 1840 (either Chenango co. or Cortland co.) to Mary POLLARD (b. 1823, NY); First child born Aug. 1841, Willet twp, Cortland co; This family also resided in Naticoke, Broome Co., NY. Cannot locate 1850. Went Clinton Co., IA 1860's.

Submitter: Robert Broady

Query Text: Looking for information on a Norris Colliar who was orphaned and taken in by Horace Smith of Cortland County.

The following from "Biographical Review of residents of Broome Co., NY"

"The birthplace of Norris Colliar was in New York State, on the banks of the Hudson River, where he first saw the light in 1821. He was one of a family of six small children who, being early left without parents, were carried to the County House. From that place Norris was taken by Horace Smith, of Cortland County, who brought him up, and proved to be a kind and helpful benefactor.

In my research, I find a Horace Smith that resided in Willet, he is listed on the 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 census. Any help on the above information will be greatly appreciated. Darla "Collier" Broady

Submitter: Leigh E Morris

Query Text: Looking for information about A. B. Shipman, MD, from Cortlandville. He was an outstanding surgeon who was on the faculty of La Porte University/Indiana Medical College in the 1840's.

Submitter: Bob Turner

Query Text: CARTER TURNER, born 8 MARCH 1909 IN PHILLIPS COUNTY ARKANSAS most likely around Cypert or Marvell, Arkansas, died in Sept 1984 in Cortland, New York. I need any information any one can supply on this family member or any of his descendants. I have information on his parents and grandparents and am willing to share. The Turner family of Phillips County, Arkansas lost contact with this member of the family and very little is known of his life since he left Arkansas. Thanks for your time and efforts. Bob Turner, Helena, Arkansas E-Mail "

Submitter: Genevieve Harvey

CHAPMAN, George, Grace, Doris (cortland)
Query Text: I am looking for any information about. George H. Chapman, 1880-1943, Grace Pidge Chapman 1891-1911, Doris Grace Chapman Aldrich 1910-1998, Hazel Chapman 1902-1966, Harold Chapman 1900-1975, and Lina Chapman Denison. Also looking for relatives of them.

Submitter: Allen Spehr

Judge Alton PARKER - Eli Parker
Query Text: I am trying to establish if a link exists between Alton and Eli Parker. Alton is an established relative but I am still trying to see if a link exists between these 2 Parkers.

Submitter: John Peterson

Query Text: Looking for any info on John Harrington Peterson, b. Jul 3, 1859 in Taylor, NY, and his ancestors. Parents were Julius Peterson and Fanny P Halbert. Fanny was born in Cincinnatus, NY, in 1835.

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