Cortland County

From History of Cortland County edited by H. P. Smith, D. Mason & Co. publishers, Syracuse NY 1885

Cortland County Biographical Index

Blanchard, Silas453 Hitchcock, Caleb Bardano472
Blodgett, Alonzo D.473 Hobart, Deacon Manley500
Chamberlain, Alfred L.452 Hoose, James Harmon477
Cole, Azor Leroy486 Hyde, Dr. Frederick498
Freer, John A.482 Messenger, Hiram J.445
Freer, Anthony483 Mudge, Ebenezer451
Freer, Joseph De Puy484 Salisbury, James Henry, B.N.S., A.M.,M.D.459
Freer, Stephen Decatur485 Salisbury, Nathan449
Gage, Charles W.457 Squires, James S.467
Gates, A. W.455 Sturtevant, James Watts447
Green, Dr. Caleb487 Tripp, James H.475
Hatheway, Maj.-Gen. Samuel G.489

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