Bennett, Alfred L., p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, born in Hector, Tompkins county (now Schuyler), in 1834, settled in county in 1836; wife, Sarah Halbert, daughter of Seth and Sophia Halbert, born in Taylor in 1835; married in 1864, and died in 1875. Parents, Philip S. and Lousia Ann (Smith) Bennett, natives of Duchess county; the former died in 1881, and the latter in 1868.

Carruth, William S., p.o. Cincinnatus, dental surgeon, born in Jefferson county, N. Y., March 23d, 1823, settled in Cincinnatus in 1858; has been town clerk four years and was elected again in 1884; first wife, Catharine E. Huntington, married in Norwich, N.Y., Nov. 7th, 1844, and died in 1868; second wife, Amelia A. Brooks, daughter of Luther Brooks, married in Norwich, N.Y., Feb. 6th, 1869. Parents, William and Eleanor (Patterson) Carruth; the former died in 1849, the latter March 19th, 1859. Dr. Carruth began in the practice of dentistry in Owego, N. Y., in 1857, and in 1858 came to Cincinnatus and has given it his attention up to the present time.

Crittenden, Amos G., p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, stock dealer and dairy produce, works 450 acres, born in Cincinnatus in 1862; wife, Addie M. Smith, born in 1862, married in 1881. Parents, Porter and Triphena (Delano) Crittenden, married in 1839, children three: Hattie, born in 1842, Adelbert J., born in 1847, and Amos G., born in 1862. Grandfather, Ebenezer Crittenden, settled in Cincinnatus in 1794.

Crittenden, Burt B., p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer and dairy produce, born in Cincinnatus in 1848; wife, Louisa Conrad, born in Marathon; married in 1880, children two; Julius E., and Porter R. Parents, Julius and Altany (Courtney) Crittenden, the former born in Cincinnatus in 1806.

Fish, Reuben, p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, born in Freetown in 1839; was assessor from 1881 to ’84; wife, Hattie R. Harrington, daughter of Porter and Adaline M. (Hoadley) Harrington, born in 1848; married in 1872, one child. Parents, E. Dewel and Phoebe (Orcutt) Fish; grandparents, Reuben and Betsey (Cleveland) Fish, the former born in 1780, married in 1799, and died in 1855; the latter born in 1781, and died in 1870; children twelve.

Harrington, Porter C., p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, stock and dairy dealer, born in Cincinnatus in 1822; married in 1844, children five: Depea, Dr. A., Harriett M., who married Randolph Grant. Parents, Dr. and Sally (Crittenden) Harrington; the former came from Mass. to Cortland county where he died in 1867. He served in the war of 1812; second wife, Dolly (Moore) Harrington, now draws a pension.

Jones, Benjamin, p.o. Cincinnatus, retired farmer, owns 180 acres, born on present farm February 4th, 1820; wife, Hannah C. Tillinghast, born in Rhode Island September 3d, 1830; married in 1849, children five: Henry T., Elmer E., Carrie M., Alice A., and Myrta. Henry T. married Ada F. Tillinghast in 1880; children two: Nena May and Clarence Ray; Elmer married Mary Cain; one child, Leon J.; Carrie married Byron N. Johnson; one child, Glen H. Parents, Henry T. and Prudence (Vaughn) Jones, natives of Rhode Island, who settled in Cincinnatus in 1816; children three: Julia, Hannah and Benjamin.

Nichols, Charles, p.o. Cincinnatus, born in Otsego county, in 1820 settled in county in 1822; has been assessor two terms, justice of the peace six years, and held other offices; wife, Rhoda C., daughter of John and Polly (Moore) Jones, born in Cincinnatus in 1828; married in 1848, one son, Fred L., born in 1857. Parents, Abijah and Anna (Hoit) Nichols, the former of Bennington Vt., died in 1857, aged sixty-seven; the latter of Pennsylvania, died in 1880, aged ninety years. Grandparents, Samuel and Esther Nichols, who came to county in 1812, and died in county.

Place, William R., p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, born in Rhode Island in 1812, settled in county in 1818; was assessor nine years, and held other offices; wife, Julia Johns, born in R. I. in 1816; married in 1837, and died in 1878, leaving five children: Frank, Marilla, Susan, Elbert, and Edwin. Parents, Thomas and Anna T. (Cole) Place, of R. I., who came to county in 1818; the former died in 1875, aged eighty-eight, the latter in 1875; children six, two sons and four daughters.

Silvernail, James H., p.o. Cincinnatus, carpenter and builder, born in German, N.Y. in 1834; wife, Mrs. Amanda (Williams) Silvernail, widow of Robert Silvernail, born in 1842, married second husband, James H., in 1878; children four: Claud, Ida May, Carl M., and Mary R. Parents, Benjamin and Adaline (Sitts) Silvernail, natives of Montgomery county, who came to Cortland county in 1850.

Smith, Marcellus R., p.o. Cincinnatus, physician and surgeon, born in Solon (now Taylor) June 29th, 1816; commenced teaching common school at 17, at 21 entered Pitcher Academy under Prof. R. K. Bourne, where he studied algebra, geometry and surveying; from there he entered Cortland Academy at Homer under Prof. Samuel B. Woolworth, where he remained some two years, studying Latin, Greek, mathematics and the natural sciences; he continued teaching until he entered the law office of Drs. Branch & Powers, at Moravia, N. Y., and pursued the study of medicine until he graduated at Geneva Medical College during the term of 1847 and 1848, and commenced practice at Union Valley. He was married to Deriah Lord, June 8th, 18543. She was born June 2d, 1832. They have had three children, the oldest, Sumner M., died in his seventeenth year; the second, Dr. Samuel L. is now practicing medicine at Smithville Flats, N. Y., and the third, Frankie, married Milan D. Tallett and now lives in the city of Minneapolis, Kansas. Dr. M. R. Smith moved to Cincinnatus in 1858, where he now practices medicine. He has for the last two years been president of the County Medical Society, and is now a member of the New State Medical Association.

White, jr., David, p.o. Cincinnatus, farmer, dairy and stock dealer, born in Cincinnatus in 1816. Parents, David and Tamor (Waters) White, natives of Westchester county. His wife, Sarah (Briggs) White, daughter of John and Margaret (Jones) Briggs, was born in Willet in 1820, married in 1842. One son, James White, born in 1851, married Julia C. Tracy in 1876; one child, Willie J. White, born in 1879.

White, Stephen, p.o. Cincinnatus, sawmill, and dealer in lumber, born in Chenango county in 1831, settled in county in 1848; wife, Eliza M. Hillard, born in 1837; married in 1854, children ten. Parents, Jacob and Martha (Mack) White. Stephen White began the lumber business in 1866, purchased in his present site and erected his mill, 72 by 18, and now has an extended custom business.


Allen, Harvey B., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 157 acres, born in Petersburgh, N.Y., in 1836, settled in Cuyler in 1860. Was assessor, and held the office of postmaster at South Cuyler; wife, Mary J. Phillips, daughter of Rodney and Phoebe (Monroe) Phillips; married in 1856, children three: Ella M., Eva S., and Wells H. Parents, James and Susannah (Phillips) Allen, of New Albany, Pa.

Andrews, Harlan P., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 250 acres, born in Fabius in 1837, settled in county in 1860; was assessor two terms, is present supervisor; wife, Phoebe P. Brown, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Bogardus) Brown, of Cuyler; married in 1860, children three: Burnett B., Myrta I. And Lina P.; second wife, Marion Bogardus, daughter of Israel R. and Irene (Brown) Bogardus, of Ill.; married in 1870, children three; Howard I., Mildred E., and Irene.

Babcock, Isaac C., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 58 acres, born in Fabius in 1824; wife, Mary A. Fairbanks, daughter of Arad Fairbanks, of Cuyler; married in 1849, children four, one living; John W. Parents, Benjamin T., and Polly (Cale) Babcock, pioneers of Fabius.

Baldwin, William, p.o. Cuyler, farmer and lumber dealer, born in Lincklaen, Chenango county in 1843, settled here in 1873, was supervisor of Cuyler in 1883; wife, Emma C. Randall, daughter of Zebulon C. and Polly (Congden) Randall, of Chenango county; married in 1868, children three: Vinnie R., William N., and Julia. Parents, Joseph and Mary (Newell) Baldwin, natives of Yorkshire, England, who came here in 1829.

Brown, Benjamin, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, 300 acres, born in Truxton in 1814, and died in June, 1878; wife, Sarah, born in Truxton in 1818, daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Tripp) Bogardus; the former was born in Duchess county, the latter in Columbia county; married in 1836, children eleven. Parents, Seabury and Polly (Fox) Brown, natives of Connecticut.

Brown, John W., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 125 acres, born in Cuyler in 1817; wife, Polly Whitmarsh, daughter of Silas and Charlotte (Vincent) Whitmarsh; children five: Wesley, a resident of Cuyler, married Alice Gates, of Pompey, in 1849, Eva A. married Volney Vincent in 1863, Sarah R. married Hiram Gibbs in 1868, Stephen, a resident of Cuyler, married Mary C. Tucker in 1875, John A., a resident of Pompey, married Nora V. Stillman, of Cuyler, in 1878. Parents, John and Jamima (Hollenbeck) Brown, both were born in 1771.

Brown, Seabury F., p.o. Cuyler, of the firm of Brown Brothers, proprietors of steam grist mill, born in Cuyler in 1854; wife, Ida M. Morse, daughter of Addison and Maria (Hamilton) Morse, who were among the early settlers of the town; married in 1878, one child, Sarah W. Parents, Benjamin and Sarah (Bogardus) Brown, early settlers of Cuyler.

Colgrove, Eli J., p.o. Cuyler, manufacturer of lumber and farmer, born in Cuyler in 1842; wife, Anna J. Kenyon, daughter of Joseph L. and Sally M. (Chase) Kenyon, of Pitcher, Chenango county, married in 1878. Parents, Eli S. and Sally B. (Wilcox) Colgrove.

Dunce, Alexander, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, born in Schenectady in 1809, settled in county in 1839, was constable and collector, town superintendent of schools, justice of peace, supervisor nine terms, chairman of the board one year, and notary public since 1869. Wife, Nancy M. Turner, of Madison county; married in 1840 and died in 1875. Second wife, Mrs. Pierce, daughter of Joseph and Huldah Allen, of Cuyler; married in 1877.

Farrington, Edward, p.o. De Ruyter, farmer, owns 130 acres, born in Flushing, L. Ill, in 1821, settled in Cuyler in 1850; wife, Mary Hill, daughter of Daniel and Ruth Hill, who died in 1864; one child, Maria L., now Mrs. James Tripp, of Marathon; second wife, Emelina Clark, daughter of Josephus Clark, of Fabius, Onondaga county.

Fuller, Adelbert, p.o. Cuyler, postmaster and general merchant, born in Taylor in 1837, was justice of peace; wife, Sarah Porter, daughter of Daniel and Aseneth Porter, of Taylor; married in 1864, children three: Allie, Fred A., and May. Parents, Sullivan and Polly (Cole) Fuller, of Taylor.

Irish, Elias B., p.o. De Ruyter, farmer, owns 215 acres, was assessor several terms; wife, Almira Muncy, daughter of James and Esther (Clark) Muncy, early settlers of this town; married in 1845, children two; Elsie C., now Mrs. Charles J. York, of Cuyler, and Oscar J., of Iowa. Parents, Elias and Catherine (Coon) Irish, natives of Rhode Island, who settled here in 1814.

Keeler, Nelson, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 430 acres, was assessor, and is present justice of peace; wife, Sarah R. Harris, daughter of Evan and Sally (Bragg) Harris; married in 1849, children living five: M. J., Anna J., now Mrs. John Davis, of Truxton, Ada, Frank N., and Alta. Parents, Martin and Anna (Woodruff) Keeler, who came from Massachusetts in 1795.

Knapp, Clarence N., p.o. Cuyler, dealer in agricultural implements, stoves, and house furnishing goods, born in Spafford, Onondaga county, in 1836, was town clerk of Cuyler for nine years; wife, Olivia L. Barber, daughter of Silas M. and Phoebe (Burdick) Barber, of Scott, married in 1858. Parents, Peter and Saberah (Babcock) Knapp, of Spafford.

Morse, William A., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 443 acres, born in Cuyler in 1827, was assessor; wife, Maria Hamilton, of New Berlin; married in 1850, children three; Orlando E., Elba A., now Mrs. John McCallister, of Cuyler, Ida, now Mrs. S. F. Brown, of Cuyler. Parents, William and Betsey (Hills) Morse, natives of Cuyler. Grandfather, David Morse, came from New Jersey to Cuyler in 1793.

Patrick, John W., son of Hon. Stephen and Angelina Patrick, was born in town of Truxton, in 1841, enlisted on the 26th day of April, 1861, being the first enlistment in the town, was in the first company raised in the county during the Rebellion, was discharged as sergeant at Elmira, May 26th, 1863, on account of expiration of term of service, came to Cuyler in 1864, owns the Patrick homestead consisting of 431 acres, which was deeded by the State to Penelope Patrick for services rendered by her father; was married in 1866 to Agnes, daughter of John and Anna Robbins, of Truxton; has three children living: Stella A., Wesley B., and William K.; has held the offices of assessor and supervisor of the town.

Pease, Elijah, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 102 acres, born in Eaton in 1821, settled in county in 1856; wife, Lucy Ann Hamilton, daughter of Alexander and Lydia (Dutton) Hamilton, of Georgetown; married in 1849, children two: D. Edgar, of Cuyler, and George F. Parents, William and Ruth (Vinton) Pease, of Eaton, N.Y.

Petrie, Adam, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 200 acres, settled in county in 1825, has been assessor; wife, Lucinda Kinney, daughter of Thos. & Elmira (Brown) Kinney; married in 1847, one child, Belle, now Mrs. Eugene Curtis, of Cortland. Parents, Abraham and Nancy (Harter) Petrie.

Potter, Oliver C., p.o. South Cuyler, farmer, owns 170 acres, born in Richfield, Otsego county, N. Y. in 1817, came to county in 1822; wife Amelia J. Hyer, daughter of Chas. And Betsey (Cleveland) Hyer, of Guilford, N.Y.; married in 1858, one child, Helen L., now Mrs. Edward H. Knapp, of Onondaga county. Parents, Charles and Perlina (Carver) Potter, natives of R.I.

Risley, Wait, p.o. Cuyler, born in Cuyler, January 11th, 1820; farmer, owns 390 acres; wife Eunice J. Vincent, daughter of Cornelius and Harriet (Smith) Vincent; married in 1865, children two: Lena B., and Grant W. Parents, Waite and Polly Risley, natives of Connecticut.

Smith, David C., p.o. Kenney, farmer, owns 268 acres, born in Lincklaen, Chenango county, in 1842, settled in Cortland county in 1869, is present assessor; wife, Emeline Jones, daughter of William and Mary Jones, of Truxton; married in 1869, children four: Nellie, Fannie, Hattie, and Richard. Parents, William and Lovina (Congdon) Smith, of Lincklaen.

Steel, George G., p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 300 acres, born in Herkimer county in 1812, came to county in 1842, and died in 1880; wife Mary Ann Putman, of Danube, N.Y.; married in 1834, children ten, nine living: Cornelius, John, Elias, Elizabeth, now Mrs. Cyrus Smith, of Truxton, George W., Almonzo, Mary, now Mrs. Theodore De Barr, of Truxton, Maria, now Mrs. Vincent Heath, of Cuyler.

Whitmarsh, Hon. Hiram, p.o. Cuyler, farmer, owns 280 acres, born in Cuyler in 1830, was assessor and supervisor in the year 1867, and member of assembly in the year 1869; wife, Zelia D. Brown, daughter of Seabury and Polly (Fox) Brown, of Cuyler; married in 1854. Children four: Carrie, Jesse B., Fred C., and Paul L. Parents, Job and Arvilla (Wheat) Whitmarsh, who were among the first settlers of Cuyler.


Borthwick, Marcus, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer, born in Middleburg, Schoharie county, Dec. 1st, 1830, was supervisor in 1844, and town auditor several years; wife, Charlotte Carter, daughter of Eleazer and Sarah (Curtis) Carter, born in Onondaga county in 1833; married in 1867, one daughter. Parents, Andrew and Sally Bushnell Borthwick, natives of Schoharie county, who settled in Freetown in 1832; children nine.

Brainard, Alanson, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and retired dairyman, born in Herkimer county in 1820, settled in county in 1867; wife, Maria A. Legg, born in Massachusetts in 1824; married in 1844; children seven: Josephine M., George W., Henry H., Joshua B., David L., Arthur E., and Charles J.; George W. died in 1873. Henry H. enlisted in the 186th Regiment N. Y. V., in 1864 and David L. joined the Greeley expedition in exploring the Arctic regions; he reached Lat. 3.24, N. Long. 40.46, W., the most northern point reached by any explorer; he was rescued with the remainder of the Greeley survivors June 22d, 1884. Parents of Alanson Brainard were Joshua and Freelove (Ellis) Brainard, natives of Connecticut, who settled in Herkimer county in 1800 where they died.

Eaton, Calvin, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and dairyman, owns 230 acres, born in Ashford, Windham Co., Conn., in 1808, settled in county in 1847, was commissioner four years, and assessor six years; wife, Caroline H. Campbell, born in Willett in 1827; married in 1849, children four; Florilla D., born in 1850, Estella, born in 1856, Frank, born in 1861, Fred, born in 1866. Parents, James and Fannie (Rickards) Eaton, natives of Connecticut, who came to New York in 1815; the former died in Otsego county, the latter in Freetown.

Edwards, Joseph D., p.o. Texas Valley, farmer, born in Freetown in 1850; wife, Louisa Maynard, daughter of Madison B. and Maria Maynard, born in Virgil in 1854; married in 1874, children two: Wellington F. and Wesley J. Parents, Stephen and Sally (Bowdish) Edwards, the former born in Cincinnatus in 1821, died in 1883, the latter born in Newstead in 1819.

Grant, Philander D., p.o. East Freetown, P. M. and retired contractor-builder, born in Freetown in 1832, has been postmaster eighteen years, constable seven years, and held other district offices; wife, Joanna Hickey, born in Hoboken in 1832; married January 2d, 1851, children two: Ellen F., born October 8th, 1851, and Emmet G., born September 11th, 1856. Parents, Miner and Ziba Underwood, the former born in 1806, the latter in 1808; married in 1828, children nine.

Harvey, Thomas, p.o. Freetown, farmer and stock dealer, carpenter and builder, born in England in 1824, settled in county in 1832; wife, Mrs. Sarah (Cameron) Livingston, born in Freetown in 1837; married in 1875, one child, Eugene L. Parents, William and Sarah (Starkey) Harvey, natives of England, came to Freetown with six children in 1832, the former died in 1862, aged seventy-two years, the latter died in 1852.

Madison, Eri, p.o. Texas Valley, farmer, born in Blenheim, Schoharie county, in 1821, educated at a common school, taught school from 1842 till 1848 in the winter; married Harriet Carter, daughter of Ezra and Dimmis Carter, February, 1848; was elected justice of peace in 1834, and in 1856 was elected supervisor and re-elected in 1857, since which time he has held various town offices. Parents, David and Rebecca (Hull) Madison, the former born in Rensselaer county in 1788 and died in 1866; the latter died in 1881, aged eighty-five; her father was Ebenezer Hull, came from Connecticut. Grandfather David Madison, sr., was born in Delaware county, and his parents were among the first settlers in the town of Middletown.

Martin, Aldin, p.o. East Freetown, farmer and dairyman, born in Freetown in 1853; wife, Amy E. Hammond, daughter of John and Evaline Hammond, born in 1856; married in 1880, one child, Carrie E. Parents, Simmons and Lucy (Wildman) Martin, the former born in Conn. In 1807, came to county in 1813, the latter born in 1817, children six.

Metzgar, James, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and dairyman, born in Northampton county, PA. in 1818, settled in county in 1839; wife, Clarissa M. Wildman, daughter of Marcus and Sibly (Rogers) Wildman; married in 1842, children four: Lucetta M., Tryphena A., Almeron H. and Ina E. Parents, Jonas and Mary (Merwin) Metzgar, natives of Northampton county, Penn.

Seeber, James H., p.o. Freetown, farmer and stock dealer, born in Freetown in 1833, was supervisor two terms, assessor six years, and held other offices; wife, Martha Smith, daughter of Giles M., born in Marathon in 1833; married in 1857, died in 1870, leaving two children: Clayton W., and Arthur A.; second wife, Mrs. Jane Smith, daughter of Daniel and Emeline Wightman married in 1870, one child, Martha E. Parents, James and Eliza Stephens, the former born in Schoharie county, the latter in Oneida county; children six. Grandparents, Sophrenus and Elizabeth Seeber, natives of Schoharie county, came to Freetown in 1820, and settled on James H.’s present farm of 300 acres; children six.

Slocum, Ransom, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and dairy, born in Oneida county in 1825, settled in county in 1853, was assessor three years, and held other district offices; wife, Celestia M. Hopkins, born in Oneida county in 1828; married in 1854, children five: Frank R., Emily C., Charles H., Nelson H., and Edgar J. Frank R. married Susan Dietrich. Parents, Henry and Sally (Bull) Slocum; the former was born in Vermont, and is still living, the latter was born in Oneida county, and died in 1876; children eight, six living.

Smith, Chauncey, p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and dairyman, born in Freetown in 1837, was supervisor three years; wife, Mary Parker, born in Vermont, married in 1863, and died in 1873, leaving two children: Lettie and Lucinda; second wife, Ella Lampher, born in 1856; children four: Mary, Dudley C., Walter and Clark. Parents, Dudley and Nancy M. (Carpenter) Smith, the former born in Norway, Herkimer county, N. Y., came to Freetown in 1837, died in 1873, aged 68 years; the latter died in 1879, aged 68 years; children seven.

Tanner, George J., p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer and inventor and patentee of the milk tester, owns 170 acres, born in Trenton in 1836, settled in county in 1840, was assessor four years; wife, Dimmes Carter, daughter of Augustine and Olive (Richardson) Carter, born in 1845; married in 1863, children eight. Parents L.D. and Mary (Holliday) Tanner, the former of Herkimer county, settled in Freetown in 1840, and was a Methodist Episcopal clergyman for many years.

Tarbell, William N., p.o. East Freetown, farmer, born in Freetown in 1857, is justice of peace; wife, Genevieve Hill, born in Will county, Illinois, in 1857; married Sept. 19th, 1877, one son, Leon J., born March 24th, 1879. Parents, Lorenzo and Julia (Cameron) Tarbell, the former born in Groton in 1819, was justice of peace twelve years, the latter born in 1821, married in 18840 and died in 1877; children six. Grandfather, Daniel Tarbell, settled in Freetown in 1835.

Underwood, Alanson, p.o. East Freetown, retired farmer, owns 400 acres, born in Edmonson, N.Y. in 1806, settled in county in 1813; wife, Laura Stafford, born in Otsego county in 1807; married in 1829, children eleven, seven now living: Joseph, Alanson jr., and Susan (twins), Lyman, Lewis, Levina and Laura. Parents, Vander and Jerusha (Wood) Underwood, the former born in Woodstock, Conn., in 1781, and died in April, 1862, the latter born in Mansfield, Vt., in 1781, married Nov. 17th, 1803, and died in 1847; children seventeen.

Underwood, Vander, jr., p.o. McGrawville, farmer and stock grower, born in Freetown in 1821, is a large land owner in Mississippi; wife, Julia A. Grant, daughter of Russell and Betsey (Loveless) Grant, born in Freetown in 1825; married in 1846, children six, three now living: Electa, Betsey and Louisa. Parents, Vander and Jerusha (Wood) Underwood.

Watrous, Benjamin B., p.o. Freetown Corners, retired farmer, born in Washington county in 1803, settled in county in 1811, held many district offices and was a deacon in the Baptist Church for many years; wife, Elizabeth Lampher, born in Munson, Mass., in 1803; married in 1824, children twelve, six now living: Laura Jane, born in 1826, Emerette in 1832, Benjamin F. in 1840, Jerusha in 1842, Austin A. in 1846, Edgar A. in 1848. Parents, Austin and Sally (Backus) Watrous, natives of Connecticut, the former born in 1778, and died in 1864, the latter born in 1781, and died in 1844.

Watrous, Leonard J., p.o. Freetown Corners, farmer, born in Freetown in 1834; wife, Emaline Slocum, daughter of Henry and Sally (Bull) Slocum, born in Oneida county in 1832; married in 1864, children two; Roscoe, born Aug. 28th, 1870, and died in 1879, and Addie Luella. Parents, Joseph and Lydia (Leach) Watrous, the former born in Washington county in 1801, settled in Freetown in 1810 with his parents; children seven.

Wildman, Joseph, p.o. East Freetown, born in Freetown in 1809, and died March 9th, 1878; wife, Mrs. Ann Eva Van Slyke, daughter of John and Lydia (Marenus) Van Slyke, born in Otsego county in 1821; married in 1838, children five: Rollin, born in 1839, Josephine A., born in 1841, Mahalah, born in 1843, Marcus N. in 1844, and King L. in 1847, who married Margaret Metzgar in 1873; children four. Parents, Joseph and Mindwell Wildman. Grandfather Wildman was one of the first settlers in the old town of Cincinnatus.

Woods, Elisha, jr., p.o. Freetown Corners, retired boot and shoe manufacturer, born in Bainbridge, N.Y., in 1804, settled in county in 1813, was deputy sheriff, collector four years, constable ten years, and held other offices; wife, Sally Montgomery, daughter of James and Barbara (Moon) Montgomery, of Rhode Island, born in 1802; married in 1824, children seven, five now living: Silvester, Lydia, Sherman, Eliza and E. B. Parents, Elisha and Hannah (Spencer) Woods, natives of Vermont, settled in Chenango county in 1789, children six. Elisha was a Revolutionary soldier and one of General Washington’s bodyguards. He died in 1842.


Bradley, Horace W., p.o. Harford, steam lumber, planing, lath, flour, feed, and shingle mill, owns 400 acres, born in New Haven, Conn., in 1844, settled in county in 1853; wife, Elizabeth M. Sutton, born in England in 1849, came to America with parents in 1852, who located in Chautauqua county, N.Y.; married in 1868, children four. Parents, Woodward and E. (Hemmingway) Bradley, the former born in Conn. In 1806, died in 1852, the latter was a daughter of Col. Jacob and Eunice Hemmingway, early settlers of county. H.W. Bradley enlisted in Co. E, 157th N. Y. Vols. In 1862, was wounded at the battled of Gettysburg, served to close of war and was discharged, after which he spent some years in the Penn. Oil regions, then returned to Harford and purchased his mill and has since done a very extensive business.

Brown, Homer J., p.o. Harford, farmer and dealer in farm implements, born in Harford in 1840, has been town clerk; wife, Georgia Dickenson, born in 1839; married in 1867, died in 1874, leaving two children: J. Grove and Grace D.; second wife, Eva D. Lathrop, married in 1876. Parents, Dexter and Betsey (Holden) Brown, the former born in 1815, the latter in 1813; married in 1838, children two. Grandparents, Josiah and Sophia (Graves) Brown.

Brown, Norton L., p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Harford in 1820; wife, Judith Edminister, daughter of Henry & Mary (Barnes) Edminister, born in Harford in 1824; married in 1842, children four: De Ette L., Abbie R., Dexter D., and Charles J. (deceased). Parents, Morris and Matilda (Holden) Brown, the former born in Chenango county in 1799 and died March 23d, 1883, the latter born in Maine in 1799, married in 1819, children three. Grandparents, Josiah and Sophia (Graves) Brown, natives of Mass., who settled in county in 1814.

Burlingame, Charles C., p.o. Harford Mills, farmer, born in Windham county, Conn., in 1838, settled in county in 1853, has been justice of the peace, and held other minor offices; wife, Mary C. Griswold, daughter of Rev. William and Lovina (Kilner) Griswold, born in Tioga county, in 1842; married in 1861, children two: Hattie L. and Nettie J. Parents, Peter and Harriet (Dean) Burlingame, the former was a minister and settled in Harford in 1853, wife died in 1853; second wife, Nancy Brown, of Homer, married in 1855, children two. Charles C. Burlingame enlisted in Co. E, 157th Reg., under Col. P.P. Brown, in August, 1862, served three years, was promoted to lieutenant and afterward to captain.

Bushnell, H. T., p.o. Harford, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, clothing, boots and shoes and all farm implements, born in Ohio in 1843, was supervisor in 1884, and had previously held the offices of town clerk, notary public and constable; wife, Jennie H. Hollett, born in 1839; married in 1868, one child, Charles Laverne. Parents, Lewis and Elizabeth (Treat) Bushnell, of Ohio. H.T. Bushnell began the mercantile business in Harford in 1872 and in 1880 became a partner with Samuel N. Holden; the business is not conducted under the name of Holden & Bushnell.

Clinton, Austin., p.o. Harford Mills, dealer in lumber, born in Newark Valley, in 1850; settled in county in 1875, has been supervisor; wife, Alice Davis, of Scranton, married in 1875. Parents. R. W. and Anna (Knapp) Clinton; Children three; A. W., Arthur, who married Addie Roys, and Ella who married Morris Elwell. R. W. Clinton’s Sons began the lumber trade in Harford in 1872, a fire destroyed their mill in 1880, a new one was erected, the main building of which is 80x32, two stories high, the other 50x26, two stories high, run by steam which also heats their dwelling houses, as well as their store and office, the sawdust is used for fuel. They run six circular saws, a planing and lath mill, and own 500 acres of timber and farming land. They have a very extensive trade in the eastern markets and N.J., where they make a specialty of furnishing lumber for building and government purposes. Austin W. was a graduate of Cornell University in 1872, was professor of natural science in Kingston, Penn., traveled in Europe, visiting nine different countries, returned and settled at his present business in 1875. The brothers are now building a mill at Pike Mills, Pa., with a capacity of one hundred thousand feet per day.

Corbin, Joseph, p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Connecticut, October 22d, 1799, settled in county in 1858, on a farm of 70 acres, and died May 22d, 1883; wife, Ellen Loomis, born in Smithville, N.Y., Feb. 15th, 1803; married Sept. 6th, 1820, died Aug. 27th, 1876, leaving four children: Betsey, born in 1824, John in 1826, Mary A. in 1827, and Lois A. in 1833; John enlisted in the 157th regiment in 1862, and served to close of war; married Elizabeth A. Ford, children two; Betsey married Andrew Smith and resides in Taylor, Cortland county; children six.

Culver, George W., p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Truxton in 1825; wife, Mary M. Lason, born in 1824; married in 1850, children four: Viola, John, Lizzie and Willie. Parents, Simon B. and Betsey (Vincent) Culver, the former born in New Jersey in 1798, the latter born in Herkimer county in 1804; married in 1821, children six. Grandparents, George and Jemina (Morse) Culver, natives of New Jersey, settled in Truxton in 1802, purchased 100 acres of land at 3.44 per acre.

Edmonds, Jonathan C., p.o. Harford, grocer and general market for flour, seeds and all staple articles; born in Saratoga county in 1842, was town clerk three years, assessor one term, commissioner three terms, deputy sheriff one year and constable for several years; wife, Emma Holden, daughter of Benjamin and Maria (Lathrop) Holden, born in 1844; married in 1862, one child, Nellie. Parents, Frances and Eliza (Burge) Edmonds, who settled in Harford in 1854. J. C. Edmonds began the grocery business in 1879, and he still continues to deal in all leading goods.

Hemenway, Morris B., p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Harford in 1834; wife, Bethesda B. Rood, daughter of Josiah W. and Bethesda (Bliss) Rood, born in Otsego county in 1837; married in 1866, one child, Carrie A. Parents, Lyman and Rachael (Holden) Hemenway, the former born in 1804, settled in county in 1821, married in 1827 and died in 1871, children six; the latter still resides on the farm the first purchased with her son Morris.

Holden, Luther, p.o. Harford, farmer and dealer in blooded stock, born in Harford in 1849; wife, Sarah Hartson, daughter of Samuel and Evaline (Winters) Hartson, born in Pennsylvania in 1848; married in 1870, children two: Berdette, born Jan. 13th, 1872, and Ada, born Oct. 27th, 1878, and died Sept. 30th, 1884. Parents, Benjamin and Maria (Lathrop) Holden; the former died in January 1875, the latter in 1878; children two: Emma born in 1844 and Luther born in 1849.

Holden, Samuel N., p.o. Harford, dealer in general merchandise and all kinds of farm implements, born in county in 1844; wife, Lillian Wattles, daughter of Glover P. Wattles, born in 1854; married in 1872, one child, Jennie, who died in Sept. 1875, aged 14 months, and an adopted daughter, Agnes Louise. Parents, Walter and Relief (Tanner) Holden; the former born in Maine in 1803, and died in 1880, the latter born in 1806, and died in 1852, leaving ten children, three now living. Grandparents, Benjamin and Emma (Farwell) Holden, the former of Maine and the latter of Boston, settled in Harford in 1813; children twelve.

Holdridge, Enoch J., p.o. Harford, farmer and carpenter, born in Madison county in 1827, settled in county in 1830, was assessor twelve years and elected justice in 1881; wife, Clarissa Terpening, daughter of Noah and Polly Terpening, born in Virgil in 1825; married Nov. 10th, 1850, children two: Medora, born in 1856, and A. Eugene, born in 1864; Medora married Sherman Grennell in 1877. Parents, Daniel and Anna (Chaffee) Holdridge, the former died Oct. 3d, 1882, and the latter died in 1846, leaving nine children, six now living.

Johnson, Philo A., p.o. Harford, born in Virgil in 1818; wife, Ruth Lincoln, born in 1819; married Oct. 6th, 1842, died March 4th, 1862, leaving eight children; second wife, Caroline Seymour, born in 1824, married in 1863. Parents, Eli and Lucretia (Smith) Johnson; the former born in Otsego county in 1792 and died in 1875, the latter in 1794 and died in 1875; married in 1813, children nine, four now living; Ezra I., Horace B., Philo A., and Marrilla.

Knapp, John H., M.D., p.o. Harford, physician and surgeon, born in Fairfield I 1819, was member of assembly in 1854-55, supervisor three terms, and held other town offices for many years; wife, Sarah Wattles, of Broome county, born June 5th, 1826; married Dec. 24th, 1844, children four, all died in infancy. Parents, Amme P. and Polly (Hull) Knapp, natives of Connecticut, who settled in Chenango county in 1822. The former died in 1872, aged 84, wife still living, aged 88 years. Dr. J.H. Knapp read medicine in Sherburne, and attended lectures at Albany Medical College; commenced practice at Marathon in 1843, and in 1845 went to Etna, Tompkins county, and in 1849 returned to Cortland and settled in Harford, where he now resides, having a large practice.

McPherson, John, p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Orange county in 1837, settled in county in 1878, has been assessor and excise commissioner; wife, Isabetta Shaw, born in Wyoming county, Pennsylvania, in 1843; married in 1861, children seven; George B., Frank E., Elizabeth M., Sarah G., Ada B., Robert O. and Edward T. Parents, Robert and Mary E. (Coleman) McPherson, born in Orange county, the former in 1812, and the latter in 1818, married in 1835; children two: John and Emma, the latter born in 1842, married Theron G. Wilcox in 1864.

Purvis, Robert, p.o. Harford, farmer, sheep and stock dealer; born in Otsego county in 1825, settled in county in 1830, was supervisor, school superintendent and held many town offices; wife, Jennie M. Bouton, daughter of Nathaniel, jr., and Julia E. (Southworth) Bouton, born in Marathon in 1842, married in 1881. Parents, Andrew and Nancy (Hale) Purvis; the former born in Scotland, came to America in 1809, the latter born in Rhode Island, married in 1812, moved to Otsego county in 1822, settled in Harford in 1830; children seven, two now living.

Rood, Josiah W., p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Schoharie county, Feb. 19th, 1806, settled in county in 1840, was supervisor, assessor and held other offices, and died in 1880; wife, Bethesda Bliss, married March 28th, 1830, and died Feb. 7th, 1837, leaving three children: Alonzo W., born in 1833, Amanda M., born in 1835, Bethesda B., born in 1837; second wife, Lucy McFarland, born in 1813; married May 30th, 1838, children three: Lorin W., born in 1839, Lucy A., born in 1844, and Mary E. Rood, born Jan. 20th, 1850. Parents, Ezra and Parthena Rood, of Massachusetts; the former died in Otsego county and the latter in Homer.

Rood, Lorin W., p.o. Harford, farmer, stock dealer and dairy produce, owns 350 acres; born in Plainfield, April 4th, 1839, settled in county in 1840; wife, Abbie Decker, born in 1841; married in 1862, children three: Hattie, born Dec. 14th, 1863, Minnie and Myrtie (twins), born June 12th, 1872. Parents, Josiah W. Rood and Lucy (McFarland) Rood, who settled in Harford in 1838.

Strong, Erastus S., p.o. Harford, farmer and retired teacher, holds a state certificate since June 23d, 1856, over signature of V. M. Rice. Born in Cato in 1821, settled in county in 1846, was assessor twelve years, justice of peace sixteen years, teacher eleven years; wife, Elizabeth L. Tryon, born in Cayuga county in 1821; married in 1845, children five, four now living: Sarah C., who married Reuben Shepard, Horatio W., who married Adelpha Frank, and Francis E., who married Mary Shevaleer, and Asa H., now living at home. Parents, Erastus and Catharine (Kelly) Strong; the former born in Galway in 1795, and died in 1822, the latter born in 1798 and died in 1834.

Tyler, A.W., p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Virgil in 1838, was assessor and town clerk two terms each; wife, Mary E. Branch, daughter of Enoch and Matilda (Mynard) Branch, born in 1845; married in 1868, children three: Martha A., John B. and J. Hart Tyler. Parents, Jeremiah and Mahalah (Burlingame) Tyler; the former born in 1807, settled in Virgil in 1810 the latter born in 1812.

Wavle, James H., p.o. Harford, farmer, and stock dealer, born in Freetown in 1826; wife, Emeline Coleman, born in Orange county in 1822; married in 1849, died April 24th, 1872, leaving six children; second wife, Emma Valentine, born in Marathon, married in 1880. Parents, Andrew and Eva (Smith) Wavle, the former born in Schoharie county, settled in Cortland county in 1818, and died in 1840, the latter died in 1879, leaving four children.

Weiler, George Frederick, p.o. Harford, farmer, born in Baden, Germany, Oct. 20th, 1833, settled in county in 1854, has held several district offices, and has been steward of the M. E. Church twenty years; wife, Harriet L. Reed, daughter of Asa D. and Marina (Curtis) Reed, born August 15th, 1829; married Jan. 22d, 1860, children two: Florence R., born Feb. 19th, 1862, and C. Franklin, born Aug. 10th, 1872. Parents, Jacob and Rosenna (Carterer) Weiler, of Baden, Germany. Frederick was penniless when he landed in New York, but through his own exertions and prudence has accumulated a large property and is now the possessor of several hundred acres of land, and has the confidence of the community where he resides, and has paid liberally for benevolent purposes.

Wilcox, Theron G., p.o. Harford, stock dealer and dairy, owns 140 acres, born in Smithville in 1842; settled in county in 1868, was highway commissioner one term and held other district offices; wife, Emma McPherson, daughter of Robert and Mary McPherson, born in 1842; married in 1864, children two: Eddie and John. Parents, Simon G. and Hannah (Loomis) Wilcox; the former of Oxford, died in 1883, aged 72, the latter died in 1867, leaving eight children.


Abbott, Alfred, p.o. Homer, owns 70 acres, dealer in live stock, born in Homer in 1818; wife, Esther H. Bowen; married in 1841, children four: Irving, Cornelia (now Mrs. Henry Keeling), of Homer, Oresta (Mrs. Elias Frisbie), of Scott, Frank H., Lillie (now Mrs. Wesley Holmes), of Earlville.

Alvord, Henry S., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 120 acres, born in Homer in 1826; wife, Mary C. Smith, of Fabius; married in 1852, children two: Lucy M., and Hattie E.

Alvord, Lucius, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 300 acres, born in Homer in 1832; wife, Sylvina Brown, daughter of Moses and Sarah (Matteson) Brown; married in 1856, children four: Mrs. Eugene Eaton, of Cayuga county, Llyn, Millie M., and Benette B. Grandfather Ebenezer Alvord was born in Farmington, Conn., in 1767 and came to Homer in 1794.

Atkinson, Geo., p.o. East River, farmer, owns 213 acres, born in England in 1814, settled in county in 1860; wife, Isabella King, of Martindale, England; married in 1860, children seven: Maria A. (Mrs. John Onsby), of Tully, Jennie, Geo. K., Isabella A., James, William and Mary E.

Babcock, Oscar A., p.o. Homer, grocer, born in De Ruyter in June, 1838, settled in county in 1849, was second sergeant in Co. H, 157th N.Y.S.V., enlisted in Aug., 1862, discharged at close of war; wife, Laurette L. Maltby; married June 5th, 1866, children three: Lydia L., born in 1867, Maud E., and Mabel J. (twins), in 1871.

Bates, Alexander, p.o. Homer, carriage and sleigh manufacturer, born in Washington county in 1814, settled in county in 1817, was drum major in 157th N.Y.S.V.; wife, Lavina Yale, a descendant of the Yale who founded Yale college; married in 1834, children eight: George W., William H. (deceased), Lury M., William E., (Prof. of music in Columbus, Ind.), Helen L., J. Franklin, of Iowa, Newton A., John E., and Charles H.

Barker, Albert, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 106 acres, born in Washington county, January 8th, 1800, removed to Oneida county when five years old, settled on the same farm where he now resides in 1837, married to Sophronia Eastman in Paris, Oneida county, June 20th, 1822, who died in March 1884. There were six children, four of which are still living: Mercy, the eldest, married H.G. Short, now living in Tioga county, Pa.; Luther E., now living on the old homestead; Carrie A. died in 1864; Jennie E., wife of M. N. Allen, Titusville, PA. died in Sept. 1884; Martha L., wife of William Crandall, of Minnesota; and Albert C., of Minnesota.

Beach, William B., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 226 acres, born in Homer in 1827; wife, Mary E. Hammon; married in 1854, children three: Jenny E., Ida M., and Clarissa O. Father Nathaniel Beach was born in 1790, came to county in 1820, and died Oct. 4th, 1873.

Bell, Robert, p.o. Homer, born in England, came to Homer in 1858, and died in 1883; wife, Jannett Harkness, of Dunfrieshire, Scotland; married Nov. 17th, 1865, children three: John H., Jennie H., and Fannie E.

Blashfield, H. W., p.o. Homer, manufacturer of lumber and cider, owns 95 acres, born in Homer in 1830, was supervisor one term, justice of peace twenty-five years; wife, Lura M. Bates, born in Lenox; married in 1854, children two: Nellie L., and Frank E. Father William Blashfield came to Homer in 1802, from Brimfield, Mass., and died in 1864.

Brockway, Henry S., p.o. Homer, Supt. Brockway Wagon and Sleigh Manufacturing Co., born in Groton, Nov. 19th, 1839, settled in county in 1842; wife, Francis L. Hoyt; married in 1867, one child, Harry L.

Brockway, W. N., p.o. Homer, manufacturer of wagons and sleighs, born in Cortland in 1829, was trustee of the village of Homer; wife, Edith Hine, of Preble, N.Y.; married in 1860, children four, living; Florence I., Geo. A., Josie A., and Fannie M.

Burnham, Marvin, p.o. East Homer, honey producer, born in Homer in 1811; wife, Caroline C. Webster of Truxton; married in 1836, children three: U.A., who was first lieutenant in Co. D, 76th N. Y. S. V., E. A., in Co. A, 76th N. Y. S. V., and Josephene A. (now Mrs. Benjamin Bennett) of Syracuse.

Burnham, Shepard C., p.o. East Homer, owns 133 acres, farmer, born in Homer in 1850; wife, Anna J. Griffeth, born in 1855, daughter of Abram B., and Jane E. (Alexander) Griffeth of Homer; married in 1874, children three: Edna S. born in 1876, Jennie born in 1881, and Albert G., born in 1884. Parents, William H. of Homer, and Harriet M. (Crane) Burnham of Marathon.

Butler, Ralph, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 122 acres, born in Cayuga county in 1848; wife Addie Mott of Cayuga county; married in 1871. Children four: Elmer A. who died Feb. 17th, 1875, Eddie G. who died in 1877, Bertha L. and Leve J. Ralph Butler is living on the old homestead owned by his father, Edmond C., who was an immigrant from Connecticut, and first settled in Cayuga county in 1838, came to county in 1848. He died in 1865; wife died in 1877.

Byram, Samuel M., p.o. Cortland, grist and saw-mill, born in Virgil in 1837, was supervisor of Virgil; wife, Laura Scott, born in Cortland; married in 1868.Children three: Nellie S., Willie S., and Charles J. Parents, Josiah and Rhoda Byram, who came from Broome county to Virgil in 1828.

Carl, Harry, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 117 acres, born in Homer in 1816; wife, Lucy Dunbar of Solon; married in 1852, died in April 1883. Children three: Porter E., Lettie E., and Adelbert D.

Carl, Jacob, p.o. Cortland, farmer, owns 100 acres, born in Locke, Cayuga county, in 1807, settled in county in 1836; wife, Eliza Lascells, of Haverstraw; married in 1836, children two: Elijah E., and Sarah E. (now Mrs. Willington Wood), of Homer. Parents, Henry I. and Mary Carl, came to county in 1810.

Carver, David W., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 113 acres, born in Spafford Sept. 4th, 1839, settled in county in 1865; wife, Harriet F. Wright, of Preble; married in 1864, children four: Helen M., Herman W., Fred. D. and Hattie. Mr. Carver was the first farmer to raise cabbage for shipping purposes.

Carpenter, C. De Witt, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 165 acres, born in 1832; wife, Adeline Ball of Onondaga county; married in 1855, children three: Cora A., Vaeilette A., and Helen A. Asaph H. Carpenter came on the present farm in 1799. F.B., the artist brother of C.D., was born in 1830, and is at present in New York.

Coats, John M., p.o. Homer, notary public, conveyancer and surveyor, born in Truxton in 1820, was town clerk of Truxton seven years and at present corporation clerk of Homer; wife, Almira A. McKnight; married in 1847. Children three: Edward M. (now a merchant in Springfield, Mass.), Damon N., a merchant in New York City, Mary E., at present teacher in a Normal school in Hampton, Va.

Chittenden, Giles, p.o. Homer, retired, born in New Milford, Conn., in 1800, settled in county in 1824, was supervisor several terms and justice of peace twelve years; first wife, Samantha McWhorter, born in Cincinnatus and died in 1838, leaving one child. Second wife, Mary Ann McWhorter, died June 21st, 1846, leaving one child. Third wife, Mrs. Olivia Munson, born in Jefferson county in 1810, married 1848.

Clark, Simeon N., p.o. Homer, manufacturer of tubs, etc., born in Otisco in 1844, settled in Homer, Cortland county, in 1873; wife, Emma E. Howard, born in England, married in 1879.

Coon, Hammill T. (deceased), was born in Otsego county, N.Y., and died in 1862; wife Rosanna Decker; married in 1852 and settled in Homer same year. Children six: John C., Hammill T. of Cortland, William A. and Charles V., who are teachers in Homer Academy, Irvin H. and Nina M.

Cummings, Daniel M., p.o. Little York, farmer owns 106 acres, born in Preble in 1838; wife, Climena Pratt; married in 1861, children two: Mary Louise and Orrin Pratt.

Fisher, Willet, p.o. Homer, manufacturer of patent platform spring wagons, born in Dryden, Tompkins county, in 1841, settled in county in 1859; wife, Caroline S. Pierce; married in 1860, children two now living; Eugene and Charles.

Foster, John, p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 200 acres, born in England in 1822, settled in county in 1860; wife, Jane Miller, of England; married Dec. 3d, 1851. Children ten, seven now living.

Gage, A. S., p.o. Homer, manufacturer of cutters, born in Greene, Chenango county, Jan. 5th, 1855, settled in county in 1855; wife, Della C. Watrous, born in Virgil; married Jan. 11th, 1877, one child, Carl W. Gage, born Aug. 2d, 1878.

Gage, C. W., p.o. Homer, cutter manufacturer, born in Knox, Albany county, in 1833, settled in county in 1855, was trustee of village; wife, Abigail Pearsall; married in 1856. Children four: A.S. Gage, Belle, Carrie and Frankie D.

Gallup, Francis A., p.o. Homer, farmer, 80 acres, born in Connecticut in 1840, settled in county in 1857; wife, Mary J. Phillips, born in 1838; married in 1861. Children four, three living: Frank L., Oren P. and Nattalee E.

Gates, Joel I., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 123 acres, born in Vermont in 1816, settled in county in 1817; wife, Hannah C. Weeks; married May 28th, 1844 and died in 1845, leaving one child, Gertie (now Mrs. Charles Taylor of Truxton). Second wife, Maria Severance, of Truxton; married in 1847, children four: John S., Jerome D., Clara E. and Albert R.

Gay, Alvin, p.o. Little York, proprietor of Hotel York, born in Preble in 1853; wife, Almeda Ackels, born in Preble; married in 1872, one child, Edith M.

Gilkerson, William, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 58 acres, born in Cortland in 1844; wife, Sarah C. Coon, born in Fabius, Onondaga county; married in 1871, children three: George S., Mary H. and William R.

Goodelle, C. B., p.o. Homer, farmer, 117 acres, born in Massachusetts in 1812, settled in county in 1816; first wife, Uretta N. Hobart; married in 1840, died in 1843; one child, Uretta H., born in 1843, died in 1856. Second wife, Mary Lake, married in 1845, one child, Charles L., born in 1850, married Charlotte P. Beebe in 1873, one child, born in 1874. Died in 1876.

Haight, Watts, p.o. East Homer, farmer and manufacturer of lumber, owns 94 acres, born in Homer in 1834; wife, Laura L. Lamb, of Vineland, N.J.; married in 1882, one child, J. Clyde. Parents, Jabez and Emily (Preston) Haight, the former of Westchester county, N.Y. and the latter of Connecticut.

Hammon, Chas. P.o. Homer, farmer, owns 69 acres, born in 1845; wife, Rebecca M. Newman, of Little Falls; married in 1868, children three: Herbert A., born in 1870, Chas. W., born in May 1872, and Howard R., born Feb. 18th, 1876.

Hammon, William, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 100 acres, born in Goshen in 1827, settled in county in 1830; wife, Nancy K. Williams, born in Homer; married in 1849 and died Sept. 24th, 1884. Children five: Helen I. born July 1st, 1851, Phoebe E. born in 1854, Fred A. born in 1858, Mary E. born in 1866, and Susie E. born in 1869.

Hough, Ezra p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 90 acres, born in Homer Feb. 9th, 1851; wife, Martha E. Knapp of Scriba, Oswego Co., N.Y.; married Feb. 18th, 1879, one child, George Walter.

Heberd, Lyman H., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 375 acres, born in Homer in 1837; wife, Clara A. Hobart; married in 1864, children four: Marion A., Caroline L., Cora E. and Jessie A.

Henry, John B., p.o. East Homer, farmer, owns 90 acres, born in East Homer in 1840; wife, Elizabeth Miller, born in East Homer; married in 1868, children two: Frank M. and Edwin J. Parents, Abram and Polly Henry; the former died in 1872, aged 59 years.

Henry, Nathan J., p.o. Homer, carpenter and builder, born in Homer in 1836; wife, Ann Eliza Tompkins, of Cayuga county; married in 1862, children four: Geo. L., Frank G., Earl T. and Mabel G.

Heydon, John S., p.o. Homer, mason, born in Salina, Onondaga county, settled in county in 1867; wife, Martha A. Burnet, of Cayuga county; married in 1854, one child, William Carlton.

Hibbard, Randolph, p.o. Homer, farmer and carriage manufacturer, owns 80 acres, born in East Homer in 1860; wife, Mattie A. Ballard, of Dryden; married in 1882. Parents, M.M. and Ada Hibbard.

Hitchcock, Edward, p.o. Homer, Presbyterian clergyman, owns 220 acres, born in Homer in 1833; wife, Josaphene Cottell Fithian, born in New Jersey; married in 1882.

Hoag, Zelora, p.o. Homer, carpenter and builder, born in Cassville, Oneida county; settled in county in 1838; wife, Amelia Jagger, of Preble; married in 1862.

Hull, Geo. N., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 74 acres, born in Homer in 1819; wife, Elvena Williams; married in 1844. Children seven: Frank W., Nancy E., Edward Z., Fannie A. (now Mrs. Albert Sessions), Henry H., Porter M., and Louisa A.

Hutchens, Orrin B., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 23 acres, born in Spafford, Onondaga county, in 1827, settled in county in 1874, was constable in Spafford seventeen years; wife, Mary McDaniels, of Spafford; married in 1854.

Johnson, George, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 195 acres, born in Little Horton, Cumberland county, England in 1828; came to county in 1838. Parents, Thomas and Jane (Miller) Johnson, natives of England, the former died in 1857.

Jones, Newell, p.o. Homer, postmaster, born in Dover, Vt., in 1818, settled in Homer, Cortland county, in 1828, held the office of postmaster since April 1st, 1876; wife, Polly Harvey, of Chenango county; married in 1844, one child, who died Dec. 28th, 1870.

Jones, Walter, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 240 acres, born in Hillsdale, N.Y., settled in county in 1833, was justice in Preble three years; wife, Martha J. Welch, born in Homer; married in 1850, one child, A. Kate.

Joslyn, Orrin N., p.o. Homer, owns 118 acres, born in Homer in 1842; wife, Theadosia M. Johnson, of East Homer; married in 1865, one child, Etta E. Parents, Daniel and Maria (Utley) Joslyn; the former was a native of Windham county and settled here at an early date.

Kenfield, John, p.o. McGrawville, farmer, owns 140 acres, born in 1837; wife, Jane Shearer, daughter of John and Sally (Northrup) Shearer; married in 1860, children three: Jennie C. (now Mrs. Fred McElheny) of McGrawville, George D. of Homer, and Adin J. who is at home. Parents, Elijah L. and Susan (Ogden) Kenfield; the former was born in Hebron, Washington Co., N. Y., and came here with his parents in 1811, and died in 1880.

Kennedy, Thomas H. About three miles distant from the village of Homer the pleasure-seekers, en route for Glen Haven, pass a dwelling situated in a glen-like formation of upland, away from but overlooking the thoroughfare. In former years this was the chosen home of Thomas H. Kennedy. He was born in the parish of Morton, Dumfries, Scotland, on the 10th of Feb., 1758 and died at his residence in Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., on the 18th day of April, 1849, at the age of upwards of ninety-one years. His life was an eventful one. With a mind accomplished by education, extensive reading and acute observation in his early years, traits of character began to shine out which made him interesting in every social circle, and which glowed with serene beauty in his declining years. He was a frequent traveler over Great Britain and the continent, and was an eyewitness of many stirring scenes in the French Revolution, preceding the empire of the first Napoleon. He married his wife (Margaret Carmichael) in Ayershire, where Burns resided. To him Burns confided his early attachments, immortalized in the two exquisite and pathetic effusions entitled "Highland Mary" and to "Mary in Heaven." He carried letters to her from Burns. Ayershire and Dumfries joined, and for years he was often with Burns. Drove the team while Burns held the plow--- knew the persons from whom many of his poetic characters were drawn, especially Tam O’Shanter --- was familiar with the scenes of the poems, and heard Burns recite many of them before publication. He used to relate an incident which occurred in November, 1785 (while he was the teamster and Burns the plowman), of turning up the nest of a mouse with the plow, and under the inspiration of the hour and while in the field, Burns wrote the beautiful poem, "To the Mouse". In 1792, at the age of thirty-four, he emigrated to New York and first engaged in mercantile business in Pearl street, then in Greenwich street, corner of Duane. He soon became deeply attached to our free institutions. He had lived in New York a year before the second inauguration of Washington. In after years he became a great admirer of De Witt Clinton, and was quite conversant with political affairs. In May 1824, he came to Cortland to look after his landed property in this county. He was then the owner of one-third of lot No. 80, in Solon (now Taylor), and one-third of lot No. 3 in Homer. He had then reached the age of sixty-six and resolved to select a spot for a permanent home in which to finish his pilgrimage. His lands were valuable. With true Scottish taste the site selected for his dwelling is an upland dell, now with a lovely landscape in the foreground and hills in the distance. He was a Scotch Presbyterian. His wife died in April, 1856 aged 86. Two daughters married and lived in New York---one only is living. Two sons, Thomas and Robert, are upon the old farm. The former was born in 1802, married Sally Price in 1828, and six children were born to them, four now living: Thomas H., John H., Rhoda A. (now Mrs. Walter Stoker, of Scott), and Margaret M.

Klock, Stephen, p.o. East Homer, farmer, owns 86 acres, born in St. Johnsville in 1827, settled in county in 1847, has been justice of peace since 1869; wife, Maranda Hibbard, born in 1830; married in 1856, children two: George A. and Edgar R.

Kneeland A. J., p.o. Homer, lawyer, born in Marcellus, Onondaga county, in 1821, settled in county in 1871, was supervisor, justice of peace and member of assembly; wife, Esther Griswold, born in Truxton; married in 1852.

Keeling, Henry D., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 86 acres, born in Homer in 1841; wife, Cornelian L. Abbott, of Homer; married in 1865, children three, now living; Fred D., Grace L. and Bertha. Mr. Keeling was in Co. E, 185th Regiment N.Y.S.V.

Kingsbury, A. D., p.o. Cortland, farmer, owns 154 acres, born in Homer in 1834, was assessor three terms; wife, Emily Hawks; married in 1859, one child: Charles D., born in Michigan in 1872.

Knight, Philander, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 197 acres, born in Scott in 1823, was justice of peace; wife, E. Louisa Burdick; married in 1845, one child living, Arthur L. Eldest child, Josephene Louisa, died when three years old. Father Joab Knight came to county in 1814 and died in 1881. Philander Knight was one of those uncompromising abolitionists who voted for James G. Birney for president in 1844, and continued the warfare against slavery till it was dead and buried beyond the hope of resurrection. He is now battling as ardently for the prohibition of the liquor traffic; for the home against the saloon, as he ever did against African slavery, and expects to continue the fight till the home is triumphant and the saloon is forever banished from his native land.

Lord, George W., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 96 acres, born in Homer in 1839; wife, Sereph B. Flint, born in Butler; married in 1865, children six, three living: George E., Mary F. and Lulu N. Father Eli Lord came from Connecticut in 1820; George W. resides on the same farm purchased at that time.

Markham, Hiram, p.o. Little York, owns 88 acres, retired, born in Madison county in 1796, settled in county in 1853; wife, Jane Porter, born in Fabius; married in 1861. Mr. Markham was always an advocate of prohibition and antislavery and both himself and wife are members of Syracuse Plymouth Church.

Metzger, Jacob, p.o. Homer, restaurant, and billiard parlor, and manager Keator Opera House, born in Germany in 1849, settled in Homer in 1864; wife, Helen L. Beaman, born in Massachusetts; married in 1868, children three, one living, Lena F.

Miles, Joseph, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 59 acres, born in Homer in 1831, was constable; wife, Margaret Peters, of Cayuga county; married in 1860, children two: Eugene and Herman J. Father Philo came from Connecticut to county in 1817.

Miller, George P., p.o. East Homer, steam saw mill and farmer, owns 77 acres, born in Homer in 1842, was in Co. D, 157th N.Y. Vols., enlisted in 1862, was transferred from Co. D, 157th N.Y. Vols., to the 55th Co., 2d Bat. V.R.C., G.O. No. 365, dated Washington, D.C., November 13th, 1863, and discharged in 1865; wife, Lucinda M. Baker; married in 1865, children five: William F., Carrie P., Lillie M., George B., and John B.

Miller, John H., p.o. Homer, born in Truxton in 1844, farmer, owns 212 acres; wife, Ann E. Bell, of Truxton, daughter of James and Marry (Graham) Bell, natives of England, who settled in Truxton in 1852; married in 1872, children two: Jennie E. and Jessie B. Parents, Isaac and Elizabeth (Harrison) Miller, natives of England, who came here in 1842.

Moore, William, p.o. Cortland, farmer, born in England in 1832, settled in county in 1864; first wife, Sarah Stephenson; married in 1860, children six: Mary Ann, Sarah J., John S., Thos. H., Joseph B. and Libbie G. Second wife, Lorinda Gross, born in McGrawville, married in 1876.

Moore, William H., p.o. East River, superintendent and general manager of East River Milling Company, born in 1824, settled in county in 1851, was justice of peace in the town of Virgil in 1856, and is present postmaster; wife, Fidelia McVean; married in 1853. Children two: William A. and John C.

Mynard, James E., p.o. East Homer, farmer, owns 162 acres, born in Virgil in 1830; wife, Janette Bennett, of Truxton; married in 1854, children, five: Della O. (now Mrs. Stephen Briggs), Libbie J. (now Mrs. Frank Hinman), Pearl, Martin and Kittie.

Newton, C. O., p.o. Homer, wholesale dealer in hay and grain, owns 30 acres, born in Hampden county, Mass., in 1826, settled in Cortland county in 1852; wife, Elizabeth S. Newton, of Homer, daughter of Lemuel D. Newton, who settled here in 1816; married in 1852, one child, Frank M.

Oakes, Russell, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 78 acres, born in Otsego county in 1841, settled in county in 1881; wife, Agnes A. Bettes, of Percy, Canada; married in 1881, one child, Lewis; Freddie R. is Mrs. Oakes’s child by a former marriage.

Owen, Duane D., p.o. Homer, gearing wood worker, born in Homer in 1845; wife, Josephene E. Bartlett, of Homer; married in 1875, one child, Pearlette.

Payne, Barney W., farmer, owns 20 acres, born in Georgetown, N.Y., in 1812, removed to Hamilton the same year, making that place his home until 1844. Having been engaged in the dry goods trade for a number of years previous to 1844, then removed to Jefferson Co., N.Y., and engaged in farming and continuing the trade in dry goods and serving as justice of the peace until 1851. He then removed to Homer and engaged in the manufacturing of cotton cloth, etc., served as assistant assessor of internal revenue for eight years; wife, Lucy A. Bicknell, born at Marblehead, Mass.; married in 1841.

Peacock, John, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 68 acres, born in Huntingtonshire, England, in 1828, settled in county in 1869; wife, Levina Culley, of England; married in 1859, children four: Charles H., Jesse J., Mary E. and Anna C.

Perry, Ebenezer, p.o. Homer, retired, born in Aurelius in 1802, settled in county in 1824; first wife, Amy Alvord, daughter of Ebenezer and Rachael (Crampton) Alvord, born in 1801, children seven, three living: Ebenezer A., Ruth and Rhoda V. Second wife, Margaret Lake, married in 1873. Third wife, Lusia Norton, daughter of David and Dinah (Welton) Norton. Father Ichabod served in the Revolution, born in 1763, and died in 1824.

Phelps, Darius B., p.o. McGrawville, farmer, owns 56 acres, born in Cortland county, in 1826; wife, Mary A. Kenney, daughter of Isaac and Nancy (Lewis) Kenney, of Truxton; married in 1858. Children two: Ada M. (now, Mrs. Frank W. Eastman), of McGrawville, and Lida E. (now Mrs. Byron E. Widger), of Homer. Parents, Benjamin C. and Phoebe (Fisher) Phelps, who came to county in 1796.

Phillips, Edwin A., p.o. East Homer, wagon maker, born in Homer in 1844, enlisted in Co. D, 157th N.Y. Vols., in 1862.

Porter, Oliver, p.o. Homer, lawyer.

Pratt, Edwin W., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 35 acres, born in Homer in 1830; wife, Mary E. Churchill of Scott, born in 1824; married in 1858.

Pratt, Franklin F., was born in Homer in 1835. (He was the youngest of four sons.) His father’s name was David and came from Windham Co., Conn., in 1817, to this county. Franklin had the advantage of a good common school education, also attended the academy at Homer several terms under S. W. Clark as principal. From 1853 to the opening of the civil war, he taught school winters and worked at farming the remainder of the time. Oct. 4th, 1861, he enlisted in the 76th Regt. N.Y. S. Vols., and served faithfully in the war in that Regiment till Aug., 1864, when he was transferred with another comrade to U.S. Marine Corps at their own request. He was discharged from service in dec., 1864, by special order of President Lincoln on account of his father’s death and being the only son left to care for his widowed mother. He was married in Oct. 1866 to Sarah Brayton, daughter of Thomas Brayton, formerly of Cumberland Co., England. He has five children: Lillian E., Rosella A., Nellie M., Gracie E. and Charles F. Since 1875, Mr. Pratt has owned a farm of 124 acres and followed the dairy business.

Pratt, Melvin J., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 113 acres, born in Homer in 1843, was justice of the peace; wife, Cornelia E. Salisbury; married in 1867, children two: Stephen S., and Melvin E.

Raymond, Alfred B., p.o. Little York, farmer, cheese-maker, owns 10 acres, and has accommodation for summer boarding, boating and etc., born in Aug. 1838, has been constable; wife, Pearlette E. Albro; married in 1866, children three, all dead.

Rice, Albert, born in 1805, and died in 1874, settled in county in 1810; wife, Rosanna Crampon, of Conn.; married in 1835, children six: Elizabeth, Francis U., now Mrs. H.P. Hull, of Homer, Albert B., who died in 1862, R. W., L. F., and Franklin D.

Rice, Franklin D., p.o. Homer, manufacturer and dealer in lumber, cider, and pure cider vinegar, born in Homer in 1855; wife, Clara J. Price, of Homer, married in 1879; children two: Alice L. and Albert B.

Saunders, William F., p.o. Homer, livery, born in Cuyler in 1853; wife Ellen M. Skinner, of Taylor; married June 17th, 1880, one child, Wallace W.

Salisbury, Warren, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 11 acres, born in Homer in 1832, was excise commissioner; wife, Roxanna E. Gay, of Preble; married in 1862, one child, Cora L.

Salisbury, W.W., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 45 acres, born in Scott in 1834, was secretary of county fire relief association; wife, Margaret L. Rice, of Albany; married in 1860, children three: James Rice, Elizabeth D., now Mrs. A. Rust of Scott, and W.W., jr.

Schermerhorn, Henry, p.o. East River, retired, born in Homer in 1808; wife, Eliza Emerson, of Mass.; married in 1834, children six: Freeman, of Truxton, Lucy (deceased), Daniel B. of Kansas, Eunice, now Mrs. William McLean of Wisconsin, Annie J., now Mrs. William Miller, of Oregon, and Seymour.

Seacord, Jefferson, p.o. Homer, wagon manufacturer, born in Taylor in 1862; wife, Ada Colby, of Akron; married in 1878, children two: Neva and Ella.

Seeley, Orlando F. p.o. Homer, born in Spafford in 1847, settled in county in 1883; wife, Anna Eddy, of Saratoga county; married in 1870, children two: Francis Irving, and Burton R.

Sessions, Henry, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 165 acres, born in Stafford, Conn., in 1830, came here with his father and settled where he now resides in 1831; mother, Catharine Pool, of Connecticut; wife, Louisa F. Phillips, daughter of Levi Phillips; married in 1852. Children four: Francis A., now Mrs. F. A. Holenbeck of Syracuse, George A., Cora F., now Mrs. Charles Gilbert of Homer, and Lena M.

Sherman, A. James, p.o. Homer, retired, born in 1817, owns 90 acres, was Vice-president Merchant’ National bank of Syracuse; wife, Sarah A. Sherman, of Homer; married in 1858.

Short, David, p.o. East Homer, born in 1812, owns 112 acres; wife, Miriam Buchanan, of Cortlandville; married in 1841. Father settled here in 1810, came from Bristol. Mass.

Smith, Abel B., p.o. Homer, farmer, born in Dryden, Tompkins county, settled in county in 1873, owns 48 7/8 acres; wife, Mary Crane, of Cayuga county; married in 1870. Children four: Abbie B., Arthur G., Wheeler A. and Lela E. Mr. Smith has on his place the first frame barn built in Homer, said to have been built by the Beebes, the first settlers in the town near his place.

Sprague, Hosea, p.o. Homer, retired builder, born in Brimfield, Mass. in 1793, settled in county 1821, was trustee of village; wife, Ann Hobart, daughter of Capt. Joseph, who came from Brimfield, Mass., in 1800.

Stafford, Henry, p.o. Homer, farmer, born in Virgil in 1817, owns 185 acres, was school trustee and teacher a number of years. First wife, Britania C. Sessions, married in 1844, died in 1864; second wife, Ada Sessions; married in 1865, children eight, three living: Leonard I., D. C. of Nebraska, and Ada C. (now Mrs. A. Styles), or Cayuga county.

Stewart, Edwin F., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 16 acres, born in West Eaton in 1852, settled in county in 1856; wife, Josephene Hollenbeck of Scott; married in 1870, children two: Jennie and Stella.

Stoker, Benjamin, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 85 acres, born in Yorkshire, England, in 1822, settled in county in 1836; wife, Catharine Hammon of Orange county; married in 1845, children eight, four living: Sarah E., Fannie (now Mrs. Manly Terrel), of Cortland, Daniel B. and Nellie.

Stone, Alphonso, p.o. Homer, foundry and machinist, born in 1818, was supervisor three terms, superintendent of the poor seven years, and president of the village four years; wife Maria Beach; married in 1850, children four: Charles C., Louis A., Eliot L., and F. Eugene, all living at home.

Thompson, Hammill, p.o. Homer, born in Cherry Valley in 1799, settled in county in 1826, was assessor three terms, died Nov. 27, 1884; wife, Experience Oakes, of Rensselaer Co., N.Y.; married in 1826, children two: Alzoa, who married Rev. Chester Hawley, died in 1871 leaving two children.

Van Denburg. John R., p.o. Homer, farmer, 104 acres, born in Preble in 1818; wife, Lucinda M. Babcock, born in Scott; married in 1840. Children three: Marvin W., of Fort Edward, N.Y., Almeron H. of Syracuse, N.Y., and Ella F. Father Richard Van Denburg came from Coxsackie in 1806 to Preble.

Wadsworth, Manly, p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 55 acres, born in Homer in 1817; first wife. Lois Howe, married in 1838, children two: Enos and George R. Second wife, Lurinda Howe, married 1844, one child, Berice M., now Mrs. Wadsworth Reed, of Cortland. Third wife, Lucina Stambro, married in 1869, one child, Willie A. A fourth wife, Amanda Crane, of McGrawville, married in 1877, one child, Manly D.

Welch, William I., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 58 acres, born in Solon in 1839; wife, Mary Jane Newton; married in 1862; children two: Sarah Maud and Grace May.

White, Thomas, p.o. Homer, proprietor Hotel Windsor, born in South Salem in 1822, settled in county in 1856; wife, Sylvia Slocum, of Cayuga county; married in 1844. Children four: Joseph White, Mary E., deceased, Carried, now Mrs. D. N. Miller, of Homer, Libbie now Mrs. B. M. Hyde, of Moravia, N.Y.

Wilson, Alfred C., p.o. Homer, mason and builder, born in Homer in 1833; wife, Jane F. Powers, of Albany; married in 1855; one child, Porter J. of Medina.

Woodward, Charles N., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 150 acres, born in 1826. Wife, Charlotte M. Brown of Homer, born in 1828, died in 1856; one child, Charles B., druggist of Great Bend, Pa.; second wife, M. Elizabeth Dada, native of Onondaga county; married in 1857. Charles N. has been for many years connected with the Sunday school work of the State.

Woodward, Day E., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 30 acres, born in Homer in 1839; wife, Melissa Burdick, of Otsego county; married in 1860; father, Isaac D., came on foot from New Hampshire to Homer, and brought the first payment on the farm, in 1822.

Woodruff, Jerome J., p.o. Homer, farmer, owns 59 ½ acres, born in Fabius, Onondaga county, in 1835, settled in county in 1874, was school commissioner and 1st Lieut. In Co. I, 61st N.Y. Vols.; wife, Myra Wheat, born in Cortland county, married in 1864. Children six: James D., Arthur J., Anna J., Charles T., Trowbridge B., and Alson E.

Wright, Egbert A., p.o. Little York, farmer, owns 126 acres, born in Greene county in 1822, settled in county in 1840; wife, Miriam Winslow, of Preble, is a descendant of the Winslow’s who came over in the Mayflower; married Jan. 16th, 1842. Children seven: Annie M. (now Mrs. Abram Knapp), Harriet F. (now Mrs. David Carver), Mary (now Mrs. Richmond Klock), Jennie E. now (Mrs. Merrill Hollenbeck), Lewis C., Robert and Rollin E.


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