Descendants of Captain Thomas Yale and Mary Turner
of New Haven Connecticut who lived in Cortland County.


It is not the intent of this author to rewrite the YALE Family biography for this has been accomplished by far more studious and serious researchers than myself. It also is not my intent to plagiarize the works by the many noted YALE researchers and YALE family descendants such as Rodney Horace Yale or those works of collateral EATON-HOUGH-RICE-BOARDMAN-MERRIMAN-MIX-STREET-PECK-IVES-PARDEE-LINES-JACOBUS-CURTIS and BEACH family researchers.

The happenstance that my Bates Family research has found intermixed YALE family in and around the Homer,N.Y., and Cortland County,New York area has helped me tie in the above mentioned collateral families who played an important role in the development and settlement of the surrounding Cortland,Chenango and Madison County areas of New York State.

I followed the link of my known 3d Great Grandfather Joseph Bates and his wife Amelia Babcock Bates with their friendship and marriage of three of their children into the large and well documented YALE family of Meriden and Wallingford,New Haven Connecticut.

Waitstill Yale, the 6th generation descendant of Thomas Yale and Mary Turner is the subject of this Yale family descendancy since he pertains to the Homer,Cortland County area. Waitstill was born in the town of Wallingford,Connecticut and later moved to Oriskany,N.Y. in Oneida County. He settled in Lenox,Madison County where he started the first of many of his 14 children by his one and only wife,Sarah Hover. Sarah is buried in Homer’s Glenwood Cemetery in the plot of her son-in-law Alexander Bates.

Waitstill fought in the battle of Oriskany during the Revolution at the young age of 16. He was the son of Waitstill Yale Sr. and his first wife Jemima Curtis. Waitstill Yale Sr. married as his second wife after the death of Jemima to Olive Boardman of Litchfield,Connecticut in 1775 where there were children were also produced. The Boardman family was huge and descendants were founders of the affluent town of Boardman,Ohio near Youngstown,Ohio

Three children of Waitstill and Sarah Hover Yale were married into children of my 3d great grandfather Joseph Bates and Amelia Babcock Bates of Homer,N.Y.

Lavina Yale, 14th child of Waitstill Yale Jr. and Sarah Hover married the 4th child of Joseph and Amelia Babcock Bates named Alexander S. Bates ( see his biography in this webpage).

Moses Yale, the 12th child of Waitstill Yale and Sarah Hover married Alexander S. Bates’ sister Helen D. Bates, the 6th child of Joseph and Amelia Babcock Bates.

Clarissa Yale, daughter of Henry Yale, 7th child of Waitstill Yale Jr. and Sarah Hover was the niece of Lavina and Moses Yale. Clarissa or "Clarusha" married the 5th child of Joseph and Amelia Babcock Bates who was named Briggs Bates. Briggs remained with Clarissa in Lenox,Madison County,N.Y. They are buried in "Quality Hill" Cemetery or now called "Rural Lenox Cemetery" on the Nelson Road in Canastota,Madison County,N.Y.

Other YALE descendants named MARBLE, SIMMONS, VAN EPPS, ACKLEY are found in Homer and Summerhill, Cayuga County. They married into Waitstill Yale Jr.’s 5th child named John Yale. One notable John Yale collateral is Sgt. Martin Marble of the 157th NYSV. who was wounded at Gettysburg in 1863 with a shrapnel wound to the face. He died at age 40 a few short years after the War and is buried in West Homer Cemetery located on NY 90 between Summerhill and Homer. There are many hundreds of YALE and collateral families too numerous to mention but who connect to the many distinguished people of Cortland County. Here are Waitstill Yale and Sarah’s descendants:


Husband: Waitstill YALE *
Birth: 9 Dec 1765 Place: Wallingford, Connecticut
Death: 29 Jan 1836
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Occupation: Farmer
Ref Number: 232 YALE
Father: Waitstill Sr. YALE * (1744-1820)
Mother: Jemima CURTIS (1739-1772)
Marriage: About 1784
Wife: Sarah HOVER
Birth: 1764 Place: Lenox, Massachusetts
Death: 7 Apr 1848 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
1. F Child: Elizabeth YALE
Birth: 12 Jun 1785
Ref Number: 505 YALE
Spouse: J. W. TURNER
Marriage: Place: Troy, New York
2. F Child: Sally YALE
Birth: 8 May 1787
Ref Number: 506 YALE
Spouse: Russell BEDELL
3. F Child: Polly YALE
Birth: 14 Dec 1789
Death: 1849
Ref Number: 507 YALE
Spouse: Peter YOUNG
4. F Child: Katy YALE
Birth: 5 Jan 1791
Ref Number: 508 YALE
Spouse: George FRANK
Marriage: Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York
5. M Child: John YALE
Birth: 18 Apr 1794
Death: 27 Aug 1864 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: West Homer Cemetery,Homer,Cortland Co.N.Y.
Occupation: Farmer
Ref Number: 509 YALE
Spouse: Alida VAN EPPS
Marriage: Before 1820
6. M Child: Wait W. YALE
Birth: 20 Dec 1797
Death: 1880
Ref Number: 510 YALE
Spouse: Sarah HOLLIS
7. M Child: Henry YALE
Birth: 17 Mar 1799 Place: Montgomery Co., New York
Death: 10 Jan 1882
Burial: Place: Quality Hill, Madison County, New York
Occupation: Farmer / Mechanic
Ref Number: 511 YALE (see Rodney Horace Yale Book)
Spouse: Dyton (Dighton) PAINE
Marriage: 1823
Spouse: Sarah WORKS
Marriage: 1865/1875 Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York
8. M Child: Reuben YALE
Birth: 16 Jul 1801
Ref Number: 512 YALE
Spouse: Betsey FRANK
9. F Child: Esther YALE (Twin)
Birth: 11 May 1802
Ref Number: 513 YALE
Spouse: Frederick BELLINGER
Marriage: Place: Waylesville, New York
10. M Child: Levi (twin To Esther) YALE (Twin)
Birth: 11 May 1802
Death: 1802
Ref Number: 514 YALE
11. M Child: Levi YALE
Birth: 18 Dec 1804
Ref Number: 515 YALE
12. M Child: Moses YALE
Birth: 7 Oct 1806 Place: Montgomery County,New York
Death: 3 Dec 1885
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland County, New York
Ref Number: 516 Yale
Spouse: Martha KIPP
Spouse: Helen D. BATES
Marriage: Jan 1836
13. M Child: Aaron YALE
Birth: 18 Mar 1808 Place: Johnstown, New York
Death: 21 Apr 1889 Place: Erie, Pennsylvania
Ref Number: 517 YALE
Spouse: Mary SAUNDERS
Marriage: 7 Feb 1828
14. F Child: Lavina YALE *
Birth: 8 Dec 1811/1812 Place: Montgomery Co., New York
Death: 8 Jul 1888 Place: Homer, Cortland County, New York
Burial: Place: Glenwood Cem., Homer, Cortland Co., New York
Occupation: Farm Wife
Ref Number: 518 YALE
Spouse: SWEET
Spouse: Alexander S. BATES
Marriage: 20 Sep 1834 Place: Lenox, Madison County, New York
Husband’s Notes...
Waitstill Yale(junior) was actually a twin child of his fathers first marriage to Jemima Curtis. This twin did not survive infancy and is assigned the Yale #233 in the below mentioned book.
" Waitstill Yale of Wallingford,Conn.,afterwards of Oriskany,Oneida County,New York,married Sarah Hover,of Lenox,Mass.He entered the army of the Revolution at the age of 16 and served throughout the rest of the War. He was a farmer. He died Jan 29,1836 at age 71.His wife Sarah Yale died at Homer,N.Y. on April 7,1848 at age 84."
This biography is taken from the book "Yale Genealogy and History of Wales" by Rodney Horace Yale,Beatrice,Nebraska,1908.Waitstill Yale is mentioned on page 164,index #232,all his children are annotated with their own family I.D. numbers. Waitstill Yale's son Moses married Helen D. Bates of Homer,N.Y.. His daughter Lavina Yale married Helen Bates' brother Alexander, and his other son Henry's daughter Clarusha Yale married Briggs Bates.
Waitstill lived in Lenox,Madison County at the time shortly after the first white settlers in 1792 settled the area with the Oneida Indians as their neighbors.It is in Madison County where many of Waitstill's children settled and married into the Bates Family who also lived in Madison County before moving to Cortland County.Waitstill and his wife finally moved West and are buried in Homer's Glenwood Cemetery.
Wife’s Notes...
Sarah Hover Yale's brief biography appears in the book:"Yale Genealogy and History of Wales" by Rodney Horace Yale,Beatrice,Neb.1908. Sarah is buried in Homer's Glenwood Cemetery. She died April 7,1848 age 84,making her birth year 1764 by approximate calculation.Her husband Waitstill Yale is also buried in Glenwood Cemetery in this same lot 22 Section 6.
Last Modified: 19 Nov 1994
Reference Note 2
"HISTORY OF YALES AND WALES"-Beatrice,Nebraska 1908.
written by Rodney Horace Yale
Copy on file with Theodore H. Bates from photocopied work in Allen County Public Library,Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Reference Note 41
Visit to West Homer Cemetery on September 7,1994 by Theodore H.Bates and to Groton Cemetery, Groton,N..Y on September 6,1994.visited Zirbel Mortuary in Groton concerning Fleming family burials.
Visit to West Homer Cemetery on Rt. 90, 6 miles west of Homer not far from the Cortland/Cayuga county line. This cemetery,unmarked but visible along the highway is well kept under the caretaker,Mr. Elbert Hall. The remains of several Howell and Van Benschoten families as well as Martin Marble, and John Yale are within these grounds.

Respectfully submitted by: Theodore (Ted) Bates of Fort Wayne,Allen County,Indiana. I can be E-mailed at