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Cortland County Wills

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Allen Family Wills John Allen Y16 June 22, 2001
Will for Anna (Page) Bell JoEllen Langwell Y6 Sept 27, 1998
Will for Enos Bouton Beverly Luce Walker Y12 Feb 28, 2001
Will for Sanford Bouton Beverly Luce Walker Y12 May 9, 2000
Will of Charles Burlingame Orin Reams Y1 Apr 26, 1998
Will of Noah Carpenter Joseph Knapp Y11 Dec 13, 1999
Will of Henry Dains Dorothy E. Burr Y17 Feb 24, 2003
Codicil to the will of Thomas Darby Lynda Ozinga Y10 Sep 15, 1999
Will of Eleazer Fuller Terry Walker Y9 Sep 10, 1999
Will for Samuel Griggs of Cortland and Cayuga Co. Kim Y14 Mar 27, 2001
Nancy Gutcheus will Kathleen Y15 April 24, 2001
Will abstract for Justus Johnson George F. Walker Y2 Jun 26, 1998
Miller family wills Judith Goodwin Y12 April 27, 2000
Will of Elijah Moffett Mary Kreps Y7 Jan 10, 1999
Will of William Rice Rebecca Lamb Y4 Aug 22, 1998
Will for William Thomas Beverly Luce Walker Y12 Sep 24, 2000
Will of Ira Watkins Robert W. Reynolds Y13 June 3, 2000
Will abstract for Timothy Wood Linda Barnickel Y5 Sept 5, 1998
Table of Contents - Will book A-C Vicki Titus N8 April 3, 1999
Probate tapes available at FHC Vicki Titus N8 April 3, 1999
Sampubco's entry point to Cortland Co Wills Link to Sampubco's website Y3 Nov 25, 1998

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    10:   Contact Lynda Ozinga

    11:   Contact Joseph Knapp

    11:   Contact Judith Goodwin

    12:   Contact Beverly Luce Walker

    13:   Contact Robert W. Reynolds

    14:   Contact Kim

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    16:   Contact John Allen

    17:   Contact Dorothy E. Burr

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