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SAMUEL SOULE (William Soule married Keziah4 Gifford, Stephen3, Robert Gifford married Sarah2 Wing, Stephen1) Born 1756, Tiverton, Rhode Island, died 29 Nov 1836, Virgil, Cortland Co., New York. Married REBECCA _____, died perhaps Cortland Co., New York. (ref: May Fam through Five Gen, Vol 3, pg 213). Samuel and Rebecca had:

i HENRY T. SOULE, born about 180_, probably Broadalbin, New York.

JABEZ WING (Joseph5, Jabez4, John3-2, Daniel1) Born 24 June 1783, Uxbridge, Massachusetts (VR), died 8 Apr 1841, buried Friends Burial Grounds, Burlington, Otsego Co., New York. Married 18 Mar 1805, DEBORAH KELLSEY, died 2 June 1847. Resided Lisbon, New York, removed to Pittsfield, Otsego Co., New York, about 1834 purchased a farm in Edmeston, New York. He moved back to Lisbon and later to Butternut where he kept a boarding house at Hardgrave's cotton mills. (ref: Owl, Vol 1, #5, Sept 1903, pg 190; Owl, Vol 19, #4, Sept 1918, pg 1796; Kelley Gen, pg 136). Jabez and Deborah had:

ii PAULINA WING, born 9 Feb 1807, probably New Lisbon, New York.

iii JOSEPH KELLSEY WING, born 22 Apr 1808, New Lisbon, New York.

iv MORDECAI WING, born 18 Feb 1810, New Lisbon, New York.

v DAVIS WING, born 8 Sept 1811, New Lisbon, New York, died age 15 days

vi DANIEL WING, born 17 Dec 1812, New Lisbon, New York.

vii PHEBE WING, born 31 Jan 1814, New Lisbon, New York.

viii MARY WING, born 16 Nov 1817, New Lisbon, New York.

ix LYDIA WING, born 18 Feb 1820, New Lisbon, N.Y., died age 70 or 80 years, Cortland, New York, unmarried

x SOLOMON H. WING, born 29 Apr 1822, Burlington, New York.

xi DAVID N. WING, born 27 Apr 1826, White Creek, New York.

ORRIN CHASE (John5, Nathan4, Phineas Chase married Desire3 Wing, John2, Daniel1) Born 4 July 1802. Married 23 Apr 1822, Winfield, New York, DEIADAMIA BUTTON, born 27 July 1802, died 12 Mar 1869; daughter of John Hancock Button and Polly Welch. Resided Georgetown and Nelson, New York. (ref: Milk Gen, pg 48). Orrin and Deiadamia had:

i LUCIEN R. CHASE, born 14 Apr 1824, died 14 Apr 1824

ii ALONZO AVERY CHASE, born 23 Mar 1826. Married June 1847, SARAH ROGERS of Pharsalia, New York.

iii CHARLES H. CHASE, born 29 Oct 1827, died 29 Oct 1827

iv MARYANNETTE CHASE, born 17 Jan 1829. Married May 1844, LYMAN H. WARREN of Augusta, New York.

v ALZINA BIANCA CHASE, born 14 Aug 1830

vi JAMES B. CHASE, born 29 Oct 1832, died 29 Oct 1832

vii LUNA M. CHASE, born 17 Feb 1835. Married (1) AMOS HAMMOND. Married (2) ______ WHITNEY

viii SARAH A. CHASE, born 31 Oct 1836. Married THOMAS P. MORSE of Cortland Co., New York.

ix SULLIVAN G. CHASE, born 31 Oct 1836. Married ______ RICHARDSON

x JULIUS M. CHASE, born 28 June 1841

xi DIOGENES D. CHASE, born 27 Oct 1842. Married HARRIET BABCOCK

xii DEIADAMIA CHASE, born 3 Apr 1844, died 3 Apr 1844


JOSEPH WARREN NYE (James5, JOHN NYE married ANNA4 WING, Edward3, John2, Stephen1) Born 2 Sept 1809, De Ruyter, New York. Married 1833, SOPHIA KEEP, born 1813, Homer, Cortland Co., New York, died 21 Apr 1854; daughter of CHAUNCEY KEEP and PRUDENCE WOLCOTT. (ref: Nye Fam). Joseph and Sophia had:

i JAMES WARNER NYE, b. 30 May 1848, Randolph, New York.

MARY NYE (James5, John Nye married ANNA4 WING, Edward3, John2, Stephen1) Born 2 Sept 1809, De Ruyter, New York. Married 4 Nov 1830, FRANCIS SEARS, died 6 Mar 1870, Homer, New York. (ref: Nye Fam). Francis and Mary had:

i CELESTIA ELDRIDGE SEARS, born 18 Oct 1831, De Ruyter, New York.

ii ANNIE E. SEARS, born 28 Jan 1834

iii MARY SEARS, born 1 Jan 1837. Resided Clinton, Iowa, unmarried

iv SARAH M. SEARS, born 13 July 1839

v KATHERINE FRANCES SEARS, born 20 Aug 1843, died 25 Apr 1872, Hightstown, New Jersey. Married 8 Sept 1868, JOHN H. CREGO

AARON BURR HILLER (Jonathan5, NATHAN HILLER married ABIGAIL4 WING, Jedediah3, Elisha2, Stephen1) Born 22 Feb 1807, Dutchess Co., New York, died 25 Jan 1892, Portland, Chautauqua Co., New York. Married 31 Jan 1839, LUCINDA FERRIS, born 10 Nov 1820, died 22 May 1887; daughter of OLIVER FERRIS and LAURA ASHBY. (ref: Hiller Gen). Aaron and Lucinda had:

i CYNTHIA ANN HILLER, died 10 June 1901, Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., New York. Married 10 Oct 1886, ADDISON PRICE, born 26 June 1814, Homer, New York, died 21 June 1901, Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., New York; son of Charles Price and Mary Neff. No children.

ii KATHERINE MARY HILLER, born 6 Oct 1843, died 2 Feb 1920. Married 23 Aug 1877, EDWARD WILBUR IRWIN, born 1 July 1844; son of GEORGE IRWIN and SAMANTHA HALL. No children.

iii CORNELIA ELIZABETH HILLER, born 9 Mar 1846. Married 25 Oct 1864, ELISHA Van RENSSELAER ARNOLD, born 11 Feb 1841, died 26 May 1905; son of HIRAM ARNOLD and ELYS _____. No children

iv GEORGE FERRIS HILLER, born 10 May 1848

v LAURA PRISCILLA HILLER, born 1 Sept 1850

vi SARAH CECELIA HILLER, born 29 Aug 1852, Ripley, New York.

vii SAMUEL TABER HILLER, born 16 Apr 1855, Ripley, New York.

viii WILLIAM ASHBY HILLER, born 10 May 1860, Portland, New York.

ix OLIVER AKIN HILLER, born 9 Sept 1862, Portland, New York.