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I found a will and estate papers from Timothy WOOD at the Cortland Co. Court House, Will Book C, pp.216-217. He was from Virgil, Cortland Co. NY. The will was drawn up on 3 Feb. 1848, and Timothy died on 23 May 1851 [or possibly 1857]

Here's a quick summary of the children mentioned, in the order in which they are mentioned (don't know if it's birth order or not):

Elisa Peace - [no place mentioned]
Andrew Jackson Wood - Cortland Co. NY
John Wood - Ledyard, NY
Jonas Wood - California
Allen Wood - Burlington, Calhoun Co. MI
Abigail Wood - Cortland Co. NY
Eliza Dent - Cayuga Co. NY
N.L.S. Wood [this name may also be M.L.S. Wood, and in one case it appears to be Nehema L.S. Wood] of Huron Co., OH
Sally Ann Wood - Cortland Co. NY
Lydia M. Van Voorhies - Ithaca, Tompkins Co. NY
Timothy Wood - Huron Co., OH
Milton Wood - Dryden, NY
Horace B. Wood - Cortland Co. NY
daughter, ---- Smith, (deceased)
daughter, Nancy Haus or Hous (deceased)

Also, the following grandchildren are mentioned, all of Cortland Co., NY:
Henry Smith
Timothy Smith
Lydia Mohan, wife of Franklin Mahon
Allen Smith
A. Haight Smith (minor)
John Smith (minor)

Here's some more information.

A bio of John T. Wood, in CALHOUN COUNTY, MICHIGAN, PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM (Chicago: Chapman Bros., 1891), p.648, says that John T. Wood was a son of Allen Wood, who was the son of Timothy Wood of Virgil, Cortland Co. NY.

Among many other things, this bio says that Timothy (b. May 2, 1774, NY) was married twice, first to Nancy Wood (it says explicitly that Wood was her maiden name) (b. March 13, 1773). She had the following children:
"Timothy, Lydia (Mrs. Van Vorris), John H., Jonas, Nancy and Abigail (both of whom died unmarried), Allen, and Eliza (now Mrs. Dent). Timothy Wood's first wife died in Orange County, N.Y. and he subsequently married Lucy Smith, who bore him the following children: Sallie A., Lydia, Timothy, Milton, Andrew J. and Horace B., all of whom married except Sallie."

A few problems with this list: the names of Lydia and Timothy are repeated - so I don't know who their mothers are, and the mysterious N.L.S. Wood or Nehemia (?)Wood is not mentioned in this list. The same bio says that Nancy Wood, Timothy's first wife, died when Allen was about two years old. It says Allen was born in Ulster Co. NY on May 8, 1807. So that would put Nancy's death about 1809.

Another bio in the same book, one for William D. Wood (who was also a grandson of Timothy, whose father was Allen) p. 310, provides the same list of children for Nancy and Timothy, but makes no mention of the children of Timothy and Lucy.

I have a very strong suspicion that my Smith WOOD is related to this family somehow. In 1888, he had a nephew, "D. Wood" from Burlington, Calhoun Co. MI (which is where Allen Wood settled) attend his funeral. Around 1880, a brother, Jackson WOOD of NY came to visit Smith WOOD in Bronson, Branch Co., MI. Branch Co. and Calhoun Co. are neighboring counties. I'm wondering if this Jackson WOOD who is a brother is possibly the Andrew Jackson WOOD mentioned in Timothy WOOD's will.

Another "coincidence" is that Smith WOOD was living in Huron Co. OH in 1850 - about the same time the will of Timothy was drawn up.

Other things that indicate Smith is likely related: Smith WOOD - his name makes sense, because if Lucy SMITH is his mother, he's simply taking her name. Smith WOOD's first (and only ) son (who died young) was named Timothy.

Allen WOOD was a Justice of the Peace in Calhoun Co. MI; Smith WOOD was a Justice of the Peace in Branch Co.

Smith WOOD and the WOODs mentioned in the bios above were all members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

So all these hints seem to me to indicate Smith WOOD must be related to these folks, but I don't know how.

I've never come across any initials for Smith, so I don't know if he might be the N.L.S. Wood metioned in Timothy's will.

It's also possible that rather than being a son of Timothy, he could be a grandson of one of the first children of Timothy and Nancy, such as Timothy Jr.

Does anyone tie into this family and/or know any more about the Timothy (Jr.) and the N.L.S. WOOD that was in Huron Co. OH in the 1850s?

Any help that could help me place Smith into this family would be appreciated.

Information supplied by Linda Barnickel

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