New York Civil War Soldiers found on
the Battlefields of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania Court House, VA

Please note that I do NOT have any additional information on these soldiers or their final resting place. If I can find out where to write for records, I will post the address on this page. Thanks for your patience.

Adams, J. W., Private, Co. D, 76th NY Regt.
Allen, Hamilton, Private, Co. G, 14th NY State Militia
Angell, O. E., Captain, no company listed, 10th NY Regt.
Armstrong, Charles, Corporal, Co. K, 67th NY Regt.
Barrett, David, Private, Co. D, 124th NY Regt.
Beemer, Albert, Sergeant, Co. K, 65th NY Regt.
Benedick, G. R., Private, Co. H, 4th NY Regt.
Bromberger, John, Private, Co. C, 14th NY State Militia
Bush, William, Private, Co. A, 40th NY Regt.
Calderwood, H. A., Private, Co. A, 49th NY Regt.
Cartwright, C. S., Sergeant, Co. H, 111th NY Regt.
Clear, P., Private, Co. F, 2d NY Heavy Artillery
Conlan, John, 1st Sergeant, Co. E, 40th NY Regt.
Curtis, Marion J., Private, 2d NY Heavy Artillery
Danford, William, Private, Co. C, 69th NY Regt.
Dean, Charles N., Corporal, Co. H, 14th NY State Militia
Denmark, A., Private, Co. F, 49th NY Regt.
Dresser, Albert, Private, Co. K, 4th NY Light Artillery
Eldredge, D. D., Private, Co. C, 76th NY Regt.
Enthill, Thos. B., Sergeant, no company listed, 95th NY Regt.
Evans, Philip, Private, 2d NY Heavy Artillery
Fitzpatrick, Nicholas, Private, Co. F, 42d NY Regt.
Frank, Henry, Private, Co. F, 77th NY Regt.
Frankisch, J. K., Sergeant, Co. B, 3d NY Regt.
Frew, John, Corporal, Co. C, 14th NY State Militia
Furnice, J., Private, Co. A, 8th NY Heavy Artillery
Goreton, ---, Sergeant, Co. K, 4th NY Regt.
Grady, William, Private, Co. K, 40th NY Regt.
Hanley, J., Private, no company listed, 147th NY Regt.
Hewitt, Thomas, Private, Co. A, 140th NY Regt.
Housel, Jos., Private, Co. H, 4th NY Heavy Artillery
Jebb, P. J. W., Sergeant, Co. F, 10th NY Regt.
Jones, D. J., Private, Co. E, 97th NY Regt.
Juddy, George H., Private, Co. C, 4th NY Regt.
Justice, George C., Lieutenant, no company listed, 15th NY Regt.
Karger, H., Private, Co. A, 95th NY Regt.
Kehrl, ---, 1st Sergeant, Co. K, 7th NY Regt.
King, Charles S., Private, 4th NY Regt.
King, George, Sergeant, Co. E, 97th NY Regt.
Kitchell, S. F., Private, Co. K, 7th NY Regt.
Langer, J. B., Sergeant, no company listed, 15th NY Regt.
Lanterman, J. V., Private, Co. H, 11th NY Regt.
Lemon, P. H., Captain, Co. H, 42d NY Regt.
Lewis, W. H., Private, 109th NY Regt.
Limper, W., Private, Co. I, 61st NY Regt.
Long, E., Private, 42d NY Regt.
Lyon, James L., Private, Co. G, 49th NY Regt.
Lyons, Timothy, Private, Co. K, 14th NY State Militia
Martin, S. S., Private, Co. B, 10th NY Regt.
Mathews, M. F., Private, Co. L, 1st NY Heavy Artillery
McCarters, C., Private, Co. A, 1st NY Heavy Artillery
McCullough, M., Captain, Co. D, 7th NY Artillery
McKlem, C. J., Corporal, Co. E, 3d NY Regt.
McNeilly, J., Corporal, Co. F, 14th NY State Militia
McQuillin, J., Private, Co. B, 14th NY Regt.
McThompson, Wm., Co. K, 15th NY Regt.
Miller, A. N., Private, Co. E, 124th NY Regt.
Miller, W., Private, Co. G, 76th NY Regt.
Moran, Anthony, Private, Co. C, 76th NY Regt.
Moriarty, Phil. S., Private, Co. E, 49th NY Regt.
Morris, J. H., Captain, Co. C, 7th NY Artillery
Murphy, Robert, Pirvate, Co. H, 147th NY Regt.
Nichols, H. R., Corporal, Co.A, 67th NY Regt.
Niffin, D., Private, Co. D, 6th NY Heavy Artillery
O'Shea, W., Captain, Co. H, 42d NY Regt.
Partridge, G., Private, Co. E, 49th NY Regt.
Pierce, S., Lieutenant, Co. F, 121st NY Regt.
Rankin, William, Sergeant, Co. H, 14th NY State Militia
Riley, Thomas, Private, Co. K, 88th NY Regt.
Ritter, Morris, Private, Co. K, 140th NY Regt.
Rogers, R. T., Private, Co. A, 147th NY Regt.
Ryan, Martin, Private,, Co. F, 124th NY Regt.
Sangdale, A., Private, Co. F, 18th NY Regt.
Shilley, W., Private, no company listed, 93d NY Regt.
Slater, J., Private, Co. I, 76th NY Regt.
Smith, A., Corporal, Co. G, 125th NY Regt.
Smith, F., Sergeant, Co. K, 66th NY Regt.
Smith, T., Private, Co. D, 10th NY Regt.
Terry, S. H., Captain, no company listed, 149th NY Regt.
Thorn, E., Private, Co. d, 8th NY Heavy Artillery
Torrin, ---, Captain, Co. F, 42d NY Regt.
Tubb, L. E., Private, Co. E, 2d NY Heavy Artillery
Valton, P., Privae, Co. G, 64th NY Regt.
Vandusen, C., Private, Co. D, 64th NY Regt.
Wahburn, E., Private, Co. F, 1st NY Heavy Artillery
Walcott, H. T., Captain, no company listed, 40th NY Regt.
Walker, J., Private, Co. I, 104th NY Regt.
Walsh, J., Private, Co. B, 51st NY Regt.
Wheeler, J., Private, Co. K, 152d NY Regt.
White, John, Private, Co. E, 14th NY State Militia
Whitehead, ---, Private, Co. I, 97th NY Regt.
Whitmarsh, C., Private, Co. D, 6th NY Regt.
Wiggins, David, Lieutenant, Co. B, 64th NY Regt.
Wilson, Charles, Private, Co. A, 61st NY Regt.

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