New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in the
Military Asylum Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Surnames beginning with "A"

Abraham, Robert, Private, 38th NY Regt., Co. D, died June 5, 1862
Ackley, Reuben, Private, 1st NY Rifles, Co. C, died May 9, 1862
Adams, Charles H., Private, 61st NY Regt., Co. E, died July 17, 1862
Aherns, Nicholas, Private, 45th NY Regt., Co. F, died Nov. 2, 1861
Allbro, G. W., Private, 50th NY Regt., Co. I, died Mar. 25, 1862
Allen, E. S., Private, 86th NY Regt., Co. D, died May 9, 1862
Allen, J. E., Private, 32d NY Regt., Co. I, died Aug. 1, 1862
Archibald, Edward, Private, 96th NY Regt., Co. I, died May 29, 1862
Arneuda, M., Private, De Kalb NY Regt., Co. - , died Aug. 20, 1861
Arnold, W. W., Private, 1st NY Reg., Co. A, died Dec. 16, 1861
Atkins, William, Private, 9th NY Cav., Co. I, died Mar. 20, 1862
Atwater, Henry, Sergeant, 33d NY Regt, Co. I, died Jan. 20, 1862
Austin, E., Private, 22d NY Regt., died April 28, 1862
Averill, Henry, Private, 8th NY Cav., Co. D, died Mar. 4, 1862
Averon, Calb, Private, 6th NY Cav., Co. F, died Apr. 24, 1862
Avis, Isaac, Private, 14th NY Regt., Co. C, died May 29, 1862