New York Civil War Soldiers Buried in the
Military Asylum Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Surnames beginning with "Q"

Quick, Jno., Sergeant, 105th NY Regt., Co. B, died Nov. 14, 1862
Quigley, R., Private, 86th NY Regt., Co. C, died Sept. 24, 1863
Quinn, Henry, Private, 28th NY Regt., Co. D, died Jan. 11, 1863
Quirk, E., Private, 56th NY Regt., Co. E, died Jan. 28, 1862
Quirk, F., Private, 81st NY Regt., Co. A, died Apr. 1, 1862
Quistorff, F., Private, 54th NY Regt., Co. C, died Sept. 25, 1862