Surnames Beginning with "H"

HADDEN/HEDDEN, HEAD/HEADY, DINGEE/DINGE/DINGEY. Seeking information about HADDEN/HEDDEN, HEAD/HEADY, DINGEE/DINGE/DINGEY and allied families in Putnam, Westchester and Dutchess Counties, NY. Will exchange information. Kris Morison krissymor@aol.com 1196

HADLOCK, James. Seeking information about the parents and wife of James HADLOCK b. Dec. 25, 1752 in Fishkill as stated in his Rev. War papers. He enlisted from Kinderhook and he had lived in Cortland Patent on the Delaware. I only know of Cortlandt Patent/Manor in Westchester Co. NY. Can anyone help me with who his parents are and where they came from? His wife's name at the time of his death in 1836 was Asa. A history article on one of his children says mother was Nancy of Scotch descent. Is there another Cortlandt Patent somewhere in NY on the Delaware? Since Fishkill didn't become officially a town until much later where exactly would he have been born? I have searched for this man's parents for many years. None of the researchers I've been able to find has any knowledge of his parentage either. Selma Bonewald jbonew@setnet.net 0697

HAGEMAN, VANDERBILT. Seeking information about family of John HAGEMAN m. mid-1700s to sitia (Cynthia) VANDERBILT. John was a farmer in Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY. Children: Jane, Peter, John, James, Gertrude, Martha, Ann, Aras and Adrian. Adrian m. Mary HOFFMAN. Seeking parents of John, Sr. and relationship to HAGEMANS who settled in New Amsterdam (NYC) from Holland. Jim Hageman hageman@sunline.net 0896

HAIGHT, Jacob. Seeking information about Jacob HAIGHT. He lived in Dutchess Co. during the period from approximately 1792 until at least 1828. At some time thereafter he departed Dutchess Co. and took up residence at Sully Plantation near Fairfax, VA. Jacob was a Quaker, of "Nine Partners." I am trying to learn his place of birth, and his ancestry, including identity of his parents and country of origin. Roger W. Bracken brackenr@erols.com 0797

HAIGHT, John. Seeking information about John HAIGHT of Nine Partners(?), NY. Kathy G. Johnson lobloly@msn.com 0897

HAIGHT, CORYELL. Seeking information about James HAIGHT (1840-1902) born in Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY, Moved to Stueben County at age 12. Buried in Sherman Cemetery. Married (on 7/10/1859) to Mary CORYELL (1845-1919). His children were Richard (Dick), Wright, John Ellis, Marion, Carrie (1874-1954). James may have had a sister named Emma Haight (Russell), his fathers name may have been Daniel Haight, but I'm not possitive on these two. What I am seeking is his parents name and his siblings name. My great grandmother is Carrie Haight (Silvernail-Wheeler). Teresa Dertina tdertina@jeffco.k12.co.us 0198

HAIGHT, RUFF. Seeking information about Benjamin HAIGHT and his wife Pheobe RUFF. Children: James b. 1794; Amanda b.1800; Nelson b.1808; Joel b.1810; Ambrose (born 1812). All children were born in or around Washington, NY. I am a direct descendent of Nelson Haight and Harriet N. McCabe (child of Samuel McCabe and Millecent Boyce). Dale Kroeker dkroeker@connect.ab.ca 1297

HALEY, MORONEY. Seeking information about Thomas H. HALEY and wife Dorathea (Dora) MORONEY m. abt 1880. Children: Esabella (Belle), John F. (Jack), Ellen (Nellie) and George. Living at 21 Gate St., Poughkeepsie, NY in 1883. Gladys Young GL1926@dnet.net 1102

HALL, BARTON. Seeking information about Permelia HALL b. abt 1826 in Dutchess Co. m. 16 Apr 1850 to Lummeree/Lummerle BARTON of Philipstown. I will answer all replies and am willing to share information. ginnyflies@infomine.net 0897

HALL, BROCKETT. Seeking information about Josiah S. HALL b. abt. 1829 in Amenia, NY d. 1902 in Hillsdale, NY m. Frances Ellen BROCKETT b. 1844 in CT. mamasi@capecod.net 0897

HALLOCK, Daniel Havaland. Seeking information about the family of Daniel Havaland HALLOCK b. March 29, 1856 in Willowbrook, Stanford Township, Dutchess Co. He's the son of Daniel Washington HALLOCK and Catharine FLAGLER. He was made a Master Mason in 1878 at Shultzville Lodge # 32, New York. I understand they were Quakers who came to the US in the 1600s on a ship called De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow). vonkpj@worldnet.att.net 1197

HANCORN, John. Seeking information about John HANCORN b. Burghill, Herefordshire, England. Resided 1883 in Cornwall, Orange Co., NY with four children: John, William, Esther and Mary all b. before 1837, probably in England. John, Jr. may have m. Elizabeth LEACH. Children: Samuell, Emma and Elizabeth. In a letter written by Elizabeth, wife of John, Jr. to agents in Herefordshire refers to wills of her husband's uncle, Thomas HANCORN, and Sarah HANCORN, widow of John, Sr.'s brother Samuel in Herefordshire. John, Jr.'s siblings addresses were listed as follows: William, New London, CT; Esther, Dutchess Co., NY; Mary, Fishkill, NY. Ian Meredith cambrensis@bigfoot.com 0297

HARRINGTON, DINGEE. Seeking information about Charles Andrew HARRINGTON b. 24 Apr 1921 d. 13 Jan 1973, lived in Poughkeepsie circa 1959. Had had brief first marriage to Marilyn Louise DINGEE. Marilyn was the daughter of a man b. ~ 1860s, born to his ? second wife, late in his life abt 1924. Fmosconi@aol.com 0897

HARRIS, Barnett. Seeking information about Barnett HARRIS b. in CT d. in Dutchess Co. at age 60. He had a son born in Dutchess Co. by the name of Barnett or Barna. Don Harris dharris759@aol.com 1297

HARRIS, DEMAREE. Seeking information about Daniel HARRIS b. abt 1737 d. 7 June 1821 in Switzerland Co., IN m. Elizabeth DEMAREE b. abt 1739 (dau. of Samuel DEMAREE and Leah DEMAREST). Their son, Samuel HARRIS (my 5gr grandfather), was born in Duchess Co. on the first tract of land called River Pasture in Beekman Twp (according to his Amer.Rev. pension application). The family moved to PA (Samuel also lived in Berkeley Co., WV.), then to KY. Elizabeth Smith esmith@montgomery.k12.ky.us 1297

HARRIS, SHERMAN. Seeking death and probate information about family of Walter Conger HARRIS d. 11 Dec 1933 in Wappinger Falls, Dutchess Co., NY m. Ethel SHERMAN. Dwight Harris drharris@freenet.columbus.oh.us 0896

HATCH, COVEY. Seeking information about Sarah HATCH d. before 1816 m. abt 1733 to Walter COVEY b. abt 1750 in Dutchess Co., NY. Children: Edward b. 25 Dec 1782 m. Hannah NORTHRUP. Carol Foster cfoster@eden.com 0996

HATCH, PARMELEE. Seeking information about Jeremiah HATCH b. 25 Sep 1766 in Oblongs, Dutchess Co., NY (son of Nathaniel HATCH b. 1 Jul 1726 in Mansfield, CT) m. 6 Dec 1756 in New Haven, CT to Achsah PARMELEE. Nathaniel died in the Civil War. I need info on Jeremiah's Brothers and sisters. Also info on his mother Achsah Parmelee. I know that Jeremiah was also in the Civil War. Pat Christensen PatsAngels@aol.com 0597

HAWKINS, David and James. Seeking parents, siblings and marriage information about brothers David and James HAWKINS. David b. abt 1758 in Dutchess Co. m. Hannah. Resided in Frederickstown at time of entry into NY State Militia in 1776 and 1780. David and Hannah were in Reading Twp, Steuben Co., NY by 1816. James b. abt 1754 in Dutchess Co. m. Deborah. Resided in Frederickstown at time of entry into NY State Militia in 1775 and 1777. Resided Yates, Steuben Co., NY begining new century. Both brothers were alive in 1840. Ed Easlick edslick@bellatlantic.net 1297

HAYWOOD, MOSHER. Seeking information about Ruth HAYWOOD d. aft 1830, place unknown m. 13 Jan 1813 in Dutchess Co. to Jonathan MOSHER b. 1787 in Dutchess Co. d. 11 Sep 1830 in Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY. JohnnyQ100@aol.com 0797

HENDERSON, Susan. Seeking parents of Susan HENDERSON b.19 Oct 1877 in Poughkeepsie. Her father's name was William. I believe he was born in Ireland in 1843? She had brothers, David and John, Sisters, Lillian, Mary and Sarah. Sarah married Capt. Harry Lewis, Coldspring ,NY. Pamela Fleming maf@flash.net 0697

HENION, Thomas. Seeking information about Thomas HENION, father of John HENION b. 1762 d. 1848. Delijim @aol.com 1197

HEVENOR, POTTENBURGH. Seeking information aobut Winfield Scott Hevenor b. 1831 d. 1909 (don of Robert D. HEVENOR and Eliza C. FOLGER). He was raised in Rhinebeck before moving to the Renssalaer/Albany area later in life. He married Christina POTTENBURGH (daughter of Capt. Henry POTTENBURGH and wife Nancy). Herb Krumrine, 46 E. Second Ave., Parkesburg, PA 19365 homesafe@pinehurst.net 0497

HILL, REEDER. Seeking descendents of Isaac HILL b. 1759 in Dover, NH d. 1814 in Milton Landing, NY m. Juliannna REEDER. Children: Ephraim Roberts b. 1796 in NY, Daniel Trembley b. 1803 in NY, Samuel, Lydia, Jacob, David and Milo. Bette Hill bhill@erols.com 0996

HILL, VAN KLEECK. Seeking information about Mary HILL b. 9 Oct 1796 in Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY m. to Moses VAN KLEECK. By 1811 they had moved to Wilton, Saratoga Co., NY. Barbara Rentenbach nlyon@aol.com 1196

HILLEGASS, Leopold. Seeking information about Leopold HILLEGASS b. 26 Sep 1714 in Germany and emigrated to America in 1730 and settled in Duchess Co., NY. Wife Susanna. rhillegas@aol.com 1197

HILLEGASS, WILEY. Seeking information about Peter HILLEGASS b. 1754 c. Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, NY m. Mary WILEY. May have been revolutionary soldier. Mary buried at the "Old Krum Church". rhillegas@aol.com 1197

HILLIKER. I am researching the HILLIKER family in and around Pauling, also HILLIKERs in the Westchester area. higgins@cdepot.net 1197

HINCKLEY, Joshua. Seeking information about Joshua HINCKLEY m. Betsy (?). Child: Horace m. Laura MCINTYRE. Child: Mary m. to William MARTIN, resided in Fitchville, OH. Bob Martin bobmartin@snowline.net 0996

HITCHCOCK, Shadrach. Seeking information about Shadrach HITCHCOCK b. 6 Jun 1783 in NY. According to the 1880 census, he is a son of Joseph, William or David HITCHCOCK of Dutchess Co., NY. William c. 1740 and Joseph c. 1753. Both resided in Frederickstown. Larry Hitchcock 101340.3620@compuserve.com 0197

HOAG, DOTY. Seeking information about family of Nathan HOAG and wife Elizabeth DOTY who resided in Dutchess Co. in the middle to late 1700s. Carol Petersen bhpcap@swbell.net 1197

HOFFMAN, LEWIS/LOUIS. Seeking information about family of Michael HOFFMAN m. 7 Dec 1744 to Marytje LEWIS/LOUIS. Children: Katharina b. 1746; Daniel b. 1758; Charles; Esther who m.1) Joseph Chambers m.2) Mathew Van Keuren; Mary who m. William McClave; Cornelia who m. John Griffin; Johannes b. 1765. Michael died by 1792 in Fishkill. Beth Beth_Sumpter@Emory.org 1197

HOLDRIDGE, Thomas. Seeking date of birth and ancestry of Thomas HOLDRIDGE d. 27 Apr 1861 at 97 yrs., 5 mos., 13 days, buried in Cherry Creek Cemetery. I believe he lived in Pawling in his youth. u1009632@warwick.net 0497

HOLDRIDGE, PAINE. Seeking information about Martha HOLDRIDGE b.9 Dec 1775 m. Barnabus PAINE b. 1739 d. 1822 in Amenia. Children: two daughters. I have info on Marcia PAINE b. 1767 m. JONAH MOORE, Mary Paine b. 1771 m Ebenezer Owen. Sandra Clark sandra.clark@worldnet.att.net 1197

HOLMES, Jacob. Seeking information about parents of Jacob HOLMES b. 25 Jan 1769 prob. in Dutchess Co., NY m. abt 1799 in Granvile, Washington Co., NY d. 29 Aug 1834 in Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY. Bill Barnett memobarn@community.net 1297

HOLMES, ROSEK(C)RANS. Seeking birth, marriage and death information about Thomas HOLMES. He lived in Dutchess Co. at some point. He m. Catherine ROSEK(C)RANS. They had one child, Burroughs b. 15 Oct 1792. Aletta aletta7476@aol.com 0397

HOPKINS, Edmond. Seeking proof of birth of Edmond HOPKINS in Dutchess Co. abt l782, i.e. church record, publication, etc. Edmond was the son of Thatcher HOPKINS and Eleanor REGAN. Edmond is said to have died in l832, probably in Tompkins Co., NY. Their son James HOPKINS b. 19 Feb 1805 b. probably in Dutchess Co. m. 19 Oct 1826 to Sarah Jane OWENS, perhaps in Dutchess Co. Who was Edmond's wife? Sarah dcorte@inetport.com 0897

HOPKINS, Jeremiah. Seeking information about Jeremiah HOPKINS (son of Samuel HOPKINS and Ophelia DOXEY) b. 27 Dec 1882 in Fishkill Landing. Also seeking information about Samuel who died in 1889 in Fishkill. What Cemetery? Also seeking information about Samuel's parents. Father was also Jeremiah but mother unknown. Believe both are buried in Fishkill area. What Cemetery? Allen A. Hopkins, Jr. ahopkins01@snet.net 0797

HORTON, Thomas. Seeking information about Thomas HORTON b. 1781 in Orange Co., NY. Joyce Shutts jas@rfc.comm.harris.com 0197

HOSIER, PALMATIER. Seeking information about Peter HOSIER m. abt 1850s to Sara Ann PALMATIER. Sarah died at an early age and I believe he remarried someone named Bridget from Ireland. Peter and Sara were the parents of Milard Filmore HOSIER. All were from the area of Millerton. Nancy Kie Nkie105610@aol.com 1197

HOSIER, KIE, HEGARTY, WHIDDEN, BAGGETT. Seeking information about the HOSIER and KIE families in Dutchess Co., NY and HEGARTY, WHIDDEN and BAGGETT families in Nassau Co., NY. Nancy Kie nkie@wow.com 0996

HOSMER. Is anyone researching this family? Robert HOSMER and wife Nancy (maiden name unknown) of Fishkill [1830]. Daughter Emily b. 19 Mar. 1809 in NY, d. 1884 in IA. m. 1829 in Canaan Twp., PA to Leonard STARKWEATHER. Sharon slklecker@juno.com 0797

HOWARD, Pontius. Seeking information about Pontius "Pontus" HOWARD b. 1814 in Rochester, Dutchess Co., NY d. Payallup, WA. Jacqueline warjacq@aol.com 0197

HOWARD, HART. Seeking grandchildren of Edward HOWARD b. 1724 in Dartmouth, MA d. 1 Oct 1801 in Pawling, Dutchess Co., NY, and his wife Phebe HART b. 3 May 1735 d. 4 Aug 1804. They had 8 sons. I suspect one of them is the father of my ancestor Maurice HOWARD b. 21 March 1793 Dutchess Co., NY d. 18 Sept. 1873 m. Matilda SABIN. Maurice (pronounced Morris) served in the War of 1812 from Dutchess Co., NY. Deenacr@aol.com 0597

HOWE, John A. Seeking obituary and burial information about John A. HOWE b. 1790. Resided in Davenport, Delaware Co., NY during service in War of 1812. d. aft 1870. Was in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY at time of 1850 and 1860 censuses. Thomas Turiel tpturiel@mindspring.com 0896

HOWE, SPURBECK. Seeking information about Jesse HOWE b. 30 Jul 1754 in Florida, Montgomery Co., NY m. Elizabeth SPURBECK, a native of Germany. They lived in Frederickstown, Dutchess Co. and Windsor and Conklin, Broome Co. Jesse was a Revolutionary soldier from Dutchess Co. Their son, Cyrenius HOWE b. 17 Mar 1776 in Windsor, NY m. 24 Jul 1794 to Sarah TYRELL b. 17 Mar 1774 d. 8 Feb 1832. I do not have any info on the SPURBECK or TYRELL family. Was Florida once part of Montgomery Co.? It is now in Orange Co. Also, where was Frederickstown, Dutchess Co.? I cannot find it on the map. Louise Hastings jhastings@centuryinter.net 0597

HOYT, HUSTED. Seeking information about Anna HOYT b. 30 Aug 1785 d. 10 Apr 1853 in Oswego Co., NY m. Abraham HUSTED b. 12 Mar 1779 d. 28 Apr 1858 in Oswego Co., NY. They were in Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY abt 1815, then moved to Oswego Co., but from where? Orange Co.? Dutchess Co.? Jon K. Holcombe holcombe@gisco.net 0896

HUDSON, Elijah. Seeking descendents of Elijah HUDSON b. 1713 in Chatham, NY. Michael Hudson Jost mjost@juno.com 1296

HUNT, TIETSWORTH. Seeking information about David HUNT b. abt 1790 in Westchester Co. (?), NY m. abt 1820 to Hannah TIETSWORTH (sp variation). David was a Riverman on the Hudson. At some point they were in Dutchess Co. D. Boardman milivolt@ptd.net 0497

HUSON/HUGHSON, Jane. Seeking parents of Jane HUSON/HUGHSON b. Feb. 1758 in Dutchess/Putnam Co., NY d. 1844 in Putnam Co., NY m. 1774 to Samuel KNIFFEN. Children: Aner, Nancy, James and Jane b. in Carmel, Dutchess Co., NY during 1770s. Jane's parents were Loyalists who apparently remained in NY during the war. Linda Scott quailind@netwizards.net 0197

HUTCHENS/HUTCHINS Benjamin. Seeking information about family of Benjamin HUTCHENS d. 1842 in Fishkill, NY m. Elenor. Children: Sally, Isreal, Elizabeth, Martha, Caroline, Gilbert, Benjamin, William. Linda Harris PZEK81A@prodigy.com 0997

HUTCHENS/HUTCHINS, RUSHMORE. Seeking information about family of Isreal B. Hutchens b. 1790 in Fishkill, NY d. in Pitt Co., NC m. Ruth RUSHMORE. They had at least two children: William b. 1813 m. in TX d. 1884 in Ft. Worth, TX; and Mary Ann b. 21 Feb 1811 in Fishkill, NY m. W. Henry ANDREWS of Pitt Co., NC. Linda Harris PZEK81A@prodigy.com 0997

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