05/2003 - 08/2003

Date: 5/27/2003 10:08:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: ginnyeakin@csonline.net

Searching for a Dennis Mullin/Mullen family that came from Canada down thru NY and into Corry, PA, Erie County. Wonder if yyou can help ?? Any ideas ?

Subj: John Charles Kean
Date: 5/27/2003 4:38:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: littleolebrat@yahoo.com

My G-Grandfather was John Charles Kean born abt 1871 in Buffalo, NY. He married Agnes E. Hannah (born 24 Oct abt 1873) from Canada. They had 5 children who were raised in Tonawanda, NY. --Thomas William (21 Mar 1893, Geneva G (20 Jul 1898), Helen Nellie (unknown) , James or Jim Richard (unknown), and my Grandfather Edward Henry (08 Feb 1901). John and Agnes were later divorced. Birthdates, marriage, divorce dates would be appreciated. Thomas and Edward were both in WW1 Army. Thomas was a Sgt.

Subj: family
Date: 5/29/2003 5:22:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Sessa I

Am looking for ANY information on Roseanne Flick Roundy that lived in Buffalo and died there app.1958. She either lived with or married a man by the last name of Day.

Subj: Doran and Brennen/Brennan families
Date: 5/30/2003 12:13:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: 1tootsie@charter.net

Looking for DORAN family in Lancaster, Erie County, NY in 1850 and on. Catherine DORAN married Michael BRENNEN/BRENNAN prior to 1855 and had died by 1860 possibly in child birth. Thank you.
Nancy Tweedie

Subj: Fisher, Hubert Charles
Date: 5/24/2003 11:40:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: rwagner1@san.rr.com

Hubert Charles Fisher was a civil engineer from Buffalo. Worked in Birmingham, England, approx 1890-1910. Died approx 1910, location unknown. His widow and children moved to Buffalo approx 1910, lived with his extended Fisher family. Looking for details on this Fisher family, period 1850-1930.

Subj: Surname
Date: 6/4/2003 9:46:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: artpark@adelphia.net

I am searching for info on Artemyak (Artemink) I have a Daniel Artemyak 52 Layer Ave Bflo 1930 census. Is there any info before to this?

Subj: RE: a researcher
Date: 5/29/2003 2:04:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: katerose@covad.net

how can I find a researcher in the city of Buffalo, Erie, NY? Second, can that individual go to the court house to “research” a death record? I have contacted the Vital Records office of Erie County and the only thing I get on the phone is a recorded message that says that #1 you have to be a descendant of the individual for whom you are acquiring the death certificate. # 2 you have to know the death date of the individual. Now, #1 we can give the researcher a letter of permission from the grandson of the individual we are looking for and we have the genealogy to prove it. #2. we do not have the date of death, that is what we are looking for. We have a fairly narrow range of 1893-1897 but that is the best we have been able to pin point from records in the FHL in SLC. # 3. Also we would like to find the marriage of this same person and have been unable to so far. I am hoping that you could point me in the direction of a professional researcher in the area. If not that is okay as I have a couple of other possibilities that I will try. Thanks for your time Kathleen Rose

Subj: henderson in Erie Co
Date: 6/12/2003 3:58:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Teriv23@aol.com

I am looking for the Henderson family, Joseph Henderson +Abigail Stratton ? - 1828 said to have lived in a log cabin in the mountians on state owned land, till Josephs Death in 1828.son's James and Carlton may have lived there also.
Ira Henderson Son of Joseph, Married Emily Davis, Buried in Hunters creek Cemetery. William Y Henderson ? may have lived there 1810-1822 James Henderson 1797-1860? Warren county? and Erie Thank you for anyhelp you maybe able to give

Subj: Alvin Carver
Date: 6/16/2003 6:18:27 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: marge.mc@verizon.net

My dad and I are trying to complete our family tree and we are searching for the father of Alvin Carver. My dad has four family bibles that he used initially and for the last fifteen years (on and off) he has been researching his genealogy with trips to Philadelphia and the Family Life History Center in Morrisville, PA. When we came to Alvin Carver in Erie County, Newstead Township from the 1850 census we hit a brick wall. This is the only broken link. If we can identify Alvin's father my dad thinks he can trace the family back to Massachusetts. We are now looking for help. My dad has advanced emphysema and I would like to complete this task for him before he is taken from us.

We know that Alvin was married to Caroline Luther Carver and they had a son Jerome. We know that Alvin is buried in a private cemetery in the town of Alden (Crittenden), Erie County, NY. The tombstone reads "Alvin, Aug 26, 1858, 51 yrs 3 m 1 d." Also buried there is "Carol, wife of Alvin, Apr 7, 1873, 65 yrs 5 m 28 d" and "Catherine, Wife of Jere(mce)(we think this should be Jerome) L., July 19, 1869, aged (?0) yrs 3 m 15 d." We know that Jerome had at least two wives and maybe three. We have found Jerome in the NY 1860 Federal Census in Erie County Newstead one page 304.

Subj: tonawanda births
Date: 6/13/2003 1:07:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: charliecarter@webtv.net

my gg grandfather phillip e hase was born 7-9-1818 in tonawanda ,erie co. ny i am hoping to find anyone who might have any information. i have his obituary, but it does not mention any parents names or siblings. thanks so much for your time cindi

Subj: Sterling Mallory
Date: 6/12/2003 11:35:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: mallory.smith@verizon.net

I am looking for clues as to the Ancestors of Sterling Mallory who operated a post office in Water Valley in 1831 and opened the first store in Eden Centre. He married Elsie Bentley daughter of Augustus Bentley and Thankful Tefft. Thankful is buried at Eden Valley Cem. Among others, Sterling had son James Augustus Mallory who removed to Milwaukie WI and at one time ran for Governor of Wisconsin.
Regards, Mallory Smith

Subj: 1910 Erie County Census
Date: 6/8/2003 10:09:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Allan.Kuntz@occ.treas.gov

Do you have any contacts that can tell me what ward or district these two street addresses were located in the 1910 Census for Buffalo NY. 27 Orman Pl and 995 Exchange St. Surname is Roll Thanks akuntz @hotmail.com

Subj: Volunteer Look Up
Date: 6/7/2003 4:31:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: KPN5010@wmconnect.com

My Name is Laura and I am looking for a volunteer to check on a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and a Divorce.in Saranac,NY.Do you have any people who volunteer to do this on your site?If not could you refer me to someone in Saranac area who does? I appreciate any help you can give me ...........THANK YOU....Laura

Subj: Witte Family
Date: 6/20/2003 9:57:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: phyllisfield@charter.net

I am seeking descendants of Louis and Sophie Witte who migrated to Buffalo from Germany mid-1800's and had 11? children. One son, George, migrated south around 1880 and is my great grandfather. I would like to make contact and learn more about his family. Phyllis in Georgia

Date: 6/22/2003 12:08:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Suvcw82az


Date: 6/25/2003 9:01:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Jschlater

Seeking information on Nathaniel and Susan KELLEY. They lived in Holland, Erie Co., NY, 1855-1870. Their son David and widowed daughter Mary DAKE were living with them in 1870. Sons George, Charles, and Noah had left the home by 1870.

Subj: Partridge/underhill
Date: 6/26/2003 5:40:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: nerickso@bcc.ctc.edu

I'm researching family ancestors and am looking for information on Orpha J. Partridge, who was born sometime between 1820 and 1830 in Erie County, NY. She married Horace Underhill somewhere around 1850, although they had several children before then. He may have been a shinglemaker in Eden, NY. I believe Orpha died around 1880. If you have any records on Orpha and her Partridge lineage, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thank you,
Nancy Erickson
Seattle, WA

Subj: Clifton O Starks
Date: 6/27/2003 3:12:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: gjscholten@chello.nl

Who can help me to get an obituary of Clifton O. Starks, who died in Buffalo, Erie Co. on 23 March 1993. Also searching for his wife Dolores (DeGraff) Starks and eventual children. Thanks in advance
Mr. Gert Scholten
The Netherlands

Date: 7/8/2003 4:01:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: 1tootsie@charter.net

-- Looking for BRENNEN or BRENNAN families in the Lancaster, Cheektowaga, Erie County, NY area

Subj: Phelps-Help
Date: 7/9/2003 10:48:10 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: carolcarter100965@msn.com

Looking for Ruben and Alvina(Jackson) Phelps married in Buffalo, N.Y. April 14, 1838. Son Josiah Phelps born Feb. 7, 1849 in Buffalo, N. Y. Ruben's middle name is Ruel. Thanks for any help.

Subj: finding grandpa
Date: 7/3/2003 7:35:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Foodfox40

looking for info. on my grandfather whom I am named for, BARTH, Melvin L. Born 5 Apr. 1893, in Angola, Who were his parents, where were they from, birth death and marriage info. as well as siblings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 7/4/2003 1:35:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: trose@innet.com

I am searching for my grandfather. I have found a man by that name, a lawyer & city clerk in an 1890 Buffalo Directory. Business address is: 4 City & County Hall and home is: over 22 W. Chippewa. Is there any way I can find out about lawyers & city clerks from that time period ? My grandfather was said to have been born in Canada in 1861.