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Fultonville History - 1847 Glen, NY Deaths

1847 Town of Glen Death Records

The New York State Legislature passed a law in 1847 requiring school district clerks to record vital statistics for their respective districts and then forward the information to the state. The law was difficult to enforce and was phased out by 1850. The records sent to the state were eventually returned to their communities. Spellings of names have not been altered to fit modern spellings.


SurnameGiven NameDate of DeathResidenceAge
ARMSCharles J.August 17, 1847Glen1
BAIRDAlcheApril 20, 1847Glen60
BIGGAMGarretApril 8, 1847Glen30
BRADTTenettaFebruary 23, 1847Glen21
BRADTSarah CatherineNovember 29, 1847Glen1
CHAPMANHenry S.February 24, 1847Glen2
CLUTENicholas J.July 24, 1847Glen55
CORNWELLJulianJuly 9, 1847Glen6
COURTNEYElizabeth B.April 11, 1847Glen70
COVENHOVENIsaacFebruary 15, 1847Glen39
DAVISSimonFebruary 5, 1847Glen5
DAVISElizabeth B.April 2, 1847Charleston68
HALLIDAYEdgarAugust 19, 1847Glen2 days
HARRISMary JaneSeptember 30, 1847Glen2
HUDSONNicholasJune 1, 1847Glen19
FERTHEllenAugust 26, 1847Glen6 weeks
JOHNSONDavidMay 5, 1847Glen78
MCCAFFERTYJamesAugust 8, 1847Root50
MERRILPenelopeJuly 24, 1847Glen89
MOREYWm. EdwardApril 11, 1847Not known8 weeks
MYERSRichard H.November 10, 1847Glen1
NEWKERKMary FrancesMarch 30, 1847Glen18
PATTENGeorge Jr.May 12, 1847Glen24
PUTMANMary FrancesFebruary 15, 1847Glen1
PUTMANHannahJune 24, 1847Glen2
QUACKENBOSSAnnAugust 24, 1847Glen76
QUACKENBOSSJohn R.September 26, 1847Glen15
QUACKENBOSSRichardSeptember 21, 1847Glen46
ROWLANDAlonzoJuly 8, 1847Glen4
SHUTTSGeorge HenryJanuary20, 1847Glen4
SIMPSONLouisaFebruary 3, 1847Glen2
SPAULDINGMirandaJune 15, 1847Eagle Harbour, NY38
STARINJohn F.October 9, 1847Glen76
VANALSTINECorneliusSeptember 4, 1847Glen-
VANANTWERPSusan M.August 18, 1847Glen4
VANDEBOGARTAnna MariaJuly 28, 1847Glen10
VANDERVEERAnna MariaJuly 27, 1847Glen-
VUNCKElizabeth B.August 12, 1847Glen13
WEEDJohnJune 1, 1847Port Ontario, NY35
WEMPLENancyFebruary 10, 1847Glen4
WINNEJacobFebruary 10, 1847Glen2
WOODJohnAugust 7, 1847Glen2

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