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Marriages / Divorces

Marriage Records

     Marriage records prior to 1880 would be recorded with Churches and those past that date would be recorded with the local government and national archives in present-day Guyana.
     The marriages listed below were transcribed from Guyanese newspapers and British Guiana newspapers in the colonial era.   Some were transcribed by S. Anderson from older United States newspapers.   The source of each transcription is noted.

The marriage PDF list, listed in the menu at top left, is a listing of known marriages, listing the surnames of the bride and groom.   

[Source: Anniversaries - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle – April 20, 1947: page 2.]
BRADSHAW –TIMMERMAN - On Sunday April 6th, 1947 at Kingston Methodist church by the Rev. J. D. Dodd, Lloyd F., elder son of Mr. and . G. A. Bradshaw of Forshaw Street, Georgetown to Daphne Shelia, daughter of Mrs. Timmerman of Kitty. {Transcribed by Milwana Osanku]

(Source: The Colonist, Saturday, October 23, 1880, pg 2, Col. 5)
BRAUD-GARNETT - October 7, 1880
On the 7th instant, at Christ Church, Georgetown, by the Revd. T. J. Moulder, Incumbent of St. Augustin's Arthur Braud, Esq., of Pln. Mon Repos, to Emeline, eldest daughter of the late H.P. GARNETT, Esq.

(Source: the Daily Argosy, Saturday, April 19, 1884: page 4 column 1.)
ELLIOTT - SANDY - At Golden Grove, East Coast, Demerara, on the 17th instant, by the Revd. Jas. P. Taylor (by special license), Capt. Tappin Johnstone Elliott, to Annie Sophia, eldest daughter of B. Sandy and granddaughter of Bentick Sancho, late of Golden Grove.{courtesy of Sharon Anderson - our many thanks and appreciation to Sharon for her time and work in obtaining these records}

January 20, 1921, New York Times

Fernandez-Gaston --- On Thursday, Jan. 20, at Ansonia, Conn., Lavinia Wilson, youngest daughter of Samuel and Agnes Gaston of Seymour, Conn., to J.E.C. Fernandez, twelfth son of the late M. Fernandez of Georgetown, Demerara, South America {transcribed by S. Anderson}

(Source: The Colonist, Saturday, October 23, 1880, pg 2, Col. 5)
HAMILTON-VAN EEDEN - September 21, 1880
Sept. 21, at St. Mary's, Islington, by the Revd. Arthur HAYNE, Rector of St. Mary Arches, Exeter, uncle of the bridegroom, Charles Boughton HAMILTON, eldest son of the late Revd. William HAMILTON, Rector of St. Peter's Leguan, British Guiana, to Elizabeth Hermina, eldest daughter of P. VAN EEDEN, Esq., of Demerara, British Guiana. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

4 Sept. 1852, Hartford Daily Current, Hartford, Conn.
Humphreys-Benjamin ----At Demerara, Sept. 4th, William Humphreys, Esq. To Delia Isabella, second daughter of Charles Benjamin, Esq., U. States Consul at Demerara. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

(Source: The Colonist, Friday, July 25, 1873, pg 2, Col. 2)
LOWE-YOUNGE - On the 18th June, (1873) at Christ Church, Plymouth, from the residence of Mrs. Shortland, aunt of the bride, by the Revd. N.W. Edwards, cousin of the bride, George S. S., second son of Stanley LOWE, Esq., of Whitehall, South Devon, to Harriet Charlotte, second daughter of the late Edward YOUNGE, Barrister-at-law, Clerk of the Enrolments. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

April 16, 1861, New York Times
Matheson – Jackson -----in this City on Tuesday, April 16, at St. George’s Church by Rev. Dr. Tyng, COLIN MATHESON, of Berbice, British Guiana, to FANNIE C. JACKSON, daughter of Edward Jackson, Esq. Of this City. [Baltimore papers please copy] {transcribed by S. Anderson}

Nov. 8, 1894, New York Times
Murray-Worthington --- At Pelham Manor, N.Y., on Thursday, Nov. 8 by the Rev. W.A. Benjamin, D.D.; Bessie Duncan, daughter of the late Harry Fraser Worthington of Irvington-on-Hudson and James O’Hara Murray of Demerara, W. I. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

August 8, 1865 – New York Times
Rowe-Brotherson --- In Brooklyn on Tuesday, August 8 at the Church of the Holy Trinity by Rev. Dr. Diller, Mrs. Edwin ROWE of Fair Haven, Conn., and Miss Jessie D. BROTHERSON, of Brooklyn. No cards. [New Haven, Conn and Demerara, B.G. papers, please copy. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

July 21, 1853, New York Times
Stoddard - Van Pelt ----At Port Richmond, S.I., July 21, by Rev. James Brownlee, Henry S. Stoddard, Esq. Of Demerara to Elvira, daughter of the late Capt. Jacob Van Pelt, of Port Richmond. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

[Source: WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 1919-1942 - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle - May 31, 1942 : page 4.]
WILLIS –ELLIOTT - At the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Victoria, East Coast, Demerara, by the late Fr. J. J, Parcel, on May 31st, 1919, Joseph to Sophia Anetta. {Transcribed by Milwana Osanku]

[Source: WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 1919-1949 - Announcements-Sunday Chronicle - June 5, 1949 : page 6.]
WILLIS –ELLIOTT - On May 3rd., 1919 by the late Fr. J. J, Parcel, at Victoria R C Church, Victoria, East Coast, Demerara, Joseph S. to Annie S. Mizpah. {Transcribed by Milwana Osanku]

(Source: Legal Notices - DIVORCES, The Official Gazette of British Guiana - June 27, 1963: page 456.)
VIGILANCE - Clement Arthur Vigilance (H. A. Bruton) - Nora Vigilance (David de Caires) {Transcribed by Milwana Osanku]

(Source: The Colonist, Friday, December 5, 1879)
YOUNGE-MAY - November 27, 1879
On the 27th Nov., at St. Sithin's Church, by the Right Revd. the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, ass. by the Ven. F. J. WYATT, B.D., Archdeacon of Demerara, George Shortland YOUNGE, youngest son of late Edward YOUNGE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law, and Clerk of the Enrolments, to Gertrude Louisa, eldest daughter of the Revd. Henry John MAY, Rector of St. Swithin's Demerara, and Registrar of the Diocese. {transcribed by S. Anderson}

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