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Plantations and Estates

This list was made up while searching in books and online resources and each time a plantation or estate was menetioned, the name was recorded. Therefore, this list is not a complete one. Reportedly, there is a list of the estates, towns and villages in British Guiana showing the constabulary districts in the Royal Gazette of 9 December 1884 (not verified).
Plantations and Estates in British Guiana / Guyana
Estates Location Plantations Location
Best     Bel Air East Coast
Miracca     Belair  
Phoenix     Belle Vue West Bank
Richmond Hill Essequebo Coast   Blankenburg  
      Des Grange West Bank
      Enmore Estates East bank, Demerara
    Golden Fleece  
      Golden Grove Demerara
      Good Hope Vigilance Dist, East Coast Demerara
      Great Diamond Georgetown
      Hampton Court  
La Retraite listed under HH van den HEUVEL in 1786, West Bank
      La Penitance East Coast
      Le Repentir East Coast
      L'Indissoluble West Bank
      Lusignan Vigilance Dist, East Coast Demerara
      Ma Retraite Berbice
      Mon Repos Vigilance Dist, East Coast Demerara
      Peters Hall Demerara
      Providence Demerara
      Rome Demerara
      Ruimvelt Demerara
      Schoonort West Bank
      Stewart Villa  
      Success East coast
      Vriendschap Demerara
      Werk en Rust Demerara
      Zorg en Hoop East Bank



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