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Land Grants and Land Records

     The work of Dr. Odeen Ishmael, The Guyana Story, provides information about the early grants of land as "estates" from which many grantees would subdivide into lots for sale. .
      Dr. Ishmael's essay No. 24 covered the districts and included a map.
      From Ishmael's essay 36, regarding the Growth of Georgetown, I put together this little timeline of the establishment and growth of plantations:

Demerara Land Grant Timeline

1746   Gravesande began granting land on Demerara River banks

1748 -  18 plantations have been established   (wonder which ones these were?)

1759 -   Map of plantations ( Caerte van de rivier Demerary van ouds Immenary : gelegen op Suyd Americaes Noordkust, op de Noorder Breedte van 6 gr. 40 min)

1763 -   Majority of population are English setters, owning roughly 1/3 of the existing plantations

1770 -   Dutch bank provides credit to sugar planters plantations in Demerara expand from 93 to 130

1775 -   Gravesande dies at Soesdyke plantation


Dr. Ishmael covered Berbice briefly only with the following all that was found:

Berbice Land Grant Timeline

1732 Berbice Assoc & Dutch West India Company establish charter to grant lands to private individuals

1735 -  12 estates in the Assoc. but 93 new private plantations (both banks of Berbice River) and 20 on banks of Canje

1762 -  Did not provide the number of existing plantations but did provide population as: 4,423 (346 whites, 244 Amerindians, 3,833 Africans)

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