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Vital Records

Vital Records -

Argosy and Colonist BMDs by Inge Veecock
The transcriptions from the British Guiana newspapers, The Argosy and The Colonist, are generously shared with us by Inge Veecock are very valuable secondary sources of BMD information from early British Guiana newspaper microfilms..    Combined, the two newspapers cover the years 1864 to 1896 and took six years to transcribe.

London Times by Tom Kidman
In 2007, Thomas Kidman transcribed from microfilm of older London Times, BMD announcements which contained a mention of British Guiana, Demerara, or Georgetown.    Simply find from the lists below, the link or category view the PDF documents. . These transcriptions cover from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s.   
        Anniversary Announcements
        Births ---Surnames beginning with:       A to H          I to Z
        Deaths -      A to C      D to G      H to L      M to S     T to Z
        Marriages -    A to H      I to Z

Royal Gazette of Demerary & Essequebo by Sharon Anderson
BMD's (Births, Marriages & Deaths), Shipping, Land Sales, and Persons Leaving the Colony from 1807 to 1835; Imaged by John Schultz and transcribed by Sharon Anderson.    Clicking on the newspaper title will take you to the Royal Gazette transcription access page.

Other BMD Transcriptions
The BMD pages contain some transcriptions found in Guyana church records and shared by persons who traveled to Guyana to do research or from newspapers other than the Argosy or Colonist.    

Vital records were recorded historically by the local churches and after 1852 the General Records Office began recording this information. To obtain such records, one must write to the local church and request copies or transcriptions of the record.

Lisa Booth provided the transcriptions of British Army births, marriages and deaths as well as British Guiana born crew members.

If you would like to submit a birth, marriage, death or obituary record, please provide a source and dates to the Webmaster.

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