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We are a Society reaching genealogical researchers throughout the world who are researching their colonial British Guiana or post-independence Guyana ancestors.  For the many Guyanese diaspora and descendants whose searches have met with disappointment, we hope to provide some alternative resources as they as discovered and whenever possible, transcriptions. Please note that we have no more information than is posted on this website and we do not do individual research. Therefore, inquiries regarding your personal research to the webmaster cannot be answered. Help on personal research should be posted on the Forum.

When the British left the then Colony named British Guiana, vital records (births, marriages, and deaths) were left in-country. Since independence, Guyana has experienced severe economic depression and civil strife, excluding any interest or ability to preserve or make available the historical and vital records.

Please read through the pages under the label heading "Research" on the above menu, as there are many suggestions of places to search. . Recent transcriptions have been added of colonial materials which may assist in the pursuit of colonial ancestors. New content is added as obtained.    Keep checking for our new additions!   Any newly discovered alternative secondary data sources will be posted here.   And remember - we always welcome your contributions and suggestions.

    Walking on Georgetown's Main Street

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Traveling to Guyana for Genealogical Research
Eric Downer shares his experience of traveling to Guyana in January 2014 for genalogical Research. Read his story here

1948 Georgetown Golf Club
Photos of club members in 1945 & 1948 from Nicola McIntyre - see them here

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June 2014 - 1896 Essequibo Census taken by Michael McTurk

Bernard Abraham photographed this census and John Henderson transcribed them. They have provided their transcription to us. The file links are posted on the Census page under the menu choice Transcriptions" - shortcut is here.
This site info is due to these contributors: Bernard Abraham, Sharon Anderson, Lisa Booth, Eric Downer, Thomas Kidman, Nicola MacIntyre, John O'Conner, John Schultz, .Tim Smellie &Inge Veecock
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