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    Registered voters in the communities of Bath Beach and Bensonhurst, as printed in "The Tide", a small, weekly, area newspaper. The date was November 1, 1890.
  "The Name of Every Voter Now Registered Just As It Appears On The Books"
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        The only information given was the name of the resident and the district he lived in. The boundaries lines of those 6 Districts were as follows:
                                                                            District # 1

Twenty-third Ave on the east, Eighty-sixth Street on the north, Thirteenth Ave on the west and Gravesend Bay on the south.
                                                     Polling Place

Truck House of Liberty Hook & Ladder Company, Eighteenth Ave between Eighty-sixth St. and Benson Ave, Bath Beach.

District # 2

Thirteenth Ave on the east, Seventy-fifth St on the north, Fourth Ave, Eighty-sixth St. & Fifth Ave on the west, Gravesend Bay and the Narrows on the south.

                                                     Polling Place

The Town Hall, Eighty-sixth St., near Fort Hamilton Ave.

                                                     District # 3

Fifth Ave, Eighty-sixth St and Fourth Ave on the east, Seventy-fifth St. on the north, the Narrows on the south & west.

Polling Place

Engine House of Hamilton Engine Company, junction of Fourth and Fifith Aves.

                                                     District #4

Stewart & Seventh Aves on the east, City Line (Sixtieth St) on the north, Seventy-fifth St. on the south, NY Bay on the west.

                                                     Polling Place

Engine House of Neptune Engine Company

                                                     District #5

Thirteenth Ave on the east, Town Line of Flatbush & City Line of Bklyn on the north, Seventh and Stwart Aves on the west, Seventy-fifth St. on the south.

                                                     Polling Place

Truck house of Old Jackson hook and Ladder Compnay, sixtieth St. near Eleventh Ave.

                                                     District  # 6

Town Line of Gravesend on the east, Town Line of Flatbush on the north, Thirteenth Ave. on the west, Eighty-sixth St on the south.

                                                     Polling Place

Shoe Store, opposite Station of Sea Beach R.R., Bath Beach Junction.
        How to Vote Election Day - Tuesday, November 4th, 1890

All Official Ballots (and none other can be used) are printed at public expense and distributed by the Election Officers only, but "paster ballots" may be taken into the Polling Place and used if the voter chooses. The voter passes within the Guard Rail, announces his name and the Poll Clerk checks it on the list. The Ballot Clerk then gives and the voter must take one of each kind of Ballot, he then goes immediately into the booth (which is a closet three feet square, with shelf, pen, ink, etc.) The door is closed and no one can see what the voter does. He can select his party ticket and vote that, or he can mark off any name and write in another, or he can paste on to a ballot a "paster ballot" which he may have brought with him.
This "paster ballot" can be stuck on to the face of any one of the ballots which he received from the Ballot Clerk, but must be put on  so that it will not show when the ballot is folded, and that is the vote which will be counted, no matter what other names may be printed or whether they be erased or not. The voter then folds all the ballots singly and goes to the Ballot Box where the Inspectors receive the ballot which he wishes to vote and puts it into the Ballot Box, then the Inspector takes all of the other ballots and puts them into another box.
Take care and not mix the Ballot you wish to vote with the others.
You cannot carry any of the Official Ballots away.