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The Town of Ashland
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Emma Adams---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Fred Adams---teacher (Ashland)
Willie C. Adams---laborer (Windham)
Orris Austin---carpenter 15 acres (Ashland)
William Avery---farmer 17 acres (Ashland)
George Barlow---farmer (Ashland)
Isaac Barlow---farmer 80 acres (Windham)
Samuel A. Barlow---supervisor (Ashland)
Framk Barnum---laborer (Ashland)
William Bartley---laborer , 1 acre (Ashland)
John Beers---laborer (Ashland)
Salem B. Beers---farmer 1 acre (Red Falls)
Seth M. Beers---farmer 140 acres (Ashland)
Lewis Blinn---laborer 10 acres (Red Falls)
Otis Bouton---painter (Ashland)
David Brainard---painter 3/4 acres (Ashland)
Mortimer Brainard---driver 1/4 acre (Ashland)
Addie Brandow---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
Nathaniel Brandow---farmer 180 acres (Ashland)
Charles Brewer---laborer (Ashland)
Eben Brewer---laborer (Ashland)
Pratt Brewer---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
Andrew Brezee---farmer (Ashland)
Jacob O. Brezee---hotel 1 1/2 acres (Ashland)
Emil M. Brockett---farmer 100 acres (Askland)
Newton Bronson---laborer (Windham)
Edward O. Brownell---cooper and comm. of excise 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Clarissa Bump---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Frank Bump---farmer 200 acres (Windham)
Louise Burnham---1/2 acre (Ashland)
Calvin Cammer---merchant (Ashland)
James Campbell---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
John Campbell---farmer (Ashland)
Henry Cargill---laborer (Ashland)
Leverett Cargill---laborer 1 acre (Ashland)
S. S. Carter---physician (Ashland)
Lewis G. Cate---farmer 80 acres (Ashland)
Herbert D. Chace---pastor M. E. church (Ashland)
Barbara Cheers---1/2 acre (Red Falls)
Archibald Christian---farmer 15 acres (Ashland)
Cornelius Christian---farmer 80 acres (Ashland)
David Christian---farmer 200 acres (Ashland)
Emory Christian---laborer (Ashland)
Gamalia Christian---laborer (Ashland)
George Christian---farmer 150 acres (Ashland)
James Christian---(Ashland)
George L. Clark---laborer (Ashland)
Howard A. Clark---farmer (Ashland)
Sterns Clark---(Ashland)
Charles E. Clarke and George W. Clarke---farmers 130 acres (Ashland)
George A. Cobb---farmer 70 acres (Windham)
Revilo Cobb---farmer 50 acres (Ashland)
John Connine---(Ashland)
Sylvanus Connine---farmer 125 acres (Ashland)
Bailey Cook---laborer (Ashland)
Elizabeth Cook---widow (Ashland)
Henry Cook---(Ashland)
Ichabod Cook---laborer (Ashland)
Lambert Cook---farmer 90 acres (Ashland)
Thomas B. Cook---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
William Cook---laborer (Windham)
Elisha Coons---farmer 75 acres (Windham)
Dwight Covill---laborer (Ashland)
Joseph Covill---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Lewis Covill---laborer (Ashland)
Frank Davis---farmer 96 acres (Ashland)
Hiram Davis---98 acres (Ashland)
Hiram J. Davis---shoemaker (Ashland)
Duane Decker---laborer 1/8 acre (Ashland)
Marion Decker---laborer (Ashland)
Polly A. Dederick---1/2 acre (Red Falls)
Harry Demming---plasterer 1/4 acre (Ashland)
Theron Demming---plasterer 1/4 acre (Ashland)
H. M. Dodd---clergyman, Presbyterian church (Ashland)
Edgar S. Dodge---(Ashland)
Egbert B. Dodge---1 acre (Ashland)
Francis L. Dodge---merchant 1 acre (Ashland)
George B. Doty---laborer (Ashland)
Horace Dunham---farmer (Ashland)
Addee V. Ferris---farmer and overseer of the poor 400 acres (Ashland)
Clinton D. Ferris---farmer 300 acres (Ashland)
George W. Ferris---laborer (Ashland)
Pearl Ferris---laborer (Ashland)
Waliston Ferris---farmer 160 acres (Ashland)
Franklin Finch---merchant (Ashland)
Hurschel Finch---laborer (Ashland)
Wilbur M. Finch---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
Marcus Fink---farmer 110 acrs (Ashland)
Charles Ford---farmer 70 acres (Ashland)
Arlington Frayer----farmer 160 acres (Ashland)
George German---teamster (Ashland)
William German---laborer (Ashland)
Teman Griffin---farmer 70 acres (Ashland)
William M. Griffin---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Sarah Haner---2 acres (Red Falls)
Daniel Hawver---laborer (Ashland)
Rachel Hendricks---(Red Falls)
Charles Hoagland---veterinary surgeon (Ashland)
Isaac Holbrow---farmer 3 acres (Ashland)
Charles Holdridge---stone cutter (Ashland)
Joseph Holdridge---stone cutter 2 acres (Ashland)
Irving Howard---blacksmith 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Mary Howard---farmer 80 acres (Windham)
William Howard---blacksmith 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Elmer Hull---farmer 60 acres (Ashland)
Hershell H. Hull---farmer 50 acres (Ashland)
David Hummell---farmer 140 acres (Ashland)
Daniel G. Hyatt---laborer (Ashland)
Daniel W. Hyatt---farmer 110 acres (Ashland)
Frank Ingraham---laborer (Windham)
Dana Ives---farmer 110 acres (Ashland)
Frank Ives---farmer 14 acres (Ashland)
Herbert Ives---laborer (Ashland)
Thomas W. Jeralds---farmer 87 acres (Ashland)
Arthur Johnson---laborer (Ashland)
John Jordon---laborer 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Augusta Kurau---farmer 20 acres (Ashland)
Clark Kurau---farmer 120 acres and constable (Ashland)
William Kurau---laborer (Ashland)
Alvin Layman---laborer 1/8 acre (Ashland)
Foster R. Lee---painter (Ashland)
Joel B. Lee---farmer 125 acres (Ashland)
Morris C. Lee---painter (Ashland)
Sumner C. Lee---merchant (Ashland)
Bird Lewis---farmer 240 acres (Ashland)
Charles Lewis---merchant (Ashland)
Daniel Lewis---(Ashland)
Naboth Lewis---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
William Lewis---cooper (Ashland)
Arthur Martin---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
Fremont Martin---miller 2 acres (Ashland)
Nicholas Martin and Robert Martin---farmers 65 acres (Ashland)
Marion Mead---laborer (Ashland)
Buel Miller---laborer (Ashland)
Lee Miller---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Simeon Miller---farmer 50 acres (Ashland)
David B. Morse---farmer 130 acres (Ashland)
Lorin Morse---laborer (Ashland)
Michael H. Mulford---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
Walter Mulford---laborer 15 acres (Ashland)
Augustus B. Munson---clerk 1/8 acre (Ashland)
Stanley Ormsbee---carpenter 1/8 acre (Ashland)
Sanford Osborn and Roswell B. Osborn---farmers 177 acres (Windham)
Adonijah Pangman---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
Augustus Pangman and Malbourn Pangman---farmers 100 acres (Ashland)
Gideon Pangman---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
George Partridge---farmer 220 acres (Ashland)
Ira Partridge---carpenter (Ashland)
George Pelham---farmer (Ashland)
Augustus Platner---farmer 150 acres (Ashland)
Darius B. Prout and Edward G. Prout---farmers 467 acres (Ashland)
E. Vernon Richmond---farmer 7 acres (Ashland)
Watson Richmond---farmer 160 acres (Ashland)
Homer Runyan---laborer (Ashland)
Hiram A. Sines---justice of the peace (Ashland)
Lauriston Smalling---carpenter and justice of the peace 2 1/2 acres (Ashland)
Lucius Smalling---carpenter (Ashland)
Arthur Smith---farmer 60 acres (Red Falls)
George S. Smith---farmer 160 acres (Ashland)
Henry Smith---farmer 240 acres (Ashland)
James Stanbridge---laborer 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Addison Steele---farmer 250 acres (Ashland)
Albert Steele and John Steele---farmers 450 acres (Ashland)
Daniel Steele---farmer 110 acres (Ashland)
Herbert Steele---farmer (Ashland)
Asahel Sutton---carpenter 1/3 acre (Ashland)
Calvin Sutton---laborer 1/4 acre (Ashland)
Giles Sutton---farmer 124 acres (Ashland)
Henry C. Sutton---laborer (Ashland)
Linus Sutton---carpenter 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Russel G. Sutton---farmer 205 acres (Ashland)
George Thorpe---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
Nelson Thorpe---laborer (Ashland)
Allen R. Tompkins---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
Carlos R. Tompkins---farmer 80 acres (Ashland)
Charles Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
Cornelius Tompkins---farmer 75 acres (Ashland)
Daniel Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
Frank E. Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
George A. Tompkins---farmer 60 acres (Ashland)
George S. Tompkins---carpenter 50 acres (Ashland)
George W. Tompkins---stone mason (Ashland)
Harlem G. Tompkins---farmer 90 acres (Ashland)
Hyatt Tompkins---laborer 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Ira Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
James Tompkins---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
James W. Tompkins---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Levi Tompkins---teamster 1/2 acre (Ashland)
Levi Tompkins, Jr.---carpenter 6 acres (Red Falls)
Merritt Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
Nathaniel Tompkins---farmer 40 acres (Ashland)
Norton Tompkins---farmer 100 acres and assessor (Ashland)
Oscar Tompkins---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Sanford Tompkins---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Sheridan Tompkins---laborer (Ashland)
Smith Tompkins---farmer 120 acres (Ashland)
Vernon Tompkins---farmer 80 acres (Ashland)
Wiltse Tompkins---farmer 90 acres (Ashland)
Burton G. Tuttle---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Charles Tuttle---farmer (Ashland)
David B. Tuttle---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Everett Tuttle---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Livingston B. Tuttle farmer 150 acres (Ashland)
Rudolph VanHoesen---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
Charles Voorhees---farmer (Ashland)
Henry Voorhees---farmer 90 acres (Ashland)
William Warne---laborer (Ashland)
George Waterman---laborer (Ashland)
John M. Waterman---farmer 32 acres (Ashland)
Loren Waterman---laborer (Ashland)
Manley Waterman---laborer (Ashland)
Milo Waterman---laborer (Ashland)
Salem Waterman---laborer (Windham)
Sidney Waterman---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
James M. Weed---farmer (Ashland)
John Weed---farmer (Ashland)
Seymour Weed---farmer 60 acres (Ashland)
Sherman Weed---laborer (Ashland)
William Wells---farmer 100 acres (Windham)
Elbert Wiers---laborer 5 acres (Ashland)
James Wiers, Sr.---farmer 100 acres (Ashland)
James Wiers, Jr.---farmer 70 acres (Ashland)
John Williston---musician (Ashland)
James Wiltse---1/4 acre (Ashland)

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