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The Town of Cairo
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Charles F. Abrams---blacksmith res. South Cairo
George Acker---farmer res. Purling
Ezra Ackley---res. Purling
Russell Aikens---farmer 90 acres res. Leeds
Francis R. Aikens---farmer res. Leeds
James Akley---mason res. Cairo
Abner Alden---farmer 244 acres res. Cairo
Abner Alden, Jr.---farmer 88 acres res. Freehold
John S. Alden---merchant res. Cairo
Charles Aldredge---farmer res. Purling
Dennison H. Aldredge---farmer 140 acres res. Purling
Hamilton S. Allen---farmer res. Acra
John S. Allen---farmer 174 acres res. Acra
Egbert C. Allerton---farmer res. Gayhead
Ransom W. Allerton---farmer 76 acres res. Gayhead
John Alvord---farmer res. South Cairo
James H. Anderson---hotel and overseer of the poor 1 acre res. Purling
Frederick M. Andrews---farmer 227 acres res. Cairo
George B. Anson---mason res. Cairo
Cassius M. Apjohn---laborer res. South Cairo
Robert D. Apjohn---farmer res. South Cairo
Lewis Arnold---farmer 118 acres res. Cairo
Richard A. Austin---Drug store; town clerk; opposite Walters' hotel, Cairo
Sidney M. Austin---laborer res. Cairo

Bruce Baldwin---laborer res. Purling
Clark G. Barlow---laborer res. South Cairo
Oscar A. Barlow---farmer 98 acres res. South Cairo
Adam Bartholomew, Mrs.---widow 88 acres res. Cairo
John J. Bartholomew---butcher res. Cairo
Charles Bassett---carpenter 1 1/2 acres res. South Cairo
Horace Bassett---gardener res. South Cairo
Edward Bear---bartender res. South Cairo
Egbert L. Becker---agent res. Freehold
Otis T. Bedell---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
Alfred Bennett---grocer res. Cairo
Daniel P. Bennett---overseer of the poor res. Cairo
Edward Bennett---laborer res. Cairo
Francis Bennett---butcher res. Cairo
Aaron C. Betts---farmer res. Cairo
Charles H. Bishop---farmer 68 acres res. Freehold
George E. Bishop---farmer 70 acres res. Freehold
Leander Bishop---farmer 94 acres res. Freehold
Martin Bishop---farmer res. Freehold
Wesley D. Blaisdell---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Edward H. Bloodgood---farmer 18 acres res. Acra
David Blossom---farmer res. Gayhead
Bert Bogardus---laborer res. Gayhead
Melvin Bogardus---farmer res. South Durham
August Boght---laborer res. South Durham
Benjamin Boice---farmer res. Freehold
John Boice---farmer 190 acres res. Cairo
Frank Bonesteele---farmer res. Cairo
James Brackney---laborer res. Gayhead
George Brainard---stage driver res. Cairo
Arthur Brandow---farmer res. Cairo
Frank Brandow---laborer res. Cairo
George Brandow---farmer 60 acres res. Cairo
John C. Brandow---res. South Cairo
John H. Brandow---farmer 116 acres res. South Cairo
Osmar Brandow---laborer res. Cairo
Arthur Brewster---clerk res. Acra
William C. Bridgen---farmer 131 acres res. Acra
Robert Bridgen---carpenter 47 acres res. Acra
Robert Brinck---laborer res. Cairo
Garret S. Brower---boarding house keeper res. Cairo
Lewis Bullock---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
John C. Burhans---farmer 150 acres res. Acra
Frank C. Burham---clerk res. Cairo
Arthur Burns---baggage master for C. M. Railway res. Cairo
Benjamin F. Burroughs---farmer res. South Cairo
George A. Burroughs---carpenter res. South Cairo
Joseph Burroughs---farmer 30 acres res. South Cairo
Peter Bush---farmer 8 acres South Cairo
Albert Butler---farmer res. Freehold
Alfred Butler---farmer 1 acre res. Freehold
Frank Butler---farmer res. Freehold
George Butler---laborer res. Freehold
Levi K. Byington---insurance agent and post office clerk res. Cairo

John H. Cammer---farmer res. Freehold
Mark Cammer---farmer res. Freehold
Emerson Canniff---laborer res. Cairo
Stephen Canniff---laborer res. Cairo
Sylvester Canniff---laborer res. Cairo
Addison Cargill---laborer res. Cairo
Charles E. Carman---farmer res. Acra
Jane Carman---farmer 8 acres res. South Cairo
Nelson Carman---cigar manufacturer res. South Cairo
Orrin Carman---farmer 61 acres res. Acra
William Carman---farmer res. Acra
George Cartwright---farmer 105 acres res. Acra
John Case---dry goods merchant res. Cairo
Charles M. Chadderton---farmer res. Acra
George Chadderton---farmer res. Acra
Heber Chadderton---farmer res. Acra
John Chadderton---farmer res. Acra
Miles Chadderton---lawyer res. Cairo
Stephen Chadderton---farmer 62 acres res. Purling
Clark Chapel---farmer 52 acres res. Cairo
John Chatterson---carpenter res. Acra
A. B. Chichester---hotel and livery 12 acres res. Cairo
Edward Chidester---farmer res. South Cairo
Henry D. Churchill---clerk res. Cairo
Willard B. Clark---laborer res. Cairo
J. Howard Cochran---farmer 170 acres res. Cairo
John S. Cochran---farmer 140 acres res. Cairo
Peter Cochran---farmer res. Cairo
Elizabeth Coffin---widow of Isaac A. 118 acres res. Cairo
William Coffin---carpenter res. Acra
Amanda Cole---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
Charles H. Cole---Furniture and undertaking res. Cairo
Erastus Cole---farmer res. Cairo
Frank D. Cole (Charles H. Cole)---res. Cairo
George T. Cole---carpenter res. Cairo
Philip H. Cole---res. Cairo
Russel Cole---farmer 145 acres res. Cairo
Holmes Coles---farmer res. Cairo
Eldridge G. Conkling---farmer res. Purling
Daniel Cornell---laborer res. Cairo
George A. Cornell---laborer res. South Cairo
Robert Costello---photographer res. Acra
Marion Couchman---farmer res. Freehold
Frank Covel---laborer res. South Cairo
Brace Craft---farmer res. South Durham
Jacob Craft---farmer res. South Durham
Henry Crapser---farmer 171 res. Acra
Ambrose Craw---farmer 150 acres res. Acra
William H. Cunningham---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo

Addison Davis---farmer res. Purling
Darius Davis---farmer res. Cairo
Harmon Davis---mill hand res. Cairo
Henry W. Davis---farmer res. Cairo
Samuel P. Davis---mason res. Cairo
William Davis---farmer res. Cairo
Ezra D. Day---school teacher res. Purling
Preston E. Dayton---commercial traveler res. Purling
George Dean---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Porter J. Dean---farmer res. Cairo
Micando Decarlo---trackman res. Cairo
Michael Decarlo---laborer res. Cairo
Abram V. Decker (Decker & Olmsted)---res. Cairo
Decker & Olmsted (A. V. Decker and H. S. Olmsted)---Hardware, stoves, tinware etc. Cairo
George Dederick---farmer 50 acres res. Purling
Charles Dedrick---keeps boarding house res. Purling
Claudius Delemater---teamster res. Gayhead
Herbert Delemater---res. Gayhead
John Doney---blacksmith res. South Cairo
William F. Drace---farmer res. Cairo
Levi DuBois---lumber dealer res. Cairo
Henry S. Duncan---keeper at County House res. Cairo
George Duncan---farmer 76 acres res. South Cairo
James Duncan---farmer 55 acres res. South Cairo
John Duncan---farmer 312 acres res. Cairo
Volney J. Duncan---drover 50 acres res. South Cairo
Perry Dunn---laborer res. Cairo
Aaron B. Dustin---res. South Cairo
William J. Dustin---telegrapher res. South Cairo
Elias L. Dutcher---1 acre res. Cairo

Eben Earle---farmer res. Gayhead
Sherman G. Earle---farmer res. Gayhead
Vibbard Earle---engineer res. Cairo
James B. Edgerley---farmer 109 acres res. Cairo
George Edwards---laborer res. Cairo
Charles Egnor---laborer res. Cairo
Zachariah Egnor---farmer res. Cairo
Elisha Elliott---farmer 140 acres res. Cairo
Fred Elliott---farmer res. Cairo
William Ellis---laborer res. Cairo
Frank W. Evory---farmer 72 acres res. Cairo

William Faulkner---farmer res. Cairo
James Feeney---farmer res. Cairo
Frank Fiero---merchant res. South Cairo
Martin W. Fiero---farmer 95 acres res. Acra
Alexander O. Finch---res. South Cairo
Ira Finch---farmer res. South Cairo
Jacob A. Finch---laborer res. Cairo
Shubal Finch---farmer 115 acres res. South Cairo
Ira T. Finney---contractor res. Cairo
William Fisher---res. South Cairo
Charles Forman---res. Cairo
Charles Foster---farmer res. Cairo
Edmond Foster---farmer 72 acres res. Cairo
Peter H. Freese---merchant res. Cairo
Philip H. Freese---farmer 20 acres res. Cairo
Ira Fredenburgh---farmer 27 acres res. Cairo
Joseph B. Fredenburgh---farmer 9 acres res. Cairo

Henry Gammi---laborer res. Cairo
Peter Gammi---laborer res. Cairo
John Gardner---carpenter res. Cairo
Charles Garrison---farmer res. Cairo
Edward Garrison---farmer res. Cairo
Henry Garrison---laborer res. South Cairo
James H. Garrison---farmer res. South Cairo
John B. Garrison---laborer res. South Cairo
Leonard H. Garrison---farmer 140 acres res. Cairo
Perter Garrison---laborer res. South Cairo
William Garrison---laborer res. Cairo
Lewis Georgie---laborer res. Cairo
Frederick Goodwin---jeweler res. Purling
Melville Goslee---farmer res. Cairo
George R. Greene---teacher res. Cairo
John E. Greene---butcher res. Cairo
John H. Greene---farmer res. Cairo
Reuben W. Greene---meat market res. Cairo
Wilson Greene---barber res. Cairo
William E. Greene---farmer 274 acres res. Cairo
George M. Griffin---farmer res. Cairo
Henry J. Griffin---physician res. Cairo
Nelson H. Griffin---physician res. Cairo
F. E. Grogan, Mrs.---prop. Chichester Hotel, Cairo
Washington L. Guthrie---farmer res. Cairo

John Hahn---blacksmith res. Cairo
Yeomans Haight---farmer 239 acres res. Freehold
Charles Haines---painter res. Cairo
Charles E. Haines---farmer res. Cairo
Philip H. Haines---farmer res. South Cairo
W. Burr Hall---watch maker, justice of the peace res. Cairo
George W. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Gayhead
Jacob Hallenbeck---farmer res. Freehold
Joseph Hallenbeck---farmer res. Freehold
Isreal T. Halsted---farmer 102 acres res. Gayhead
Harriet Harring---widow 8 acres res. Cairo
Charles Harvey---farmer 51 acres res. Cairo
Eugene Hawver---farmer res. Cairo
Henry Heine---laborer res. Cairo
George Heineck---farmer 89 acres res. Cairo
Herman Heineck---harness maker res. Cairo
George Hempstead---boatman res. Cairo
Michael Henneghan---farmer 103 acres res. Acra
Martin Hess---farmer res. Cairo
Augustus Hill---lawyer res. Cairo
William E. Hill---laborer res. Cairo
William O. Hill---res. Cairo
Frank Hilliard---barber res. Cairo
William Hillyard---clerk res. Cairo
Selden H. Hine---hotel keeper res. Cairo
Vernon Hitchcock---laborer res. South Cairo
Gamalia B. Holcomb---hotel res. South Cairo
Willis L. Holcomb---farmer 168 acres res. Cairo
Charles Holdridge---meat market and Comm. of Highways res. Cairo
Charles Holdridge, Jr.---butcher res. Cairo
Herbert C. Holdridge---res. South Cairo
James H. Holdridge---farmer res. South Cairo
William D. Holdridge---butcher res. Cairo
William H. Hollenbeck---farmer 180 acres res. Cairo
Nelson A. Hood---farmer res. Freehold
Peter Hood---farmer res. Freehold
Holmes V. Hoose---farmer res. Cairo
Oliver Hopson---farmer 76 acres res. South Cairo
William Henry Hopson---farmer 175 acres res. South Cairo
David E. Horton---farmer 105 acres res. Cairo
David S. Horton---peddler res. Cairo
Isaac Horton---peddler res. Cairo
Oscar Horton---peddler res. Cairo
Samuel Horton---farmer res. Cairo
Thaddeus Horton---farmer res. Cairo
William P. Hotaling---farmer res. Cairo
George D. Houghtaling---farmer res. South Cairo
George E. Houghtaling---farmer res. South Cairo
Abram Howard---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Charles O. Howard---farmer 88 acres res. Cairo
Edwin Howard---butcher 12 acres res. Urlton
George W. Howard---farmer res. Freehold
Isaac S. Howard---farmer 40 acres res. Cairo
Kinner Howard---farmer res. South Cairo
Norman M. Howard---res. Cairo
William E. Howard---teacher res. Cairo
William Howard---farmer 75 acres res. Freehold
James V. Hulse---farmer 403 acres res. Cairo

J. Leroy Jacobs (Jacobs Bottling Works)---Mfrs. of Soda and Mineral Waters, Cairo
D. Webster Jennings---hotel and livery res. Cairo
Alexander Jerome---farmer res. Cairo
Arthur M. Jerome---engineer res. Cairo
David T. Jerome---farmer 3 acres res. Cairo
Charles S. Johnson---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Samuel Johnson---22 acres res. Cairo
S. Taylor Johnson---merchant res. Cairo
William L. Johnson---farmer res. Cairo
Ambrose Jones---lawyer res. Catskill
Charles P. Jones---merchant 100 acres res. South Cairo
F. Harrison Jones---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
Floyd F. Jones---under sheriff res. Cairo
Rexsenia Jones---farmer 112 res. South Cairo
Robert Jones---laborer res. Cairo
S. Merritt Jones---farmer 95 acres and supervisor res. Cairo
William A. Jones---farmer 120 acres res. Cairo
Ira Jump---hotel keeper res. Cairo
Byron June---mason res. Cairo
David C. June---farmer res. Cairo
John June---laborer res. South Cairo

John Kendall---farmer res. South Cairo
William Kelley---laborer res. South Durham
George King---farmer 90 acres res. South Cairo
Rufus King---pastor of Presbyterian Church res. Cairo
Edwin Kipp---farmer res. Gayhead
Emory Kipp---farmer 90 acres res. Gayhead
Edward Kipp---farmer res. Gayhead
Julius Klitz---painter res. Cairo
August Klutz---carpenter res. Cairo
James W. Knapp---farmer 66 acres res. Cairo

George Lake---miller res. Cairo
William A. Lake---miller res. Cairo
William H. Lake---farmer 97 acres res. Gayhead
Charles Lane---farmer res. Cairo
Ephraim Lasher---farmer 130 acres res. Cairo
Frank Lasher---farmer res. Cairo
Stewart Latsell---farmer res. Cairo
J. C. Lawrence---artist res. Purling
Sarah Lawrence---96 acres res. Cairo
Maria Layman---4 acres res. Cairo
Benjamin Leih---laborer res. Cairo
C. G. Leih---wagon maker res. Cairo
Adelbert Lennon---livery res. Cairo
Addison E. Lennon---teacher res. Cairo
Charles M. Lennon---farmer 66 acres res. Cairo
Clarence Lennon---mason res. Cairo
Edwin M. Lennon---farmer 100 acres and carpenter res. Cairo
George A. Lennon---farmer res. Cairo
Jacob P. Lennon---farmer 40 acres res. Acra
John C. Lennon---res. Cairo
Lysander Lennon, Jr.---carpenter res. Purling
Lysander Lennon, Sr.---farmer res. Acra
Marshall Lennon---carpenter res. Acra
Martin Lennon---carpenter res. Acra
Matthew Lennon---carpenter res. Acra
Theodore Lennon---carpenter res. Cairo
Thomas B. Lennon---farmer 40 acres res. Cairo
Walker N. Lennon---farmer res. Purling
William J. Lennon---livery 2 acres res. Cairo
William S. Lennon---170 acres res. Cairo
James C. Lent---carpenter res. Cairo
Dommi Leone---farmer res. Cairo
Charles L. Lewis---farmer res. Acra
Jacob R. Lewis---farmer res. Acra
Richard Lewis---blacksmith res. Cairo
Samuel Lewis---res. Cairo
William A. Lewis---clergyman---res. Acra
William H. Lewis---farmer 43 acres res. Acra
Joel H. Lincoln---pastor of M. E. Church res. Cairo
James W. Lindsey---butcher res. Acra
Arthur J. Lock---farmer 80 acres and hotel keeper res. Cairo
Christopher C. Lock---farmer 50 acres and auctioneer res. Cairo
Ferdinand Lock---farmer res. Cairo
Elisha Lucas---butcher res. Purling
George Lucas---laborer 6 acres res. Cairo
William C. Lucas---farmer 52 acres res. South Cairo
Howard K. Lyon---boarding house keeper res. Purling

H. A. Mace---pastor of Roundtop church res. Cairo
O. Mace---teacher res. Cairo
Henry Mackey---blacksmith res. Acra
William Mackey---farmer res. Acra
Jacob Makely---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
Edgar W. Margison---teamster res. Cairo
Walter Margison---farmer res. Cairo
David Martin---superintendent shale beds res. Cairo
James Martin---laborer res. Cairo
Reed McDougal---res. Purling
LeRoy Mead---blacksmith res. Cairo
George W. Mead---blacksmith res. Purling
Zeriah H. Mead---res. Cairo
George H. Meddaugh---farmer 96 acres res. Acra
Paul Meddaugh---farmer res. Acra
William Meddaugh---farmer 44 acres res. Acra
Charles E. Merritt---carpenter res. Cairo
Solomon Merritt---painter res. Cairo
Francis E. Miller---farmer 80 acres res. Cairo
Lamonte Miller---barber res. Cairo
Louis Miller---wood turner res. Cairo
Abram Millett---hotel res. Acra
Frank Millett---farmer res. Acra
Benjamin Moore---mason res. Cairo
James H. Moore---farmer res. Cairo
Levi B. Moore---farmer 116 acres res. Cairo
Robert Moore---carpenter 75 acres res. Cairo
William Moore---laborer res. Cairo
Olney J. Morehouse---farmer 150 acres res. Cairo
Thomas H. Morrison---blacksmith res. Acra
John A. Mower---farmer 76 acres res. Cairo
Arland H. Mudge---carpenter 3 acres res. Cairo
George S. Mulford---farmer 131 acres res. Acra
Frank Myers---farmer 250 acres res. South Cairo

Arthur J. Narcote---farmer res. South Cairo
Walter Narcote---farmer res South Cairo
Enoch G. Nicholson---farmer 180 acres res. Acra
George H. Noble---physician res. Cairo
William H. Noble---farmer res. Acra

Frank Oakley---farmer 22 acres res. Cairo
Charles Olmsted---farmer res. Acra
Calvin Olmsted---farmer 80 acres res. Cairo
Frank Olmsted---painter res. Catskill
Harvey S. Olmsted (Decker & Olmsted)---Cairo
Jabez Olmsted---farmer res. Acra
John G. Olmsted---170 acres res. Acra
R. Dorr Olmsted---farmer 259 acres res. Acra
Watson Olmsted---carpenter 4 acres res. Acra
W. Philo Olmsted---carpenter 30 acres res. Acra
Willis J. Olmsted---carpenter and justice of the peace res. Acra
John H. Overbaugh---res. Purling
William Overbaugh---farmer 40 acres res. Cairo

Charles Paddock---farmer res. Cairo
John K. Palen---paint store res. Cairo
T. Colwell Palmer---farmer 12 acres res. Cairo
Joseph W. Palmer---farmer res. Cairo
Lewis Palmer---res. Cairo
Charles Palmatier---wood turner res. Purling
George Palmatier---carpenter res. Cairo
Charles M. Palmeter---teacher res. South Cairo
Edward N. Palmeter---wood turner res. Purling
John Palmeter---farmer 90 acres res. South Cairo
Clerington Parks---laborer res. Cairo
Daniel Parks---farmer 45 acres res. South Cairo
John C. Parks---laborer res. Cairo
McKensie Parks---laborer res. Cairo
Reuben Parks---farmer 75 acres res. South Cairo
Albert W. Patrie---bakery res. Cairo
Albert J. Payne---publisher of Cairo Herald res. Cairo
William R. Peck---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Abram Person---farmer 95 acres res. South Cairo
Charles Person---livery hand res. Cairo
Frank G. Person---res. Cairo
George Person---hotel clerk res. Cairo
George Person, Jr.---hotel keeper res. Cairo
James Person---farmer 274 acres res. Cairo
Stephen Pierce---farmer res. South Cairo
John N. Pine---farmer 238 acres res. South Cairo
Alexander Pitcher---farmer res. South Cairo
Wellington Pitcher---boarding house res. Cairo
Fred W. Plank---merchant res. Cairo
Helen A. Plank---widow of Edgar res. Cairo
Dennis Poland---farmer res. Acra
David Poland---farmer res. Acra
John W. Poock---apiarist res. Cairo
Charles H. Porter---lawyer res. Cairo
James Porter---farmer res. Cairo
James Post---harness maker res. Cairo
Orlando Post---harness maker res. Cairo
Charles H. Powers---printer res. Cairo
Ambrose Prediger---farmer res. Cairo
John Prosser---farmer res. Gayhead
Frank Purdy---laborer res. South Cairo

William H. Race---carpenter res. Cairo
William H. Race, Jr.---driver res. Cairo
Abijah Ransom---laborer res. Cairo
Dorris Reed---laborer res. South Cairo
Frank E. Rennie---farmer 137 acres res. Purling
John B. Richards---farmer 148 acres res. Cairo
Joseph Richards---morroco dresser 66 acres res. Cairo
Nathan Richards---res. South Cairo
Philo Richards---gardener 4 acres res. Cairo
Verdinand Richards---butcher res. South Cairo
William L. Richards---mason res. Cairo
Alanson Richtmyer---farmer 59 acres res. Cairo
Edgar Richtmyer---farmer res. Cairo
Frederick Richtmyer---laborer res. Cairo
Sherwood Richtmyer---laborer res. Cairo
William Richtmyer---farmer res. Cairo
Charles H. Risedorph---carpenter res. Cairo
Henry C. Risedorph---carpenter res. Cairo
Frank Rivenburgh---laborer res. Purling
George Rivenburgh---farmer 105 acres res. Cairo
Melvin Rivenburgh---laborer res. Acra
Wesley Rivenburgh---farmer res. Acra
William Rivenburgh---carpenter 2 acres res. Acra
Joseph Robbins---laborer res. Cairo
Jacob Roberts---farmer 10 acres res. South Cairo
Philip Robins---farmer 92 acres res. South Cairo
Cornelius Robinson---laborer res. Cairo
Peter Rockefeller---farmer 48 acres res. Cairo
Frank E. Rodgers---livery res. Purling
Benjamin Roe---farmer res. Cairo
Joseph Roe---farmer res. Cairo
John L. Roe---farmer res. Cairo
Lansing S. Roe---res. Purling
Fred Rouse---farmer res. South Cairo
Harrison Rouse---miller 10 acres res. Leeds
John C. Rouse---farmer 58 acres res. South Cairo
Joseph Rouse---miller res. Leeds
Justin Rouse---farmer 145 acres res. Leeds
Nelson B. Rouse---farmer res. South Cairo
Alanson Rowe---wood turner res. Purling
Frank Rowe---farmer res. South Cairo

James Sager---farmer res. Acra
William J. Sager---laborer res. Acra
John W. Salisbury---laborer res. Purling
William B. Salisbury---97 acres res. Cairo
George A. Sanford---farmer 115 acres res. South Durham
James N. Sanford---barber res. Cairo
Peter Sax---laborer res. South Cairo
Abraham Schermerhorn---farmer 60 acres res. Acra
Albert C. Schermerhorn---clerk res. Cairo
Hiram Schermerhorn---farmer 40 acres res. Acra
Jeremiah Schermerhorn---farmer res. Cairo
Jeremiah Schermerhorn, Jr.---res. Cairo
Oliver T. Schermerhorn---salesman res. Cairo
Peter Schermerhorn---farmer 203 acres res. Cairo
Walter Schoonmaker---farmer 90 acres res. Cairo
William Schoonmaker---farmer res. Cairo
Nicholas Schwartz---shoe dealer res. Cairo
Charles Scott---laborer res. South Cairo
Lyman Scott---farmer res. Cairo
Edward Scott---carpenter res. Cairo
James Scott---laborer res. Cairo
James F. Scott---farmer 3 acres res. Cairo
Robert A. Scott---farmer 478 acres res. Cairo
William H. Scott---farmer 140 acres res. Cairo
George Scriber---laborer res. South Cairo
James Scriber---laborer res. South Cairo
Jonas Scriber---laborer res. South Cairo
William Searing---farmer res. South Cairo
John Secord---laborer res. South Cairo
Levi N. Shaw---farmer res. Acra
Noah B. Shaw---farmer 84 acres res. Acra
James H. Sheridan---clerk at Walters' Hotel res. Cairo
Elmer Sherman---laborer res. South Cairo
Alonzo Shores---farmer 130 acres res. Cairo
David B. Shufelt---saloon res. Acra
Francis H. Simpkins---farmer res. Cairo
Cassius Simpson---farmer res. Cairo
George Simpson---laborer res. Acra
George W. Simpson---farmer 180 acres res. Acra
George W. Simpson, Jr.---farmer res. Acra
Morgan Simpson---farmer 180 acres res. Acra
Philo Simpson---carpenter res. Gayhead
Rowland Simpson---farmer 119 acres res. South Cairo
Willard Simpson---farmer 4 acres res. Gayhead
Charles Slater---laborer res. Cairo
Ebenezer Slater----farmer 7 acres res. Cairo
Emerson D. Slater---farmer 79 acres res. Cairo
Franklin Slater---laborer res. Cairo
Orrin Slater---laborer res. Cairo
William Slater---laborer res. Cairo
Fred Slawson---farmer res. Cairo
William L. Slawson---farmer res. Cairo
Ambrose D. Smith---3 acres res. Cairo
Albert Smith---laborer res. Cairo
Charles W. Smith---farmer res. Cairo
Clark J. Smith---farmer 320 acres res. South Cairo
Elmer Smith---carpenter res. Cairo
George Smith---farmer res. Cairo
John M. Smith---painter 5 acres res. Cairo
Johnson Smith---farmer 165 acres res. Cairo
Thomas J. Smith---laborer res. Cairo
Warren D. Smith---livery res. Purling
Willard Smith---laborer res. Cairo
George H. Snyder---saloon res. Cairo
Henry C. Sohmers---correspondent for the Recorder res. Purling
Frank Spencer---clerk at Walters' Hotel res. Cairo
Fred M. Spencer---laborer res. Acra
James Spencer---farmer 137 acres res. Acra
Lewis Spencer---farmer res. Acra
Henry Spoor---hotel keeper res. South Cairo
Sylvanus Stacy---farmer 8 acres res. Gayhead
David C. Stead---farmer res. Acra
John Stead---farmer 130 acres res. Acra
Alzamora B. Stevens---steam laundry res. Cairo
D'Alanson K. Stevens---dry goods and groceries res. Cairo
Ezra M. Stevens---real estate dealer 9 acres res. Cairo
Jason Stevens---merchant res. Cairo
Solissa Stevens---widow of Edward C. res. Cairo
Solon W. Stevens---livery 90 acres res. Cairo
Wheeler Stevens---farmer 142 acres res. Cairo
Benjamin F. Stewart---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
Dykeman Stewart---farmer res. Cairo
Jehial Stewart---res. Purling
Samuel Stewart---res. Purling
Addison W. Stoddard---farmer 80 acres res. South Cairo
James H. Stoddard---merchant res. Purling
Oliver W. Stoddard---farmer res. Purling
George W. Stone---farmer res. South Durham
Levi H. Stone---farmer 149 acres res. South Durham
Amos J. Story---farmer 124 acres res. Gayhead
George A. Story---farmer res. Gayhead
Henry C. Story---farmer 153 acres res. Gayhead
Isreal Story---farmer res. South Cairo
John W. Story---farmer res. Gayhead
Jacob Striker---farmer res. Acra
Frank Stryker---agent Jacob Bottling Works res. Cairo
Taylor Stryker---teamster res. Acra
William Stryker---res. Acra

James W. Taylor---farmer res. Acra
John W. Taylor---res. Cairo
Seymour Taylor---teamster res. Acra
George Teatsell---farmer res. South Cairo
Peter Teatsell---farmer 3 acres res. South Cairo
Solomon Teatsell, Jr.---farmer res. South Cairo
Solomon Teatsell---carpenter res. South Cairo
Jesse Teetsel---laborer res. South Cairo
Exekiel Thomas---farmer 88 acres res. Acra
Henry Thompson---res. Purling
Charles Thorn---farmer res. South Cairo
Edward Thorn---farmer res. Cairo
Leroy Thorn---farmer res. South Cairo
Jerome C. Thorne---teacher res. South Cairo
Theodore Thorpe---carpenter---res. Cairo
Henry Timmerman---farmer 134 acres res. Cairo
John H. Timmerman---farmer res. Cairo
Peter Timmerman---res. Purling
John H. Titus---farmer 150 acres res. Cairo
Volney Titus---farmer res. Cairo
Ira T. Tolley---ticket agent C. M. Railway 37 acres res. Cairo
Sherwood D. Tolley---farmer res. Cairo
Michael Tourney---farmer res. Cairo
William Townley---laborer res. Gayhead
Eugene Travell---laborer res. Cairo
James H. Travis---farmer 90 acres res. Gayhead
Joshua S. Travis---farmer 48 acres res. Cairo
Fred Trumpbour---turner res. Cairo
Samuel Tuell---farmer res. South Cairo
Freeland Turner---laborer res. Cairo
Seth Turpin---laborer res. Cairo

Charles Vail---farmer res. South Cairo
Cornelius Vail---farmer res. South Cairo
Edward Vail---farmer res. South Cairo
Frank Vail---farmer res. South Cairo
Henry Vail---farmer 160 acres res. South Cairo
Ira Vail---farmer res. South Cairo
Cornelius VanDeusen---farmer 170 acres res. South Cairo
William C. VanDyck---teacher res. Acra
John L. VanHoesen---farmer 60 acres res. Cairo
Marion VanHoesen---painter 53 acres res. Cairo
Eugene VanValkenburgh---farmer res. Cairo
Isaac C. VanLoan---farmer res. Cairo
Samuel D. VanLoan---rector of Calvary P.E. church res. Cairo (P. E. =Protestant Episcopal Church)
Charles D. VanOrden---teacher res. Acra
George N. VanScoit---merchant res. Cairo
George VanSteenburgh---laborer res. Cairo
Norman VanTassell---laborer res. Acra
Theodore VanTassell---farmer 115 acres res. Acra
John VanVleck---laborer res. Cairo
Burr W. Vaughn---brakeman res. Cairo
Frank Vaughn---farmer res. Acra
Jay G. Vaughn---stone cutter res. Cairo
Sylvestrer Vaughn---farmer 89 acres res. Acra
Charles Vermillyea---farmer res. Gayhead
David H. Vermillyea---farmer 133 acres res. Gayhead

Edgar Waddington---farmer res. South Cairo
Wesley Walker---farmer res. Cairo
Ambrose L. Walters (Walters' Hotel)---Cairo
Enoch Walters---stone cutter res. Cairo
Francis G. Walters (Walters' Hotel)---res. Cairo Hasson Walters---blacksmith res. Gayhead
Walters' Hotel (A.L & F.G. Walters)--- Stage Headquarters, Cairo
Zerah J. Walters---farmer res. Cairo
Edgar O. Warner---livery res. Purling
Edgar M. Warner---livery res. Purling
Nelson S. Warner---farmer 140 acres res. Cairo
Henry Watts---gardener 50 acres res. Acra
Florence Webb---hotel keeper res. Cairo
John W. Webber---farmer 73 acres res. Leeds
Alfred C. Webster---musician res. Acra
George Webster---farmer res. Cairo
Henry L. Webster---farmer 150 acres res. Cairo
James L. Webster---farmer 96 acres res. Acra
James N. Webster---musician res. Acra
Jonathan B. Webster---ice cream manufacturer res. Cairo
Lyman Webster---laborer 11 acres res. Cairo
William E. Webster---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
William N. Webster---farmer res. Acra
George M. Weed---tinsmith res. Cairo
Nelson Weed---clerk res. Cairo
Andrew J. Weeks---farmer 150 acres res. Leeds
Charles W. Weeks---farmer 60 acres res. Gayhead
Frank Weeks---farmer res. Leeds
Fred Weeks---farmer res. Leeds
Milo Weeks---farmer 116 acres res. Urlton
Henry Weitney---laborer res. Cairo
Herbert Wetmore---farmer res. Cairo
Leroy Wetmore---farmer res. Cairo
William Wetmore---farmer 184 acres res. Cairo
Ezra Whitbeck---farmer res. Cairo
George Whitbeck---laborer res. Cairo
John Whitbeck---hostler res. Cairo
John H. Whitbeck---farmer res. Purling
Luke Whitbeck---laborer res. Cairo
Milton Whitbeck---laborer res. Cairo
William H. Whitbeck---laborer res. Cairo
Arthur Whitcomb---engineer res. Purling
Chester E. Whitcomb---souvenir manufacturer res. Purling
Elmer Whitcomb---farmer res. Purling
Henry B. Whitcomb---farmer 425 acres and hotel keeper res. Purling
Abijah P. White---hotel res. Purling
Oliver E. White---farmer 40 acres res. Acra
Peter H. White---farmer 335 acres res. Cairo
Ransom White---farmer res. Cairo
Henry Whipple---laborer res. Purling
William Wilbur---farmer res. Gayhead
Charles F. Wilkins---teacher 125 acres res. Gayhead
James H. Williams---boatman res. Cairo
John K. Williams---laborer res. Cairo
Samuel Williams---laborer res. Acra
Samuel Williams Jr.---laborer res. Acra
Edgar Winnie---farmer res. South Cairo
Frank Wiltse---farmer res. Cairo
John P. Wiltse---laborer res. Cairo
Charles Wolven---laborer res. Leeds
Christian Wolven---laborer res. South Cairo
George M. Woodbeck---farmer res. Freehold
John H. Woodbeck---farmer res. Cairo
Milton Woodbeck---farmer res. Cairo
Charles Wood---farmer res. Cairo
Noah B. Wood---farmer 125 acres res. Cairo
Thomas L. Wood---farmer 87 acres res. Cairo
James C. Wooster---farmer 100 acres res. Cairo
John H. Worth---farmer res. Cairo
Alpheus W. Wright---farmer 138 acres res. Purling
Anson L. Wright---souvenir manufacturer res. Purling
George Wright---laborer res. Cairo
Sylvester Wright---wood turner res. Purling
Gaston Wynkoop---hostler res. Cairo

James H. Yeadon---blacksmith res. Cairo
William Yeadon---farmer 80 acres res. Cairo
John H. Youmans---res. Cairo
Walter Youmans---laborer res. Cairo
Nicholas P. Young---farmer 66 acres res. Cairo

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