The Town of Athens
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

The residences listed are the Post Office addresses.


Angeline Austin---widow res. Lime Street

Howard E. Beers---farmer 90 acres res. Prentiss
Charles Bogardus---carpenter res. Catskill
Cornelius Bogardus---farmer 43 acres res. Athens
Egbert B. Bogardus---butcher res. Athens
James H. Bogardus---laborer res. Lime Street
Frank Brandow---laborer res. Catskill
Jay Brandow---farmer 5 acres res. Leeds
Jesse C. Brandow---farmer 100 acres res. Leeds
Nelson Brandow---farmer 113 acres res. Athens
Peter G. Brandow, Mrs.---widow 70 acres res. Athens
Samuel Brandow---laborer res. Athens
Martin V. Bronk---minister 15 acres res. Athens
Charles Brooks---laborer res. Athens
Daniel Brooks---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
Morrison Brooks---farmer 50 acres res. Athens
Morrison W. Brooks---laborer res. Athens
Peter Brooks---farmer res. Athens
Frederick Burger---farmer res. Athens
Hermon Burger---farmer 110 acres res. Athens

George Carmen---farmer res. Lime Street
Ambrose J. Clough---farmer 105 acres res. Prentiss
Edward Clough---laborer res. Athens
Frederick Clough---farmer res. Prentiss
Gideon F. Clough---farmer res. Prentiss
John H. Clough---farmer 192 acres res. Catskill
Mary C. Clough---farmer 194 acres res. Athens
Melvin Clough---laborer res. Athens
Norberry Clough---farmer res. Prentiss
Louis Clough---farmer 250 acres res. Athens
Augusta Clow---farmer res. Catskill
Cyrus Cole---farmer res. Athens
John P. Collier---blacksmith res. Athens
Frank A. Comither---laborer res. Athens
John H. Comither---laborer res. Athens
Andrew Cook---farmer res. Athens
Amenzo Cook---farmer res. Athens
Henry R. Cornwell---farmer res. Lime Street

John Daly---farmer res. Prentiss
Henry Darling---laborer res. Leeds
Henry M. Day---farmer 86 acres res. Prentiss
Isaac Day---wagon maker res. Lime Street
Jerry M. Day---farmer 100 acres res. Lime Street
Leonard Day---store keeper res. Lime Street
Martin Day---mason res. Lime Street
Levi DeGroat---farmer 20 acres res. Athens
Clayton Denike---laborer res. Athens
Patrick Downey---farmer res. Leeds

Rodman P. Echler---farmer 200 acres res. Leeds
George Edwards---farmer 125 acres res. Lime Street
Justus B. Edwards---farmer 48 acres res. Leeds
William Edwards---laborer res. Leeds
Caleb T. Everett---farmer 115 acres res. Leeds
William H. Everton---farmer 18 acres res. Leeds
W. H. Everston---farmer res. Athens

Luther Fancher---laborer res. Lime Street
Eugene Faulkner---farmer res. Catskill
John Ford---laborer res. Athens
William Ford---boatman res. Athens
William Foster---farmer 27 acres res. Leeds
Henry S. French---farmer 153 acres res. Catskill
Robert N. Fullager---farmer res. Athens
Alexander Fyfe---farmer res. Athens
Robert Fyfe---farmer res. Athens

Thomas Gay---lime burner res. Lime Street
William Goeles---laborer res. Athens
William L. Goes---laborer res. Athens
Charles Gonnerman---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
Edward N. Gonnerman---res. Leeds
Irwin Guetchius---laborer res. Catskill
James B. Guetchius---farmer 15 acres res. Catskill

Joseph L. Hadden---farmer 195 acres res. Catskill
Steuben E. Hadden---farmer 55 acres res. Catskill
Wilsie J. Hadden---laborer res. Catskill
Abraham Hallenbeck---farmer 20 acres res. Leeds
Abraham Hallenbeck---laborer res. Leeds
Calvin Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
Case Hallenbeck---farmer res. Lime Street
Casper I. Hallenbeck---farmer 20 acres res. Athens
Casper O. Hallenbeck---res. Lime Street
Charles Hallenbeck---laborer res. Prentiss
Edward Hallenbeck---laborer res. Lime Street
Francis J. Hallenbeck---farmer 5 acres res. Athens
Francis S. Hallenbeck---farmer 166 acres res. Athens
Farnk Hallenbeck---farmer res. Catskill
Frank Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
Frank S. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Athens
Garry Hallenbeck---laborer res. Catskill
George H. Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
Grid Hallenbeck---laborer res. Lime Street
Isreal Hallenbeck---farmer 100 acres res. Athens
Jacob P. Hallenbeck---farmer 26 acres res. Leeds
Jehoiakim Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
James Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
James F. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Athens
John Hallenbeck---farmer 166 acres res. Lime Street
John I. Hallenbeck---farmer 225 acres res. Athens
Martin F. Hallenbeck---farmer 170 acres res. Athens
Prentiss W. Hallenbeck---farmer 250 acres res. Prentiss
Walter Hallenbeck---farmer res. Athens
Wesley Hallenbeck---merchant res. Athens
William F. Hallenbeck---farmer 1 acre res. Prentiss
William F. Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
William H. Hallenbeck---laborer res. Athens
Willis A. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Athens
Willis E. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Athens
Wilson Hallenbeck---farmer res. Prentiss
Harry Hankinson---farmer res. Leeds
James Hannay---grocer res. Prentiss
William Henderson---farmer 100 acres res. Prentiss
William Henderson---laborer res. Prentiss
Harry G. Herr---farmer 12 acres res. Athens
James Holmes---laborer res. Athens
Richard Holmes---boatman res. Athens
William B. Holmes---farmer 60 acres res. Athens
William T. Hotchkiss---farmer 23 acres res. Lime Street
Grenville Houghtaling---farmer res. Prentiss
Herbert Houghtaling---station agent res. West Athens
Samuel Hyatt---peddler res. Lime Street

Jacob R. Jansen---farmer res. Athens
William Judd---farmer res. Prentiss
Henry Jump---farmer res. Lime Street
Ebenezer June---farmer res. Leeds
Elmer E. June---farmer 41 acres res. Athens
Jacob June---laborer res. Prentiss
John H. June---farmer res. Leeds
Lester June---laborer res. Leeds
Samuel June---laborer res. Leeds
Seymour June---farmer res. Leeds
William June---farmer 142 acres res. Leeds
Martin J. Kelley---laborer res. Leeds
Henry Kellner---2 acres res. Leeds
John P. Kendall---laborer res. Leeds
Ira B. Kerr---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
Woodfridge T. King---farmer 139 acres res. Athens (name as in book)
Peter W. King---farmer res. Athens
Leslie Kingsley---laborer res. Athens
William H. Kniffen---farmer res. Athens
Augustus Kreuger---farmer 60 acres res. Leeds

C. A. Laday---general store and postmaster at Lime Street
Edwin Lampman---farmer res. Lime Street
Frank D. Lampman---boatman res. Lime Street
John Lampman---boatman res. Lime Street
John H. Lampman---farmer 92 acres res. Lime Street
Robert H. Lampman---laborer 20 acres res. Leeds
George Lewis---laborer res. Athens
Robert W. Lawrence---farmer res. Leeds
Silas Layman---laborer res. Prentiss

Elmer Mackey---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
Nicholas Mackey---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
William Mackey---farmer 98 acres res. Athens
W. Dwight Mead---farmer 179 acres res. Leeds
Richard McCarty---res. Lime Street
Joseph S. McGiffert---farmer & boarding house 160 acres res. Leeds
Frank L. McGiffert---farmer res. Leeds
Robert S. McGiffert---laborer res. Catskill
George McKitrick---laborer res. Lime Street
Peter H. Moak---farmer 2 acres res. Athens
Charles E. Moore---farmer res. Catskill
Ezra Moore---farmer 2 acres res. Athens
Joseph Mulberry---farmer res. Athens

Hasbrouck Newkirk---farmer 210 acres res. Leeds

Frederick Odell---farmer res. Athens
Samuel Odell---farmer 50 acres res. Athens
Nicholas O'Grady---farmer res. Athens
Patrick O'Grady---farmer 149 acres res. Athens
John J. O'Grady---farmer res. Athens
Martin V. O'Grady---farmer res. Athens
Frank Onderdunk---laborer res. Lime Street

Frank Palmatier---gardener res. Leeds
Charles Palmer---farmer 200 acres res. Leeds
Casper Perry---laborer res. Lime Street
Daniel Perry---farmer 33 acres res. Lime Street
Isaac Perry---blacksmith res. Lime Street
Levi J. Perry---farmer res. Lime Street
Samuel Perry---farmer res. Athens
Thomas W. Perry---farmer 33 acres res. Athens
William L. Perry---farmer 115 acres res. Lime Street
Charles Petrie---laborer res. Athens
Lorenzo Petrie---farmer 10 acres res. Athens
John Pindar---fisherman res. Catskill
Isaac H. Powell---laborer res. Lime Street
Charles R. Puffer---farmer res. Leeds

George R. Quick---painter res. Prentiss
James H. Quick---laborer res. Lime Street
Reuben Quick---farmer res. Lime Street
Smith J. Quick---blacksmith res. Prentiss
William Quick---driver res. Prentiss

James R. Raymond---laborer res. Athens
William H. Reynolds---farmer 30 acres res. Athens
Benjamin Roe---butcher res. Athens
Charles W. Roe---farmer 60 acres res. Athens
Isaac N. Rouse---farmer res. Leeds
John D. Rouse---farmer res. Leeds
Laban C. Rushmore---farmer 197 acres res. Catskill

Mead H. Sager---farmer 125 acres res. Prentiss
Charles Salter---stone cutter res. Lime Street
Adelbert Saxe---laborer res. Catskill
Charles Saxe---farmer 143 acres res. Catskill
Charles E. Saxe---laborer res. Catskill
John H. Saxe---laborer res. Catskill
Daniel Saunders---farmer 72 acres res. Athens
Adam Schmitt---farmer 80 acres res. Athens
John Schmitt---farmer 120 acres res. Athens
William Sears---laborer res. Leeds
Charles Smith---farmer res. Leeds
David Smith---farmer res. Leeds
Abram Spoor---farmer 2 acres res. Catskill
Richard Spoor---farmer res. Prentiss
William Spoor---laborer res. Athens
Samuel W. Sprague---farmer 200 acres res. Athens
Albert E. Stacy---laborer res. Lime Street
Eugene Stacy---laborer res. Athens
John Stacy---farmer res. Lime Street
Winfield Stacy---laborer res. Lime Street

Barney Thorn---laborer res. Catskill
Charles Thorn---farmer res. Catskill
William J. Thorn---laborer res. Lime Street
William J. Thorn---laborer res. Prentiss
James L. Thornton---laborer res. Catskill
Edward Tiffany---farmer res. Prentiss
Robert Tiffany---farmer res. Leeds
Moses Timmerman---keeps boarding house res. Leeds
Garrett Tolley---farmer 150 acres res. Athens
William H. Tolley---laborer res. Athens
Worthy Tolley---laborer res. Athens
Frank Towsen---laborer res. Athens

Albertus VanHoesen---farmer res. Catskill
Charles VanHoesen---farmer res. Leeds
Frank VanHoesen---laborer res. Athens
Francis J. VanHoesen---justice of the peace res. Lime Street
Grant VanHoesen---farmer res. Athens
John VanHoesen---carpenter res. Athens
John C. VanHoesen---laborer res. Athens
John F. VanHoesen---boatman res. Lime Street
John H. VanHoesen---boatman res. Athens
Leonard VanHoesen---farmer 150 acres res. Athens
Nicholas T. VanHoesen---farmer 150 acres res. Athens
Orlando VanHoesen---hotel keeper res. Urlton
Peter VanHoesen---laborer res. Athens
Wesley VanHoesen---farmer res. Leeds
William VanHoesen---laborer res. Athens
Almeron VanLoan---farmer res. Athens
George VanLoan---laborer res. Athens
Henry J. VanLoan---farmer 60 acres res. Athens
Isaac VanLoan---farmer 100 acres res. Athens
John J. VanLoan---farmer 38 acres res. Athens
Lewis VanLoan---farmer res. Lime Street
Norman VanLoan---farmer 84 acres res. Athens
C. K. VanValkenburgh---farmer 92 acres and general store, postmaster res. Prentiss
Edwin VanValkenburgh---laborer res. Lime Street
Francis VanValkenburgh---farmer res. Lime Street
Isaac H. VanValkenburgh---farmer res. Lime Street
Jacob A. VanValkenburgh---farmer 25 acres res. Leeds
Peter H. VanValkenburgh---laborer res. Lime Street
Harmon VanWoert---farmer 200 acres res. Athens
John K. VanWoert---farmer 99 acres res. Prentiss
Cornell Vosburgh---farmer 40 acres res. Athens
Ephraim Vosburgh---farmer 60 acres res. Athens
Frank Vosburgh---laborer res. Athens

Melvin Walker---farmer res. Prentiss
Barney Weeks---farmer res. Leeds
Lewis H. Weeks---farmer 110 acres res. Leeds
Henry Welsh---laborer res. Leeds
Louis Whetlauf---farmer 17 acres res. Leeds
Charles H. Whitmore---boatman res. Lime Street
John Wilkinson---farmer 60 acres res. Leeds
Charles Wink---laborer res. Athens
Daniel Winegard---hotel keeper res. Lime Street
Alexander Wolf---farmer 100 acres res. Prentiss
Ambrose Wolf---laborer res. Lime Street
Andrew Wrigley---farmer 65 acres res. Leeds
Edward S. Wrigley---farmer 65 acres res. Leeds

William H. Youmans---laborer res. Lime Street

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