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The Town of Catskill
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Obadiah Adsit---farmer 44 acres   PO Palenville
Percy Adsit---farmer 50 acres   PO Palenville
George L. Aken---farmer   PO Catskill
Charles Anderson---farmer  23 acres  PO Catskill
Adolph Amman---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
Leory W. Antus---mgr. Summit House   PO Catskill
Fred Apkes---hotel keeper  37 acres   PO Palenville
Bernard Austin---farmer   PO Catskill
George Austin---merchant   PO Leeds
George H. Austin---farmer 186 acres   PO Palenville
S. Grosvenor Austin---farmer 150 acres   PO Catskill
Zalmon Austin---steward at Grant House   PO Catskill

George Badeau---boarding house keeper   PO Leeds
Henry H. Badeau---farmer 60 acres   PO Catskill
Albert Bailey---hotel keeper  52 acres   PO Kiskatom
William Bailey---carpenter   PO Palenville
Henry Baker---laborer   PO Kiskatom
VanNess Ballard---laborer   PO Catskill
William E. Banks---farmer   PO Catskill
Benjamin Baptiste---engineer   PO Catskill
Horace Barker---farmer 7 acres   PO Catskill
Orville B. Barlow---gardener   PO Catskill
Edgar Barringer---farmer   PO Catskill
Frederick Barringer---farmer 140 acres   PO Catskill
George Barringer---farmer 129 acres   PO Catskill
Julius J. Barth---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
Charles Bartholomew---laborer   PO Catskill
Irving Bartholomew---boatman   PO Palenville
Demarest Barton---wood Turner 1 acre   PO Palenville
Lewis Barton---12 acres   PO Palenville
Charles E. Bassett---farmer 25 acres   PO Catskill
Andrew Bainach---laborer   PO Catskill
Victor Baumister---laborer  PO Smith's Landing
John Bausenwine---laborer    PO Smith's Landing
Benjamin Bear---quarryman 2 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Benjamin Bear, Jr.---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
E. C. Bear, Mrs.---farmer 29 acres   PO Kiskatom
Robert F. Bear---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Frederick Becker---hotel keeper   PO Catskill
B. William Behm---farmer   PO Catskill
Charles Behring---carpenter   PO Catskill
Burr S. Beers---school teacher   PO Catskill
Charles Beers---farmer   PO Catskill
Daniel G. Beers---farmer  150 acres   PO Catskill
Olin D. Beers---farmer   PO Catskill
J. L. Benjamin---painter   PO Palenville
Charles H. Berrian---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Joseph Berrian---laborer  1 acre   PO Kiskatom
John H. Best---farmer 153 acres   PO Catskill
Henry Bloodgood---laborer   PO Catskill
James Bloodgood---keeper of pest house   PO Catskill
Mary Bloodgood---1 acre   PO Palenville
Anna Maria Bloom---farmer 87 acres   PO Leeds
Anthony Bloom---farmer   PO Leeds
David Bloom---farmer and hotel keeper  256 acres   PO Kiskatom
Jacob Bloom---quarryman   PO Catskill
Jacob S. Bloom---farmer 130 acres   PO Kiskatom
Jacob S. Bloom, Mrs.---farmer 30 acres   PO Kiskatom
John L. Bloom---farmer 25 acres   PO Kiskatom
Henry Bogardus---farmer 100 acres   PO Catskill
Ward H. Bogardus---boarding house  3 acres   PO Palenville
Egbert Bogart---farmer  100 acres   PO Palenville
John C. Bordt---farmer   PO Catskill
Albert Boshardt---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles Bottomly---salesman   PO Catskill
Garret A. Bradt---farmer 2 acres   PO Catskill
Oliver P. Bradt---boatman   PO Catskill
Victor Bramson---hotel keeper 102 acres   PO Kiskatom
William H. Bramson---agent   PO Kiskatom
Abram Brandow---farmer   PO Catskill
Abram Brandow, Jr.---stone cutter   PO Leeds
Adelbert Brandow---laborer   PO Catskill
Anson Brandow---farmer   PO Catskill
Everet Brandow---laborer   PO Leeds
Frederick William Brandow---boarding house keeper  1 acre  PO Palenville
George Brandow---laborer   PO Catskill
George Allen Brandow---farmer   PO Catskill
Howard Brandow---quarryman   PO Leeds
John Henry Brandow---carpenter   PO Leeds
Priam Brandow---fisherman   PO Catskill
William H. Brandow---fisherman   PO Catskill
George Brandt---farmer 95 acres   PO Catskill
Robert Brandt---teamster   PO Leeds
Watson Brandt---farmer 89 acres   PO Catskill
Willia, Breasted---painter   PO Catskill
Charles H. Brenn---farmer 8 acres   PO Catskill
Frederick Brenn---laborer   PO Catskill
George Brenn---farmer   PO Catskill
Edward Brink---butcher   PO Catskill
Charles M. Britt---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Chauncey Britt---laborer   PO Catskill
John F. Britt---PO Kiskatom
John M. Brooks---farmer 100 acres   PO Catskill
William Brooks---farmer   PO Catskill
Collins C. Brown---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
J. Frank Brown---supt. ice house   PO Smith's Landing
Harry E. Brown---PO Leeds
Harvey S. Brown---farmer 58 acres   PO Catskill
Theodore Brousseau---brickmaker  90 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Nelson Bullis---laborer   PO Catskill
Charles A. Bunt---farmer   PO Catskill
Henrietta Bunt, Mrs.---widow   PO Catskill
Willis Bunt---iceman   PO Catskill
Andrew Burke---farmer 36 acres   PO Kiskatom  

William R. Carey---laborer   PO Catskill
Henry Carl---PO Palenville
Henry Casper---farmer 97 acres   PO Leeds
John Casper, Mrs.---dressmaker   PO Leeds
Wesley Casper---farmer   PO Leeds
Amelia Cass, Mrs.---2 1/2 acres   PO Palenville
Lester Cass---carpenter     PO Palenville
Willis A. Cass---carpenter  1 1/2 acres   PO Palenville
A. Sidney Castle---laborer   PO Catskill
Frank W. Castle---grocer   PO Catskill
Ray S. Castle---grocer   PO Catskill
Theodore Castle---brickmaker   PO Castle
Catskill Mountain House Co.---hotel keepers   PO Catskill
Michael Cebullis---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Elmer Cerren---nurse   PO Catskill
Truman Cheritree---laborer   PO Palenville
Charles Chidester---farmer 1 acre   PO Leeds
Edward Chidester---laborer  1 acre   PO Leeds
Lyman Chidester---farmer 110 acres   PO Leeds
Phineas Chidester---farmer 148 acres   PO Catskill
Samuel Chidester---farmer 108 acres   PO Leeds
Anton S. Christopherson---PO Catskill
Charles H. Chubb---physician  1 acre   PO Palenville
Frank Clark---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Matthew Clark---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Matilda M. Clow, Mrs.---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
James Clow---farmer   PO Catskill
Addison D. Cobb---farmer   PO Catskill
Franklin H. Cobb---farmer 100 acres   PO South Cairo
Harmon Cole---farmer   PO Leeds
William, William F., and Joseph H. Cole---farmers 179 acres   PO Palenville
John Connelly---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
John Conine---laborer   PO Leeds
James O. Contant---hostler   PO Palenville
Asa W. Cook---farmer 75 acres   PO Palenville
Franklin Cook---farmer 53 acres   PO Kiskatom
George Cook---laborer   PO Kiskatom
James Cook---gardener   PO Leeds
Thomas F. Cook---laborer 1 acre   PO Kiskatom
William Cook---laborer   PO Leeds
Harrison Cooper---laborer   PO Leeds
John Corrin---mason   PO Leeds
Antone Couchins---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles E. Covell---farmer 80 acres   PO Catskill
Moses Covell---farmer 85 acres   PO Catskill
Albert Craft---stonecutter   PO Palenville
Augustus Crapser---farmer 100 acres   PO Catskill
William H. Crapser---farmer 145 acres   PO Catskill
William Cudney---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
James Cummings---farmer  2 acres  PO Catskill
James Cummings---farmer 34 acres   PO Kiskatom
J. Wesley Cumming---painter   PO Catskill
Amos Cunningham---laborer   PO Leeds
James W. Cunningham---farmer 111 acres   PO Palenville
John W. Cunningham---farmer 2 1/2 acres   PO Leeds
William Cunningham---farmer 5 acres   PO Leeds
William Curtis---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster County
Robert Custance---PO Catskill  

Alonzo Daley, Mrs.---farmer 20 acres   PO Leeds
Frank Davis---farmer   PO Catskill
Willis Davis---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster County
Peter Day---real estate broker   PO Leeds
Howard Decker---carpenter   PO Catskill
Alonzo Dederick---farmer 20 acres   PO Catskill
Anna Dederick, Mrs.---farmer 206 acres   PO Palenville
Augustus Dederick---clerk   PO Palenville
Charles H. Dederick---farmer 19 acres   PO Catskill
David Dederick---farmer  PO Palenville
David A. Dederick---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Duane Dederick---carpenter   PO Kiskatom
George E. Dederick---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
Hezekiah Dederick---boarding house keeper  88 acres  PO Palenville
Jacob T. Dederick, Mrs.---farmer 20 acres   PO Kiskatom
Hohn H. Dederick---laborer  PO Kiskatom
John W. Dederick---farmer 97 acres   PO Catskill
John W. Dederick---store keeper   PO Palenville
Marietta Dederick---farmer 95 acres   PO Catskill
Peter C. Dederick---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Peter Z. Dederick---farmer  96 acres   PO Catskill
Samuel Dederick---mason   PO Kiskatom
Simon P. Dederick---farmer   PO Catskill
Walter Dederick---farmer   PO Catskill
William Harmon Dederick---farmer 184 acres   PO Catskill
Charles E. Deer---carpenter   PO Catskill
Griffin Deer---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Louis P. Deering---quarryman   PO Palenville
Mary C. Deering, Mrs.---farmer 2 acres  PO Palenville
Peter Deering---quarryman   PO Palenville
William Deering---quarryman   PO Palenville
Kate L. Defossez, Mrs.---boarding house keeper  12 acres   PO Catskill
Douglas Denniston---iceman   PO Catskill
Samuel W. Denniston---shoemaker   PO Catskill
Sanford Denniston---iceman   PO Catskill
John Derringer---laborer   PO Catskill
Samuel Dewey, Mrs.---farmer 74 acres   PO Leeds
Isaac D. Deyo---farmer  138 acres   PO Catskill
Charles A. Dice---carpenter   PO Leeds
William L. Dodd---farmer 1 acre   PO Kiskatom
Cornelius H. Dorsey---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster County
Thomas Dorsey---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster County
John Downs---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Jacob Doyle---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Cornelius DuBois---boarding house keeper   111 acres  PO Palenville
Sanford Duncan---farmer    PO Leeds
Sylvester L. Duncan---butcher   PO Leeds
A. Melvin Dunham---farmer  1 1/2 acres   PO Kiskatom
Frank Dunn---laborer   PO Smith's Landing  

 George Eckler---farmer 50 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Morris W. Eckler---wood turner   PO Catskill
William W. Edgerly---carpenter   PO Catskill
Harris Edwards---blacksmith   PO Leeds
James D. Edwards---laborer   PO Palenville
John S. Edwards---blacksmith   PO Leeds
Michael Edwards---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
William Edwards---blacksmith   PO Leeds
John Egnor---laborer   PO Catskill
Mary Egnor, Mrs.---farmer 3 acres   PO Kiskatom
Edgar Elmendorf---carpenter   PO Palenville
James E. Elting---farmer 130 acres   PO Leeds
J. Frederick Elting---farmer   PO Leeds
Wilson Ennist---laborer   PO Catskill
John M. Erbacher---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Frank Etheridge---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Julia Everitt---farmer 123 acres   PO Catskill  

Arthur Falk---laborer   PO Palenville
Ernest Falk---laborer   PO Catskill
Eugene Falk---laborer   PO Palenville
Franklin Falk---laborer   PO Palenville
Andrew C. Fancher---farmer 16 acres   PO Catskill
Nehemiah Fancher---farmer   PO Catskill
George W. Ferris---pastor of Methodist Church   PO Palenville
Benjamin B. Fiero---farmer   PO South Cairo
Charles W. Fiero---farmer 38 acres   PO Leeds
Harriet Fiero, Mrs.---widow of Peter F.   PO Catskill
John Fiero---farmer 90 acres   PO Catskill
Maria Fiero---farmer 47 acres   PO Catskill
Nathan B. Fiero---farmer 170 acres   PO South Cairo
Stephen Fiero---farmer 70 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Theodore Fiero---farmer 58 acres   PO Catskill
Calvin Finch---farmer   PO Catskill
Almeron Finger---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
John Finger, Mrs.---farmer 100 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Jacob Fister---farmer  150 acres   PO Leeds
Martin Fister---farmer  PO Leeds
Mary M. Fisher---boarding house keeper  30 acres   PO Kiskatom
W. Platt Fisher---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Alfred G. Foote---clerk   PO Catskill
J. Charles Foote---farmer   PO Catskill
John B. Foote---farmer   PO Catskill
Samuel Fowks---machinist   PO Leeds
Levi M. Francis---toll gate keeper  3 acres   PO Catskill
Charles Fredenburgh---fisherman   PO Catskill
Clifford Fredenburgh---iceman   PO Catskill
George Fredenburgh---fisherman  PO Catskill
Herbert Fredenburgh---fisherman   PO Catskill
Percy Fredenburgh---iceman   PO Catskill
Wesley Fredenburgh---fruit grower   PO Catskill
Frank Fuller---laborer   PO Kiskatom
John Fuller---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Samuel Fuller---laborer   PO Kiskatom  

Calvin E. Gardner---laborer   PO Catskill
Garrett Gardner---laborer   PO Leeds
James H. Gardner, Mrs.---5 acres   PO Palenville
John Gardner---laborer   PO Catskill
Luther Gardner---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Malinda Gardner---PO Palenville
Percy Gardner---agent   PO Palenville
Richard T. Gardner---laborer   PO Palenville
Thomas P. Gardner---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Willis A. Gardner---agent  1 acre   PO Palenville
Anson Garling---farmer  40 acres   PO Kiskatom
Anson Garling, Jr.---farmer  40 acres  PO Kiskatom
Fred Garling---teamster   PO Catskill
George A. Garrison---PO Palenville
Nelson Garrison---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Renne Garrison---farmer 60 acres  PO Kiskatom
Frank Garvey---laborer   PO Kiskatom
George Georgie---laborer   PO Cairo
Charles H. Godwin---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Margaret Godwin---boarding house keeper  71 acres   PO Kiskatom
Charles Goes---farmer   PO Catskill
George W. Goetchius---fruit grower   PO Catskill
Samuel W. Goodsell---PO Leeds
Calvin Goodwin---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Catharine Goodwin---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Edwin E. Goodwin---boarding house keeper  10 acres   PO Palenville
Lottie Goodwin, Mrs.---farmer  11 acres   PO Palenville
William A. Goodwin---livery and farmer 61 acres   PO Palenville
Adolph Goslee---laborer   PO Catskill
John H. Gould---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
John Graff---laborer   PO Palenville
William Graff---laborer   PO Palenville
James Graham---laborer   PO Palenville
Stephen R. Graham---laborer   PO Palenville
Benjamin W. Grant---farmer 162 acres   PO Kiskatom
Cecil Grant---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Edward Grant---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Edwin D. Greene---clerk    PO Leeds
Charles Griffin---storekeeper   PO  Palenville
Samuel I. Griffin---PO Palenville
Frank Grobe---boatman   PO Catskill
Benjamin Grossman---farmer 75 acres   PO Palenville  

John F. Hack---farmer 50 acres   PO Catskill
George C. Hagadorn---farmer 22 acres  PO Palenville
Medra Hagadorn---laborer   PO Palenville
Abraham Haines---laborer   PO Purling
Edward Haines---laborer   PO Palenville
George W. Haines---PO Palenville
Melvin Haines---farmer 300 acres   PO Palenville
Merritt J. Haines---laborer   PO Palenville
Nelson A. Haines---farmer 46 acres   PO Purling
Wesley Haines---laborer   PO Palenville
Willis Haines---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Frank Hallenbeck---farmer   PO Catskill
Jacob Hallenbeck---carpenter   PO Catskill
James Hallenbeck---farmer   PO Catskill
Clarence Ham---laborer   PO Catskill
Josiah Ham---PO Catskill
Levi Ham---farmer 35 acres   PO Catskill
William White Hance---rector of Gloria Dei church   Palenville
George H. Haner---farmer   PO Catskill
Harvey Haner---milkman   PO Catskill
Judge R. Haner---farmer   PO Catskill
Pratt Haner---farmer and milkman 53 acres   PO Catskill
William Haner---storekeeper   PO Catskill
Willis Haner---tin peddler   PO Catskill
Gottfried Hausle---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
George Hawes, Mrs.---1 acre   PO Palenville
George Hawes---cook   PO Palenville
George Hawes, Jr.---laborer   PO Palenville
James Hawver---carpenter   PO Kiskatom
Charles Heath---porter   PO Catskill
George Heath---gardener   PO Catskill
John T. Heath---gardener   PO Catskill
Edward J. Hebner---basketmaker   PO Catskill
John Henness---farmer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
William Herfeldt---hotel keeper  PO Palenville
John Hidell---farmer 7 acres   PO Palenville
Daniel Hillaker---farmer 94 acres   PO Palenville
George Hillaker---PO Palenville
Chauncey B. Hinman---farmer   PO Catskill
John R. Hinman---PO Palenville
Eugene S. Hitchcock---farmer  120 acres   PO Catskill
Simon Hock---farmer   PO Catskill
John R. Hoff---farmer 140 acres   PO Catskill
John W. Hoff---saloon keeper   PO Catskill
Charles Holcomb---clerk   PO Catskill
Sherwood Holcomb---hotel keeper   PO Catskill
Sherwood A. Holcomb---physician  4 acres   PO Palenville
Addison Holdridge---butcher   PO Leeds
Catharine Holdridge, Mrs.---PO South Cairo
W. Clyde Holdridge---laborer   PO Leeds
William Holiday---laborer   PO Catskill
Charles E. Holmes---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Frank Holmes---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Hasbrouck Holmes---farmer   PO Kiskatom
James K. Holmes---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Joseph B. Holmes---farmer 80 acres   PO Kiskatom
John Hood---farmer   PO Cairo
Richard Hopkins---laborer   PO Catskill
Robert G. Hopkins---soap manufacturer   PO Palenville
Sylvester H. Houck---farmer 130 acres   PO Catskill
William B. Houck---farmer   PO Catskill
Charles P. Houghtaling---farmer   PO Catskill
Orpha Houghtaling, Mrs.---22 acres   PO Palenville
William Howard---quarryman   PO Leeds
Clarence Howland---PO Catskill
Louise Howland, Mrs.---PO Catskill
Slocum Howland---PO Catskill
Joseph R. Hunter---superintendent at Wiley Mfg. Co.   PO Leeds
Willet Hunter---laborer   PO Leeds
George L. Husted---engineer   PO Catskill
Sanford Husted---laborer   PO Kiskatom

George Jackson---laborer   PO Leeds
Irving G. Jackson---farmer   PO Catskill
James Jackson---laborer   PO Leeds
Jeremiah Jackson---laborer   PO Leeds
William H. Jackson---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
John Jessup---quarryman   PO Kiskatom
Michael Jessup---farmer 85 acres  PO Kiskatom
Michael Jessup, Jr.---quarryman   PO Kiskatom
Peter Jessup---quarryman   PO Kiskatom
Calvin H. Jewell---farmer 10 acres   PO Catskill
William Jiles---laborer   PO Palenville
Egbert Johnson---farmer   PO South Cairo
Nelson Johnson, Mrs.---farmer 96 acres   PO South Cairo
Samuel Johnson---laborer   PO Leeds
William H. Johnston---ice dealer   PO Catskill
Addison P. Jones---farmer  PO Catskill
Robert E. Jones---laborer   PO Leeds
Samuel A. Jones---farmer 90 acres   PO Kiskatom
Stephen Jones---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Edward June---laborer   PO Leeds

Henry Kamm---blacksmith   PO Leeds
Henry Kamm, Jr.---blacksmith   PO Leeds
Julius Keil---farmer  PO Catskill
Alexander G. Kelsey---PO Catskill
G. H. Kemp---hotel keeper   PO Palenville
Adelbert Kendall---farmer   PO Catskill
Martin Keough---watchman   PO Leeds
Martin Keough, Jr.---watchman   PO Leeds
Albert B. Kingsley---farmer 206 acres   PO Palenville
Fenelon C. Kniffin---farmer   PO Catskill
Frederick Knowles---laborer   PO Leeds
John Knox---coachman   PO Palenville
Fred. Kraus---driver   PO Palenville
James Kraus---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Mattoise Kraus---boarding house keeper  8 acres   PO Palenville
Edward Kreamer---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
George Kreamer---farmer   PO Smith's Landing

George H. Lamoreau---laborer   PO Palenville
Frank Lamoreau---laborer   PO Palenville
John Lamoreau---quarryman   PO Palenville
Luman A. Lamoreau---farmer 3 acres   PO Palenville
Anton Landa---tailor 2 acres   PO Catskill
Abraham Lane---laborer   PO Catskill
Benjamin Lane---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Charles H. Lane---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Edward Lane---farmer   PO Catskill
Eugene Lane---laborer 2 acres   PO Catskill
Frank E. Lane---quarryman   PO Catskill
George Lane---farmer 30 acres   PO Catskill
George W. Lane---teamster   PO Catskill
James C. Lane---quarryman   PO Catskill
William Edgar Lane---farmer 40 acres   PO Kiskatom
William Lane Jr.---laborer   PO Leeds
William Lane, Sr.---quarryman   PO Leeds
Montgomery Lant---laborer   PO Palenville
Adam A. Lasher---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Amos Lasher---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Andrew L. Lasher---farmer 164 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Benjamin A. Lasher---stonecutter   PO Palenville
Charles Lasher---laborer   PO Palenville
Frank Lasher---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Frank Lasher---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Herbert W. Lasher---farmer 160 acres   PO Kiskatom
Jonas Lasher---farmer 85 acres   PO Palenville
Noah P. Lasher---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Walter Lasher---farmer   PO Palenville
H. H. Lawrence---laborer   PO Leeds
Nicholas Lauria---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
R. M. Lawrence, Mrs.---boarding house keeper 15 acres   PO Palenville
Stanley Lawrence---farmer 148 acres   PO Palenville
Charles Layman---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Jacob Layman---laborer   PO Catskill
Robert Layman---quarryman   PO Catskill
Frank Lazette---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
John Lazette---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
William H. Lee---carpenter   PO Catskill
Daniel T. Lennon---farmer 118 acres   PO Palenville
Abraham Lewis---laborer   PO Leeds
Charles Lewis---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles W. Lewis---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Edgar W. Lewis---farmer   PO Catskill
Lyman Lewis---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Nathan B. Lewis---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Charles Linzey---farmer 74 acres   PO Kiskatom
Clark W. Linzey---blacksmith   PO Kiskatom
Eli Linzey---farmer 68 acres   PO Leeds
Parker F. Linzey---farmer 47 acres   PO Kiskatom
Ferdinand Lock---farmer 29 acres   PO Kiskatom
John Long---miller   PO Catskill
Christina Longendyck---nurse   PO Catskill
Cornelius H. Longendyck---farmer   PO Catskill
Andrew Lydecker---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Henry Lynes---laborer   PO Leeds
Addison Magee---boatman   PO Smith's Landing
Russell Magee---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Simon P. Magee---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Simon P. Magee, Jr.---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Walter M. Magee---pilot   PO Catskill
William Mahan---laborer   PO Catskill
William H. Majilton---farmer 240 acres   PO Catskill
Michael Maloney---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
C. M. Manning---boarding house keeper 1 acre   PO Palenville
Clarence Martin---farmer   PO Catskill
Franklin Martin---farmer   PO Catskill
James Martin---farmer   PO Catskill
James Martin, Jr.---farmer   PO Catskill
Jesse Martin---farmer 50 acres   PO Catskill
Lewis Martin---farmer   PO Leeds
Philip Martin---farmer 31 acres   PO Kiskatom
Samuel R. Martin---farmer 113 acres   PO Catskill
William Martin---farmer 240 acres   PO Catskill
William Martin Jr.---farmer   PO Catskill
William Massino---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Antone Mattice---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Jacob Mattice---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
John McCabe---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Patrick McCabe---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Thomas McCabe---farmer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Robert McGraw---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Harrison Mead---farmer   PO Leeds
Alexander Meech---laborer   PO Catskill
George Meeker---farmer 32 acres   PO Catskill
Gabriel Merritt, Mrs.---boarding house keeper 1 acre   PO Palenville
Charles Miller---laborer   PO Catskill
Frank Miller---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
George S. Miller---farmer 15 acres   PO Catskill
Jacob Miller---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Frank H. and Edward S. Millington---farmers 67 acres   PO Catskill
Samuel Mills---laborer   PO Leeds
August Moenig---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
James Montgomery---laborer   PO Leeds
James Montgomery, Jr.---clerk   PO Leeds
Clinton H. Moon---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Eugene Moon---laborer   PO Catskill
George F. Moon---farmer   PO Catskill
Harvey Moon---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Jacob Moon---farmer 77 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Jacob Moon---laborer   PO Leeds
Paul Augustus Moon---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Uriah B. Moon---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
William Moon---quarryman   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Charles E. Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
Edward Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
Frank Moore---laborer   PO Catskill
Henry Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
Howard Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
Lafayette Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
Milo B. Moore---cooper and farmer 161 acres   PO Kiskatom
Richard Moore---laborer   PO Leeds
William Moore---laborer  PO Leeds
George E. Morehouse---PO Catskill
Ernest and Julian Morey---farmers 18 acres   PO Kiskatom
Nelson H. Morey---painter   PO Kiskatom
Oscar Morey---carpenter   PO Kiskatom
George Morton---laborer   PO Palenville
Henry Morton---stonecutter   PO Palenville
Herbert Morton---laborer   PO Leeds
Joseph Morton---weaver   PO Leeds
Charles W. Mott---farmer   PO Catskill
Salmon J. Mott---carpenter   PO Catskill
Asa Mower---wood turner   PO Palenville
Charles Mower---laborer   PO Palenville
David C. Mower---carpenter   PO Palenville
Leonard W. Mower---farmer 110 acres   PO Leeds
Peter N. Mower---farmer 47 acres   PO Kiskatom
Levi Mulford---farmer   PO Kiskatom
William Mullett---laborer   PO Catskill
William M. Mushier---boatman   PO Smith's Landing
William Mushier Jr.---boatman   PO Smith's Landing
C. A. Myers---laborer   PO Catskill
Asa Myers---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Charles A. Myers---farmer   PO Catskill
Edward Myers---farmer 65 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Frank Myers---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Glenford W. Myers---miller   PO Kiskatom
Henry Myers---farmer  PO Catskill
Henry A. Myers---laborer   PO Kiskatom
John A. Myers---farmer 12 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Selon Myers---laborer   PO Catskill
William Myers---farmer   PO Smith's Landing  

Carl Nagle---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
James Napier---laborer   PO Catskill
Christian F. Newkirk---laborer   PO Palenville
Isaac Newkirk---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
William Newkirk---farmer 92 acres   PO Catskill
Edward Norton---farmer 19 acres   PO Catskill  

George Olsen---tailor   PO Catskill
Henry Osterhoudt---farmer   PO Palenville
Charles Ott---stonecutter  2 acres   PO Kiskatom
Andrew Overbaugh---farmer 350 acres   PO Catskill
Austin Overbaugh---farmer 170 acres   PO Catskill
Benjamin Overbaugh---farmer 47 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Charles E. Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
Charles L. Overbaugh---farmer 145 acres   PO Kiskatom
Charles W. Overbaugh---farmer 40 acres   PO Catskill
Cyrus Overbaugh---farmer 90 acres   PO Catskill
Cyrus Overbaugh, Jr.---farmer   PO Catskill
Edgar M. Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
Edward Overbaugh---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Edward Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
Eugene Overbaugh---laborer   PO Catskill
Frank Overbaugh---farmer 59 acres  PO Smith's Landing
Frank Overbaugh---carpenter 3 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Frank Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
Frank D. Overbaugh---butcher   PO Catskill
George Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
George B. Overbaugh---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Jeremiah Overbaugh, Mrs.---farmer 75 acres   PO Kiskatom
Jerry W. Overbaugh---farmer 115 acres   PO Kiskatom
John Overbaugh---laborer   PO Kiskatom
John E. Overbaugh---farmer 100 acres   PO Catskill
John H. Overbaugh---farmer    PO  Catskill
Lorenzo Overbaugh---farmer 125 acres   PO Kiskatom
Matthew D. Overbaugh---farmer 83 acres   PO Kiskatom
Milton Overbaugh---teamster 18 acres   PO Kiskatom
Otis F. Overbaugh---farmer 96 acres   PO Kiskatom
Peter Overbaugh---farmer   PO Kiskatom
William Overbaugh---carpenter 3 acres   PO Catskill
William Overbaugh---farmer   PO Catskill
William Overbaugh---farmer 75 acres   PO Kiskatom

Frank Packer---machinist   PO Catskill
Barnet Palmatier---farmer 5 acres   PO Kiskatom
Stanton Palmatier---machinist   PO Leeds
Byron Palmer---farmer  105 acres   PO Catskill
David C. Palmer---farmer 6 acres   PO Catskill
Frederick Palmer---farmer 120 acres   PO Palenville
George Palmer---farmer   PO Catskill
Hiland P. Palmer---farmer 53 acres   PO Catskill
Hiram Palmer---farmer 411 acres   PO Kiskatom
Milton Palmer---farmer   PO Catskill
Oliver Palmer---farmer   PO Catskill
Reuben Palmer---farmer 135 acres   PO Catskill
Rodman W. Palmer---farmer 150 acres   PO Catskill
Sherwood Palmer---farmer 125 acres  PO Catskill
Waldron D. Palmer---PO Catskill
William S. Palmer---engineer   PO Catskill
Francis A. Panier---costumer   PO Catskill
Andrew Parsons---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
Orland F. Payne---teacher   PO Palenville
Alexander Pausley---farmer   PO Catskill
Jacob L. Peary---farmer 200 acres   PO Smith's Landing
John W. Peck---PO Palenville
Philo Peck---boarding house keeper  133 acres   PO Palenville
Abraham N. Pelham---laborer   PO Palenville
Adam A. Pelham---PO Palenville
Harvey Pelham---blacksmith   PO Palenville
Jeremiah Pelham---farmer 2 acres   PO Palenville
Margaret Pelham, Mrs.---farmer 15 acres   PO Palenville
Peter W. Pelham---blacksmith   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Dykeman Pelham---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Snyder Pelham---blacksmith  43 acres   PO Palenville
C. M. Perlee---pastor of Reformed Church   PO Leeds
Ira Perry---laborer  PO Catskill
Charles H. Person---farmer 154 acres   PO Catskill
George H. Person---farmer   PO Catskill
John Person---farmer 107 acres   PO Catskill
Edward Peters---farmer 75 acres   PO Palenville
Bortle Pfleigle---farmer 45 acres   PO Leeds
Frank Pfliegle---laborer   PO Leeds
Henry Pfliegle---laborer   PO Leeds
Peter R. Phalen---bookkeeper at Wiley Mfg. Co.   res. Leeds
Richard Phalen---saloon keeper   PO Leeds
Richard Phalen, Jr.---laborer   PO Leeds
J. B. Phinney---farmer   PO South Cairo
Oliver Phinney---farmer   PO South Cairo
William J. Phinney---farmer   PO South Cairo
Hannah Pierce---farmer 123 acres   PO Kiskatom
Edward Pine---butcher   PO South Cairo
George Pine---butcher---PO South Cairo
Addison D. Plank---farmer  220 acres   PO Catskill
Isaac Plank---carpenter   PO Catskill
John S. Plank---quarryman   PO Catskill
Sanford D. Plank---farmer 130 acres   PO Leeds
William E. Plank---farmer   PO Catskill
William G. Plank---laborer   PO Catskill
William H. Plank---laborer   PO Catskill
W. L. Plass---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Charles L. Plusch---carpenter   PO Catskill
John Plusch---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
John H. Posson---miller 7 acres   PO Catskill
Abram Post---saloon keeper   PO Smith's Landing
Amos Post---farmer, cider & vinegar mfg.  84 acres   PO Catskill
Byron J. Post---laborer   PO Catskill
Charles Post---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles A. Post---farmer 555 acres   PO Catskill
Charles E. Post---wood turner   PO Palenville
Edmund Post---farmer 75 acres   PO Catskill
Egbert Post---mason   PO Palenville
George P. Post---boatman   PO Palenville
Irving Post---PO Palenville
William E. Post---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Willis Post---farmer   PO Catskill
W. G. Post---farmer   PO Catskill
Adam Potts---laborer   PO Catskill
Earl R. Potter---laborer   PO Leeds
Isaac Powell---farmer 80 acres   PO Kiskatom
Philander Pratt---gardener   PO Catskill
Charles Prediger---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
I. G. Price---pastor of Meth-Ep church   PO Leeds
James Priest---farmer  6 acres   PO Catskill
John A. Priest---farmer 2 acres   PO Catskill
William H. Prindle---farmer 1 acre   PO Catskill
George Puffer---farmer   PO Leeds
Royal H. Pulver---laborer   PO Cairo
George W. Purdy---farmer   PO Catskill
John J. Purdy---carpenter   PO Catskill
Henry Purdy---laborer   PO Catskill
William Purdy---laborer   PO Catskill
William H. Purdy---farmer   PO Catskill
Willis Purdy---carpenter   PO Palenville  

John H. Rainhart---miller   PO Catskill
Wesley Reid---laborer   PO Catskill
Sherman Renne---laborer   PO Palenville
Charles F. Richters---farmer 100 acres   PO Kiskatom
Charles F. Rider---farmer 194 acres   PO Kiskatom
Frank Rider---farmer   PO Kiskatom
George W. Rider---hotel keeper and farmer 100 acres   PO Palenville
James Z. Rider---farmer   PO Catskill
John C. Rider---farmer 116 acres and boarding housekeeper   PO Kiskatom
Edward Rightmyer---PO Catskill
George W. Rightmyer---laborer   PO Catskill
John Rightmyer---laborer 3 acres   PO Palenville
John W. Robb---farmer   PO Catskill
William Robb---farmer   PO Catskill
Cyrus Robbins---supt. Empire ice houses   PO Catskill
James Robbins---laborer   PO Catskill
David Roberts---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Henry Robinson---laborer   PO Catskill
Mortimer Rockerfeller---laborer   PO Catskill
Zina Rockfeller---teamster   PO Palenville
Elijah G. Rogers---laborer   PO Catskill
John J. Rogers---laborer   PO Catskill
Michael Rosche---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Benjamin Rose---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
James B. Rouse---physician   PO Leeds
Charles Rowe---laborer   PO Catskill
Charles H. Rowe---bottler   PO Palenville
Edward Rowe---farmer 32 acres   PO Kiskatom
Frank Rowe---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Henry Rowe---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Ira Rowe---farmer 361 acres   PO Kiskatom
J. B. Rowe---farmer   PO Leeds
Mary J. Rowe, Mrs.---farmer 114 acres   PO Kiskatom
Simon Rowe---farmer 142 acres   PO Kiskatom
George B. Rowsman---laborer   PO Catskill
C. M. Ruland---laborer   PO Leeds

Matthias Saile---farmer 76 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Edward L. Salisbury---farmer   PO Catskill
Franklin Salisbury---foreman at Shale Brick Works   PO Catskill
James Salisbury---PO Catskill
James Salisbury, Jr.---carpenter   PO Catskill
Adam Sanbort---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Adam Sanbort, Jr.---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Clarence Sanbort---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Amos Saxe---farmer 82 acres   PO Kiskatom
Edgar Saxe---farmer 60 acres   PO Kiskatom
Frederick Saxe---farmer 69 acres   PO Kiskatom
Frederick W. Saxe---farmer 50 acres   PO Kiskatom
Henry A. Saxe---farmer 321 acres   PO Palenville
Ira J. Saxe---farmer 70 acres   PO Kiskatom
John H. and John L. Saxe---farmers 145 acres   PO Kiskatom
Maeshall C. Saxe---farmer  PO Kiskatom
Moses J. Saxe---farmer 180 acres   PO Palenville
Moses T. Saxe---farmer 85 acres   PO. Kiskatom
Washington J. Saxe---auctioneer   PO Kiskatom
William M. Saxe---farmer   PO Kiskatom
Martin Schlenker---farmer 50 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Christian Schlenker---laborer   PO Catskill
Jacob Schleckenbergh---laborer   PO Catskill
George Schoonmaker---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
George B. Schoonmaker---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles Scott---laborer   PO Leeds
Henry Scriber---laborer   PO Kiskatom  (could be Scribner-AC)
John V. Scribner---farmer 55 acres   PO Kiskatom
Joseph Scribner---farmer 60 acres   PO Kiskatom
Legrand Scribner---farmer 39 acres   PO Kiskatom
Peter H. Scribner---boarding house keeper  8 acres   PO Palenville
Peter J. Schroeder---florist   PO Palenville
Sherman Secor---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
Thomas Shaburro---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
R. Bruce Shaffer---fisherman   PO Catskill
Robert H. Shaffer---fisherman   PO Catskill
Wallace W. Shaffer---farmer   PO Catskill
Patrick Shea---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Charles F. Sherman---farmer  PO Leeds
Ira Shoemaker---laborer   PO Catskill
James H. Shoemaker---farmer 18 acres   PO Catskill
Joseph Shoemaker---laborer   PO Catskill
William H. Shoemaker---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Ira Shoub---boarding house keeper  1 acre   PO Palenville
Jesse Shoub---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
Adam Shultis---farmer 85 acres   PO Leeds
Chauncey Shultis---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Edward Shultis---carpenter   PO Leeds
William Shultis---carpenter   PO Leeds
Charles Simmons---fruit grower   PO Catskill
Joseph Simmons---fruit grower 42 acres   PO Catskill
Samuel W.  Simmons---fruit grower  8 acres  PO Catskill
Charles Simons---farmer   PO Palenville
Frank Simons---farmer  70 acres   PO Leeds
Moses Simons---PO Palenville
Hercules Simpkins---farmer 70 acres   PO Leeds
Christina Smith---farmer 85 acres   PO Smith's Landing
Comfort K. Smith---farmer   PO Smith's Landing
Frederick T. Smith---carpenter   PO Catskill
Hiram Smith---carpenter   PO Leeds
John M. Smith---farmer 16 acres   PO Kiskatom
Orvill T. Smith---miller 7 acres   PO Kiskatom
Peter Smith---laborer   PO Catskill
Rufus Smith---farmer 217 acres   PO Saugerties, Ulster Co, NY
Rufus T. Smith---carpenter 53 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Thomas B. Smith---laborer   PO Catskill
William Smith---teamster   PO Catskill
William W. Smith---driver   PO Palenville
James M. Snow---laborer   PO Catskill
James W. Snow---laborer   PO Catskill
James H. Snyder---miller and farmer 34 acres  PO Kiskatom
Lyman Snyder---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Robert Snyder---laborer   PO Catskill
Albert Spahn---laborer   PO Catskill
John Spahn---laborer   PO Catskill
Frank Spoor---laborer   PO Catskill
George R. Spring---laborer   PO Leeds
Frank Stedman---farmer   PO Catskill
Carl Steenbron---farmer   PO Catskill
George Steenburg---laborer   PO Kiskatom
James Sterritt---storekeeper and farmer 529 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Conrad Stevens---farmer   PO Catskill
Frederick M. Stevens---farmer   PO Catskill
George S. Stevens---bookkeeper at Tanners Nat. Bank   PO Catskill
Caroline Stewart, Mrs.---farmer  117 acres   PO Palenville
Charles A. Stewart---boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Edward Stewart---butcher  31 acres   PO Leeds
Eugene Stewart---butcher   PO Leeds
John A. Stewart---teamster   PO Palenville
Sherboine Stewart---laborer   PO Leeds
Sylvester Stone---stonecutter   PO Palenville
Thomas Stone---stonecutter   PO Palenville
Charles Story---farmer 143 acres   PO Kiskatom
Robert F. and Frank Story---farmers 240 acres   PO Catskill
Hobart Studley---student   PO Catskill
S. W. Studley---nurseryman   PO Catskill
Paul Sutherland---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Giles T. Sutton---PO Leeds

William H. Taggart---farmer   PO Catskill
Adelaide Teale, Mrs.---widow, boarding house keeper   PO Palenville
Francis P. Teale---PO Palenville
James Teetsel---farmer   PO Catskill
Stewart Teetsel---laborer   PO Catskill
Louis F. Teich---merchant   PO Leeds
Peter G. TenEyck---laborer   PO Leeds
George H. Terns---farmer 96 acres   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Ezekiel Thomas---laborer   PO Leeds
Charles Thorn---farmer   PO Leeds
James Thorn---teamster   PO Leeds
John H. Thorn---teamster   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
Charles Tice---laborer   PO Leeds
Ambrose Timmerman---butcher   PO Palenville
Frank Timmerman---cardriver   PO Catskill
Frederick J. Timmerman---butcher  6 acres   PO Palenville
Irving Timmerman---engineer   PO Catskill
James Timmerman---laborer   PO Catskill
John Timmerman---farmer 97 acres   PO Catskill
William Timmerman---farmer   PO Catskill
William R. Timmerman---carpenter   PO Catskill
William H. H. Traver---laborer   PO Palenville
George A. Trumpbour---laborer  1 acre   PO Palenville
Rowland Trumpbour---farmer  5 acres   PO Palenville

Aaron Valk---laborer   PO Palenville
Frederick J. Valk---teamster   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
George Valk---laborer  PO Palenville
J. Nelson Valk---laborer   PO Palenville
George VanBramer---farmer 4 acres   PO Kiskatom
Peter VanBramer---farmer 147 acres   PO Kiskatom
Cornelius VanDeusen---farmer 125 acres   PO South Cairo
Claudius VanDeusen---physician   PO Leeds
Douglas VanDyke---building mover   PO Catskill
Franklin VanDyke---blacksmith   PO Catskill
Alburtus VanHoesen---farmer  PO Catskill
Isaac VanHoesen---fruitgrower  18 acres   PO Catskill
Marshall VanHoesen---limeburner   PO Leeds
Dewitt VanOrden---farmer 45 acres   PO Catskill
Henry S. VanOrden---farmer    PO Catskill
Jacob T. B. VanOrden---farmer 384 acres   PO Catskill
Samuel VanOrden---farmer 112 acres   PO Catskill
William VanOrden---farmer 175 acres   PO Catskill
George VanSteenburgh---farmer   PO Catskill
Dewitt D. VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Catskill
Charles S. VanVechten---farmer   PO Leeds
Luke K. VanVechten---farmer 170 acres   PO Leeds
Washington W. VanVechten---farmer   PO Leeds
A. L. Vedder---farmer 15 acres   PO Catskill
Charles A. Vedder---farmer 101 acres   PO Leeds
Edward A. Vedder---farmer   PO Catskill
Frank L. Vedder---farmer   PO Leeds
Frederick C. Vedder---painter   PO Leeds
H. Fiero Vedder---farmer  180 acres   PO Leeds
Isaac Vedder, Mrs.---farmer 110 acres   PO Leeds
Jason Vedder---laborer   PO Palenville
Peter D. Vedder---farmer 187 acres   PO Catskill
Watson Vedder---laborer 1 acre   PO Palenville
William Vedder---farmer   PO Catskill
George Vermilyea---farmer 60 acres   PO Kiskatom

Joseph Wagonherser---laborer   PO Leeds
Minor Waite---laborer   PO Catskill
Frank Wallace---laborer   PO Catskill
James Wallace---tailor 12 acres   PO Catskill
Anton Walter---farmer 19 acres   PO Catskill
W. D. Ward---pastor of Reformed church   PO Kiskatom
George W. Warner---iceman   PO Catskill
John D. Warner---laborer   PO Catskill
Gaius Wasson---laborer   PO Catskill
Nathaniel U. Webber---teamster   PO Catskill
Oliver M. Webber---farmer 145 acres   PO Kiskatom
George Webster---laborer   PO Catskill
John Welsh---blacksmith   PO Palenville
Thomas Welsh---blacksmith   PO Palenville
Joseph C. Wesley---porter   PO Leeds
Edmund P. Whitbeck---laborer   PO Catskill
Franklin P. Whitbeck---farmer   PO Leeds
Samuel S. Whitbeck---farmer   PO Catskill
Andrew White---laborer   PO Catskill
Antone White---salon keeper   PO Smith's Landing
Charles E. White---speculator   PO Leeds
Thomas White---laborer   PO Palenville
Garret Whitney---farmer 120 acres   PO Catskill
James Whitney---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Peter D. Whitney---quarryman   PO Leeds
Watson Whitney---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Alfred Whittaker---laborer   PO Palenville
Leroy Whittaker, Mrs.---farmer 16 acres   PO Palenville
William H. Whittaker---laborer   PO Catskill
Stephen M. Williams---laborer   PO Catskill
Truman J. Williams---blacksmith   PO Catskill
John N. Wilson---painter and boardinghouse keeper   PO Catskill
Franklin Winans---teamster  1 acre   PO Leeds
George W. Winans---farmer 100 acres   PO Kiskatom
Leonard Winans---laborer 3 acres   PO Kiskatom
Seymour Winans---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Martin Windelow---laborer   PO Kiskatom
David Windrom---farmer   PO Catskill
Clark Winne---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
James Winne---farmer   PO Palenville
Daniel Winter---blacksmith   PO Palenville
Chauncey W. Wolcott---farmer   PO Leeds
William G. Wolcott---farmer 8 acres   PO Leeds
Burton Wolfe---laborer   PO Leeds
Eugene Wolfe---laborer   PO Leeds
Frank Wolfe---laborer   PO Leeds
Gordon Wolfe---clerk   PO Catskill
Henry Wolfe---carpenter   PO Catskill
Laurence Wolfe---farmer   PO Leeds
Philip Wolfe---farmer   PO Leeds
William N. Wolfe---farmer   PO Leeds
Amos G. Wolven---mason 2 acres   PO Catskill
J. Henry Wolven---farmer 26 acres   PO Palenville
Lucas B. Wood---farmer 26 acres   PO Catskill
Lodema E. Woolhiser, Mrs.---boarding house keeper   PO Catskill
William C. Wright---physician   PO Leeds
William W. Wright---hotel keeper   PO Leeds
Edward Wrigley---laborer   PO Leeds
Egbert H. Wynkoop---farmer and boarding house keeper  39 acres  PO Palenville
John Wynkoop---laborer   PO Saxton, Ulster Co, NY
John Wynn---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
Thomas Wynn---laborer   PO Smith's Landing

Adam Yager---farmer  106 acres   PO Catskill
John Yager---farmer 79 acres   PO Kiskatom
Nathan Yager---quarryman 80 acres   PO Kiskatom
William M. Yager---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Erastus Yeomans---farmer   PO Leeds
Hercules Yeoman---farmer 97 acres   PO Leeds
William Yeomans---farmer   PO Leeds
Wilson Yeomans---farmer   PO Leeds
Alexander Young---farmer   PO Catskill
George Young---farmer 33 acres   PO Catskill
John H. York---laborer   PO Catskill

John Zigler---laborer   PO Kiskatom
Alexander Zinlinski---laborer   PO Smith's Landing
George W. Zink---laborer   PO Leeds

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