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The Town of Greenville
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Charles Abrams---farmer 140 acres   PO Grapeville
Cornelius J. Abrams---farmer   PO Freehold
Edgar Abrams---farmer   PO Grapeville
Eleaser Abrams---cooper   PO Greenville
James Abrams---farmer 80 acres   PO Freehold
James Abrams---laborer   PO Greenville
John Abrams---laborer   PO Greenville
Orrin Abrams---cooper   PO Greenville
Frank Adriance---laborer   PO Greenville
John Alden---farmer 95 acres   PO Freehold
Prentice Allen---basketmaker   PO Greenville Centre
Eliza Ann Allerton---farmer 100 acres   PO Gayhead
Leonard G. Allerton---farmer 70 acres   PO Gayhead
Mead Allerton---farmer 112 acres   PO Gayhead
Joseph W. Alverson---stage driver   PO Norton Hill
Dennis W. Anson---livery   PO Freehold
John T. Augustus---miller   PO Freehold
Sidney Austin---laborer   PO Freehold  

Edward Bacon---farmer   PO Gayhead  
Frank B. Bagley---farmer   PO Freehold
Harry Bagley---farmer 150 acres   PO Freehold
Lyman J. Bagley---farmer    PO Freehold
Ann Baker, Mrs.---farmer  136 acres   PO Grapeville
Charles L. Baker---farmer 36 acres   PO Freehold
Norman Baker---fireman   PO Greenville
Edwin Barger---blacksmith   PO Freehold
Ransom A. Barker---carpenter   PO Freehold
William Barlow---farmer 200 acres   PO Result
Albertus Becker---farmer   PO Freehold
Garret Becker---teamster   PO Freehold
Milton H. Becker---farmer 83 acres   PO Freehold
Andrew J. Bennett---farmer   PO Freehold
Merville Bennett---farmer   PO Freehold
Alexander N. Bentley---agent   PO Greenville
Lewis Betts---painter   PO Gayhead
Luther Bishop---farmer 100 acres   PO Freehold
Frank P. Blaisdell---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Jonah Blaisdell---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Alfred P. Blenis---farmer 65 acres   PO Greenville
David Bogardus---farmer 76 acres   PO Greenville (son of Peter Bogardus & Agnes Clough -AC)
Jahleel Bogardus---shoemaker   PO Greenville
Lucinda Bogardus---teacher   PO Greenville
Mary Bogardus---farmer   PO Greenville
Oliver Bogardus---laborer   PO Greenville Centre
Peter D. Bogardus---farmer 76 acres   PO Greenville
George Boomhower---laborer   PO Greenville
Walter Boomhower---farmer   PO Grapeville
Henry T. Botsford---farmer 212 acres   PO Greenville
Wellington Bouton---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Catharine F. Boyce---seamstress   PO Greenville
Charles Brewer---carpenter   PO Greenville
Alfred J. Brown---miller   PO Freehold
H. F. Brown---pastor of Methodist-Episcopal church   PO Norton Hill
Pulaski Brown---farmer 100 acres   PO Greenville
Walter Brown---laborer   PO Gayhead
Nathaniel Brownell---farmer 90 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Lewis Brouillard---barber   PO Greenville
John Brouillard---clerk   PO Greenville
Jonathan Brundage---farmer 40 acres   PO Freehold
Albert G. Byrant---laborer   PO Greenville 
Clark Bryant---laborer   PO Freehold
George Bryant---laborer   PO Greenville
Hugh Budd---tinsmith   PO Greenville
Charles E. Burgess---farmer 124 acres   PO Grapeville
Ephraim Burgess---carpenter    PO Greenville Centre
Erastus Burgess---carpenter 80 acres   PO Grapeville
Orville T. Bush---farmer   PO Freehold
Charles H. Butler---cooper   PO Greenville
Elbert Butler---farmer   PO Grapeville
Frank Butler---laborer   PO Result
Henry Butler---carriage maker   PO Greenville  
Orris Butler---farmer 70 acres   PO Grapeville
Samuel Butler---farmer 125 acres   PO Greenville
C. E. Button---Academy principal   PO Greenville  

George Calhoun---farmer 66 acres   PO Greenville  
Benjamin Caldwell---farmer   PO Freehold
Andrew Cameron---farmer   PO Freehold
Frank Cameron---farmer 100 acres   PO Surprise
Jacob Cameron---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Madison Cameron---2 acres   PO Greenville
Charles R. Campbell---farmer 67 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Lucy A. Campbell---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Richard Cartan---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Edward Chesbro---laborer   PO Greenville
George C. Clarke---clerk   PO Freehold
Eugene Clow---farmer 136 acres   PO Surprise
Thomas Conklin---farmer   PO Greenville
William Conklin---farmer 270 acres   PO Greenville
Jennie Cooke---farmer 100 acres   PO Freehold
Charles A. Coonley---farmer 200 acres   PO Greenville
Eliza M. and Anna Coonley---farmers 80 acres   PO Greenville
Lorenzo Coonley---hotel keeper and farmer 120 acres   PO Greenville
Theodore Coonley---farmer 270 acres   PO Greenville
Sylvester Cooper---farmer   PO Result
Philo S. Covert---carpenter   PO Norton Hill
Elgreen W. Craw---carpenter   PO Gayhead
Wilbur Craw---carpenter   PO Greenville
Willard Crosby---laborer   PO Freehold  

Sanford Dawson---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Frank Dean---364 acres   PO Greenville
Wilson Dean---laborer   PO Greenville
Charles Dedrick---farmer   PO Greenville
Milo Deyo---blacksmith   PO Greenville
Dewitt Dixon---laborer   PO Greenville
Frank D. Dixon---laborer   PO Greenville
James Dixon---laborer   PO Greenville
Vallie Dixon---laborer   PO Greenville
Rodman Dodge, Mrs.---farmer 90 acres   PO Freehold
Atwater DuBois---teamster   PO Greenville
John L. Duncan---farmer 23 acres   PO Greenville
Frank Dusenberry---hay dealer   PO Freehold

Charles Earl---farmer 321 1/2 acres   PO Surprise
Joseph Earl---farmer 294 1/2 acres   PO Greenville
Richard Earl---farmer 111 1/2 acres   PO Greenville
Nelson Easland---laborer   PO Greenville
J. Webster Edget---teacher   PO Greenville
James W. Eldridge---farmer   PO Greenville
John Eldridge---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Peter Eldridge---laborer   PO Freehold
Royal Eldridge---laborer   PO Greenville
Adelaide T. Ellis---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Legrand T. Ellis---blacksmith   PO Greenville
Andrew J. Ellsworth---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Valentine Engall---laborer   PO Greenville
Seymour Etheridge---cooper   PO Norton Hill
David Evans---farmer 185 acres   PO Greenville
James Evans---expressman   PO Greenville
John Evans---teamster   PO Greenville
Orlando S. Evory---farmer 1 acre   PO Freehold  

Charles D. Fancher---laborer   PO Greenville
Michael Farley---farmer 50 acres   PO Freehold
Micharl J. Farley---farmer   PO Freehold
Daniel Feeney---boarding house keeper   PO Gayhead
John B. Feeney---farmer   PO Freehold
Charles F. Finch---farmer   PO Greenville
Levi Finch---farmer 50 acres   PO Gayhead
Newman Finch---farmer   PO Gayhead
Albert D. Fish---laborer   PO Greenville
Daniel K. Fish---farmer 198 acres   PO Greenville
Fritz Fisher---laborer   PO Greenville
Elmer P. Flansburg---school teacher   PO Gayhead
Jacob S. Flansburg---farmer 44 acres   PO Gayhead
Orrin B. Flansburg---farmer 200 acres   PO Result
George Francis---laborer   PO Greenville
George C. Francis---pastor of Methodist-Episcopal church   PO Greenville
Samuel C. Francis---farmer 89 acres   PO Norton Hill  

Erwin A. Galatian---miller   PO Greenville
John Galatian---miller   PO Greenville
Amanda Gardner---farmer 105 acres   PO Greenville Centre
George H. Gardner---laborer   PO Surprise
John Gardner---farmer   PO Surprise
John W. Gardner---merchant   PO Norton Hill
Alexander Garrison---farmer   PO Freehold
Dennis Garrison---laborer   PO Freehold
Frank Gedney---peddler   PO Greenville
George Gedney---butcher   PO Greenville
Mary C. Gedney---PO Greenville
Reuben Gedney---PO Greenville
George B. Geraghty---farmer   PO Freehold
John Geraghty---farmer 45 acres   PO Freehold
Jay Gibbons---mason   PO Greenville
Loyd B. Gifford---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Henry Goff---farmer 74 acres   PO Norton Hill
Adelbert Goodfellow---farmer   PO Freehold
Alvah Greene---farmer 120 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Charles E. Greene---mason   PO Greenville
Edwin P. Greene---farmer 26 acres   PO Gayhead
Daniel Greenwood---laborer   PO Greenville
Arthur Gregory---farmer   PO Grapeville
Bloomer Griffin---carpenter   PO Greenville
David Griffin---carpenter   PO  Norton Hill
George M. Griffin---farmer 72 acres   PO Greenville
John H. Griffin---laborer   PO Greenville
Theron M. Griffin---farmer   PO Norton Hill
George Groben---farmer   PO Grapeville
Nicholas Groben---laborer   PO Greenville
Alonzo Grogan---laborer   PO Greenville
Simeon Guilds---painter   PO Norton Hill
John Gurney---farmer 70 acres   PO Grapeville  

Alanson Haight---farmer 21 acres   PO Freehold
Ambrose Hall---farmer   PO Greenville
Stephen V. Hallenbeck---driver  PO Greenville
Edwin Hallock---farmer 56 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Frederick Hallock---laborer   PO Freehold
Joseph Hallock---laborer   PO Freehold
Lester Hallock---farmer 72 acres   PO Gayhead
Leander W. Hallock---farmer 30 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Theron A. Hallock---laborer   PO Freehold
Mary M. Halstead---farmer 15 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Isaiah H. F. Hannay---farmer 120 acres   PO Grapeville
Arthur W. Hare---farmer 96 acres   PO Norton Hill
Edgar Hartt---dry goods & groceries   PO Greenville
John Hartt---dry goods & groceries   PO Greenville
Theron L. Hartt---laborer   PO Greenville
William B. Hartt---merchant   PO Norton Hill
Henry Hayes---farmer 25 acres   PO Norton Hill
John L. Heilsinger---laborer   PO Greenville
Richard Hempstead---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Addison Hickok---farmer 73 acres   PO Greenville
Lewis Hickok---farmer 75 acres   PO Surprise
Charles F. Hilliard---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Sarah Hilliard---farmer 2 1/2 acres   PO Norton Hill
George Holly---farmer 188 acres   PO Greenville
John A. Holly---dentist   PO Greenville
Alonzo G. Holmes---merchant 9 acres   PO Surprise
Adelbert Hoose---farmer 98 acres   PO Freehold
Lewis Hoose---farmer 150 acres   PO Greenville
Walter Hoose---farmer 1 acre   PO Freehold
Charles Horton---farmer 75 acres   PO Greenville
David Horton---teamster   PO Freehold
Edward B. Horton---farmer   PO Freehold
Marcellus Horton---farmer 100 acres   PO Freehold
John A. Houghtaling---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Peter Houghtaling---blacksmith   PO Greenville Centre
Addison W. Howe---farmer 85 acres   PO Greenville
William Howe---farmer   PO Freehold
Alonzo J. Hunt---farmer 125 acres   PO Norton Hill
Elmer J. Hunt---undertaker   PO Greenville
Eugene Hunt---laborer   PO Greenville
George Hunt---painter   PO Greenville
Horace Hunt---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Ira F. Hunt---farmer 72 acres   PO Freehold
Lorenzo Hunt---farmer 112 acres   PO Norton Hill
Robert Hunt---laborer   PO Greenville
Zebulon N. Hunt---farmer 67 acres   PO Norton Hill
Hoseph S. Husted---farmer 97 acres   PO Norton Hill

Edgar Ingalls---farmer 79 acres   PO Norton Hill
Joseph T. Ingalls---clerk   PO Norton Hill
Ransom B. Ingalls---farmer 120 acres   PO Norton Hill
Tauman L. Ingalls---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Charles Irving---painter   PO Greenville
David Irving---blacksmith   PO Greenville
Frederick Irving, Mrs.---PO Greenville
Philo Irving---painter   PO Greenville

G. Edwin Jaquins---bazaar & photographer   PO Greenville
Isreal P. Jennings---farmer   PO Freehold
George E. Jenkins---laborer  PO Greenville
George W. Jones---carpenter   PO Norton Hill
Richard Jones---harness maker   PO Greenville

Daniel Kelley---farmer 120 acres   PO Result
Newton F. Kelsey---farmer 37 acres   PO Norton Hill
Charles and Luman King---farmer 124 acres   PO Surprise
Obadiah King---farmer 99 acres   PO Surprise
James M. Knickerbocker---miller   PO Greenville
Hiram Knowles---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Milton Knowles---farmer   PO Gayhead
James Knowles---laborer   PO Norton Hill
John W. Knowles---painter   PO Norton Hill

Curtiss R. Lacy---merchant and farmer 66 acres   PO Freehold
Hiram Lacy---farmer   PO Freehold
John H. Lacy---dry goods and groceries   PO Freehold
Reuben Lake---gardener   PO Greenville
Romantus Lake---basket maker   PO Freehold
William Lake---farmer 27 acres   PO Gayhead
Edwin J. Lampman---farmer 75 acres   PO Greenville
John P. Lampman---farmer   PO Greenville
Leopold Lape---farmer 102 acres   PO Greenville
Herbert Layman---farmer 44 acres   PO Greenville
William E. Layman---laborer   PO Freehold
F. J. Lazerte---fruiter and confectioner   PO Norton Hill
Nathan Lee---farmer 6 acres   PO Surprise
James Lillis---stage driver   PO Greenville
Adam Lorenz---farmer 88 acres   PO Norton Hill
Frank J. Lorenz---farmer   PO Norton Hill                                            
Henry Lorenz---farmer   PO Greenville
Charles Losee---farmer   PO Grapeville
Edwin C. Losee---farmer 140 acres   PO Surprise
Harriet Losee---farmer   PO Surprise
Henry Losee---farmer   PO Grapeville
James Losee---farmer 2 acres   PO Greenville
Shubal L. Losee---farmer 127 acres   PO Surprise
Stephen A. Losee---farmer 103 acres   PO Grapeville
Solomon S. Losee---farmer 178 acres   PO Surprise
Thompson K. Losee---farmer 115 acres   PO Surprise
Willard Losee---laborer   PO Surprise
Frank Lusk---farmer 245 acres   PO Freehold  

John Mabie---farmer 96 acres   PO Norton Hill
Jabez Mannton---farmer 16 acres   PO Greenville
William Martin---farmer 80 acres   PO Grapeville
Bradley S. McCabe---physician   PO Greenville
Charles P. McCabe---physician   PO Greenville
George McCabe (McCabe & Co.)---PO Greenville
Hamilton J. McCabe---hardware   PO Greenville
McCabe & Co. (G. McCabe)---druggist   PO Greenville
John McEvoy---farmer 42 acres   PO Greenville
John McManus---laborer   PO Greenville
James T. Meddaugh---blacksmith   PO Norton Hill
F. Metzger---clergyman   PO Freehold
Daniel S. Miller, Mrs.---farmer 144 acres   PO Greenville
Rozzle J. Moore---farmer   PO Freehold
G. A. Munson---teacher   PO Norton Hill
Calvin M. Mygatt---farmer 126 acres   PO Freehold  

Charles H. O'Hara---farmer   PO Freehold
Emma O'Hara---farmer   PO Freehold
Frank O'Hara---farmer   PO Freehold
Levi O'Hara---farmer 28 acres   PO Freehold
Mary O'Hara---farmer 50 acres   PO Freehold

Alexander Palmer---PO Greenville
Alfred Palmer---laborer   PO Greenville
Charles O. Palmer---farmer 94 acres   PO Grapeville
Charles W. Palmer---farmer 96 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Emory Palmer---farmer 100 acres   PO Greenville
George Palmer---farmer 200 acres   PO Greenville
Hezekiah Palmer---farmer 48 acres   PO Greenville
James Palmer---farmer 22 acres   PO Greenville
John C. Palmer, Jr.---farmer 100 acres   PO Result
Lavern Palmer---merchant   PO Greenville Centre
Leander Palmer---farmer 88 acres   PO Surprise
Moses M. Palmer---merchant   PO Gayhead
Osmar Palmer---farmer   PO Greenville
Reuben R. Palmer---farmer 83 acres   PO Norton Hill
Rufus Palmer---farmer 367 acres   PO Grapeville
John A. Parks---hotel keeper   PO Freehold
Watson B. Parks---farmer 80 acres   PO Freehold
Charles H. Pausley---farmer   PO Grapeville
Walter C. Perce---laborer   PO Gayhead
Harry Phinney---grocer   PO Freehold
Henry Phinney---farmer 1/2 acre   PO Freehold
Hiram Phinney---farmer   PO Freehold
Volney Phinney---farmer 50 acres   PO Freehold
James Ponsonby---farmer 4 acres   PO Greenville
Cyrus Powell---farmer 128 acres   PO Gayhead
David E.  Powell---sexton   PO Greenville
Gilbert Powell---PO Greenville
Joshua P. Powell---farmer 100 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Lucy M. Powell---domestic   PO Greenville
Rachel Powell---farmer 80 acres   PO Greenville
Reuben Powell---farmer 41 acres   PO Grapeville
VanBuren R. Powell---farmer 80 acres   PO Greenville
Willard Powell---hap presser   PO Grapeville
William I. Powell---farmer 74 acres   PO Gayhead
Penfield Pratt---laborer   PO Norton Hill  

Theron B. Ramsdell---farmer 107 acres   PO Norton Hill
John Reed---farmer 10 acres   PO Surprise
Edward Roberts---laborer   PO Gayhead
George Roberts---farmer  76 acres   PO Freehold
Maria Roberts---farmer   PO Freehold
Chester Robinson---farmer    PO Norton Hill
Andrew G. Roe---farmer 1 acre   PO Greenville
Charles H. Roe---livery   PO Greenville
Edmond Roe---farmer   PO Greenville
Elijah Roe---farmer 2 acres   PO Greenville
Jasper Roe---farmer 139 acres   PO Greenville
John Roe---merchant   PO Greenville
Lansing P. Roe---farmer 233 acres   PO Greenville
Leander Roe---farmer 84 acres   PO Surprise
Lewis E. Roe---merchant   PO Greenville
Nahaniel Roe---laborer   PO Greenville
Omar E. Roe---farmer 80 acres   PO Greenville
Perry Roe---farmer 189 acres   PO Gayhead
Theodore Roe---PO Greenville
William R. Roe---farmer   PO Greenville
Alathera Ruland---farmer 60 acres   PO Greenville
Thomas J. Rundell---farmer   PO Greenville
Winfield S. Rundell---farmer  PO Greenville
Note:  most all Winfield S. names are after Winfield Scott-AC
Edwin Ryder---laborer   PO Greenville  

John Salisbury---farmer   PO Greenville
Carrie F. Sanford---farmer 74 acres   PO Greenville
Cassius Sanford---clerk   PO Greenville
Charles S. Sanford---merchant   PO Greenville
Herbert Sanford---farmer   PO Greenville
Lyman B. Sanford---farmer 126 acres   PO Greenville
Sherman Sanford---farmer 124 acres   PO Greenville
Truman Sanford---farmer 114 acres   PO Greenville
Erastus H. Scofield---farmer   PO Freehold
Francis Scofield---farmer 57 acres   PO Freehold
Wilson E. Scutt---cooper   PO Freehold
Levi Seabridge---farmer 100 acres   PO Freehold
William P. Seabridge---teacher   PO Freehold
Clayton Seaman---farmer   PO Grapeville
Miller Elbert Seaman---farmer 100 acres   PO Grapeville
Daniel G. Searles---farmer 120 acres   PO Norton Hill
Charles W. Shaw---farmer   PO Freehold
Elijah Shaw---farmer 148 1/2 acres   PO Freehold
Fred Shaw---farmer 50 acres   PO Freehold
Griffin Shaw---farmer 185 acres   PO Greenville
Nathan Y. Shaw---farmer 65 acres   PO Freehold
Adam Shear---farmer 10 acres   PO Freehold
Samuel P. Shear---farmer   PO Freehold
Ezra Sherrill---farmer 36 acres   PO Greenville
David Showers---farmer   PO Greenville
Gurdon M. Showers---farmer 30 acres   PO Greenville
John M. Showers---farmer 79 acres   PO Greenville
Jefferson B. Simmons---mason   PO Freehold
David W. Simpkins---farmer  125 acres   PO Freehold
Elting L. Simpkins---farmer   PO Freehold
Eugene Simpkins---farmer   PO Freehold
Lewis J. Simpkins---farmer 28 acres   PO Freehold
Alanson J. Simpson---farmer 90 acres   PO Freehold
Elisha Simpson---farmer 150 acres   PO Greenville
James T. Sisson---carpenter   PO Norton Hill
Mary J. Sithwick---farmer 3 acres   PO Freehold
Oakley Slater---steam saw mill   PO Freehold
Theodore J. Slater   farmer 142 acres   PO Freehold
William L. Slawson---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Amos Smith---farmer   PO Norton Hill
A. C. Smith---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Charles L. Smith---farmer 70 acres   PO Freehold
Catharine L. Smith---PO Freehold
Emily Smith---boarding house keeper   PO Freehold
Enos Smith---PO Gayhead
Erastus H. Smith---farmer 22 acres   PO Greenville Centre
George Smith---dentist   PO Greenville
Henry M. Smith---PO Gayhead
Johnson W. Smith---farmer 136 acres   PO Greenville Centre
John W. Smith---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Laverne N. Smith---farmer   PO Greenville
Peter Smith---PO Greenville
Rulandus Smith---PO Greenville Centre
William B. Smith---farmer   PO Greenville
William H. Smith---Farmer  74 1/2 acres   PO Greenville
Charles Snyder---farmer   PO Freehold
Theodore Snyder---rector of Episcopal Church   PO Greenville
Peter P. Snyder---farmer 115 acres   PO Freehold
Eugene Spaulding---farmer 103 acres   PO Greenville
Robert D. Spees---farmer 154 acres   PO Greenville
Samuel Spees---farmer   PO Greenville
Augusta Spencer---milliner   PO Freehold
Oscar B. Stanton---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Alfred Steadman---mason   PO Greenville
Sherman Steadman---laborer   PO Greenville
Alanson Stevens---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Edward A. Stevens---farmer 110 acres   PO Greenville
James Stevens---insurance agent   PO Greenville
John S. Stevens---farmer 100 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Minor Stevens---farmer 150 acres   PO Gayhead
Pierce Stevens---merchant   PO Greenville
Uriah Stevens---farmer 150 acres   PO Gayhead
P. R. Stevens---farmer 50 acres   PO Greenville Centre
William M. Stevens---carpenter   PO Greenville Centre
Philo Stickles---farmer   PO Greenville
Archibald Stone---carpenter   PO Greenville
Erastus H. Stone---farmer   PO Greenville
Lyman Stone---carpenter   PO Greenville
Amos Story---farmer 150 acres   PO Gayhead
Amos B. Story---peddler   PO Freehold
Elmer E. Story---farmer 1/2 acre   PO Freehold
Jane Story---farmer   PO Freehold
John Story---farmer 127 acres   PO Freehold
John Story---farmer 163 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Lewis M. Story---farmer 90 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Sylvester Story---farmer  138 acres   PO Greenville
Sylvanus L. Story---farmer 144 acres   PO Gayhead
Ward B. Story---farmer   PO Freehold
William R. Story---farmer   PO Freehold
Edward Stratton---pastor of Presbyterian Church   PO Greenville
Nicholas Suter---laborer   PO Greenville
Daniel G. Sutton---laborer   PO Gayhead

Charles R. Tallmadge---farmer 134 acres   PO Greenville
Roswell C. Tallmadge---farmer   PO Greenville
David W. Tallmadge---farmer 110 acres   PO Norton Hill
Joshua A. Tanner---farmer  42 acres   PO Norton Hill
Mary J. Taylor---farmer  20 acres   PO Surprise
Elmer A. Thorn---farmer   PO Gayhead
Ezra Thorn---farmer 100 acres   PO Gayhead
Egbert Thorne---farmer   PO Freehold
Lennon Thorne---laborer   PO Freehold
Ransom Thorne---sexton   PO Freehold
Vincent Thorne---farmer   PO Freehold
Abel H. Townsend---farmer  89 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Charles Townsend---farmer 11 acres   PO Greenville Centre
George Townsend---laborer   PO Greenville Centre
Jerome Townsend---laborer   PO Greenville Centre
John H. Townsend---laborer   PO Greenville Centre
Luther M. Townsend---farmer   PO Gayhead
Russell Townsend---PO Greenville Centre
Abram Traver---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Albert Tremmel---farmer 50 acres   PO Norton Hill
C. O. Tripp---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Charles M. Tryon---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Humphrey Tryon---laborer   PO Norton Hill
William A. Tryon---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Fred. Tucker---laborer   PO Norton Hill
Jeremiah Tucker---laborer   PO Greenville
Caroline Turner---farmer 73 acres   PO Norton Hill
Ithamer Turner---farmer  76 acres   PO Norton Hill

Andrew VanDeusen---farmer   PO Norton Hill
William S. Vanderbilt---PO Greenville
Nicholas J. VanHoesen---laborer   PO Gayhead
Robert VanHouten---farmer 48 acres   PO Greenville
Orville VanKeuren---pastor of Methodist-Episcopal church  PO Greenville
George VanTassell---physician   PO Freehold
John VanTassell---farmer   PO Freehold
Orrin VanTassell---farmer 52 acres   PO Freehold
Isaac Verplank---farmer 140 acres   PO Norton Hill  

Charles R. Wakeley---farmer   PO Greenville
Edward Wakeley---farmer 98 1/2 acres   PO Greenville
Frank H. Wakeley---farmer  72 acres   PO Greenville
Byron Waldron---farmer 165 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Catharine Waldron---farmer 150 acres   PO Greenville Centre
John F. Waldron---farmer 140 acres   PO Greenville Centre
William C. Wallace---carpenter   PO Freehold
Rebecca Walsh---farmer   PO Greenville
William A. Wasson---physician   PO Greenville
Albert Weaver---farmer   PO Freehold
Oliver Webb---farmer 80 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Caroline Webster---domestic   PO Greenville
Daniel Webster---hostler   PO Greenville
Pratt R. Weeks---farmer 140 acres   PO Gayhead
Charles W. Whitbeck---farmer 50 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Isaac A. Whitbeck---laborer   PO Greenville
John W. Whitford---farmer 108 acres   PO Greenville
Alexander Widdis---farmer   PO Surprise
Samuel Widdis---farmer 12 acres   PO Grapeville
Mary C. Wicks---farmer 162 acres   PO Greenville
Albert Wilbur---farmer 109 acres   PO Greenville
Humphrey Wilbur---farmer   PO Greenville
Clarence Williamson---fruit dealer   PO Greenville Centre
George E. Williamson---farmer 100 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Sandford Williamson---farmer   PO Greenville Centre
Washington Williamson---farmer 105 acres   PO Greenville Centre
Isaac L. Wilsey---farmer 76 acres   PO Freehold
Natilie Wilsey---laborer   PO Greenville
Romaine S. Wilsey---farmer   PO Freehold
George Winne---laborer   PO Greenville
Peter Winne---editor Greenville Local   PO Greenville
William F. Winters---laborer   PO Freehold
John C. Witzell---laborer   PO Greenville
George Wood---shoemaker   PO Greenville Centre
Joseph Wood---farmer 94 acres   PO Grapeville
Lyman E. Wood---grocer   PO Greenville
Frank Woodard---farmer   PO Freehold
Charles E. Wooster---farmer 146 acres   PO Greenville
J. Edward Wooster---student   PO Greenville

Abram Youmans---farmer   PO Gayhead
Adelbert C. Youmans---blacksmith   PO Norton Hill  

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