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The Town of Hunter
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Frank Allen---plumber   PO Tannersville
George W. Anderson (Anderson & Co.)---PO Hunter
Anderson & Co.---coal and lumber dealers   PO Hunter
Richard Anderson---laborer  22 acres   PO Elka Park
Robert Anson---farmer  100 acres   PO Haines Falls
John Askin---farmer 55 acres   PO Hunter
John W. Austin---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Osmar R. Avery---carpenter   PO Hunter  

George Backman---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
John C. Bageard---farmer 250 acres   PO Haines Falls
Joseph Bageard---driver   PO Haines Falls
Gilbert J. Bailey---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Hale G. Bailey---liveryman---PO Hunter
Mulford T. Bailey---druggist   PO Tannersville
William B. Bailey---farmer 100 acres   PO Haines Falls
Harvey Baker---stonemason   PO Hunter
Willet Baker---farmer 50 acres   PO Tannersville
Willis Baldwin---furniture dealer   PO Hunter
Eugene C. Ballow---carpenter   PO Hunter
Albert A. Barber---stonecutter   PO Lanesville
Charles D. Barber---farmer   PO Lanesville
Francis A. Barber---farmer 100 acres   PO Lanesville
James H. Barber---stonecutter   PO Lanesville
Eugene Barlow---farmer   PO Tannersville
Edward Batler---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Frederick Beach---farmer   PO Hunter
Owen Beach---laborer   PO Hunter
Silas G. Beach---farmer 170 acres   PO Hunter
Charles D. Becker---lumberman   PO Hunter
Edward B. Becker---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Frank Becker---laborer   PO Haines Falls
George Becker---lumberman---PO Hunter
Sheridan Becker---lumberman   PO Hunter
William Becker---farmer 50 acres   PO Platte Clove
Beebe Bell---laborer   PO Edgewood
Wilets Bell---teamster   PO Edgewood
Charles Benjamin---laborer   PO Edgewood
George Benjamin---laborer   PO Hunter
Henry Benjamin---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Mary J. Benjamin---housekeeper   PO Hunter
Newton Benjamin---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Walter Benjamin---laborer   PO Hunter
Joseph Berkle---plumber   PO Haines Falls
Horace E. Biddell---real estate agent   PO Hunter
George Binder---barber   PO Tannersville
Louis A. Boens---boading house keeper   PO Tannersville
Robert Bonesteel---hostler   PO Tannersville
Leslie Bouton---printer   PO Hunter
Barney Bradley---laborer   PO Tannersville
John Brady---driver   PO Hunter
Dwight Brandow---laborer   PO Haines Falls
(NOTE:  is this B. Dwight Brandow 1920 census of Catskill Twp-AC)
Alexander Brewer---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles A. Brewer---carpenter   PO Tannersville
George W. Brewer---painter   PO Tannersville
Louis H. Brewer---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Mott R Brewer---painter   PO Haines Falls
Samuel Brewer---laborer   PO Tannersville
Scott Brewer---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
James Brice---mason 12 acres   PO Platte Clove
David Briggs---farmer 100 acres   PO Tannersville
John Brink---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Michael Broderick---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Catharine Brown---boarding house keeper   164 acres   PO Tannersville
George Brown---laborer   PO Tannersville
James Brown, Mrs.---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Samuel Brown---farmer 104 acres   PO Hunter
David Bullock---merchant   PO Hunter
Seneca Bullock---photographer 3 acres   PO Hunter
Bullock & Butler---boardinghouse keepers   PO Haines Falls
Benjamin Bunt---teamster   PO Tannersville
George Bunt---farmer    PO Elka PArk
Edward Bunt---farmer 60 acres   PO Haines Falls
John Bunt---farmer   PO Elka Park
Peter F. Bunt---farmer 50 acres   PO Platte Clove
William Bunt---blacksmith   PO Tannersville
William Bunt---farmer   PO Platte Clove
William Bunt---farmer   PO Tannersville
William Bunt, Jr.---farmer 70 acres   PO Platte Clove
Isaac Burger---laborer   PO Lanesville
Dwight Burgess---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Sayers H. Burger---clerk   PO Hunter
Charles Burns---farmer 50 acres   PO Platte Clove
George Burns---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Hugh Burns---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Hugh L. Burns---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
John Burns---laborer   PO Tannersville
Lewis Burns---laborer   PO Tannersville
Michael L. Burns---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Patrick Burns---shoemaker   PO Tannersville
Patrick Burns, Jr.---farmer 50 acres   PO Platte Clove
Timothy Burns---farmer   PO Platte Clove
William Burns---watchman   PO Hunter
Buel S. Burroughs---carpenter   PO Hunter
Robert A. Burroughs---painter   PO Hunter
Wallace E. Burroughs---laborer   PO Haines Falls
John Burkle---farmer   PO Haines Falls
William W. Burtis---hardware dealer   PO Hunter
Lester Burton---farmer   PO Tannersville
John H. Byrne---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Owen C. Byrne---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Timothy Byrne---laborer 8 acres   PO Platte Clove  

Frederick F. Campbell---blacksmith   PO Tannersville
George Campbell---boarding house keeper   PO Tannersville
George F. Campbell---blacksmith  PO Tannersville
Nelson Campbell---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
James M. Canda---laborer   PO Platte Clove
George Carr---PO Tannersville
Patrick A. Carr---carpenter   PO Elka Park
John J. Carr---lumberman  77 acres   PO Hunter
Charles Carroll---laborer   PO Tannersville
William T. Carroll---laborer   PO Hunter
Cyrus M. Cartwright---lawyer   PO Hunter
Michael Casey---laborer   PO Tannersville
Patrick Clark---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Emory D. Cline---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Ogden Clough---chairmaker   PO Haines Falls
Jonas S. Clum---laborer   PO Tannersville
William Clum---farmer 113 acres   PO Tannersville
Isaac Coffin---PO Edgewood
Amos G. Cole---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Charles E. Cole---postmaster   PO Platte Clove
George H. Cole---laborer   PO Tannersville
John A. Cole---laborer   PO Plate Clove
Luman M. Cole---farmer 50 acres   PO Hunter
Milo Cole---teamster   PO Tannersville
William Cole---farmer   PO Tannersville
Albert Conine---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Frank P. Connerty---engineer   PO Hunter
Abram J. Connolly---hotel keeper 79 acres   PO Edgewood
Hugh Convery---laborer   PO Tannersville
Burton G. Coon---laborer   PO Hunter
Harry Cornford---pastor of M. E. church   PO Tannersville|
Asa Crosby---farmer 75 acres   PO Lanesville
David Crosby---farmer 75 acres   PO Lanesville
Robert Crosier---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles Curran---laborer   PO Tannersville
William Curran---farmer 150 acres   PO Elka Park
David C. Curtiss, Jr.---stonecutter   PO Lanesville

Andrew Dale---farmer 86 acres   PO Elka PArk
James Dale---farmer 58 acres   PO Elka Park
John Dale---farmer 38 acres   PO Platte Clove
W. Edward Decker---carpenter   PO Hunter
Joseph H. Dederick---liveryman   PO Haines Falls
William H. Dederick---driver   PO Haines Falls
Henry Delamater---farmer   PO Tannersville
Frederick S. Deyo---physician   PO Hunter
George W. Dibbell---lumberman   PO Elka Park
Harmon E. Dibbell---farmer 37 acres   PO Tannersville
Hiram E. Dibbell---carpenter   PO Platte Clove
Milford E. Dibbell---farmer   PO Platte Clove
Renwick Dibbell---merchant   PO Tannersville
Dibbell & Goslee---merchants   PO Tannersville
Albert Dolan---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Charles Dolan---laborer   PO Platte Clove
David Dolan---laborer   PO Platte Clove
David Dolan---laborer   PO Haines Falls
George Dolan---laborer   PO Platte Clove
James Dolan---farmer 31 acres   PO Platte Clove
John Dolan---farmer 25 acres   PO Platte Clove
Michael B. Dolan---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
William Dolan---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Neal Donnelly---farmer   PO Platte Clove
J. Rodney Douglass---farmer   PO Hunter
William Douglass---farmer 214 acres   PO Hunter
George Doyle---laborer   PO Tannersville
Lewis A. Doyle---laborer   PO Tannersville
Patrick Doyle---laborer   PO Tannersville
William DuBois---carpenter   PO Hunter
Thomas Dunbar---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Leonard Dutcher---laborer   PO Tannersville
Lewis B. Durocher---laborer   PO Tannersville
Christopher Dykeman---bookkeeper   PO Tannersville
Willis H. Dykeman---laborer   PO Tannersville

Frederick Eckherst---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Frederick H. Eckhorst---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Anson Edson---farmer   PO Tannersville
David E. Edwards---farmer 61 acres   PO Haines Falls
Justus Egbertson---laborer   PO Hunter
Walter Egbertson---teamster   PO Hunter
Frank Eggleston---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
George N. Eggleston---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
George N. Eggleston, Jr.---laborer   PO Tannersville
Henry Eggleston---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Lodusky Eggleston---house keeper   PO Hunter
John Egnor---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Frank Ehrman---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Adam Elflein---chair maker   PO Hunter
Robert Elliott---boardinghouse keeper   PO Hunter
William P. Ellis---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
Richard Enderson---farmer   PO Elka Park
Edward Erbecker---farmer 50 acres   PO Haines Falls
James F. Erskine---farmer   PO Hunter
Michael Erskine---farmer 205 acres   PO Hunter

John W. Fagan---carpenter   PO Hunter
Michael Farrell---farmer 60 acres   PO Platte Clove
George Ferris---merchant   PO Hunter
Earl W. Fisher---farmer 180 acres   PO Hunter
David N. Fisher---farmer   PO Hunter
James Flanagan---farmer 50 acres   PO Tannersville
John Flanagan---laborer   PO Tannersville
Alvin W. Ford---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Catharine Ford---boarding house keeper   PO Hunter
Charles L. Ford---boarding house keeper   PO Tannersville
Edward France---laborer   PO Tannersville
Henry J. France---laborer   PO Haines Falls
William France---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Lewis W. Francis---PO Tannersville
Marshall E. Francis---contractor   PO Tannersville
James Frank---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Alonzo Freer---stone cutter   PO Tannersville
Edward Freleigh---laborer   PO Tannersville
Daniel Fromer---laborer   PO Tannersville
Edgar C. Fromer---laborer   PO Hunter
Elmer G. Fromer---merchant   PO Hunter
Frank L. Fromer---merchant   PO Hunter
Horace B. Fromer---drug clerk   PO Hunter
Jacob Fromer---merchant   PO Tannersville
James M. Fromer---farmer 62 acres   PO Hunter
John M. Fromer---boarding house keeper   PO Tannersville
Frank J. Fuller---railroad employee   PO Haines Falls 

Daniel Gaffey---farmer   PO Elka Park
Mary J. Gaffey---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
John Gaffey---farmer   PO Elka Park
Thomas Gaffey---farmer   PO Elka Park
Hugh B. Gara---hotel keeper   PO Hunter
Mary Gara---housekeeper   PO Hunter
Charles Garrick---laborer   PO Tannersville
William Garrison---farmer 50 acres   PO Tannersville
Edward Gillespie---farmer 15 acres   PO Tannersville
John Gillespie---laborer   PO Elka Park
Peter I. Gillespie---laborer 45 acres   PO Elka Park
William Gillespie---painter   PO Tannersville
Owen Glennon---farmer 230 acres, boardinghouse keeper   PO Haines Falls
Patrick Goggen---farmer   PO Tannersville
George B. Goodrick---telegrapher    PO Hunter
J. Wesley Goodrich---merchant   PO Hunter
Amos Goodsell---butcher   PO Hunter
Elmer E. Goodsell---lumber & coal   PO Hunter
Amos Gordon---liveryman   PO Hunter
LAzarus Gordon---horse dealer   PO Hunter
Edward B. Goslee---merchant   PO Tannersville
A. Noble Graham---insurance agent   PO Hunter
Albert S. Graham---laborer   PO Hunter
Michael Graham---farmer 100 acres   PO Hunter
Michael Graham, Jr.---laborer   PO Hunter
William Graham---laborer   PO Hunter
John Gray---merchant   PO Tannersville
Albert F. Greene---carpenter   PO Hunter
Albert P. Greene---laborer   PO Hunter
Alfred E. Greene---PO Hunter
Burdette Greene---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Charles M. Greene---farmer   PO Tannersville
George S. Greene---carpenter   PO Hunter
Gilbert Greene---farmer 40 acres   PO Tannersville
Nelson O. Greene---carpenter   PO Hunter
Sylvester Greene---farmer 32 acres   PO Hunter
Wesley Greene---laborer   PO Tannersville
Henry I. Gridley---farmer   PO Woodstock, Ulster Co, NY
Joseph Gridley---farmer 247 acres   PO Woodstock, Ulster Co, NY
William Gridley---farmer 158 acres   PO Woodstock, Ulster Co, NY
Uriah E. Griffin---teamster   PO Hunter
Uriah P. Griffin---laborer   PO Hunter
William Grimm---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Jared N. J. Guilefoss---farmer 271 acres   PO Lanesville
Matthias Gustin---farmer 100 acres   PO Tannersville

Augustus Haigman---laborer   PO Hunter
Abraham Haines---farmer 8 acres   PO Haines Falls
Atwater C. Haines---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Charles Haines---butcher   PO Tannersville
Charles E. Haines---butcher   PO Haines Falls
Charles E. Haines---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Dallas D. Haines---teamster   PO Hunter
Daniel P. Haines---farmer   PO Tannersville
Edward M. Haines---farmer 70 acres   PO Tannersville
Egbert Haines---farmer 50 acres   PO Haines Falls
George F. Haines---farmer   PO Tannersville
George H. Haines---laborer   PO Haines Falls
George W. Haines---butcher   PO Tannersville
Henry A. Haines---farmer 72 acres   PO Haines Falls
Jeremiah E. Haines---boardinghouse keeper   PO Haines Falls
John J. Haines---farmer 150 acres   PO Tannersville
Levi Haines---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Levi Haines, Jr.---PO Haines Falls
Melvin C. Haines---hostler   PO Tannersville
Miles A. Haines---farmer 5 acres   PO Haines Falls
Peter Haines---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Richard Haines---farmer 10 acres   PO Haines Falls
Samuel S. Haines---hotel keeper   PO Haines Falls
Sidney T. Haines---farmer 47 acres   PO Hunter
Uriah W. Haines---farmer 85 acres   PO Haines Falls
Wilber Haines---laborer   PO Tannersville
Wilson Haines---laborer   PO Tannersville
Garret S. Hallenbeck---PO Tannersville
William I. Hallenbeck---hotel keeper   PO Haines Falls
Charles G. Haner---teacher   PO Tannersville
Clark R. Haner---clerk   PO Tannersville
George Haner---physician   PO Tannersville
Burtis Happy---farmer   PO Platte Clove
Abram Harkness---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Andrew Harkness---PO Platte Clove
Calvin Harrington---carpenter   PO Lanesville
Frank Harrington---laborer   PO Lanesville
George E. Harris---laborer   PO Tannersville
Abram S. Haynes---farmer 25 acres   PO Tannersville
Alva R. Haynes---laborer   PO Tannersville
Alvin S. Haynes---farmer 90 acres   PO Tannersville
Melvin Haynes---farmer 10 acres  PO Tannersville
Rosamond Haynes---farmer 15 acres   PO Tannersville
John Helvey---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
Allen Higgins---laborer   PO Hunter
Asa Higgins---laborer   PO Hunter
Benjamin J. Higgins---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles Higgins---lumberman   PO Hunter
David M. Higgins---laborer   PO Tannersville
Mortimer Higgins---laborer   PO Hunter
Frank Hinman---horse dealer   PO Tannersville
Alonzo Holdridge---mason   PO Haines Falls
Christopher Hommell---farmer   PO Elka Park
Edward Hommell---laborer   PO Haines Falls
George I. Hommell---laborer   PO High Peak
James E. Hommell---farmer 20 acres   PO Platte Clove
Jeremiah S. Hommell---laborer   PO Tannersville
John C. Hommell---laborer   PO Tannersville
Walson Hommell---farmer   PO Elka Park
Willard R. Hommell---sawyer   PO Elka Park
William Hommell---laborer   PO Tannersville
William A. Hommell---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Charles E. Hood---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Alfred Howard---laborer   PO Tannersville
Burgess B. Howard---wood turner   PO Tannersville
Charles R. Howard---saloon keeper   PO Tannersville
Ezra B. Howard---wood turner   PO Tannersville
George J. Howard---clerk   PO Tannersville
Redmond Howard---woodturner   PO Tannersville
Alexander Hummell---farmer   PO Tannersville
James E. Hummell---farmer   PO Tannersville
Peter Hummell---mason   PO Hunter
Samira L. Huggins---boardinghouse keeper   PO Hunter
Cornelius Hughes, Jr,---fireman   PO Hunter
Felix Hughes---chairmaker    PO Hunter
Philip Hylan---laborer   PO Hunter
Collins A. Hyser---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Peter Hyser---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Peter J. Hyser---farmer 20 acres   PO Platte Clove

Charles Ingalls---laborer   PO Hunter
Hezekiah S. Ingalls---lumberman   PO Edgewood
William H. Ingalls---clerk   PO Hunter
Zina B. Ingraham---farmer 167 acres   PO Hunter
George W. Ingraham---laborer   PO Hunter
John R. Janson---farmer 110 acres   PO Lanesville
Morgan Janson---stonecutter   PO Lanesville
James W. Jenkins---lather   PO Tannersville
Alfred Johnson---farmer 204 acres   PO Tannersville
George Jones---laborer   PO Lanesville
Irene Johnson---PO Hunter
Ogden Johnson---laborer   PO Hunter
Robert Johnson---farmer 30 acres   PO Hunter
Austin Johnson---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles Jones---farmer   PO Tannersville
Eli Jones---farmer 90 acres   PO Lanesville
Frank Jones---farmer   PO Tannersville
Sumner M. Jones---butcher   PO Hunter
James J. Judd---farmer   PO Tannersville
A. B. Judson---pastor of Presbyterian church   PO Hunter

John C. Keller---farmer 68 acres   PO Hunter
John C. Keller---teamster   PO Hunter
Albert E. Kerr---merchant   PO Haines Falls
Edward Kerr---lumberman and farmer 111 acres   PO Edgewood
Frederick B. Kerr---laborer   PO Hunter
Henry Kerr---carpenter   PO Hunter
James M. Kerr---laborer   PO Hunter
John B. Kerr---laborer   PO Tannersville
Joseph Kerr---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Norman Kerr---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Robert W. Kerr---farmer 216 acres   PO Hunter
Sheridan Kerr---laborer   PO Haines Falls
John Kilivy---hostler   PO Tannersville
Melvin C. Kline---chair maker   PO Hunter
Emory Knapp---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
George Knapp---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
Harry R. Knight---peddler   PO Tannersville
William Knight---laborer   PO Tannersville

Michael Lackey---PO Tannersville
Michael Lackey, Jr.---lawyer & farmer 100 acres   PO Tannersville
Barney Lafferty---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Charles E. Lake---merchant   PO Hunter
James M. Lake---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Abram Lane---farmer 100 acres   PO Lanesville
Benjamin Lane---teamster   PO Lanesville
Charles R. Lane---farmer   PO Lanesville
Edward C. Lane---carpenter   PO Hunter
Harry D. Lane---farmer   PO Lanesville
Harvey J. Lane---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Harvey S. Lane---farmer 10 acres   PO Lanesville
Henry L. Lane---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Isaac Lane---farmer 10 acres   PO Lanesville
Peter I. Lane---farmer 100 acres   PO Lanesville
William H. Lane---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Abraham Lasher---laborer   PO Tannersville
Allison Lasher---farmer   PO Tannersville
Frank Lasher---farmer   PO Tannersville
Arthur B. Layman---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Charles Layman---farmer 70 acres   PO Haines Falls
Charles B. Layman---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Edgar H. Layman---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Frank Layman---laborer   PO Tannersville
Frederick Layman---farmer   PO Tannersville
James W. Layman---bartender   PO Tannersville
Jay Layman---farmer   PO Tannersville
Lucy C. Layman---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
William Layman---farmer   PO Tannersville
Henry V. Leaycraft---hotel keeper   PO Platte Clove
John Leech---farmer 100 acres   PO Tannersville
Abram Legg---farmer   PO Tannersville
Cornelius H. Legg---farmer 103 acres   PO Haines Falls
Lester Leggett---evangelist   PO Haines Falls
John J. Leipold---teacher   PO Hunter
William Lennox---farmer   PO Hunter
Ira Lester---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Morris Lester---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
James Lindsley---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Charles W. Linsley---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Darius Linsley---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Elmer I. Linsley---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Frank Linsley---farmer 170 acres   PO Tannersville
George Long---stonecutter   PO Lanesville
Addison P. Loomis---blacksmith   PO Hunter
Benjamin Lyman---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles Lynch---farmer 190 acres   PO Tannersville

Charles Maginnis---farmer 121 acres   PO Hunter
Abram Mallery---farmer 208 acres   PO Hunter
Louis P. Mansfield---painter   PO Hunter
Warren A. Mansfield---painter   PO Hunter
William H. Mansfield---painter   PO Hunter
Christie A. Martin---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Christopher Martin---deputy postmaster   PO Haines Falls
Henry P. Martin---quarryman   PO Haines Falls
John Martin---farmer   PO Edgewood
William E. Martin---farmer   PO Edgewood
Matthew Mason---laborer   PO Tannersville
Laurence Mattice---farmer 300 acres   PO Tannersville
Eddie Matthews---teacher   PO Hunter
George Matthews---mason   PO Hunter
James McConvey---laborer   PO Tannersville 
James McConvey, Jr.---laborer   PO Tannersville
Edward McDaniel---carpenter   PO Platte Clove
Samuel McDaniel---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Peter McFadden---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
Smith McGill---laborer   PO Elka Park
Charles McGinnis---laborer   PO Tannersville
John McGinnis---laborer   PO Tannersville
Patrick McGuire---mason   PO Platte Clove
George C. McKelvie---jeweler   PO Hunter
James McKelvie---farmer 10 acres   PO Hunter
Charles McLean---laborer   PO Hunter
Peter McLean---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Frank I. McTague---gardener   PO Tannersville
Charles D. Mead---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Joel H. Mead---physician   PO Hunter
Oscar Merwin---steward   PO Hunter
Cashti F. Mildeberger---PO Platte Clove
John B. Miller---carpenter   PO Tannersville
John J. Miller---chairmaker---PO Hunter
Robert L. Miller---carpenter   PO Hunter
Spencer D. Miller---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Matthew Moran---laborer   PO Tannersville
Walter S. Mower---farmer 50 acres   PO Tannersville
Henry H. Mulford---butcher   PO Hunter
Mary J. Mulford---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Watson Mulford, Mrs.---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Lowell Munger---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Abram Myer---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Milford Myer---laborer   PO Platte Clove
William A. Myer---laborer   PO Tannersville
George H. Myers---farmer 53 acres   PO Platte Clove
Edward B. Myers---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Emory Myers---railroad conductor   PO Hunter
Erskine Myers---chairmaker   PO Hunter  

Charles K. Neal---farmer   PO Edgewood
Emory Neal---farmer 240 acres   PO Edgewood
John V. Neal---PO Edgewood
William S. Neal---farmer   PO Edgewood
James Newkirk---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Abram North---lumberman   PO Lanesville
Chase North---lumberman   PO Lanesville
Frank North---lumberman   PO Lanesville

Henry O'Hara---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Michael O'Hara---laborer   PO Tannersville
William O'Hara---farmer 144 acres   PO Haines Falls
William C. Oliver---pastor of M. E. church   PO Hunter
Hugh O'Neal---rector of Roman Catholic church   PO Hunter
Frank Onixbaum---tanner   PO Elka Park
Michael Onixbaum---tanner   PO Elka Park
David E. Osborn---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Henry G. Osborn---laborer   PO Hunter
Charles Ostrander---farmer 50 acres   PO Edgewood
Daniel Ostrander---laborer   PO Hunter
George L. Ostrander---farmer 150 acres   PO Edgewood
Peter W. Ostrander---farmer 74 acres   PO Edgewood
Christian Ott---farmer 100 acres   PO Tannersville
John Ott---laborer   PO Tannersville
William Ott---laborer   PO Tannersville  

James A. Park---farmer 70 acres   PO Hunter
George Parks---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Elbert R. Parsons---PO Hunter
George F. Patterson---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Arton L. Payne---farmer   PO Tannersville
Henry H. Payne---farmer   PO Tannersville
Homer H. Payne---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Howard Payne---farmer   PO Tannersville
William Payne---farmer   PO Tannersville
Millen Peck---farmer   PO Tannersville
George W. Peet---PO Hunter
Nathan A. Peet---painter   PO Edgewood
Elmer E. Pelham---boardinghouse keeper   PO Haines Falls
Charles Penrose---clerk   PO Tannersville
Phillip W. Perkins---butcher   PO Tannersville
Charles Pierce---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Stephen Ploss---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Abram Post---laborer   PO Hunter
Albert Post---laborer   PO Edgewood
Francis C. Post---laborer   PO Tannersville
Matthew Powers---tinsmith   PO Hunter
B. Franklin Prosser---mason  PO Haines Falls

Charles Quick---carpenter   PO Hunter
George Quick---farmer 10 acres   PO Hunter  

Michael Rabb---hostler   PO Tannersville
Franz Raench---saloon keeper   PO Tannersville
Franz Raench, Jr.---saloon keeper   PO Tannersville
George W. Reed---boardinghouse keeper   PO Haines Falls
James Redmond---laborer   PO Tannersville
Frank Renz---butcher   PO Hunter
James Rice---laborer   PO Tannersville
Edgar Rider---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Louis G. Rider---farmer 116 acres   PO Haines Falls
Ira S. Rider---PO Haines Falls
Charles J. Robinson---farmer 25 acres   PO Tannersville
William Robinson---laborer   PO Tannersville
Nancy Roe---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Charles A. Rose---farmer   PO Elka Park
William Rothenburg---baker   PO Hunter
Carl F. Rouff---farmer 100 acres   PO Hunter
George E. Rouff---railroad employee   PO Hunter
George Rouff---PO Hunter
Jacob Rouff---farmer 82 acres   PO Hunter
John H. Rouff---laborer   PO Hunter
Lewis Rouff---laborer   PO Hunter
Charles L. Rowley---varnisher   PO Hunter
Daniel W. Rowley---butcher   PO Hunter
Hannah Rowley---housekeeper   PO Hunter
H. Elliott Rundell---lumberman   PO Hunter
Judson C. Rundell---merchant   PO Hunter
John W. Rusk---photographer   PO Haines Falls
Samuel E. Rusk---boardinghouse keeper   PO Haines Falls
Bartholomew Ryan---farmer 115 acres   PO Lanesville
James Ryan---laborer   PO Edgewood
John A. Ryan---stonecutter 100 acres   PO Lanesville
William Ryan---stonecutter   PO Lanesville

Levi Sanderson---farmer   PO Elka Park
Catharine G. Sax---PO Hunter
Charles W. Sax---farmer 11 acres   PO Hunter
Frederick P. Sax---laborer   PO Hunter
John L. Sax---farmer 19 acres   PO Hunter
Antone Scherer---farmer 65 acres   PO Hunter
Charles S. Schermerhorn---farmer 130 acres   PO Hunter
Henry Schermerhorn---laborer   PO Tannersville
John Schoonmaker---teamster   PO Elka Park
Laurence Schoonmaker---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
Peter Schoonmaker---PO Platte Clove
Philander H. Schoonmaker---teamster   PO Elka Park
Wesley Schoonmaker---laborer   PO Elka Park
William Schoonmaker---laborer   PO Elka Park
Charles Schopp---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Chauncey Schopp---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Jacob Schoulderer---PO Hunter
George Schooldres---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Frederick Scribner---farmer 202 acres   PO Hunter
John G. Scribner---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Nelson T.  Scribner---farmer 250 acres   PO Haines Falls
Frederick Seifforth---farmer   PO Platte Clove
Thomas Seifforth---farmer 270 acres   PO Platte Clove
Menzo Sharp---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Charles J. Shevlin---laborer   PO Tannersville
Daniel Shevlin---farmer 92 acres   PO Tannersville
John Shevlin---farmer 60 acres   PO Tannersville
Peter Shevlin---liveryman---PO Tannersville
Martin Shields---farmer 299 acres   PO Elka Park
Elizabeth Shoemaker---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Cyrus Showers---contractor   PO Tannersville
David E. Showers---carpenter   PO Tannersville
George E. Showers---carpenter   PO Tannersville
Isaac Showers---farmer 66 acres   PO Tannersville
Michael Showers---farmer 49 acres   PO Tannersville
Rufus E. Showers---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
Jervis Shultis---farmer 10 acres   PO Elka Park
Phillip H. Shultis---farmer   PO Elka Park
Daniel Shults---stone mason   PO Lanesville
Charles Shults---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Charles Simonds---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Dayton E. Slater---druggist   PO Hunter
Charles H. Smith---painter   PO Hunter
Frank Smith---laborer   PO Tannersville
Henry J. Smith---farmer   PO Haines Falls
James E. Smith---carpenter   PO Elka Park
Patrick H. Smith---hotel keeper   PO Tannersville
William A. Smith---liveryman   PO Hunter
Harry H. Snyder---laborer   PO Tannersville
Herbert Snyder---clerk   PO Tannersville
Vincent Snyder---farmer   PO Platte Clove
William Snyder---farmer   PO Elka Park
Albert Soule---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Eugene Soule---teamster   PO Hunter
George Soule---laborer   PO Hunter
George W. Soule---laborer   PO Hunter
William Squires---painter   PO Hunter
Charles E. Stanbridge---carpenter   PO Hunter
Manly B. Stevenson---PO Hunter
Sarah Stevenson---laundress   PO Tannersville
Hiram Stickles---laborer   PO Hunter
John Stickles---boardinghouse keeper   PO Hunter
Nicholas V. Streeter---chairmaker   PO Hunter
Albert Straut---carpenter   PO Hunter
Edgar Swain---farmer   PO Tannersville
George E. Sweet---carpenter   PO Hunter
Horace W. Sweet---laborer  5 acres   PO Hunter
Rowland Sweet---laborer   PO Elka Park
Theodore Sweet---carpenter   PO Hunter

William H. Taylor---farmer 200 acres   PO Hunter
Frank Teetsel---farmer   PO Platte Clove
George H. Teetsel---farmer 65 acres   PO Platte Clove
Jonas Teetsel---farmer   PO Platte Clove
Harmon Terns---farmer   PO Haines Falls
John Terns---laborer   PO Haines Falls
John Terns, Jr.---farmer   PO Tannersville
Lewis Terns---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Robert A. Terns---farmer 136 acres   PO Haines Falls
William Terns---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Stephen W. Thompson---physician   PO Tannersville
Aaron Thorpe---laborer   PO Tannersville
Charles Thorpe---farmer   PO Tannersville
Harry Thorpe---farmer  PO Tannersville
Fred B. Thurber---farmer   PO Tannersville
Burton G. Tompkins---stone mason   PO Hunter
Mace D. Tompkins---carpenter   PO Tannersville
William Tompkins---farmer   PO Tannersville
Addison W. Traphagen---carpenter   PO Hunter
Charles A. Traphagen---harness & show mfr.   PO Hunter
Richard Trumpbour---farmer 50 acres  PO Haines Falls  

George VanBuren---farmer   PO (not listed)
John VanDeBogart---laborer   PO Tannersville
William C. VanDeBogart---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Charles B. VanDemark---railroad conductor   PO Hunter
M C. VanPelt---prop. Hunter House and Livery   PO Hunter
Ulysses G. VanSteenburgh---laborer   PO Haines Falls
Ira VanValkenburgh---chairmaker   PO Hunter
John H. VanValkenburgh---agent   PO Hunter
James VanVliet---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Emma Vosburgh---housekeeper   PO Woodstock, Ulster Co, NY
Charles Voss---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Charles Vrooman---laborer   PO Hunter

Alexander Wagoner---contractor   PO Haines Falls
Charles G. Wagoner---lumber dealer   PO Tannersville
John R. Wagoner---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
Raymond Wagoner---carpenter   PO Haines Falls
Robert H. Walker---carpenter   PO Edgewood
Flavius J. Wase---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Philip R. Wase---painter   PO Platte Clove
George Wayman---farmer   PO Tannersville
August Wenk---farmer   PO Elka Park
Aaron West---carpenter   PO Tannersville
H. E. Weiber---hardware   PO Tannersville
Augustus B. White---painter   PO Hunter
Harvey White---farmer   PO Tannersville
Henry Whitney---farmer   PO Tannersville
George W. Whittaker---laborer   PO Hunter
Isaac Whittaker---laborer   PO Hunter
Louise C. Wilber---housekeeper   PO Edgewood
Peter Wilcox---engineer   PO Hunter
Raymond S. Winchell---brakeman   PO Hunter
Wallace Winchell---railroad foreman   PO Hunter
William Winchell---brakeman   PO Hunter
Addison Wiltse---teamster   PO Tannersville
Clarence L. Wiltse---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Elmer Woodard---farmer   PO Haines Falls
Leonard Woodard---farmer   PO Tannersville
Leonard L. Woodard---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
William F. Wooden---boardinghouse keeper   PO Tannersville
Alanson A. Woodworth---laborer   PO Hunter
Lucius A. Woodworth---liveryman   PO Hunter
Bernard Yager---laborer   PO Lanesville
Harmon Yager---laborer   PO Tannersville
William M. Yager---farmer 60 acres   PO Hunter
Edward York---farmer   PO Tannersville
George York---railroad employee   PO Hunter
George S. Young---farmer 50 acres   PO Platte Clove
Herbert Young---laborer   PO Elka Park
John Young---farmer 100 acres   PO Platte Clove
Ogden Young---laborer   PO Platte Clove
Leonard Young---laborer   PO Tannersville

Phillip Zimmerman---farmer   PO Haines Falls

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