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The Town of Jewett
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Caroline Artman---PO South Jewett
Elmer Atwater---farmer 70 acres   PO Jewett
Frederick Atwater---farmer 65 acres   PO Jewett
Platt Atwater---farmer 100 acres   PO Jewett
George Ayers---farmer   PO Hensonville

Edward Bailey---laborer   PO East Jewett
Herbert Bailey---farmer   PO Jewett
Orville Bailey---farmer 250 acres   PO Jewett
Artemas Ballou---farmer 200 acres   PO Hunter
Eugene Ballou---farmer   PO Jewett
Ezra Barker---farmer 326 acres   PO Hensonville
Roscoe Barker---laborer   PO Hensonville
David Barnum---laborer   PO Big Hollow
John Barnum---farmer 98 acres   PO Big Hollow
Martin Barnum---farmer 125 acres   PO Big Hollow
Stewart Barnum---laborer 2 acres   PO Jewett
Benjamin Barkley---farmer 319 acres   PO Jewett
Frank Barkley---farmer   PO Jewett
William Bartley---farmer   PO Ashland
Arthur Beach---farmer   PO Beach's Corners
Charles Beach---farmer   PO Beach's Corners
Gilbert Beach---farmer 210 acres   PO Hunter
Adelbert Beers---farmer 150 acres   PO East Jewett
Julian Beers---farmer   PO Beach's Corners
Lemuel Benjamin---farmer 100 acres   PO East Jewett
John Blaisdell---PO Windham
Edward Blakesley---farmer 96 acres   PO Windham
Edward Bliss---laborer   PO East Jewett
Tremain Bloodgood---farmer 248 acres   PO Hensonville
George Brainard---PO Jewett
Jerome Brainard---farmer 70 acres   PO Big Hollow
Charles Brandow---farmer 152 acres   PO Jewett Center
Henry I. Brandow---laborer 5 acres   PO Jewett
Justus Brandow---farmer 180 acres   PO Hunter
Rienza Brandow---PO Hunter
William Brandow---farmer   PO Hunter
Charles Brockett---laborer   PO Beach's Corners
Sally Brockett---100 acres   PO Jewett
Charles Butts---farmer 25 acres   PO East Jewett
Eugene Butts---laborer   PO Hunter
Justus Butts---farmer 180 acres   PO Beach's Corners
Lewis Butts---laborer   PO Jewett
Romaine Butts---farmer 140 acres   PO Beach's Corners

John Campbell---farmer 14 acres   PO Jewett
Jacob Case---farmer   PO Jewett
Erastus Chamberlain---farmer 140 acres   PO Jewett
Charles P. Chase---farmer 45 acres   PO Jewett
D. Noble Chase---farmer and pastor of Methodist Church   PO Jewett
George H. Chase---merchant 151 3/4 acres   PO Jewett
Ira Chase---farmer   PO Hunter
Joseph Clinton---laborer   PO Hunter
Amos Cook---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Peter Coons---farmer 17 acres   PO Beach's Corners
Willard Crandell---teacher   PO Jewett  

Frederick Degroff---farmer 10 1/2 acres   PO Jewett
Elon Delong---PO East Jewett
Martin Delong---farmer   PO East Jewett
Reuben Delong---farmer 150 acres   PO East Jewett
Selden A. Deming---laborer 1 acre   PO Hunter
Thomas Deming---laborer  3/4 acre   PO Hunter
Charles Distin---farmer 300 acres   PO East Jewett
Henry Distin---farmer   PO Hensonville
Addison DuBois---farmer 110 acres   PO East Jewett
Alonzo Dunham---farmer   PO Hensonville
Dewitt Dunham---farmer 60 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Jesse Dunham---laborer 10 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Sela Dunham---farmer   PO Hunter
David Dutcher---laborer   PO East Jewett  

Herbert Edson---laborer   PO East Jewett
Virgil Edson---Carpenter   PO East Jewett
Milton Egbertson---farmer   PO Hunter
William Egbertson---farmer   PO Hunter
Agnes Ellis---Jewett Centre

Frank Faulkner---carpenter   PO Jewett Centre
Edgar Ferris---farmer   PO Jewett
Wallace Ferris---farmer   PO Jewett
Asa Fink---farmer 167 acres   PO Jewett
Mansel Fink---farmer   PO Jewett
Winfield Fisher---laborer   PO Hunter
John Ford---farmer 250 acres   PO Hunter
Moses Ford---farmer 215 acres   PO Hunter
Oscar Ford---Beach's Corners
Arthur Foster---farmer 4 acres   PO Jewett
Charles Frayer---farmer   PO Beach's Corners  

Jacob H. Garvey---farmer   PO East Jewett
Frederick M. Goslee---farmer   PO Jewett
Milton Goslee---farmer 191 acres   PO Jewett
Byron Graham---farmer   PO Hensonville
Ephraim Griffin---farmer   PO East Jewett
George Griffin---farmer   PO Lexington
Millard Griffin---laborer   PO East Jewett
John Gripman---farmer    PO Hunter  

Edward Haines---farmer 125 acres   PO Hunter
Clifford Hall---farmer 134 acres   PO Jewett
James Harrington---PO Jewett
Joseph Harrington---farmer   PO Jewett
Frank Hasbrouck---PO  East Jewett
James Herdman---farmer 112 acres   PO Jewett
Hezekiah Higgins---farmer   PO Jewett
Nelson Higgins---PO Jewett
Enos G. Hill---farmer 27 acres   PO East Jewett
Friend Holcomb---farmer   PO Hunter
Martin L. Holdridge---lumberman---PO East Jewett
Charles Hommell---laborer   PO East Jewett
David Hosford---farmer 98 acres   PO Jewett
Isaac Hover---laborer   PO East Jewett
Milo Howard---blacksmith 20 acres   PO Lexington
Norman Howard---farmer   PO Hunter
Daniel Huggins---laborer   PO Hunter
Chester Hull---farmer 150 acres   PO Jewett
William Hunt---laborer   PO East Jewett  

Erastus Ingram---laborer   PO East Jewett

George Job---farmer 63 acres   PO Jewett
Corydon Johnson---farmer   PO Jewett Centre
John Johnson---farmer   PO Jewett Centre
Melvin Johnson---farmer 114 acres   PO Jewett
Truman Johnson---farmer   PO Jewett
Warren Johnson---farmer 21 acres   PO Hunter
Benjamin Jones---farmer 106 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Benjamin Jones 134 acres   PO Jewett
Edward Jones---farmer 1 acre   PO Jewett
Milton Jones---farmer 265 acres   PO Hunter
Theodore Jones---PO Jewett Centre
William Jones---PO Jewett
Lucius Joslin---farmer   PO Hunter
Ralph Joslin---peddler   PO Jewett Centre  

Anthony Kirk---farmer   PO East Jewett
Schuyler Kirk---laborer   PO East Jewett
Jeremiah Knapp---farmer  1/2 acre   PO Hunter
Eugene Kurau---salesman   PO Jewett

John Lane---farmer  5 acres   PO East Jewett
Barney Laverty---laborer   PO East Jewett
Eugene Lewis---PO East Jewett
George Lockwood---farmer 30 acres   PO East Durham
Milo Lockwood---farmer 212 acres   PO East Jewett
William S. Long---pastor of Presbyterian church   PO Jewett
Chauncey Lord---farmer 80 acres   PO East Jewett
Ephraim Lord---lumberman---PO East Jewett
Frank A. Lord---farmer   PO Hunter
George Lord---laborer 51 acres   PO East Jewett
Norman Lord---farmer 176 acres   PO Hunter

Cyrus Mallory---farmer 120 acres   PO Beach's Corners
George Martin---farmer   PO Hunter
James Martin---farmer 210 acres   PO Hunter
Charles Matthews---farmer 60 acres   PO Jewett
Lauren Matthews---farmer 95 acres   PO Jewett Centre
George McCoon---carpenter  1 acre   PO East Jewett
Uriah McCoon---100 acres   PO East Jewett
Alexander McKenzie---farmer 20 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Edwin McKenzie---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
David Meade---farmer 87 acres   PO Jewett
Hosea J. Meade---farmer   PO Jewett
Amin Merwin---farmer 50 acres   PO Hunter
Arnold Merwin---farmer 80 acres   PO Hunter
Charles Merwin---carpenter   PO Hunter
David Merwin---laborer   PO Jewett
Elliott Merwin---laborer 51 acres   PO Beach's Corners
Frederick Merwin---laborer   PO Jewett
John Merwin---farmer 20 acres   PO Jewett
Howard Miles---farmer 116 acres   PO Jewett
Marcus Miles---farmer 66 acres   PO Beach's Corners
Hiram Miller---laborer 2 acres   PO Hunter
John P. Miller---farmer 123 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Franklin Mills---farmer 340 acres   PO Beach's Centre
Kate Morse---113 acres   PO Jewett
Orlando Mullineaux---lumberman   PO East Jewett  

George Nailor---laborer   PO East Jewett
Lucius North---farmer 24 acres   PO Jewett
Evan Northrop---PO East Jewett (Son of Zadock Northrop-AC)
John Northrop---farmer   PO East Jewett

Asa O'Brien---laborer   PO East Jewett
Elbert O'Brien---East Jewett
Buel Osborn---laborer   PO East Jewett
Marcus Osborn---lumberman   PO East Jewett
Romaine Osborne---farmer   PO Jewett
Frank Overbaugh---farmer   PO East Jewett
Andrew Owen---farmer 66 acres   PO Hunter
Andrew Owen, Jr.---laborer   PO Hunter  

Edgar Pangman---farmer 130 acres   PO Jewett
Hale Pangman---shoemaker 1 acre   PO Jewett
Philo Pangman---farmer 93 acres   PO Jewett
Chauncey Parker---farmer 150 acres   PO Jewett Centre
George Parker---farmer 160 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Lewis Parker---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
Milo Parker---farmer 12 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Porter Parker---farmer   PO Jewett Centre
Oscar Payne---mail carrier   PO Jewett
Brainard Peck---farmer 240 acres   PO Jewett
Charles Peck---teacher   PO Jewett
Dorlon Peck---farmer 304 acres   PO Hensonville
George Peck---farmer 80 acres   PO Jewett Centre
John Peck---laborer   PO Hensonville
Leland Peck---farmer   PO Jewett Centre
Luann Peck---PO Jewett
Milton Peck---farmer   PO Hensonville
Addison Persons---farmer 103 acres   PO Hensonville
Daniel Persons---farmer 3 acres   PO Jewett
Edgar Persons---farmer   PO Hensonville
John Persons---farmer 55 acres   PO Hensonville
George Persons---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
George Ploss---farmer 120 acres   PO Hunter
Westley Ploss---farmer  175 acres   PO Hunter
Daid Pond---PO Jewett
Emmons Pond---farmer 170 acres   PO Jewett
Joel E. Pond---farmer   PO Hensonville
Judson Pond---farmer 125 acres   PO Jewett 

John P. Race---PO Jewett
David Ratcliff---farmer   PO Hensonville
Addison Rice---farmer 107 acres   PO Jewett
Frank Rice---farmer   PO Jewett
Frank Rivenbergh---laborer 2 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Charles Rowley---farmer 88 acres   PO Jewett
Nathaniel Runyan---farmer   PO Jewett  

Sylvester Scovill---farmer 72 acres   PO East Jewett
Charles Simpkins---farmer 65 acres   PO East Jewett
Daniel Simpkins---lumberman 22 acres   PO East Jewett
George Simpkins---laborer 11 acres  PO East Jewett
William Skinner---farmer   PO Windham
William Slater---farmer   PO East Jewett
James W. Smith---laborer   PO East Jewett
William Smith---laborer   PO East Jewett
William Smith---farmer   PO East Jewett
Floyd Snyder---farmer 161 acres   PO Hunter
Charles Speenburgh---farmer 100 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Dennis Speenburgh---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
Harrison Speenburgh---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
Madison Speenburgh---laborer   PO Jewett Centre
William Stevenson---farmer 200 acres   PO East Jewett
Jacob Stotz---farmer 87 acres   PO Hunter
John Straughan---farmer  635 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Robert Straughan---farmer 385 1/2 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Thomas Straughan---PO Jewett Centre
Alexander Sweet---farmer 100 acres   PO Hunter
Andrew Sweet---laborer  3 acres   PO Jewett  

John P. Thompson---farmer 140 acres   PO Jewett
Edwin Tibbals---salesman   PO Jewett Centre
John A. Tibbals---farmer 3 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Jared Tiffany---farmer 80 acres   PO East Jewett
William Tiffany---farmer 94 acres   PO East Jewett
Horace Towner---Farmer 354 acres   PO Jewett
Henry Truesdell---farmer   PO East Jewett
Monroe Truesdell---farmer 216 acres   PO East Jewett
John Turk---farmer 68 acres   PO Jewett

John W. VanLoan---farmer   PO Hensonville
Abram VanValkenburgh---farmer 168 acres   PO East Jewett
Arthur Vining---laborer   PO Hensonville
Charles Vining---farmer   PO Hensonville
Jeptha Vining---farmer 380 acres   PO Hensonville
Philip Vining---farmer 130 acres   PO East Jewett
Roswell Vining---PO Hensonville
Scott Vining---farmer 200 acres   PO Hensonville  

David O. West---farmer 100 acres   PO East Jewett
John West---lumberman   PO East Jewett
Lester A. West---farmer 100 acres   PO East Jewett
Ogden Whitcomb---farmer 144 acres   PO Jewett Centre
Charles Whittaker---laborer   PO East Jewett
George W. Wilson---farmer 140 acres   PO East Jewett
Melvin Wilson---laborer   PO East Jewett
John Winchell---farmer 3 a   PO Hensonville
David Winter---blacksmith   PO Jewett
Richard Winter---laborer  1/2 acre   PO Jewett
Alonzo Wolvin---farmer   PO East Jewett
David Woodworth---farmer 260 acres   PO Jewett
Frank Woodworth---farmer   PO East Jewett
Herbert Woodworth---farmer   PO East Jewett
Lemuel Woodworth---farmer 175 acres  PO East Jewett
William Woodworth---farmer 229 acres   PO East Jewett
William Woodworth---farmer   PO East Jewett

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