The Town of Lexington
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Max Andrus---farmer   PO Westkill
Elizabeth Angle---35 acres  PO Westkill
Leroy S. Angle---farmer   PO Westkill
Joseph Applebee---farmer 104 acres   PO Westkill
Herbert Avery---laborer   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY
Peter Avery---laborer   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY

George D. Baldwin---farmer 80 acres   PO Westkill
Charles Ballou---laborer   PO Lexington
Charles Edward Ballou---farmer 200 acres   PO Lexington
Oscar A. Beckwith---farmer 65 acres   PO Prattsville
Frank E. Beggs---laborer 200 acres   PO Lexington
Abram F. Bennett---farmer   PO Westkill
Edwin Bennett---carpenter 1 acre   PO Westkill
Garrett Bennett---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Lewis Bennett---farmer  PO Westkill
Lewis J. Bennett---farmer   PO Westkill
Lewis Bennett---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Soloman K. V. Bennett---farmer 76 acres   PO Bushnellville
Teunis Bennett---farmer   PO Westkill
James K. Black---farmer 155 acres   PO Westkill
Frank Blakeslee---laborer   PO Westkill
William Blakeslee---laborer   PO Westkill
William H. Blakeslee---carpenter  1/2 acre   PO Westkill
Frank Bloodgood---cooper   PO Lexington
James Bloodgood---cooper 1/2 acre   PO Lexington
William J. Boyd---laborer   PO Lexington
John Burroughs---farmer 14 acres   PO Lexington
Edward Butler---laborer   PO Westkill
George W. Butler---laborer   PO Westkill
Harresburgh Butler---laborer   PO Westkill
Linus Butler---laborer 3 acres   PO Westkill
Jackson Butler---farmer 160 acres   PO Westkill
Rensselaer Butler---farmer 157 acres   PO Westkill  

Clark L. Chamberlain---farmer 60 acres   PO Westkill
Edward H. Chamberlain---farmer   PO Westkill
Schuyler Chamberlain---farmer 100 acres   PO Lexington
Alonzo Chase---farmer 70 acres   PO Lexington
Benjamin Chase---farmer 104 acres   PO Jewett
Cyrus W. Chase---farmer 90 acres   PO Lexington
Delos B. Chichester---laborer   PO Westkill
Dwight M. Chichester---carpenter 1/4 acre   PO Westkill
Parker Clark---laborer   PO Lexington
Henry J. Clawson---farmer 296 acres   PO Westkill
Richard J. Clawson---farmer 157 acres   PO Westkill
Sherwood Clawson---farmer   PO Westkill
Walter S. Clawson---PO Westkill
Edward L. Clough---farmer 139 acres   PO Lexington
Charles Cole---farmer   PO Lexington
Edward Cole---1/4 acre   PO Lexington
Richard Condon---farmer 158 acres   PO Westkill
Daniel Coons---farmer 106 acres   PO Bushnellville
Isaac Coons---farmer 56 acres   PO Bushnellville
Darwin Crosby---laborer   PO Westkill
Andrew Cross---farmer 194 acres   PO Lexington
Christina Cross---farmer 180 acres   PO Lexington
Edward Cross---farmer 100 acres   PO Lexington
James O. Cross---farmer 232 acres   PO Lexington  

Danforth Decker---farmer   PO Westkill
Ezra Decker---plasterer  4 3/4 acres   PO Westkill
Nicholas Decker---wagonmaker   PO Westkill
William M. Decker---farmer 140 acres   PO Westkill
Frank Dewey---laborer   PO Lexington
Addison Deyo---farmer 543 acres   PO Westkill
Charles A. Deyo---butcher   PO Lexington
Cinderella Deyo---100 acres   PO Lexington
Corydon Deyo---farmer  PO Lexington
Delina H. Deyo---40 acres   PO Westkill
Edmund Deyo---farmer 266 acres   PO Prattsville
Elmer Deyo---farmer   PO Westkill
Alice Deyoe---3/4 acre   PO Westkill
Charles D. Deyoe---farmer   PO Westkill
Daniel C. Deyoe---farmer 537 1/2 acres   PO Westkill
George A. Deyoe---physician   PO Westkill
Lorenzo Deyoe---laborer 23 3/4 acres   PO Westkill
Romaine Deyoe---laborer   PO Westkill
Sherwood Deyoe---hotel keeper   PO Westkill
Sidney L. Deyoe---PO Westkill
Roxaline Douglass---boardinghouse keeper  125 acres   PO Lexington
Adelbert E. Dunham---farmer 232 acres   PO Spruceton
Charles Dunham---farmer 112 acres   PO Spruceton
Charles H. Dunham---laborer   PO Westkill
Elmer E. Dunham---farmer 146 1/2 acres   PO Spruceton
Gideon Dunham---laborer   PO Bushnellville
Harriet Dunham---75 acres   PO Prattsville
Louis B. Dunham---farmer 109 acres   PO Spruceton
Osmer Dunham---farmer   PO Westkill
Willard M. Dunham---farmer 86 acres   PO Spruceton
James Dutcher---farmer 112 acres   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY

Lester Ellis---100 acres   PO Halcott Center

George H. Faulkner---3/8 acre   PO Lexington
Albinus Fiero---farmer 100 acres   PO Shandaken
William Fiero---farmer   PO Peck Hollow
Arthur Finch---PO Shandaken
Charles Finch---laborer   PO Broad Street
Rachel Finch---25 acres   PO Shandaken
Walter Finch---laborer   PO Shandaken
Edward Fisher---farmer   PO Broad Street
Charles E. Ford---farmer 488 acres   PO Bushnellville
Edwin L. Ford, Sr.---physician   PO Lexington
David W. Ford, Jr.---farmer 116 acres   PO Lexington
Addison Fowler---farmer 114 acres   PO Prattsville
Clarence Fowler---laborer   PO Lexington
Charles A. Fowler---laborer   PO Lexington
Marcus Fowler---laborer   PO Prattsville
Russell Frayer---laborer   PO Prattsville
Welcome M. Frayer, Sr.---farmer   PO Lexington
William W. Frayer---farmer   PO Lexington  

George Garrison---carpenter   PO Bushnellville
Bigelow German---farmer   PO Bushnellville
William German---farmer 50 acres   PO Bushnellville
Zachariah German---laborer   PO Bushnellville
George Goes---farmer   PO Westkill
Thomas Gosso---farmer   PO Broad Street
Ormmart Grant---farmer   PO Broad Street
Edward Griffin---farmer 62 acres   PO Lexington
Frank Griffin---laborer   PO Lexington
Willet C. Griffin---laborer   PO Lexington  

John Hallenbeck---stage proprietor 1/4 acre   PO Lexington
George Haner---farmer   PO Lexington
Henry J. Haner---farmer 155 acres   PO Lexington
Oliver L. Hare---farmer   PO Westkill
Francis Heeney---farmer   PO Peck Hollow
Michael Heeney---farmer 100 acres   PO Shandaken
Eugene C. Helliker---farmer   PO Shandaken
George W. Helliker---farmer 242 acres   PO Shandaken
Henry P. Helliker---farmer   PO Shandaken
Peter Hellsinger---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Charles Herdman---laborer   PO Lexington
Robert Herdman---farmer   PO Lexington
Thomas E. Herdman---farmer   PO Lexington
James Hinkley---laborer   PO Westkill
Henry Hogaboom---PO Lexington
Ransom L. Hogaboom---farmer 100 acres   PO Lexington
Thomas Hogaboom---farmer 342 1/2 acres   PO Westkill
Isaac Hover---laborer   PO Lexington
William Hover---farmer   PO Lexington
Emory L. Howard---blacksmith 2 acres   PO Westkill
Jonathan Howard---blacksmith 1/4 acre   PO Lexington
Manly Howard---laborer   PO Westkill
Milo D. Howard---blacksmith   PO Westkill
Marshall Hubbard---laborer   PO Westkill
Martin Huggins---farmer 191 acres   PO Lexington
Olney Huggins---farmer 250 acres   PO Lexington
Richard C. Huggins---farmer 79 acres   PO Lexington
Cornelius Humphrey---farmer 216 acres   PO Westkill
Eli Humphrey---harness maker   PO Westkill
Jacob Humphrey---laborer   PO Westkill
Lorenzo Humphrey---laborer   PO Westkill
Lyman Humphrey---laborer   PO Westkill
Mary Ann Humphrey---3/4 acres   PO Westkill

Edwin Irwin---laborer   PO Lexington

Emma Jennings---175 acres   PO Westkill
William C. Jennings---farmer   PO Westkill
Alfred Johnson---PO Lexington
Alonzo Johnson---farmer 35 acres   PO Lexington
Clifford K. Johnson---laborer  1 acre   PO Lexington
James Johnson---laborer   PO Lexington
Levi Johnson---laborer   PO Lexington
Lowell Johnson---carpenter  1/4 acre   PO Westkill
Amos Jones---farmer 50 acres   PO Westkill
Eli Judd---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Tremaine Judd---farmer 40 acres   PO Bushnellville
Tremaine Judd, Jr.---farmer   PO Bushnellville  

John Kelley---farmer 180 acres   PO Bushnellville
Edward Kennedy---farmer 135 acres   PO Lexington
Elizabeth Kennedy---60 acres   PO Lexington
Charles L. Kipp---boardinghouse keeper  1/2 acre   PO Lexington
Herbert Kipp---merchant 3 acres   PO Lexington
Daniel C. Kirk---farmer   PO Spruceton
James E. Kirk---farmer 144 acres   PO Spruceton
Judson Kirk---farmer 60 acres   PO Westkill
Schuyler Kirk---laborer   PO Spruceton
VanRensselaer Kirk---farmer 240 acres   PO Westkill
Robert Kirk---laborer   PO Westkill
Romaine R. Kirk---farmer 300 acres   PO Westkill
Sidney Kirk---agent   PO Spruceton

Henry J. Lasher---PO Westkill
John Lasher---farmer 190 acres   PO Westkill
John Lawler---farmer 264 acres   PO Shandaken
Frank Leonard---laborer   PO Lexington
Albert Lewis---farmer 100 acres   PO Spruceton
George Loucks---laborer   PO Lexington
Henry Loucks---farmer 160 acres   PO Lexington  

William C. Maben---farmer 463 acres   PO Lexington
Delmer W. Mackey---stage proprietor 100 acres   PO Lexington
Fletcher Mackey---farmer 107 acres   PO Lexington
Abner Makley---laborer   PO Westkill
Willis Makley---laborer   PO Westkill
William B. Martin---hotelkeeper   PO Phoenicia, Ulster Co, NY
Orville Mayes---farmer 50 acres   PO Shandaken
George L. McLean---clergyman   PO Phoenicia, Ulster Co, NY
Jefferson Mead---PO Bushnellville
Abner Meade---farmer 370 acres   PO Westkill
Eli Meade---farmer   PO Westkill
Barber Moore---farmer 206 acres   PO Lexington
Clark L. Moore---farmer 157 acres   PO Lexington
Elijah Moore---farmer   PO Lexington
Frank Moore---farmer   PO Lexington
George Moore---farmer   PO Lexington
John Moore---carpenter   PO Lexington
Scott L. Mulford---laborer   PO Spruceton
John E. Munson---farmer 77 acres   PO Lexington
John Murk---laborer   PO Peck Hollow
Henry Myers---farmer   PO Peck Hollow
Frederick Myers---farmer 150 acres   PO Shandaken  

Charles B. Newell---farmer 7 acres   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY
Edmund H. Newell---laborer   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY
Henry J. Newell---farmer 50 acres   PO Allaben, Ulster Co, NY
Iretus D. Newton---merchant 1 acre   PO Westkill
Orlando Newton---merchant 300 3/4 acre   PO Westkill
James Nobles---laborer 1/2 acre   PO Lexington
Lewis Northrop---farmer 80 acres   PO Lexington

Barnard O'Hara---boardinghouse keeper 230 1/2 acres   PO Lexington
Edgar O'Hara---laborer   PO Lexington
George O'Hara---boardinghouse keeper   PO Lexington
William Orr---farmer 133 acres   PO Lexington
Levi Osborn---laborer   PO Westkill
Harrison Ostrander---farmer 80 acres   PO Lexington

John F. Park---farmer   PO Lexington
Abram Parker---farmer 128 acres   PO Westkill
Charles C. Parker---farmer   PO Westkill
George Parker, Jr.---laborer   PO Lexington
John Parker, Jr.---laborer   PO Lexington
John T. Parker---farmer 160 acres   PO Lexington
Norman Parker---music teacher   PO Lexington
Theodore Parker---farmer   PO Lexington
Williston Parker---laborer   PO Lexington
Frank Patterson---farmer 160 acres   PO Lexington
James Patterson, Sr.---farmer 100 acres   PO Lexington
William Patterson---farmer 84 acres   PO Lexington
Abram Peck---farmer   PO Lexington
Amanda Peck---5 acres   PO Lexington
Irving Peck---farmer   PO Westkill
Barzilla P. Pelham---farmer 120 acres   PO Spruceton
Elisha Pelham---farmer   PO Lexington
Andrew Pettit---farmer 100 acres   PO Lexington
Frank Pettit---farmer   PO Lexington
Daniel M. Place---laborer 1 acre   PO Bushnellville
Dennis Place---laborer   PO Bushnellville
Dwight Place---laborer   PO Spruceton
Whitfield Place---farmer 129 1/2 acres   PO Shandaken
David Phelps---laborer   PO Lexington  

Charles Rappleyea---farmer   PO Lexington
David Rappleyea---farmer 111 acres   PO Lexington
George Rappleyea---farmer 137 acres---PO Prattsville
Jerome W. Rappleyea---laborer   PO Lexington
Teunis Rappleyea---farmer 103 acres   PO Lexington
Charles Reynolds---laborer   PO Spruceton
George W. Reynolds---carpenter   PO Spruceton
Rensselaer Reynolds---teacher 112 acres   PO Spruceton
Christopher Riley---farmer 144 acres   PO Westkill
Francis Riley---farmer   PO Westkill
James Riley---laborer   PO Lexington
Michael Riley---farmer   PO Spruceton
William T. Riley---hotel clerk   PO Lexington
Arthur Robinson---laborer   PO  Spruceton
Abram Roraback---farmer   PO Lexington
Bornt V.B. Roraback---farmer 149 acres   PO Westkill
George J. Roraback---farmer 100 acres   PO Westkill
John H. Roraback---farmer 155 acres   PO Lexington
Anthony Rose---farmer 150 acres   PO Bushnellville
Arthur Rose---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Nicholas Rossman---laborer   PO Shandaken
Edwin C. Rowe---farmer   PO Shandaken
John E. Rowe---farmer   PO Shandaken
William H. Rowe---farmer  236 acres   PO Shandaken
Calvin Ryan---farmer   PO Lanesville
Daniel Ryan---farmer   PO Lanesville  

Vernor Sanford---laborer   PO Bushnellville
David Schermerhorn---farmer 109 acres   PO Prattsville
Jacob W. Schermerhorn---farmer   PO Lexington
Philip Schermerhorn & Son---farmers 225 acres  PO Lexington
William Schermerhorn---shoemaker   PO Pine Hill, Ulster Co, NY
Delevan Sharp---laborer   PO Westkill
Ellsworth E. Sharp---laborer   PO Westkill
Willard Sharp---laborer   PO Westkill
William H. Shaw---laborer   PO Westkill
Artemus Shoemaker---farmer 150 acres   PO Spruceton
Pardee L. Shoemaker---farmer 82 acres   PO Spruceton
William P. Simmons---blacksmith 120 acres   PO Westkill
Ward L. Smith---farmer 7 acres   PO Westkill
James S. Stocking---manufacturer   PO Lexington
Charles Story---farmer   PO Broad Street
John H. Story---farmer   PO Broad Street
Elizabeth Streeter---widow 1 acre   PO Lexington
Samuel Styles---laborer   PO Westkill  

Edwin Teeter---farmer 143 1/2 acres   PO Prattsville
Ossian J. Thomas---farmer 136 acres   PO Lexington
Clarence Thompson---farmer 97 acres   PO Lexington
George Thompson---farmer 110 acres   PO Lexington
Catherine M. Tompkins, Mrs.---widow   PO Westkill
Freeman Trowbridge---laborer   PO Westkill
Josiah Trowbridge---laborer   PO Westkill
Ahira Truesdell---farmer 343 acres   PO Prattsville
George Truesdell---farmer 343 acres   PO Prattsville
Josiah Truesdell---farmer 137 acres   PO Prattsville
Levi W. Truesdell---farmer 244 acres   PO Spruceton
Reuben Truesdell---farmer 70 acres   PO Prattsville
Stephen B. (randow--AC) Truesdell---farmer   PO Lexington
Frank Tuttle---laborer   PO Westkill
John Tuttle---farmer 200 acres   PO Westkill
Robert Tuttle---laborer   PO Westkill
Edward Tyler---farmer   PO Peck Hollow
William Tyler---laborer   PO Peck Hollow  

Aaron VanValkenburgh---farmer 100 acres   PO Spruceton
Abner VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Westkill
Amelia VanValkenburgh---widow   PO Lexington
Arnold VanValkenburgh---laborer   PO Spruceton
Cyrus VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Spruceton
Edward VanValkenburgh---PO Prattsville
Ellsworth VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Westkill
Ferdinand VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Broad Street
George A. VanValkenburgh---farmer 237 acres   PO Spruceton
George B. VanValkenburgh---PO Lexington
Henry I. VanValkenburgh---farmer 134 acres   PO Spruceton
Isaac VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Westkill
James E. VanValkenburgh---farmer 115 acres   PO Spruceton
James G. VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Spruceton
John P. VanValkenburgh---hotel keeper   PO Lexington
John W. VanValkenburgh---hotel keeper  16 1/2 acres   PO Lexington
Lewis E. VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Westkill
Loren C. VanValkenburgh---farmer 76 acres   PO Westkill
Melvin J. VanValkenburgh---laborer   PO Spruceton
Ogden VanValkenburgh---farmer 199 acres   PO Lexington
Pardee VanValkenburgh---farmer 124 acres   PO Spruceton
Romaine VanValkenburgh---laborer 1 acre   PO Spruceton
Walter C. VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Spruceton
Winslow VanValkenburgh---laborer   PO Spruceton
Welcome VanValkenburgh---farmer 116 acres   PO Westkill
Wesley G. VanValkenburgh---farmer  PO Spruceton
Charles Vermilyea---laborer   PO Lexington
James Vermilyea---farmer 124 acres   PO Lexington

Willard Wescott---farmer 90 acres   PO Lexington
Judson Wheeler---laborer   PO Westkill
Horace Whitcomb---farmer 741 acres   PO Lexington
Cyrus White---farmer 160 acres   PO Bushnellville
Samuel J. White---farmer   PO Bushnellville
Reuben Whitney---farmer 60 acres   PO Westkill
Walter Whitney---laborer   PO Westkill
Garwood Williams---laborer   PO Lexington  

Henry Yager---farmer 100 acres   PO Bushnellville

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