The Town of Windham
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Wilbur Acker---laborer 1 acre   PO Windham
Frederick Adams---school teacher   PO Windham
Edward Albright---farmer 250 acres   PO Windham
Christopher Alla---laborer   PO Windham
Lucy Andrews, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
Charles Andrus---laborer   PO Windham
Levi Andrus---boot and shoe dealer  17 acres   PO Windham
Levi Andrus, Jr.---shoemaker   PO Hunter
Thomas Andrus---laborer   PO Windham
George Angle---laborer   PO Windham
Benoni Austin---farmer   PO Windham
Joel Austin---farmer   PO Windham  

Henry Bagley---blacksmith  1/2 acre   PO Windham
William Bailey---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Orrison B. Baldwin---school teacher  10 acres   PO Windham
West C. Baldwin---clerk   PO Windham
Brazil Barber---farmer   PO Big Hollow
Darwin Barber---stage driver   PO Windham
Levi Barber---farmer   PO Big Hollow
David R. Barlow---farmer 50 acres   PO Windham
Datus E. Barlow---farmer 56 acres   PO Windham
Jabez Barnum---farmer   PO Big Hollow
John Barlow (Ferguson & Barlow)---PO Windham
Lavina Barlow, Mrs.---1 acre   PO Windham
Bethuel Barnum---PO Big Hollow
George Barnum---laborer   PO Big Hollow
John Barnum---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Hiram Bartholomew---laborer   PO Union Society
William Bates---tinsmith   PO Windham
Harrison Beach---farmer 35 acres   PO Hensonville
Lincoln Benjamin---farmer  150 acres   PO Windham
George Bibbins---laborer   PO Windham
Norton Bishop---farmer 27 acres   PO Windham
John Blaisdell---laborer   PO Windham
Albert Blakeslee---laborer   PO Windham
Frederick Blakeslee---laborer   PO Windham
George W. Blakeslee---laborer   PO Windham
Willis Blakeslee---laborer   PO Windham
Cyrus E. Bloodgood---farmer 152 acres   PO Hensonville
Isaac Bloodgood---merchant   PO Hensonville
Jason Bloodgood---farmer   PO Hensonville
Levi W. Bloodgood---merchant   PO Hensonville
William Bloodgood---lumberman   PO Big Hollow
David Blinkfield---laborer   PO Windham
Albert Brainard---farmer   PO Windham
Cyrel J. Brainard---farmer 180 acres   PO Windham
Dewitt Brainard---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Elbert A. Brainard---farmer   PO Windham
John Brainard---farmer   PO East Windham
William G. Brainard---farmer   PO Windham
Henry Branaugh---farmer 750 acres   PO Union Society
Thomas Branaugh---farmer 2 acres   PO Windham
Henry Brandow---carpenter   PO Windham
James V. Brandow---photographer   PO Windham
Nicholas Brandow---laborer   PO Windham
Frederick Bray---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Charles A. Brewer---laborer   PO Windham
Arthur Brisack---laborer   PO Hensonville
Leonard V. Brisack, Mrs.---housekeeper 285 acres   PO Windham
Leonard V. Brisack---farmer 143 acres   PO Windham
Addison Brockett---farmer 80 acres   PO Windham
Burton G. Brockett---farmer 100 acres   PO Windham
Charles Brockett---laborer    PO Windham
Charles D. Brockett (Brockett & Strong)---hardware   PO Windham
Edgar Brockett---farmer 135 acres   PO Windham
Edwin Brockett---260 acres   PO Windham
Irving G. Brockett---merchant   PO Windham
Benoni Bronson, Mrs.---housekeeper 55 acres   PO Windham
Jesse Bronson---farmer   PO Windham
Oscar Bronson---farmer 130 acres   PO Windham
Amos Briggs---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Jay Brisack---laborer   PO Windham
George Bullard---jeweler   PO Windham
Charles Butler---farmer 106 acres   PO Big Hollow
Frederick Butler---farmer   PO Big Hollow
Sarah Butler, Mrs.---housekeeper 10 acres   PO Hensonville
William Butler---laborer 3 acres   PO Windham
Charles Butts---laborer   PO East Windham
Joseph Butts---laborer   PO Union Society
Leonard Butts---farmer   PO East Windham
Mary Butts, Mrs.---housekeeper 80 acres   PO East Windham
Sherwood Butts---carpenter   PO East Windham  

Wallace C. Cammer---farmer 89 acres   PO Windham
John Carr---iron moulder   PO Windham
Monroe Carr---pensioner   PO Windham
Henry Case---farmer   PO Windham
Orville Case---carpenter  44 acres   PO Windham
Oscar Case---farmer 62 acres   PO Windham
Catskill Mountain Creamery Co.---PO Windham
John Chamberlain---farmer 50 acres   PO Windham
Lennox Chamberlain---laborer   PO Windham
Albert Chase---farmer 200 acres   PO Hensonville
Demont L. Chase---farmer   PO Hensonville
Willis Chatfield---farmer 170 acres   PO Hensonville
Consider Chichester---laborer   PO Windham
Luther Chichester---laborer   PO Windham
Samuel Chichester---laborer   PO Windham
Arland H. Chittenden---farmer 220 acres   PO Windham
Sherwood Chittenden---farmer   PO Windham
Solomon Cism---farmer   PO Windham
Edgar Clark---turning works  2 acres   PO Windham
Edward Clark---saw mill   PO Windham
Edward Clark, Jr.---laborer   PO Windham
Franklin Clark---carpenter   PO Windham
Loren Clark, Jr.---stage driver   PO Windham
Willard B. Clark---laborer   PO Windham
Willis P. Clark---laborer   PO Windham
Coe's Hotel (Oswald R. Coe, Prop.)---PO Windham
Oswald R. Coe---hotel keeper 50 acres   PO Windham
Benjamin F. Coffin---farmer   PO Windham
Adelbert M Cole---agent   PO Windham
Edward M. Cole---Editor and "Publisher Windham Journal   PO Windham
Edwin Cole---farmer 175 acres   PO Windham
Osborn Cole---farmer   PO Windham
Alexander Conley---laborer  75 acres   PO Hensonville
Amos Cook---barber   PO Hensonville
Ellsworth Cook---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Ernest Cook----laborer   PO Big Hollow
Frank Cook---blacksmith   PO Hensonville
Norris Cook---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Manly Cook---laborer   PO Windham
Charles Coon---marble cutter   PO Windham
Edward Coons---laborer   PO Hensonville
Margery Coons, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Willard Crandell, Mrs.---housekeeper  60 acres   PO East Windham
Willard J. Crandell---school teacher   PO East Windham
William Crandell---laborer 2 acres   PO Big Hollow
William Crandell, Jr.---carpenter  PO Big Hollow
Addison Cryne---painter   PO Windham
James Cryne---plasterer   PO Windham
Thomas Cryne---plasterer  4 acres   PO Windham
William Cryne---mason   PO Windham

Alonzo Davis---laborer   PO Windham
Corydon Davis---laborer   PO Union Society
David Davis---boardinghouse keeper  15 acres   PO Union Society
George H. Davis---green grocer   PO Windham
Hiram Davis---farmer 100 acres   PO East Windham
Sarah R. Davis, Mrs.---housekeeper  125 acres   PO Big Hollow
Stephen Davis---carpenter   PO Big Hollow
William M. Delamater---farmer 5 acres   PO Windham
William Delamater, Mrs.---boardinghouse keeper   PO Windham
Chester Delong---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Edward Delong---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Elihu Delong---farmer 150 acres   PO Big Hollow
Henry Dewell---farmer 144 acres   PO Windham
Clark Distin---carpenter   PO Windham
Frederick Distin---farmer   PO Windham
George H. Distin---carpenter 21 acres   PO Hensonville
Cornelius Donnelly---laborer   PO Union Society
Orrin Doolittle---farmer   PO Windham
Guerdon H. Doty---blacksmith   PO Windham
George Drum, Sr.---farmer 163 acres   PO Big Hollow
Alida DuBois---housekeeper   PO Big Hollow
Charles DuBois---laborer   PO East Windham
George W. DuBois---farmer 70 acres   PO East Windham
Nathan DuBois---laborer   PO East Windham
Elbert Dunham---teamster   PO Hensonville  

Edward Elliston---carriage trimmer   PO Windham
Laura Elliston, Mrs.---dressmaker   PO Windham  

Charles R. Fenton---farmer 80 acres   PO Windham
Christopher Ferry---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Melvin Finch---farmer   PO Windham
Walter Finch---farmer   PO Windham
Charles Ford---farmer   PO Windham
Horace N. Ford---farmer 176 acres   PO Big Hollow
Sidney L. Ford---physician   PO Hensonville
Lizzie Ford---housekeeper   PO Big Hollow
John B. France---farmer 36 acres   PO Windham
Enos O. Frayer---farmer 275 acres   PO Windham
Franklin Frayer---farmer 170 acres   PO Windham
Eugene Fuller---laborer   PO Windham
Irving Fuller---laborer   PO Windham
Oscar Fuller---farmer 114 acres   PO Windham
Roswell Fuller---farmer  127 acres   PO Windham
William Fuller, Mrs.---housekeeper  1 1/2 acres   PO Windham
William W. Fuller---laborer   PO Windham
Furgerson & Barlow ( J. Fergerson & J. Barlow)---meat market   PO Windham
Fletcher Fergerson---farmer 122 acres   PO Windham
Frank Fergerson---laborer   PO Windham
John Fergerson (Fergerson & Barlow)---PO Windham  

John Gardineer---miller   PO Hensonville
John Gardineer, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Edwin Garrison---painter   PO Hensonville
Charles Garvey---laborer   PO Hensonville
William Garvey---laborer   PO Windham
Roswell Gilbert---farmer 120 acres   PO Windham
Catharine Graham---laundress   PO Windham
Edwin Graham---bookkeeper   PO Windham
George W. Graham---160 acres   PO Windham
Lizzie Graham---dressmaker   PO Windham
Samuel R. Graham---wagon dealer   PO Hensonville
William N. Graham---shoe dealer   PO Hensonville
Emory Green---laborer   PO Windham
Mary J. Griffin, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Orrin S. Griffin---carpenter  11 acres   PO Hensonville
Edward Guilefuss---laborer   PO Big Hollow  

Charles Hadden---farmer 50 acres   PO Big Hollow
Lewis Hadden---blacksmith  40 acres   PO Big Hollow
Elbert O. Hall---laborer   PO Windham
Melvin Hall---laborer   PO Windham
Samuel Hall---laborer   PO Windham
Martin Ham---farmer 200 acres   PO Hensonville
Lydia Haner---housekeeper   PO Windham
Daniel Haney---blacksmith   PO Hensonville
Edward Haney---teacher   PO Hensonville
J. Henry Haney---carpenter   PO Hensonville
David Hanley---farmer 4 acres   PO Big Hollow
John H. Hanley---stonemason   PO Big Hollow
James Hayden---farmer 300 acres   PO Windham
Thomas Hayden---farmer   PO Windham
Thomas Hayden, Jr.---farmer 155 acres   PO Windham
Addison Hayes---pensioner   PO Hensonville
John M. Haynes---farmer 175 acres   PO Big Hollow
Zenis Haynes---farmer 108 acres   PO  Hensonville
Cornelius Hidecker---farmer 399 acres   PO Windham
George Hidecker---farmer 184 acres   PO Windham
Lewis Hidecker---laborer   PO Windham
Reuben Hidecker---farmer   PO Windham
Edward A. Hill---liveryman   PO Windham
Noah D. Hill---farmer 699 acres   PO Windham
Dewitt C. Hinman, Mrs.---housekeeper 150 acres   PO Big Hollow
Anson Hitchcock---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Austin B. Hitchcock---farmer 180 acres   PO Big Hollow
David Hitchcock---peddler   PO Windham
Dwight Hitchcock---PO Windham
Lemuel Hitchcock---teamster  142 acres   PO Big Hollow
Moses Hitchcock---blacksmith   PO Big Hollow
Nelson Hitchcock---farmer 142 acres   PO Big Hollow
Omar Hitchcock---teamster   PO Windham
Platt O. Hitchcock---farmer 255 acres   PO Big Hollow
William Hitchcock---lumberman  18 acres   PO Hensonville
Zalmon Hitchcock---farmer   PO Windham
Edward Hoagland---farmer   PO Windham
John Hoagland---farmer   PO Windham
Martin Hoagland---laborer  PO Windham
Martin Hoagland---farmer   PO Windham
Homer Holcomb---laborer   PO Big Hollow
John Holcomb---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Marcus Holcomb---laborer   PO Big Hollow
George Hood---laborer  2 acres   PO Union Society
Thomas Hopkins---farmer 72 acres   PO Windham
David C. Hopson---farmer   PO Big Hollow
William H. Hotaling---merchant  PO Windham
Alvah Howard---carpenter   PO Windham
Alfred Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Clifford Howard---farmer 96 acres   PO Windham
Daniel Howard---farmer 200 acres   PO Windham
Emory Howard---farmer 118 acres   PO Windham
James B. Howard---laborer   PO Windham
John W. Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Lewis Howard---farmer 100 acres   PO Windham
Melvin Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Roscoe Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Wesley J. Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Wilson Howard---farmer 55 acres   PO Windham
Wiltse Howard---farmer   PO Windham
Caroline Hurd---housekeeper   PO Windham  

John Irish---laborer   PO Big Hollow 

Chauncey Johnson---laborer   PO Windham
George Johnson---laborer   PO Windham
Mary P. Johnson, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Big Hollow
William Johnson---farmer 3 acres   PO Windham
William M. Johnson---PO Windham
Palmer Joslin---farmer 90 acres   PO Big Hollow
Charles Jennings---blacksmith   PO Windham
Daniel Jones---farmer   PO Union Society
Adelbert R. Jump---farmer 170 acres   PO Windham

Thomas E. Keirnes---laborer   PO Union Society
Irving Kelly---laborer   PO Windham
Charles Kissock---marble cutter   PO Windham
Frank E. Kurau---barber   PO Windham

George H. Lamoreau---blacksmith   PO Windham
Sherwood Layman---laborer   PO Union Society
Augustus A. Lewis---merchant   PO Windham
Charles Lewis---laborer   PO Windham
John Lewis, Mrs.---housekeeper 4 acres   PO Windham
Pearl Lewis---farmer 127 acres   PO Windham
Carlton Lobdell---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Elmer Lobdell---farmer   PO Windham
Ephraim S. Loomis---farmer 102 acres   PO Windham
William M. Losee---laborer   PO Windham
George Loughran---farmer 75 acres   PO Hensonville 

Horace B. Maben---farmer   PO Windham
Sidney F. Maben---farmer 135 acres   PO Windham
Prentiss H. Mack---jeweler   PO Windham
Frederick Makely---tinsmith    PO Hensonville
Monroe W. Mallery---farmer 62 acres   PO Windham
Lafayette Mallory---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Clarence Marquoit---laborer   PO Windham
Eugene Marquoit---laborer 1 acre   PO Windham
John Marquoit---farmer 5 acres   PO Windham
Rachel Marquoit, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
Levi Matthews---farmer 21 acres   PO Windham
Ives D. Mattoon---farmer 190 acres   PO Windham
Melvin Mattoon---farmer 76 acres   PO Windham
Ransom A.  Mattoon---farmer 140 acres   PO Windham
Orrin Maynard---teacher   PO Hensonville
George McCavity---400 acres   PO Big Hollow
Charles McGlashan---laborer   PO Hensonville
George W. McGlashan---farmer 200 acres   PO Big Hollow
John C. McGlashan---carpenter   PO Big Hollow
John McGlashan, Jr.---carpenter 147 acres   PO Big Hollow
Lyman McGlashan---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Mary J. McGlashan, Mrs.---widow   PO Hensonville
William McGlashan---farmer 260 acres   PO Big Hollow
Frederick McKean, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Palmer McKean---farmer 100 acres   PO Union Society
Elnora McLean, Mrs.---housekeeper 7 acres   PO Hensonville
James McLean---PO Windham
Merritt McLean---farmer   PO Windham
William J. McLean---PO Hensonville
Dwight McQueen---farmer   PO Windham
Jefferson Mead---laborer 10 acres   PO Windham
William H. Mead---physician   PO Windham
Lawyer Mellen---boot & shoe dealer   PO Windham
Howard Merrill---blacksmith   PO Windham
David S. Merwin---insurance agent   PO Hensonville
Theodore Merwin---cooper   PO Hensonville
Cornelius H. Miller---farmer 111 acres   PO Windham
Lamont Miller---barber   PO Windham
Orrin Miller---farmer   PO Windham
Charles Minkley---laborer   PO Windham
James Monroe---tailor   PO Windham
Edgar Moon---printer   PO Windham
James Moon---laborer  8 acres   PO Hensonville
William H. Moon---wagonmaker   PO Windham
Birdsall Moseman---7 acres  PO Big Hollow
John Moseman---farmer 4 acres   PO Big Hollow
William H. Moseman---PO Big Hollow
Anson R. Mott---druggist   PO Windham
Edward Mulford---painter   PO Windham
Edward Munger---farmer 240 acres   PO Windham
Elmer Munson---farmer 180 acres   PO Windham
Silas L. Munson---farmer 438 acres   PO Windham
Andrew Murray---farmer 216 acres   PO Windham 

William Nelson---farmer 50 acres   PO Windham
George A. Newcomb---farmer 300 acres   PO Union Society
Hattie Newcomb, Mrs.---housekeeper 170 acres   PO Windham
Isham Newcomb, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
Norman Newcomb---farmer 240 acres   PO Hensonville
William Newcomb---laborer   PO Hensonville
John A. Newell---undertaker   PO Windham
James E. Newkirk---carpenter   PO Hensonville
William Newkirk---carpenter   PO Hensonville
William Newkirk, Jr.---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Frederick North---PO Hensonville

Bull Osborn---laborer   PO Windham
Charles B. Osborn---farmer 225 acres   PO Windham
Elbert Osborn---farmer 354 acres   PO Windham
Ebenezer Osborn---laborer   PO Windham
George W. Osborn---farmer   PO Windham
Henry Osborn---PO Windham
Henry Osborn---engineer   PO Big Hollow
Hervey C. Osborn (M.C. Osborn & Son)---PO Windham
Lucina Osborn---housekeeper 10 acres   PO Windham
Lucy Osborn---teacher of oil painting   PO Windham
M. C. Osborn & son---millers   PO Windham
Seward Ostrander---farmer   PO East Windham

Frank Partridge---farmer 82 acres   PO Windham
Patterson Bros. (J. S. & G. Patterson)---merchants   PO Windham
George Patterson (Patterson Bros.)--- PO Windham
John S. Patterson (Patterson Bros.)---PO Windham
James E. Payne---pastor of Free Meth. church   PO Big Hollow
Charles Payne---farmer   PO Windham
Charles Peck---farmer   PO Hunter
Chauncey W. Peck---farmer 200 acres   PO Hensonville
Erastus T. Peck---PO Windham
Linus Peck---farmer 50 acres   PO Hensonville
James Pelham---laborer   PO Union Society
John Pelham---farmer   PO Windham
Joseph and John Pelham---farmers 295 acres   PO Windham
Leroy Pelham---laborer   PO Windham
(Typist has S. Leroy Pelham in records---Same one or not??-AC)
Samuel Pelham---farmer & boarding house 100 acres   PO Windham
William Pelham---laborer   PO Union Society
George S. Peters, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Big Hollow
Helen Phelps, Mrs.---widow   PO Windham
John Phelps---lumberman 106 acres   PO Big Hollow
William Phelps---lumberman 800 acres   PO Big Hollow
Cyrus Pierce---farmer 1 1/2 acre   PO East Windham
James Pierce---laborer   PO East Windham
John Pierce---farmer 202 acres   PO East Windham
George Plank---farmer   PO Windham
Jacob Plank---farmer 280 acres   PO Big Hollow
Osmar Plank---clerk   PO Big Hollow
George W. Potter---undertaker   PO Windham
William G. Powell---laborer   PO Hunter

Elmer Quackenbush---engineer   PO Big Hollow  

George E. Radcliff---carpenter   PO Hensonville
George W. Radcliff---farmer 50 acres   PO Hensonville
Frank Ramsey---laborer   PO Union Society
Uriah Ramsey---laborer   PO Union Society
Ira S. Reynolds---farmer 45 acres   PO Windham
David Richmond, Mrs.---housekeeper 114 acres   PO Windham
Elias J. Richmond---farmer 253 acres   PO Windham
John Rider---laborer   PO Windham
Frank W. Riggs---publisher of Mountain Gazette   PO Windham
Mark Riggs, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
George Rikard---carpenter   PO Big Hollow
Lauren Rikard---carpenter and farmer 50 acres   PO Big Hollow
Henry Rittenger---blacksmith   PO Hunter
Addison P. Roach---insurance agent   PO Windham
Arthur W. Roach---printer   PO Windham
George Robertson, Mrs.---housekeeper 98 acres   PO Windham
Burton Robinson---laborer   PO Windham
Charles Rogers---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Maitland Rogers---farmer   PO Windham
Zeal Rose---farmer 120 acres   PO Big Hollow
Irenus Rowlison---teamster   PO Windham
Lewis Ruff---laborer   PO Union Society
Barnet Ruland---laborer   PO Big Hollow
Doxy Ruland---laborer   PO Big Hollow
George Ruland---farmer 50 acres   PO Big Hollow
George Ruland, Mrs.---housekeeper 100 acres   PO Big Hollow
Laura Ruland---housekeeper  77 acres   PO Big Hollow  

Caleb R. Sanford---farmer 135 acres   PO Windham
Embree Scudder---farmer 150 acres   PO Big Hollow
Daniel Seabolt, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
George C. Seeley---farmer and boardinghouse 40 acres   PO Hensonville
Sarah Sheffield, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Windham
H. B. Sherman, Mrs.---toll gatherer   PO East Windham
Marcus E. Sherman---farmer 378 acres   PO East Windham
Mark Sherman---laborer   PO East Windham
William Shoemaker---laborer   PO East Windham
Kenneth Shultz---laborer 8 acres   PO Hensonville
Charles Simpkins---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Daniel D. Simpkins---laborer 3 acres   PO Hensonville
John Skelly---farmer 212 1/2 acres   PO Big Hollow
Charles A. Skinner---pastor of M. E. church   PO Windham
Lewis Skinner---cook   PO Windham
William Skinner---laundryman   PO Windham
David T. Slater---merchant   PO Hensonville
Edward Slater---farmer 177 1/2 acres   PO Big Hollow
Henry Slater---laborer   PO Big Hollow
John Slater---student   PO Hensonville
Bloomfield H. Smalling---wheelwright   PO Windham
Wilbur Smalling---farmer 65 acres   PO Windham
George Smith---laborer   PO Windham
Henry Smith---teamster   PO Windham
John Snyder---blacksmith   PO Windham
Marcus Snyder---farmer 23 acres   PO Hensonville
John Soper---boardinghouse keeper 4 acres   PO Windham
William J. Soper---boardinghouse keeper   PO Windham
Frank Spencer---farmer   PO Windham
William M. Spencer---laborer   PO Windham
Peter I. Stanley---physician   PO Windham
Sheridan Stanley---plumber   PO Windham
Lindsley Stead---laborer   PO Windham
Charle Stedman---harnessmaker   PO Windham
David B. Steele---farmer   PO Windham
Mary E. Steele---housekeeper 13 acres   PO Windham
Norton Steele, Mrs.---housekeeper  68 acres   PO Windham
Russell Steele---farmer 217 acres   PO Windham
Sherwood Steele---clerk  PO Windham
Henry J. Steenburgh---laborer   PO Big Hollow
William Stickles---farmer 170 acres   PO Union Society
Cornelia Stimpson, Mrs.---pensioner   PO Windham
Ephraim Stimpson---farmer   PO Windham
Sylvester Stimpson---farmer 112 acres   PO Windham
Charles Strong---laborer   PO Windham
F. Asbury Strong (Brockett & Strong)---PO Windham
Charles Sutton---laborer   PO Windham
Ebenezer Sutton---PO Windham
Frederick Sutton---laborer   PO Windham
Giles Sutton---laborer   PO Windham
John Sutton---laborer   PO Windham
William E. Sutton---farmer   PO Windham
William F. Sutton---laborer   PO Windham  

Benjamin Tallmadge---attorney   PO Windham
Josiah C. Tallmadge---attorney   PO Windham
Herbert Thompson---carpenter   PO Windham
Ira Thompson---boardinghouse keeper 80 acres   PO Windham
Chester C. Thorn---pastor of Presbyterian church   PO Windham
Granville M. Thorpe---harnessmaker   PO Windham
Granville M. Thorpe, Mrs.---boardinghouse keeper   PO Windham
Clara I. Tibbals---dressmaker   PO Windham
Cyrus E. Tibbals---clerk   PO Windham
Daniel C. Tibbals---millwright   PO Windham
Emeline Tibbals---dressmaker   PO Windham
Anna Tompkins, Mrs.---housekeeper 4 acres   PO Union Society
Charles Tompkins---laborer   PO Windham
Leroy Tompkins---laborer 2 acres   PO Union Society
Rose Tompkins---school teacher   PO Windham
George P. Townsend---hotel keeper   PO Windham
Caleb Travis---PO Hensonville
John Y. Travis---farmer   PO Windham
Amelia Tremain---housekeeper   PO Windham
Jacob Turk---painter   PO Windham
Hannah Turner---housekeeper 60 acres   PO Union Society  

George R. VanValkenburgh---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Sidney VanValkenburgh---farmer   PO Windham
David Vining---laborer 50 acres   PO Big Hollow
Stephen Vining---teamster   PO Hensonville  

Elijah Warriner, Mrs.---housekeeper   PO Hensonville
Charles Waterman---farmer   PO Windham
Henry Waterman---farmer   PO Windham
Ira Waterman---laborer   PO Windham
Loren Waterman---laborer   PO Windham
Rozelia Waterman---housekeeper   PO Windham
Adelbert West---farmer   PO Big Hollow
Eugene West---printer   PO Windham
Millard West---carpenter   PO Hensonville
Minerva West, Mrs.---housekeeper 200 acres   PO Big Hollow
Nicholas West---laborer---PO Windham
Samuel West---farmer   PO Big Hollow
William West---farmer   PO Big Hollow
Benjamin White---laborer   PO Windham
Henry White---laborer 56 acres   PO Windham
Jeannette and Malissa White---farmers 60 acres   PO Windham
George Winchell---butcher   PO Hensonville
Hollis Winne---laborer   PO Windham
George Winter---blacksmith   PO Big Hollow
Jacob Wood---liveryman   PO Windham
William M. Woodvine---miller   PO Windham
Buel Woodworth---PO Hensonville
Broadhead Wyckoff---laborer 4 acres   PO Windham
Dennis Wyckoff---laborer   PO Windham
William M. Wyckoff---laborer   PO Windham

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